This story is all my own work, therefore it is not based on any book or movie that I have seen. It is only a short chapter because I want to know if it is worth finishing.


Just a few more feet and I'll be safe. The big mansion lumbered into view as Lilith cantered to the field that surrounded the building. Her alabaster colored Andalusian finally skidded to a stop near the buildings door. She slid off her horses back. Throwing her arms around the animals steaming neck; she whispered a quick thank you while the horse nuzzled her arm with his velvety nose.

Lilith stumbled towards the door. After pounding her bloody fist against the mansions oak doors for what seemed like hours, the welcoming creak from the rusty hinges finally sounded. After tripping her way into the house she collapsed. The last thing Lilith saw was a dark shadow that resembled a man getting closer to the castle sized home.

Chapter 1—part 1

With tears rolling down her cheek and a scream building in her throat, Lilith woke up. Finally releasing the pain, anger and depression from her lungs she screamed. The windows in the room shattered as she did. She stopped shortly after. Lilith regarded the room and sighed, "Not again." Hearing footsteps come down the stairs she stood up and got ready for the yelling that was surly going to come. Her bedroom door burst open to let in a tall woman with blonde hair that fell to her waist in waves. She appeared as though she just stepped off a runway for a fashion magazine.

"What the hell is with the-" Anna broke off when she noticed the windows. Her face reddened at the sight. Her poor home disfigured. Anna stalked into the room, raised her hand and slapped the girl across the face.

Lilith recoiled at the impact, her face stinging.

"Get ready for school. We'll deal with you later." She growled as she turned and left, slamming the door behind her.

Lilith finally relaxed and collapsed back onto her bed and rubbed her cheek. She got up and headed into her small bathroom for a shower. It was only seven in the morning, way to early for school, but she was in no mood to go back to bed after recent events. Turning the shower on, Lily let the hot water rush down her body. Draining the remnants of her dream along with it. The steam and water caused her long auburn hair to stick to her skin as she got out.

"What to wear?" she asked exasperated, as she rummaged through her closet. She picked out a grey blouse, black jeans and an emerald green corset. Although Lilith was up to date with modern trends, she still loved her corsets and wore them whenever she could. Lily quickly put a single braid through her hair, letting the rest fall down to her waist. As she slipped through her bedroom door, she fastened her locket around her neck.