Author's Notes: This is my first fanfic so I haven't quite gotten the hang of it :P... Hopefully I will be able to finish it, haha. Please review and critique, I'd really appreciate it. Added Note: I edited this to make it easier to read :P.

"Lovi~ Lovi wake up! Ve~" I could faintly feel the pushes and pinches of my younger idiotic brother trying to wake me up. I didn't want to get up. After about another minute of Feliciano trying to pinch me awake I opened my eyes and glared at him.

"What time is it?" I garbled, barely able to form words.

"It's 8:00 Lovi! You're sleeping in!" cried Feliciano.

8:00 fucking a.m.? You've got to be shitting me. I thought, closing my eyes again, hoping to God that I could fall back asleep.

"No you've got to get up NOW, Lovi! You need to help with the decorations too!" cried Feliciano, pushing me again.

I've never wanted to hit my brother so much in my life. "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked, refusing to open my eyes.

"The party's tomorrow! You need to help set up!" Feliciano whined.

"Listen you, I don't even know what you're talking about and it's pissing me off-" I started, opening my eyes and swiftly sitting up. I didn't know that Feliciano was so close to me when I did this.

"OW!" Feliciano held onto his forehead, little teardrops in the corner of his eyes.

My head was raging. "Dammit… Feliciano why do you have such a hard head?" I grumbled, rubbing my own head.

"Ve~ You have a hard head too, Lovi," Feliciano easily returned to his bubbly mood.

Cursing insults underneath my breath I wiped the tears from my eyes, hoping that Feliciano was too oblivious to notice. I pulled harshly away from Feliciano and instantly regretted it. We both screamed loudly, me cursing the entire time. I looked back at him and saw that our curls were tangled.

"Dammit, how the hell did that happen?" I grumbled, trying to untangle them.

"Kya, Lovi stop!" cried Feliciano, his face bright red.

"JUST STOP MOVING!" I shouted, unable to untie the knot.

I always seem to get into these shitty situations and there's always something that makes it worse. This time, that something came in the form of the potato freak Ludwig and the bastard Antonio. God I didn't want them to see me like this.

"Felici…" Ludwig stopped when he saw what was going on.

Antonio stood next to the brutish German and smiled with that naive, idiotic grin.

"LUDDY! HELP!" cried Feliciano.

"BASTARD! We don't need your help!" I shouted, glaring at Feliciano and then turning to Antonio and Ludwig. "Especially you," I said specifically to Antonio. I could feel my face turning redder and redder as time went by.

"Aw come on Lovi! We can help!" Antonio seriously wasn't reading the atmosphere, that bastard. He came up from behind me and put his hand on my curl. My face felt like it exploded and I head-butted him in the chin. Antonio faltered backwards and looked at me in oblivious surprise. The heedless bastard doesn't know how to read a situation! My whole body was turning red.

"Wah! Lovi! You're all red!" cried Feliciano.

Thank you, captain obvious. "SHUT UP! I KNOW!" I snapped.

Feliciano flinched and turned to Ludwig, frightened.

"FELICIANO! Don't PULL! You'll just make it tighter!" I cried in pain.

I could see that Feliciano was really struggling; tears were squirming out of his eyes. Frankly, I didn't think that I could keep my composure much longer either.

"F-fine! Just get it over with, bastard!" I glared at Antonio who looked happy to help. Now, both of the people that I didn't want in the room were touching MY curl. Dammit, it was too much.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Feliciano clung to Ludwig, wrapping his arms around the stoic man and trembling, hiding his face in Ludwig's broad chest.

I couldn't take it anymore and clutched Antonio, unable to bear it any longer. I felt a small tug.


Antonio looked at me with those warm green eyes and laughed. "Sorry, sorry," he apologized. I couldn't look at his bubbly face. It made me sick.

"There!" Antonio now held my untangled curl in his hand proudly, grinning stupidly from ear to ear.

"Bastard! Hands off!" I pulled away from him, my face still red from the entire fiasco. God I hope it was from what just happened and not from him.

Feliciano hugged Ludwig, thanking him over and over again. I stared at them in horrified bewilderment. I would tell them to get a room but knowing Feliciano he'd think it was a great idea and actually GET a room. I glanced over at Antonio who was looking at them with a face I couldn't quite decipher. He noticed my looking at him and grinned.

This, I could easily decipher. "No way in hell am I hugging you," I said, getting up and beginning to get dressed. I stopped halfway, my shirt off and a clean shirt in my hand and turned around to see that everyone was staring at me.

"Like what you see?" I asked sardonically and rhetorically.

"Yes I do!" I glanced back at Antonio, annoyed that the man didn't understand sarcasm.

"Go to hell. And what I mean by that is EVERYONE LEAVE." I snapped, turning back and putting my shirt over my head. "That means potato head and Feliciano too," I added after a moment's hesitation.

I was finally alone.

Just as I was about to put on my pants, Antonio's head popped in the door. I was frozen still, staring at him in horror. Unfazed, Antonio smiled. "Lovi you're coming right?" he asked impatiently.

I had no fucking idea what this idiot was talking about.

Feigning understanding, I nodded, unable to speak. Antonio grinned and closed the door. I was still unable to move. The bastard had seen me in my UNDERWEAR! Shakily, I finally pulled up my pants, cursing Antonio.

"Hey, Lovi, Lovi!" Feliciano entered, waving his hands spastically about. I didn't reprimand him, I didn't even speak to him, I was too upset.

"Are you going to help set up or what?" Feliciano grabbed my hands and smiled. I stared at him in confusion.

"What the hell are you talking about? Help with what?" I asked.

"Toni's birthday party of course! It's tomorrow!" I could only stare in horror at the words my brother said.