Master Nen Yim eyed her specimen carefully. He had been collected during an attack on the Yuuzhan Vong cloning facilities. He was a peculiar human, much younger than most of the humans Nen Yim had encountered before. In fact, by human standards, he was not yet an adult, but this he had proven himself to be trouble before. As she studied what would be her newest project, she could not help but wonder what this infidel was thinking of.

* * *

Pain. Overwhelming pain.

The pain never ceased, it was always there on the edge of his consciousness always threatening to overtake him and constantly eating away at his willpower.

Heart-break. Separation.

There was someone, just beyond his reach, someone he loved dearly, but he could not place a name.


He was frail and barely able to cling to life.



He was not sure where he was and it frightened him. He would have called out if he had the energy.


He had to focus his energy.


As he struggled to build up his diminished energy the pain increased.


Must defeat the pain, must overcome.

Finally, he had the energy he needed and he stopped stockpiling the energy.

Peace. Calm. Pain subsiding.

He finally had the strength he needed and he opened his eyes. Immediately a new wave of pain was upon him, and he closed his eyes. The pain subsided.

Breathe. Concentrate.

He opened his eyes again. This time as the pain washed over him he ignored it. He was disoriented and needed to know where he was. Things were blurry and he could only see silhouettes.

Pain. Relax. Breathe.

That's when he realized he wasn't breathing, at least not on his own. He was in some sort of liquid and something had been fitted over his mouth to breath for him. His first thought after this revelation was relief. He must be in a bacta tank, which would mean he was safe.

Then he noticed the liquid was green, not blue. He focused intently on his surroundings and remained motionless, not that he could move if he wanted to. However, the liquid around him moved, ever-so-slightly, barely detectable, but movement nonetheless. This was not a good sign.

Then he focused on the breathing apparatus. He could feel tendrils snaking down the back of his throat, latching onto his trachea and keeping the breather in place. This was definitely not good.

Then it hit him. He was not in a bacta tank, he was in an animal, an altered creature, altered by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Memories started coming back to him now.

Running. Sacrifice.

He had been running and fighting something, he had sacrificed himself to save his friends.


The pain was now unbearable and he closed his eyes, once again, and the pain diminished.


Someone he loved was just out of his reach. Who could it be? The more he thought about it the more pain he suffered, but he was too determined and he overcame the pain.

T-t-ta. Tahiri?

Now he remembered her, Tahiri was her name. They had grown up together, they had been best friends. Recently, they had become more then just friends. He missed her. He tried to call up an image of her.

Pain, immeasurable pain.

Once again he overcame the pain, by sheer willpower.

Her image floated in his brain.


She was beautiful, she felt right. He knew that he must find her again. Then a thought occurred to him, who was he?

He hadn't been concerned about his own identity, but now that he was unable to remember it worried him. He focused and concentrated with all his might.


The pain got the better of him, but now he knew it started with an "A" and that was a start. He focused again and pushed the pain aside.

A-aa-a. Ana-ana, Anarkin? No. Anakin? Anakin? ANAKIN!!!

His name was Anakin, Anakin Solo.

The memories all rushed back. He was Anakin Solo, Jedi Knight, son of Leia and Han Solo, brother to Jacen and Jaina Solo.

Jedi Knight.

He tried to use the Force but his access to it was denied. He opened his eyes again, and once again a wave of paint washed over him. Then he saw it. He could barely make it out, but three feet in front of him was a ysalamiri. As long as that creature was there he would not be able to call on the Force.

Then he tried to connect to the alternate Force he had discovered, the one in which the Yuuzhan Vong existed. Suddenly his senses awakened. He was able to push the pain aside completely now and he could sense everything around him. He tried to move his arms and legs but they were firmly restrained.

Somehow he had to get a message to his family and friends to let them know he was alive, but how could he contact them through the Force with a ysalamiri right next to him. He opened himself more to the alternate Force and he sensed the ysalamiri. He picked it up and moved it across the room, through telekinesis. Once he was out of the range of the ysalamiri's Force dampening he started to send out a message. He decided to send out two Force messages.

* * *

Tahiri, I love you.

Tahiri jumped out of bed with a fright. She was drenched with at least a gallon of sweat. She had been having dreams of Anakin ever since his death, but this one was different. This one seemed real.

"Can this be? But how?"

Anakin, is that really you? she asked through the Force.

Yes it is me, don't give up hope, I will return to you.

Tahiri could not believe what she was hearing. She had been at his funeral. She had seen his body burned. But here she was listening to him through the Force.

A single tear rolled down her face. I never gave up hope, I always knew you would return. Anakin, I love you.

* * *

Leia was deep in sleep when it hit her like a ton of duracrete. She felt a huge tremor in the Force followed by a Force shock wave.

Her first thought was that Luke was trying to send a message to all the Jedi. Then realization came and she jumped out of bed and yelled, "ANAKIN!!!"

Tears of joy ran down her face as she uncontrollably wept. Han was there to comfort her immediately and he started rubbing her back, "Another nightmare?" he asked.

She looked up at him, tears covering her face, "No" she answered. "Definitely the best of dreams" she continued. Then she shrunk into Han's shoulder and cried.

* * *

Luke and Mara where asleep with Ben when they felt the tremor, followed shortly by the shockwave. Luke and Mara bolted from their bed fearing the worst. They feared the disturbance in the Force might be from another world being destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Ben Skywalker, their baby son started to cry.

Luke turned to Mara and asked, "Did you feel that?"

Mara replied, "Yes"

They stared at each other for a few moments, neither one daring to speak, lest what they felt end up being just a dream.

After a few seconds silence they both spoke, "ANAKIN!"

* * *

Jaina was asleep when the disturbance hit her. It was like she was in a dark room and someone turned a spotlight on her. It was overwhelming to her and she was unable to avoid it. She wailed and screamed to her lung's capacity. Her fellow Rogue Squadron pilots came running into her room.

Gavin was the first to speak, "What's wrong Jaina?"

"Nothing" she replied between tears.

"Please Jaina tell us what is wrong we want to help you" Gavin replied.

Jaina looked up and said, "There is nothing you could do to make me feel better"

"Jaina, please let us --" Gaving started.

"Gavin, there is nothing you can do, because this is already the happiest day of my life."

This brought quizzical looks from everyone in the room.

"My brother, Anakin, he is alive, I felt him through the Force just now" Jaina explained.

Everyone rushed Jaina with hugs and well wishes and the room was filled with joyous noises. Jaina just reveled in her pure joy.