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"Someone is talking."

'Someone is thinking.'

"A technique is being used."

Chapter One:

(Amity Park—Fenton Residence—The Lab)

The Lab was the former basement of the building in which the Fenton family had gotten the deed to six years ago. Since then, the previous cement floor had been replaced with bright-blue tiles. Two rows of florescent lights had also been installed in the middle of the ceiling, which bathed the lab in bright white light.

On either side of the room were two long lab benches with a few smaller tables scattered around the room. Strewn over the top of these tabletops were numerous blueprints, strangely-colored chemicals in glass containers, and various bits of machinery.

In the middle of the back wall was a large seven-by-seven foot, hexagonal opening which had outlined with heavy steel plating. This hole opened up into a small pathway that ended in a sharp point, thirty feet in. The walls of this hole were covered in a multitude of multicolored wires, cables, and circuitry, all of which was glowing dull green.

Within the lab one could currently find Jack Fenton and his wife, Madeline "Maddie" Fenton, standing before the hole with a couple of teenagers before them.

Jack Fenton was a fair-skinned man of great height and girth, with dark-blue eyes and black hair that was graying on the sides. He was wearing—like he usually did—a bright orange jumpsuit with a black collar, black boots, and black gloves.

Maddie Fenton, in stark contrast to Jack, was small and petite. She had slightly pale skin with a thick mane of bushy reddish-orange hair and light-blue eyes. She, like her husband, was also wearing a hazmat suit. However, her suit was power-blue in color and had a hood with red-tinted goggles.

At the moment, both Jack and Maddie's hearts were racing, as today would be the day that they finally accomplished their dream. They were going to create a portal to the Ghost Zone so that they would be able to further their studies on Ghosts and prove, once and for all, that the Fenton name was nothing to scoff at.

Jack turned towards the teenagers standing in front of him. Originally, he and Maddie had just intended for their son, Danny, to be here. However, when Danny had asked if his friends could come along as well, Jack thought nothing of it.

The more the merrier!

"Alright, kids!" Jack suddenly said, drawing the three teens' attention to himself. He grinned at their attention to him. "You three are about to witness the greatest achievement in human history!"

Jack then quickly knelt down and picked up one of the long, gray cables that trailed back into the unactivated portal behind him. His wife then picked up her own cable, this one leading to a nearby power outlet, before the two adults looked at one another.

"On the count of three we will unite the cables." Maddie said with a bright smile of anticipation on her face. "One… Two… Three!"

As soon as Maddie had said "Three", both she and Maddie joined their cables. This completed the circuit and sent a massive wave of power to the hole in the wall, the hopeful Ghost Portal. The walls then crackled to life as the electricity surged through them, their dull green color brightening until it resembled the sun in its intensity.

Quickly putting on the specially-prepared sunglasses, everyone got to witness as the space within the Ghost Portal began to distort. Brilliant green shapes seemed to form before swimming around the portal, beginning to take shape as a massive whirlpool.

However, it was only a couple moments later when the Ghost Portal exploded in a wave of green-colored light that spread throughout the entire lab. Even with their sunglasses on, everyone was rendered temporarily blind from the sudden light.

Upon regaining their sight, Jack and Maddie looked dejectedly at the Ghost Portal. It appeared that their attempts were once again a failure. Even though it was still "on", the Ghost Portal wasn't working, not a single bit of light and sound came from the machine. It was dead.

"B-But…" Jack began with his eyes wide in disbelief. "It… it worked perfectly… in all of the simulations… Why d-didn't it work?" Sniffling, he fell to his knees, tears beginning to fall from his eyes. "I-It should have… it s-should have worked!"

Maddie quickly walked the distance separating her from her husband before she placed a gentle hand on Jack's shoulder. She then drew him into a hug, rubbing his back consolingly. She knew how bad he must be hurting right now.

"It's alright, dear. I bet the Ghost Portal just needs a little… tweak… here and there and then it'll be as right as rain." Maddie said as she slowly helped her husband to his feet. "Now, come on, dear. Let's take a break and get something to eat. I think we still have some fudge in the fridge…"

It spoke to how upset Jack was at the moment that he didn't even perk up at the mention of his favorite snack; fudge. He simply allowed himself to be led to the stairs, with Maddie still whispering comforting words into his ears.

Once the two adults had left, the three teenagers were left in an awkward silence. This silence was soon ended, however, when Danny's best—male—friend, Tucker Foley, spoke up.

"Well… this was one great way to spend an afternoon." Tucker said sarcastically, before he muttered. "Not like I had anything better to do…"

"You didn't." Danny responded with a brief glare, having heard what Tucker muttered.

Danny's other best friend—Sam Manson—didn't speak up, too entranced by the Fenton's failed Ghost Portal. She took in a breath through her mouth, the stench of burnt ozone being too much for her nose, and chewed on her bottom lip.

Without warning, Sam suddenly walked towards the Ghost Portal and began to scrutinize it. Then, when she was done, she turned towards her two confused and curious-looking friends.

"Why don't you go inside there and check it out, Danny?" Sam asked.

Danny looked at her strangely, "Why would I want to go in there?"

"Don't you want to help your Mom and Dad?" Sam asked. Not receiving an answer, she sighed before she looked down at her combat boots. "I mean, they were so disappointed that this thing didn't work. I was thinking that you could go in there and fix it for them… it would make your dad feel better…"

After a moment, Sam saw that Danny wasn't buying it. Frowning, she thought about what she could say to convince Danny. It was a few seconds later that a metaphorical light-bulb appeared over her head.

She smirked to herself, looking at her purple-colored nails. "Oh well. I guess… maybe Jazz will be more inclined to help. She'll be able to fix it and then she'll get all the praise, instead of you. All because you didn't wa—!"

Eyes narrowed, Danny stepped forward. "I'll do it."

Then, before Sam could respond or he could change his mind, Danny walked over to the row of silver lockers lying next to the base of the staircase. He threw one locker open and began to rummage through the multiple hazmat suits, looking for one in his size.

Eventually finding one, he kicked off his shoes and then began to put it on. After a bit Danny got the suit on but realized that he couldn't zip the back of the suit up himself. Danny turned around and asked Tucker if he could zip him up.

"Sure." Tucker said before he walked over and tugged the zipper up. Once he was done, he took a step back before his face split into an enormous grin. "Looking good." Tucker said as he stifled a chuckle. "You're looking real sharp, dude."

"What's so funny, Tuck?" Danny asked, unsure why Tucker was laughing at him.

Sam answered his question by grabbing onto the front of his hazmat suit and removed an enormous sticker that he hadn't noticed before. Danny could feel himself blush in embarrassment as he watched as Sam flipped the sticker over, showing it to be a picture of his dad's face.

Sam raised an eyebrow before she said, in a dry voice. "I think that this might be why Tucker may be laughing at you Danny."

Danny's hands covered his face as he bent over slightly as he groaned loudly. Why hadn't he noticed that sticker when he had pulled the suit out? That was so embarrassing!

"Dear god… I can't believe he put that on the suit!"

Meanwhile Sam had crumbled the sticker into a small ball before she threw it into a nearby trashcan. This got a loud cheer from Tucker who had both his hands up before he used them to cup his mouth, imitating an announcer as he spoke:

"Sam Manson shoots and… she scores! Ten points to Manson for that amazing throw!"

Sam gave a mock bow, "Thank you… thank you!" Smiling, she turned around towards Danny. "C'mon Danny; are you going to do it or what?"

"I'm doing it." Danny grumbled, walking over to the Ghost Portal before he stopped at the entrance. "You know…" He mused aloud. "I've always wondered what cool things were on the other side of this thing…" Sighing, he took a step forward. "Wish me luck guys."


With that, Danny took a deep breath before he walked inside the failed portal's walkway. Despite the fact that the outside of the portal was bright, the inside was nearly pitch-black, the only illumination being the slightly-glowing wiring. He gulped down a lungful of fresh air as a sense of dread began to well up within his stomach.

Maybe it was fear, or he was trying to maintain his balance in the passage, but Danny did something that would send shock waves in his, and numerous others, lives. With his left hand Danny groped along the left side of the wall, using the wall's faint glow to try and find some broken cable or connection.

It was soon after he had begun groping blindly along the wall that he noticed that his hand had sunk into the wall slightly. He never had a chance to find out what he had exactly touched as his world was enveloped in a bright green flash.

Brilliant shades of green, both light and dark, swam before Danny's vision, consuming him in the entirety of the colors and for a moment he thought it was beautiful. In the next moment, he was enveloped by a pain unlike any other he ever felt. Danny began screaming as he felt like he was burning from the inside out, but there was no fire. Danny wasn't even able to fall to his knees since his muscles were locked up, paralyzed in the never ending pain that consumed him.

As Danny continued screaming a strange bone-white material mixed with flecks of red escaped from his mouth and eyes. He clawed the ground as more and more of the material escaped his mouth and eyes before it began covering him.

As Danny continued screaming a strange bone-white material flooded out from his mouth and eyes. Danny raised his hands to his face as he tried to rip the strange material away from his face but out flowed through his fingers like water.

As more and more of the strange material flowed from him Danny could feel his body burning away from the inner fire. And just as his body burned it reformed, but it was different, it was not his original body. Eventually he could feel the material begin to harden around his face, encasing him in darkness.


At the sound of his friends voice, Danny snapped into awareness, the pain was still there, consuming him but no longer was the darkness encroaching on him. So with the last his strength Danny tightened his hand into a fist and did the only thing he could think of. With a mighty upward swing, Danny's fist impacted against the hard material against his face and cracked the material. With one more swing containing the last of his strength Danny swung his fist towards his face and broke away most of the bone-like material.

Pain consumed him once more within its fiery embrace, but this time to a greater degree. He screamed as he once again began to change before finally hearing himself, the material over his face gone.

Danny screamed even louder, desperate for anyone to stop the pain. To end the hell he had unknowingly entered! Why wouldn't anyone just put him out of his misery already?

"—turn off the machine!"

"Sam… I'm trying! It… work!"

Danny collapsed onto the floor, eyes glazes over as his mind began to shut down from the sheer pain his body had endured. In this state, he couldn't understand why his friends were yelling.

Didn't they hear him screaming? Why didn't they stop what they were doing to help him? Couldn't they see how much pain he was in right now?

There was another blinding flash of light before Danny felt himself thrown out of the Ghost Portal at high speeds. He bounced on the floor of his parent's lab for a couple of seconds before he skidded to a stop.

He couldn't even cry out what he was feeling since his voice was horse from all of the screaming he had just done. A thin trickle of blood escaped his mouth, even as he heard footsteps and his vision became darker.

With the last of his energy, Danny raised his right hand to block out the bright white light of the fluorescent that was burning his eyes. When his hand reached his face he was startled at the sight of it. There was a small, round hole that he could see through in the middle of his hand.

With no more energy to deal with this new change Danny did the only thing that he could do.

He fainted.

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