Settling Down Chapter 2

I should tell you that I'm not a believer of swearing other then crap so there may not be much swearing. Sorry if some of my grammar sucks and if any names have been spelled wrong.

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A couple months after Jamie and I's wedding I found out I was going to have a bay. Molly and Mary were super excited. Then after I had the babies, yes babies I had twin girls named Lydia and Darcy, were born we decided to sell our home and move to Minnesota after they turned 3. During that time I had taken Molly and Mary out to get things like we bought 1 year old black horses who would be 3 or 4 by the time we left and we bought trunks to bring with us. I bought the twins each a dark pink dress for Darcy and a blue dress for Lydia. For their pajama's I made them a set of pants and a white shirt so if they sleep walked they wouldn't get holed to the wagon axel. I gave them each a necklace from when I was little. Davy and Annie and their 2 children Danny and Maddie were coming with us. Danny was also adopted but from America and was the same age as Molly who was now 16,everyone thought that some day they would be married because they were always shy around each other. The twins would stay in our HUGE wagon with the other children. Maddie was the same age as the twins and had the same kind of PJ's as the twins. I wasn't nervous at all. Little Mary wasn't so little now, she was 9 and kept getting taller she was about 4" 11' tall now and getting taller. Mike was as tall as Jamie now and kept getting bigger, Jack was around 17 now and when we arrive in Minnesota he's going to look for a wife. Tink and his new wife would be joining us with their 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter. WE decided to have my friends and their family's join us too, so all of them packed up and we left Boston around March 29th. On the day 25 nobody had gotten sick so that was a good thing. I also packed a whole lot of medicines for things like cholera, influenza, colds, snake bites, bandages for cuts, and normal medicines for everyday things. I sat up front with Jamie and we talked for the whole trip. "Jamie how far is Minnesota from here?" 'Well thee route we're taking is 1126 miles so just a couple weeks away from here." "Good the sooner we get there the better." "Why Jackie that doesn't sound like you. What happened to Jackie Faber, pirate, orphan and captain?" "She got married and had children." He laughed as I replied and when we stopped for the night and he went hunting I told the children above the age of 8 a ghost story. "Okay so at my old school a girl was murdered because she was accused of being a witch. It was said that at night any girls that walked around in the halls at night. Would be killed and found hanging on their bed post the next morning with their necks slit. It was said to be the ghost of Janey Porter trying to revenge the girls who mocked her for becoming pregnant while she wasn't married. She only murdered the girls who mocked her and the others were sent away with a bruise in the shape of a star Janey's favorite shape." (And I don't know if that's true but I guessed.) I then motioned to Katy who was going to make some scratching noises and fake screams. She made the noises and the children screamed. The boys who were probably coming back ran into camp and said, "What happened? Who got hurt?" We laughed at the looks on their faces and Katy said, "We told the children a story and they got scared." Mary came up and shook my arm, "It wasn't really that scary. It was actually sorta funny." "Mary, you're going to be a ghost story writer one day." It was true she was truly interested in ghost stories and loved to write short stories on paper. "Maybe I will, maybe I won't." After we ate the venison the guys brought I put the children to bed. The twins pouted, "We don't want to go to bed." "Go to bed little ones and tomorrow I'll read you a story while we're in the wagon." They listened and went to bed. Lydia had my old doll that I called Annabeth and Darcy had Penny's doll, Annie. I had sewed new sailor dresses for the dolls and they each had purple ribbons in their black curly doll hair. I watched as they snore. I had sold most of my father's outfits so we could have money for the trip and some of my mother's dresses that didn't fit me or that I didn't like. I didn't dare sell any of me and Penny's old toys so that's why Jamie bought the biggest wagon he could get and added on to it. So we had all my old dresses and toys and the twins fit in Penny's dresses so we saved my old dresses for them in the future. The next morning after I had fed everyone leftover meat we headed out. Right now we were in Michigan. (Oh and pretend that the territories that they are going through are okay for people to homestead at. I know Minnesota was made a state in 1858 and that this takes place in 18012 but whatever it's my story and I choose.) We would hopefully be in Minnesota in 3 weeks and we were going to stay at Plum Creek by Walnut Grove. Did you know I'm also a LHOP freak? Didn't think so.) When we finally reached Plum Creek the only injuries we had was Davy who dropped a mallet on his foot and broke it. Oh and me who had morning sickness, turned out that I was going to have another kid. Weird I'm only 23 years old and I already have 6 soon to be 7 or more. We lived in town and bought stuff at the mercantile that was owned by Kevil McAlister. Mr. McAlister was in his 30's and was married and had twin boys about the same age as Lydia and Darcy. Soon enough our first Christmas came in Walnut Grove and we bought the girls new dresses and dolls and the boys train sets. We went to the McAlister's Christmas party and the children got presents from 'Santa' I was friends with most of the women in town but mostly saw with my friends from Boston. Jamie got a job with Davy and Tink by starting a Feed Mill and we were fine with money and the children could wear enough clothes. In April I had a baby boy who I named Liam after my old sea dad who now lived in Walnut Grove. Turns out that after he returned home he packed up his family and moved here and has lived here for 3 years. It was wonderful to see him again and he was a grandpa to my children.