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I walked down the city streets like I had so many times before. Darkness had fallen over Amity, and the street was silent. I sighed, letting the dense fog swirl from where I breathed. Kind of nice to not hear screaming citizens or some ghost ranting about how they're going to take over the world.

…Of course my ghost sense went off right after I thought that. "Great," I muttered. I ran behind a building, closed my eyes, and suddenly felt an icy power explode inside my abdomen. "Going ghost." Blinding white rings formed around my waist and washed over my body, baby blue eyes turning a neon green, black hair a soft white. Danny Phantom was ready for battle.

Legs forming into a wispy, semi-transparent tail, I took off to the skies. 'The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter' was waiting for me.

"Don't you ever take a break?" I yelled, firing an ectoblast. I didn't even bother trying to hear out his pathetic rant this time; it wasn't like Skulker just felt like dropping in and saying hi. The sooner I could get this fight over with, the sooner I could get home. I was already out past curfew (Sam insisted that I go home but I wanted to see how the movie we were watching ended), so it wasn't like I was further breaking rules.

"I won't rest until I hang your pelt on the wall, whelp," he retorted, weapons emerging from his suit. I charged up an ice beam in my hands, but Skulker smiled. I guessed that he'd gotten sick of me freezing him and flying away.

A ton of flames blasted towards me. I quickly formed a ghost shield, and when I let it down, Skulker emerged from the smoke and whammed me backwards – an exceedingly powerful force – with his metal fist. How did he improve so quickly? Skulker had always been at the top of my Most Dangerous Ghosts list, but I didn't ever let him know; that would probably increase his ego and determination tenfold.

I began gasping for air, the wind knocked out of me, which was not good to do considering the fact that ghosts don't need to know how to breathe. I shot a few weak green blasts between wheezes, but even Skulker's bulky, metal body was able to quickly dodge the desperate attempts at putting up a fight. Between my blasts, Skulker was rapidly firing capsules which sent powerful electric shocks through my body each time I was hit. There was no point in putting up another shield; they would pass through it anyway.

I was quickly distracted by the nearby Fenton Works building. I could see red flashing through the shades which was my parents' code for ghost alert. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.

Skulker, too, seemed to be briefly occupied with the sudden commotion but quickly turned back to me and grabbed the collar of my hazmat suit while I wasn't looking. My choppy breaths finally slowed, but my stomach still cripplingly sore. "Sweet dreams, ghost boy!" he hissed with a devilish grin. I struggled to escape from his vice grip but he quickly raised his arms and sent me hurtling towards the ground. It rushed towards me with immense speed, and my body in too much pain to even grasp the concept that I needed to turn intangible, I smacked into the ground.

There was a painful cracking sound as I made contact, some of the concrete caving in and pieces of the rubble rock getting stuck in my hair and clothes. A sharp object cut deeply into my neck and a bit of blood was tricking onto the once-sidewalk. I never felt so pathetic before. I was beaten so easily even though I'd fought Skulker countless times before.

I heard a door slam open as a familiar female voice shouted, "Eat ectoplasm, ghost scum!" I curled up my body, waiting to be blasted, but it appeared that Maddie Fenton had only spotted Skulker as of now. Jack emerged from the door as well, holding his own bazooka-like ecto-gun, and the metallic ghost and my parents began firing at each other into the night.

Being outnumbered, Skulker was gradually worn down, and instantly noting how his attacks were decreasing in power, my mother fired a net that was glowing with ectoplasm at Skulker. It wrapped around him and shocked him before his entire body disappeared, net and all. He was probably sent back to the Ghost Zone.

I was thanking every deity I'd ever heard of that they hadn't seen me. I knew that if they spotted precious Phantom lying so weak they wouldn't dare miss the chance to capture him.

The world around me began to fade in and out, buildings spinning around, and I focused as hard as possible to attempt to stay conscious. Must not pass out. Must not revert to human form… C'mon Jack! C'mon Maddie! Go inside!

It was exceedingly foolish to hope for that, though. Who wouldn't miss a caved-in sidewalk with dust clouds from the rubble swirling all around it? Curious as to what was there, Jack and Maddie headed over. I remained paralyzed with fear, though, and I was simply too weak to do anything.

"Phantom?" my mother breathed. An unsettling grin spread across her face. "What a pleasure to see you! We're going to have to invite you over!"

I stared at their blurry figures, neon eyes wide. "No need to be scared, Phantom," Jack continued. "As long as you cooperate."

In that moment, with whatever energy I had left, I flew up into the air as fast as I could, trying to get away. I couldn't see where I was going, though, and I wasn't flying very straight, so they fired a few blasts at me.

I instantly dropped out of the sky as my mother clucked her tongue at me. "Silly boy. You think that you can escape so quickly? It's your turn to get the short end of the stick."

They swept some kind of ectoplasm-coated bag over me.

Everything went black.

Am I conscious? I guess so, I mean, I can't be dreaming. I can't see anything, but where am I?

Judging from my surroundings, I was definitely stuck in the bag, so not a lot of time had probably passed. I knew where I likely was: my basement. Not good.

I felt a pair of strong hands hoist the bag into the air and dump my body down onto an operating table. Before I had seconds to react, I was strapped down with more ectoplasm-coated belts. My arms, torso, and legs weren't able to move, and I wouldn't be able to phase through them either.

"You're awake, Phantom. Good," my mother spat, not caring that I was in a lot of pain. Sometimes I'd wished they just knew who I was; maybe life would be easier. However, another half of me knew that it was a gamble. How would they react to knowing I was a half-ghost?

"Jack, are the DNA scans done?"

"No good…again," he grumbled, his eyes scanning over the charts on the computer.

Maddie remained silent for a couple of minutes as she looked over the tests appearing on various computer screens. I listened to the clock tick the seconds by, and then she finally said, "Maybe you can help us." Her tone was sly and unsettling. "Do you know why your DNA tests are coming out all scrambled and jumbled? I can't decipher what it's trying to say…like the results make no sense."

My stomach lurched into my throat. Deny, deny, deny. "Um, maybe it's because my DNA is composed of mainly ectoplasm so it's not much of DNA," I offered.

"Wrong answer," Maddie said, her eyes glaring into mine and her voice steely. "We've tried this same test on countless other ghosts and nothing malfunctioned. Are you willing to tell us what you think is wrong?"

"That's all I know!" I blurted.

"Lies." My mom pressed a button and I felt burning hot electricity rip through me. My entire body jolted from the sudden shock, and each second, the only thing I could think of was the blistering heat.

Although I'm a ghost hunter and have experienced countless types of pain, only the Fenton Portal has really made me break. This was another exception to my endurance. I cried out in pain and began murmuring, "Please just let me go. I didn't do anything to hurt you. Let me go." It was weird how they could be nurturing to Fenton, yet merciless towards Phantom.

"Are you sure that's all you know?" my mother asked again. All her familiar friendliness and warmth was devoid from her eyes. I didn't even bother trying to reply. I just kept screaming and screaming through the pain.

Her finger jammed on the button and the electricity increased to levels which I deemed impossible. It got so bad my eyes started to well up and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I couldn't take that much pain. It was indescribable. Impossible.

And then things got any worse. Those all-too-familiar rings formed around my waist and traveled upward. The second Danny Fenton replaced the ghost boy, my parents cut the power. There was another silence, this one infinite more times unnerving than the last.

I breathed heavily; the only noise one could hear. I could feel my singed skin almost…sizzling from heat. Death seemed rather appealing right now. At least I would stop hurting.

…Now looking back on it, my ghost half was probably the only thing that kept me alive in that situation.

"Danny?" my mother whispered. I weakly nodded. A look of confusion crossed her face that quickly melted into anger.

"You're a ghost?" my father yelled, infuriated.

"Dad! It's not what it looks like. I've always been trying to save the town." Although I tried to sound persuading, I was so energy-drained, it came out hoarse.

"You've kept this from us this whole time? You've terrorized Amity? Our own son?"

"You never tried to save the town!" Jack continued. "Remember the time when you overshadowed the mayor? Remember how you stole everyone's presents at Christmas? You were the ghost punk wreaking havoc on everyone's lives this entire time? I can't believe you kept this from us all this time. You don't deserve to live here."

"That wasn't me," I said, my eyes brimming with tears once more. I thought I was caught in some horrible nightmare. It wasn't possible. My parents told me they would always accept me no matter what. How could they? "I was overshadowed. People were impersonating me and framing me."

"Of course it wasn't you. You're the town hero, so you're only a good person. No ghost is good, half ghost or full." The bitter sarcasm made me feel like I was being stabbed in the heart.


"I don't want to hear it," Maddie seethed.

"You know what?" Jack continued. "Just…get out."


"I said GET OUT! You're an ectoplasmic waste of space! Get out of our house, get out of Amity Park, and get out of OUR LIFE! You're not our son." Jack's face was hard and furious. He wasn't the fudge-loving father I'd once known.

I began to cry again, but I then bit my lip so hard it hurt. No. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of my pain. "I hate you!" The straps were no match for my fury, so with every ounce of energy I could muster, I broke through the straps and began running out of the house as fast as I could. Jazz had heard the commotion, I assume, and was standing by the door. I didn't even look at her as I sobbed and fled.

My parents were dirty rotten liars. And they said that they were ashamed of me? I was ashamed of them.

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