I had way to much sugar, and have gone into 'crack-writing' mode. As such, I have decided to start writing a large group of Supernatural-Harry potter Crossover rejection letters..

Some are meant to be funny, some are meant to be sad, others are just because. Each chapter will be a new letter and tell a new story.

If you guys want to write your own rejection letters, just send them to me in a PM, and i'll be glad to post them up along with your name.

I hope you guys get a big of a kick reading them as I did writing them!

Dear Professor McGonagall,

I regret to inform you that I have already accepted my invitation to the MMMMA, (Miami Merlin Memorial Magical Academy) and therefore cannot attend Hogwarts.

Because I live in the USA now, it is much more convenient to go to school here then across the ocean. My adopted father John Winchester has also been hired at this school as Professor. He'll be teaching 'Defense against magical beings' as well as physical education.

Plus, by oldest brother seems quite content staying close to the beach.. VERY close.

Thank you for your consideration,

Harry Potter-Winchester.

~P.S; If Headmaster Dumbledore is the same Dumbledore that dropped me off at Number 4 Privet Drive when I was a baby, My adopted Father and brothers would like to have a long talk with him… Preferably in the nearest dark alley.