Hello readers! I am back, and posting!

I have been out and about for a while.. But getting back into the swing of work, and starting a new relationship with an awesome guy has been taking up some of my time.. add in a bad case of 'the block' and you have my current situation.. I actually had two days off from work this week, hence why these chapters got done... now i just have to finish my half-typed chapters for 'O' Death' and 'HP and the Patients of Arkham' and I'll consider myself back in business.

I want to thank everyone that sent supportive reviews and messages.. I've read all of the reviews and replied to all of the PMS. Thank you guys all for being so awesome and understanding! I only wish that they had allowed me to take my laptop, so that i had chapters ready to go when i first got out..

So thank you all and i hope you enjoy!

[ Letter is delivered onto the table with large-jawed teeth marks on it.]

Professor Mcgonnagal;

From one Scot to another... Stop with the infernal owls.

They are Feathery, Gross, and easily eaten by my hell hounds... You've lost about 100 of them so far, and that's only from counting the half-eaten carcasses outside my back porch...

I already sent a letter stating my Great Grandson was going to another school, so i don't see why i have to send another letter AGAIN saying the SAME DAMN THING...

But on the other hand i haven't had to feed my babies in over a week, and that has given me some more time to catch up on some Business... So for that, i forgive you...

Now, Quit sending the owls.

~Crowley, King of crossroads, Great-Great (Ect) Grandfather and Guardian of Harry Potter.

P.S. Oh, Yes... The Hell hounds I sent to give you this letter? I ordered him to tear apart the headmaster and drag him straight to hell.. For what he did to Lily, and for putting Harry in the Dursley household...

So... Congratulations. You're the new headmaster.