I was skating home. Until I herd a sound. I stoped and followed it.

"Please." I herd a girl beg sounding defenseless. I couldn't see who. Just three guys around her. I could see her arms because two of them where pinning her to the wall.

The men laughed.

"but, why would we let a pretty girl like you go to waste." I herd kissing noised and saw the guy that had spoken, probably there leader, kissing her neck.

"stop." She whimpered. They banged her head against the wall.

I realized. I needed to step in.

"Say goodbye to your virgina-"

"I belive she said to leave her alone." I stepped in before I could think of an actual plan. I looked and saw the guys pants were down. I think im scared for life. He quickly picked it up, looked at me and laughed.

"Alright guys. Just kill him." Only then did I realized they had guns. Oh crud…

"they dropped the girl and she curled into a ball on the floor, but then stopped moving. I realized she had went unconscious.

I kicked all the guns out of their hands and threw them to the side.

"Another karate freak? What is with this down." I herd him say.

"Come on guys, take me down like men." I challenged.

We fought but it was a pretty easy fight. These guys were drunk I knocked all three of them out at the same time using the same kick I used at bobby wasabi's house.

i called the police and gave them an anonymous tip of where they were.

Finally, I ran to check on the girl and saw the most horrifying thing. Something I never wanted to see.


Kim Crawford.

The only girl from my dojo and best friend in the universe.

Unconscious, bruised and bleeding…. And … well, naked.

I quickly took off my shirt and put it on Kim. Closing my eyes because she would kill me if she woke up.

Once it was on, I realized I was crying.

How could this happen. This was Kim. She knew how to fight.

"Kim." I whispered slightly and started shaking her. Eventually she stiffened.

"Kimmy?" I asked.

"Leave me alone. Please I'm begging." She cried. Like a full out sob. I swear I herd my heartbreak.

"Kimmy. Please. Look at me." I begged. Even though I didn't want her to see me cry. I needed her to see me.

"Kimmy. It's me Jack. You know I wont hurt you."

She looked at me. Slowly but did.

"Jack?" she asked.

I nodded.

She looked at realized I wasn't wearing a shirt. She looked at herself and realized she was wearing it.

"I don't want to go home." She whimpered. Suddenly she jumped and hugged me. the shirt was just long enough to cover everything. I hugged her gently. She just cried into my shoulder.

"I need to bring you home."

"No, please. I don't want to be alone."

"where are your parents?" I asked. Then she passed out again.

"I herd the police sirens go off and I picked up Kim and ran. I knew she would hate to be the victim. I ran to my skateboard.

I put my helmet on her and went to my house.

I would deal with the rest later.

I had to think of a way in my house.

I couldn't simply do into my house and say.

'Oh, hey mom. Kim was almost raped and she's scared to be home alone. I'll be upstairs if you need me. by the way, I'll take pizza for dinner.'

Umm. No.

I stuck with open bedroom window. I quietly snuck in and laid Kim down on my bed. Then, I went back out and opened my front door.

"Hi mom."

"your late."

"Yeah I'm sorry. I was…."

"you were."

"With Kim." Well, it wasn't technically a lie.

"oh, the girl friend."

"Friend that's a girl. I'll talk to you later mom, I'm going to sleep." I said and yawned.

"wait." He mom said and made me sit down.

"I want you to say goodbye, your dad and I have a business meeting in Rome for the next week. I dont know if you remembered." I did.

"Where grandpa?" I asked.

"He went to visit a friend in New York. Just you know act responsibly." She said.

home alone, good. Maybe I could help Kim that way.

"when your father comes home we will go up to your room to say good bye"

"No." I said to quickly and covered it saying, " I'll come down, I have a show on I have to watch." My mom didn't care enough to argue.

I quickly went up stairs.

Kim was thrashing around my bed wildly. Good thing my room was soundproof. My parents didn't want to hear me practice karate.

Kim was kicking and when she screamed I decided to wake her.

"Kimmy." I started shaking her. she scream when she woke up.

"its ok. I'm here I'm ok." I said hugging her. She held on to me tight and I just let her cry.

That was pretty much how the rest of the night went. I went down to say goodbye to my parents and came back up. She finally fell asleep and I went to sleep on the floor. I wasn't thinking that Kim was only wearing a shirt in my bed. I was thinking… what happened?

I didn't sleep at all not even for a second I was wide-awake….

I'm jack, and I'm going to find out.