Chapter 1-Shattering Perceptions

The Chuunin Exam Finals had come, the crowd roared with approval at seeing that the majority of the best Genin in their Shinobi village were participating, and even more pleased with the events now before them. At the moment, they were seeing Uzumaki Naruto fighting Hyuuga Neji in an all out fight, and the latter of the two had just scored a crucial blow against the blonde whom the people hated with a passion. It seemed victory for the Hyuuga Branch family member of the Hyuuga clan had obtained the victory he proclaimed Fate deemed was his and his alone to have in this match. That Fate was tied to all things, Fate was the one to decide, who was the victor, and who was the loser in life.

However, if there was one thing an Uzumaki did, it was shatter the illusion of Fate, and the way people saw things.

"You were failed to lose from the start Uzumaki. Fate has declared me the victor of our match and Fate had declared you a failure just like back at the Academy," said Neji, as he saw Naruto struggle to get up, and cough up some blood.

"You bastard! You call me a loser, but at least I never tried to kill Hinata over some crap that happened years ago, and clearly wasn't her fault," said Naruto before Neji dashed forward and kicked him in the face.

"It was her fault! She was weak!" said Neji seeing Naruto sit up with a grin on his now bloody face.

"Baka! She was child. Her kidnapper was a Jounin from Kumo. How could she possibly fight him off. How can you possibly justify your actions knowing that?" said Naruto, as the face of Hyuuga Neji scowled further, and lashed out with his Gentle Fist with the strike hitting directly in the heart where he had aimed for Hinata in their duel.

"Because Fate decrees that I can. Unlike you, I have no illusions about being free, and no illusions about having a choice," said Neji while seeing Naruto's shocked pain filled face look at him for a few seconds before the Uzumaki boy grinned again.

And laughed.

"Then allow me to shatter the notion of Fate for you! 'Shatter: Kyōka Suigetsu!'" said Naruto before his form shattered like glass much to the surprise of Neji and the people in the stadium.

"What the Hell? What kind of Jutsu was that?" said Neji only to be stabbed from behind with the sword responsible for his injury sticking out of his stomach.

"Poor deluded fool. Fate has no power over me. Fate is an illusion. An illusion you have had forced upon you by the adults of this village like they did me. But I am not bound to such an illusion," said the smooth deep voice of Uzumaki Naruto from behind Neji, which was much different then what everyone else was use to, and it wasn't just his voice that change either.

Naruto had changed entirely. No longer was Naruto the spiky blonde haired, blue eyed, orange wearing, ramen eating loudmouth, who spoke of being Hokage, and acting like a complete fool. The Naruto that stood behind Neji was wearing black Shinobi pants, black shirt, white trench coat, his hair was pulled back with a single strand of blonde hair, and face that was smoother now though the whisker marks that everyone used to recognize him as the Kyuubi Jinchuriki were now thicker.

"H-How? You shouldn't..." said Neji, as he felt the sword being pulled out of his back, and fell to his knees.

"Shouldn't what? Know anything about swords? Know anything at all? What you know about me is just an illusion. An illusion I have cast over the eyes of the village since...I turned eight years old," said Naruto, as his mind drifted to the memory of how things had first changed for him then, and it all began with what he found in the Hokage's Office.

The Forbidden Scroll of Sealing.

(Flashback-Four Years Ago)

Naruto waited patiently for the Hokage to get back from whatever it was he had been out doing, which always seemed to be the case with the old man, and the blonde decided to sit in the Sandaime's chair until he got back. Of course, after what seemed like a long while to the impatient boy that Naruto was, being an Uzumaki with all their child like impatience, and started to look around the room. He had felt something in the past few years of something calling out to him, but could never truly hear it, and wondered if the Hokage should know.

Ultimately, Naruto felt the old man shouldn't know, as the Hokage might think he was not right in the head, and have his head looked at. Now that he was in this room alone, Naruto felt the call of this feeling get even stronger, and calling out to him behind a wall holding the pictures of the previous Hokages of Konoha. After examining the pictures, the boy found a safe behind the Yondaime Hokage's picture, and being the Uzumaki he was had picked the lock to get into it.

And pulled out a large scroll with the kanji "Forbidden" written on it.

Placing the scroll on the Hokage's desk, Naruto unrolled it to see what wonders it held, and saw the name of various Jutsus, techniques, and skills that made the Lead so strong written down in detail. This very scroll was a treasure trove of knowledge that could be dangerous in the wrong hands and right now it was in the hands of a just turned eight year old blonde Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"What's this?" said Naruto, as he saw a seal with a spiral on it, and for some reason felt a touch it.

Upon doing so, the seal activated before revealing a sheathed sword, and a rolled up letter attached with the same seal on it. Touching the seal on the rolled up letter, it broke with mere seconds, and the paper unfolded to reveal what was written.

Dear Naruto,

If you're reading this, then you've found my greatest treasure that I myself found many years ago, and tried yet failed to use to its maximum potential. It fell from the sky many years ago, landing hard with a huge crater being created from the impact, and when I took hold of the sword did I learn what kind of sword in my hands really was. Its called a zanpakuto. A sword used by the Shinigami himself. A weapon used by a Death God and was apparently very powerful from what the zanpakuto told me. I know it sounds crazy, but the blade is actually a sentient weapon, which has a name, and only by speaking the name of the zanpakuto do you unlock its true power. I have failed to do so, even though I came pretty close along the time I was pregnant with you, which when looking back, was most likely because I was pregnant with you, and thus means the zanpakuto's true user is you Naruto.

My son, I want to say I'm sorry for what your Father, and I had no choice in forcing upon you. It was never our intention of turning you into a Jinchuriki of Kyuubi, as I would never wish to do that to my own child, and I know your Father didn't want it either. While I have hoped against hope with my dying breath that you were told by the Hokage about your burden, as well as your heritage to us...there is a good chance that you were not told anything by the old monkey, and your Father's dying wish was not honored in the slightest. Given the history of those burdened with what you have, I'm inclined to lean on the latter, and thus have not been told anything about what you now are.

Don't be frightened my son, for I too was once the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, as was another Uzumaki before me, and knew our burden was going to be a heavy one. If it were up to me, I would have taken the Kyuubi with me when I died, but sadly that is not the case, and your Father was forced to seal it into you. The old monkey promised us he would tell you about the Uzumaki Clan, our home in the Land of Whirlpool, and our skills in the Sealing Arts that made us so feared in the first place. Though something tells me the man we trusted has other plans for you and Konoha will not have your best interest at heart. My only hope is you can use this zanpakuto to its fullest potential and follow the path you want in life regardless of what others may try to do in order to direct you along theirs.


Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto continued to read the letter several times, as he couldn't believe this was real, and then looked at the zanpakuto before realizing this was real. But why the deception? Why hide the letter? The truth about why people in the village hated him? Why did the Hokage lie to him about everything? It didn't make sense to him. Reaching over to the zanpakuto in question, it glowed upon him touching the handle, and the Uzumaki's world went dark.

(End Flashback)

Naruto smirked further at the memory. The zanpakuto had called to him, as it was his to wield, and had proven that after meeting Kyōka Suigetsu for the first time. The zanpakuto had shown him its previous wielder, a rogue Shinigami of Captain rank by the name of Sosuke Aizen, who was among the most powerful of Shinigami in Soul Society, and had nearly brought it to its knees. However, upon seeing his plans had not gone exactly like he planned, Aizen had apparently anticipated being defeated, and in moments of his own defeat did the rogue Shinigami throw Kyōka Suigetsu into a small dimensional rift before anyone even knew what he had done.

"Do you see through the illusion that is Fate now Hyuuga Neji? What you fought was an illusion. An illusion of what the people wanted me to be. What they had tried to turn me into from years under their thumb. What the Academy saw was a fool, but in reality they saw the illusion of a fool, and thus they were given what they wanted. It wasn't hard. After I mastered illusionary properties of my zanpakuto, I raided the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing a second time, and learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu. I then used the combination of my zanpakuto and Shadow Clone to fool everyone while I made move while watching and waiting for the right time to reveal myself," said Naruto before turning his head to look up at the old man sweating heavily at him.

'Its not possible! I would have known. I would have remembered if he used something like that weapon with such powers on me,' thought the Hokage fearfully.

'Such power should be mine. Perhaps I can convince the Kyuubi brat to join me after I burn Konoha to the ground around me,' thought Orochimaru under the disguise of being the Kazekage of Suna.

"You want to know how I beat you Neji? It wasn't skill. It wasn't even the power of my zanpakuto. I won by using your pride against you. Your own pride, as a member of the Hyuuga Clan had compelled you to fight in such a stagnant, and predicable manner. All the Hyuuga know is Gentle Fist Taijutsu and Kaiten. The Byakugan Eyes compensate for weakness of being attacked long rage by seeing the attacks before they get close enough to hit. That's it. There is a way around this however, which is pretty simple when you think about it, and exploit for future use," said Naruto, as he walked around the downed Hyuuga with his weapon still out, and Neji struggling to rise.

"What are you talking about? There is no weakness!" said Neji defiantly leaping up to strike Naruto.

"There is that Hyuuga pride of yours again. Blinding you to the truth and making you lash out violently to those that speak it. 'Bakudo #1: Sai!'" said Naruto before pointing at Neji with his free hand and in an instant the Hyuuga boy was on the ground again with his hands tied behind his back before eating dirt.

"What? What is this?" said Neji while looking up at Naruto.

"More of my power," said Naruto simply, but in truth it was the vast knowledge Aizen had learned, and Kyōka Suigetsu had stored inside to teach its user upon its name being spoken.

Naruto had spent all this time learning what Aizen did in terms of Kido and while most of them were mastered he still had a ways to go.

"Coward!" said Neji before Naruto stopped and looked down at him.

"Coward? Such an ugly word wouldn't you say when describing this situation Neji? To call me a coward considering what you did seems hypocritical, don't you agree? Didn't you put your cousin in a similar situation a Month ago. She was on the ground bleeding, hurting, and in agonizing pain just like you are now. You called her weak. Pathetic was another word you threw in too. Yet she still rose to fight. That takes courage Neji. That takes fortitude. Something your so called Fate cannot provide when the fight is not in your favor," said Naruto, as he walked away from Neji, and then paused before turning to look at the proctor with a knowing look.

"The winner of the match is Uzumaki Naruto!" said Genma, who still couldn't believe like the people in the stands watching that this person was Naruto, and he was the winner of the match.

"That was…unreal!" said Ino, as she saw Naruto walk so confidently towards the fighter's box, and his zanpakuto now sheathed while medics took Neji away.

"The Naruto we know is...a lie?" said Sakura in complete shock at seeing this new and supposedly real version of the blonde Uzumaki.

"It can't be. Naruto is weak, loud, and annoying. This is not him!" said Ino in complete shock along with the rest of the Rookies in the stands.

"Troublesome. Just when you think you've figured Naruto out, he pulls this, and freaks out just about everyone in the village," said Shikamaru in the box while turning his head to face Naruto now heading towards him.

"Its what I do Shikamaru," said Naruto with a simple smile, yet it had a predatory look, and it made the hairs on everyone's heads around Naruto stand on end.

"Yeah it less so I don't get a heart attack at an early age," said Shikamaru while Naruto just chuckled.

"No promises," said Naruto with that same calculating predatory smile on his face.

"Will Uchiha Sasuke and Sabaku no Gaara come down to the arena now," said Genma, as he saw Gaara appear, but Sasuke had yet to show up, and the Kazekage's youngest was clearly upset.

"Where is my opponent?" said Gaara, as the sight of blood being drawn in the last fight has awakened his own bloodlust, and the red haired boy was not going to be denied.

"Hokage-sama, what do we do? The Uchiha isn't here yet," said the Jounin bodyguard standing beside the Hokage.

"Isn't it obvious? You disqualify Sasuke for being late," said Naruto, as he appeared behind the Jounin, and nearly scared the crap out of everyone in the Kage Booth.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" said the Sandaime Hokage surprised, as he still couldn't believe the boy had become this, and it frightened the old man a bit.

"What? I can't say hello to my most favorite person in the village?" said Naruto with a grin that was not the friendly smile the Sandaime Hokage nervous.

"That's not it Naruto, but you have to admit this change in your appearance is very much unexpected, and I'm concerned for your well being," said the Hokage with Naruto just narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Really? Were you concerned for my well being when I was young and being beaten up by the village if not the Shinobi? In some case, the very Shinobi you assigned to watch over me, were also the ones responsible for the attacks, and yet they were barely ever punished. Why?" said Naruto seeing the old man sweating now with nervousness and the "Kazekage" was looking at them with interest.

"N-Naruto, perhaps this conversation should be discussed in private, and not in front of guests like the Kazekage," said the Sandaime while seeing Naruto's smile grow.

"Yes. We will talk to you later Hokage-sama. Until then...proceed with the matches," said Naruto before he was gone with a speed the Sandaime couldn't track.

'What was that? That speed was...unnatural' thought the Sandaime before looking over at the fighter's box to see Naruto there like he had never left.

"Hokage-sama, perhaps the Uchiha's match with my son should be...postponed until the boy arrives?" said "Kazekage" while the Hokage looked over at him.

"No. I cannot. Every participant, except the Uchiha has shown up on time for their match, and to show him favor would be frowned upon," said the Hokage though the "Kazekage" would not relent.

"But your own people and the future clients of both our villages wish to see my son fight Uchiha Sasuke. Surely, you won't deprive them of this fight, and my son his happiness," said the "Kazekage" while the Hokage thought it over with Naruto looking back with that name calculating face from earlier.

"Very well. Postpone Uchiha Sasuke's match until the end," said the Hokage with the Jounin nodding and relaying the message to Genma.

"If the Uchiha cannot show up on time for his demise, then he is not worth my time, and is a disgrace to this village," said Gaara, as he went back to the fighter's box, and watched his brother forfeit the match.

'Saving his strength for the invasion no doubt. Little do they realize that both Suna's and Sound's forces outside the walls have been eliminated,' thought Naruto smiling knowing he had spent the last few hours before coming here destroying the outside invasion force.

"Will Sabaku no Temari and Nara Shikamaru please come down for your match," said Genma with Temari leaping down using her fan while Shikamaru groaned.

"I don't want to fight another girl, but I have to prove I'm a man, and fight one at the same time. Troublesome. Maybe I should just forfeit like that Suna guy did," said Shikamaru to himself before raising his hand to forfeit his match.

Before being pushed off the railing by Naruto.

"Sorry Shikamaru, but the people here want a fight, and while I don't really care what the people want...I'm feeling bored right now. Entertain me," said Naruto with a chuckle.

'Damn blondes and their troublesome ways,' thought Shikamaru getting off the ground, wiping the dirt off, and casually walking towards the center of the arena while yawning at the same time.

"Ready to lose?" said Temari while grinning viciously at him.

"Not really, but its too troublesome to fight, and win the match," said Shikamaru, which for some reason irked Temari since she felt he spoke more out of arrogance, and wanted to beat some sense into him.

"Oh so that is how it is huh?" said Temari angrily while reading her fan and Shikamaru had seen a similar look on the Suna woman's face on his Mother when having a talk with his Father.

'Why is it women always get angry with me no matter what men say?' thought Shikamaru to himself before he found himself running for his life while Temari unleash her female fury on him via her powerful Wind Jutsus.

"Don't worry son. We all take a beating now and then," said Shikaku mumbled to himself while his wife looked over at him.

"What was that honey?" said Yoshino with a sweet smile that many times in the past had been the tone that spelled doom for Shikaku if he told her something that upset her.

"Nothing!" said Shikaku quickly knowing it was the quickest way to make his wife happy and avoid the woman's frying pan dubbed "The Emasculator!" by all the Nara males of the clan.

"Good boy," said Yoshino in that same sweet voice, which told him she liked his answer, and wouldn't hurt him...for now.

"Time to meet your end!" said Temari, as she was about to send him into oblivion, and beyond with her next attack.

"I give up!" said Shikamaru before dodging the attack.

"Winner by forfeit: Sabaku no Temari!" said Genma though Temari seemed to get even more ticked off then before.

"Coward! Take your beating like a man!" said Temari, who charged at him with her fan ready to be used like a heavy blunt weapon, and Shikamaru started running for his life in a circle with the Suna girl hot on his heels.

"Awwww! Don't they look so cute together Shika-kun?" said Yoshino seeing her son run for his life.

"She reminds me of you. Only instead of the fan, you used a frying pan, and chased me all over the village," said Shikaku before feeling the iron grip of his wife on his arm and knew he was in trouble.

"Well I had a good reason and I made an honest man out of you," said Yoshino while Shikaku laughed sheepishly while his wife gave him the "Evil Eye" behind the sweet smile.

"That you did. Um...can you stop crushing my arm now? Honey?" said Shikaku, as he felt her grip lessen, and the look in her eyes told him she was going to hurt him later.

"We'll talk about this later Sweety!" said Yoshino while Shikaku started to sweat a little in fear and made a mental note to take a long term mission from the Hokage after this was over to avoid his wife's fury.

Even if his words were true when comparing her to Sabaku no Temari.

"That's enough. You can hurt him later," said Naruto appearing between them and easily stopping Temari's strike with a single finger while Shikamaru hid behind him.

"Fine! Make no mistake Nara, your ass is mine, and I'm going to tattoo my name on it for good measure when it is," said Temari with a death glare.

"Thanks a lot Naruto. Maybe now you'll finally believe me when I say women are scary and troublesome," said Shikamaru after breathing a sigh of relief.

"I heard that!" said Temari and Yoshino at the same time.

"Troublesome," said Shikamaru and Shikaku with the latter crying out in pain when his wife hit him in the head with her frying pan.

"Next match is Uchiha Sasuke VS Sabaku no Gaara. Please come to the arena floor now to get things underway," said Genma with Gaara appearing a second later while Sasuke was nowhere to be found.

"It would appear Sasuke is not coming. Disqualify him," said Naruto while seeing Gaara nod in agreement.

"Its not up to me, you, or Sabaku no Gaara. Its up to Hokage-sama to issue the order for Sasuke be disqualify," said Genma with Naruto scoffing.

"The old man is a pathetic wimp. He has less of a spine then a snake," said Naruto calmly while Genma glared at him.

"Watch it gaki. He's still your Hokage," said Genma while Naruto scoffed again.

"Hardly. The man is a liar, an abuser, and unworthy of the power the position of Hokage grants him," said Naruto with Genma frown further.

"Go back to the fighter's box Genin," said Genma with Naruto just smirking at him.

"Of course. Good luck Gaara," said Naruto before vanishing from sight.

In the Kage Booth, the Sandaime Hokage sighed heavily, as everyone waited for Uchiha Sasuke to arrive, and it was making the people restless. The Daimyos and future clientele were getting fed up with waiting for Sasuke to show to the point where they were booing the Leaf for waiting on the boy.

"Hokage-sama, we can't wait any longer," said the Jounin next to the Hokage with the old man sighing.

"I have no choice then. Disqualify him," said the Sandaime Hokage and even Orochimaru under the disguise of being the "Kazekage" knew to ask for some kind of postponement after all of this was pointless.

"Uchiha Sasuke is disqualified. Winner is Sabaku no Gaara!" said Genma with the people of the Leaf booing the decision.

"Fools. They boo him now, but if they want to be saved, and he's late...the tune they sing will be very different," said Naruto in the fighter's box before Gaara appeared looking angry.

"I want to fight," said Gaara with his bloodlust leaking out.

"Patience Gaara. All good things come to those who wait," said Naruto calmly to his fellow Jinchuriki while Gaara just let out a growl of sorts.

"Will...," said Genma, but was interrupted when Hatake Kakashi, and Uchiha Sasuke made their presence known in a flashy entrance.

"Are we late?" said Kakashi lazily.

"Yes actually. In fact, had you been here a little sooner, the Hokage wouldn't be forced to declare Uchiha Sasuke disqualified, and thus make the Leaf look incompetent in front of our future clients," said Genma with Kakashi looking shocked and Sasuke's face showed anger.

"But...what about Sasuke's match with Gaara?" said Kakashi, as he didn't expect this to happen, and had been assured by the Hokage that the boy would participate despite being tardy.

"Ended with Gaara being the winner by disqualification. Hokage-sama postponed your match and then everyone waited for Sasuke to appear. Eventually, the clientele and the Daimyos were getting impatient," said Genma seeing Sasuke scowl before smirking.

"Well I'm here. I bet that loser failed in his fight against Neji," said Sasuke confidently while Kakashi smirked behind his mask.

"Actually Naruto won. Shocked the Hell out of too with his strange powers," said Genma with Sasuke frowning while Kakashi shrugged while thinking it was Kyuubi's chakra he used.

"I wouldn't praise him too much Genma. Considering the power he used is not really his own," said Kakashi while Sasuke looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Actually, the power Naruto used isn't what you think it is Kakashi, and would actually be surprised if not proud to know the gaki won without it," said Genma while Kakashi just waved him off.

"If you say so," said Kakashi in a bored tone while reading his book.

"What about me? I'm here to participate in the finals!" said Sasuke seeing Genma frown at him.

"Not happening. The Hokage declared you are disqualified and are now out of it," said Genma with Sasuke once again looking livid.

"He can't do this too me! I need to participate in order to advance. Itachi was already past Chuunin at my age. I need to prove myself!" said Sasuke while Genma shook his head.

"Not today. Go up to the stands. Your teammate is up next," said Genma before Naruto appeared in an instant.

"You heard the proctor Uchiha. Go watch from the stands," said Naruto with a smile while Sasuke sneered at him and Kakashi frowned.

"What's with the new look loser? Trying out for some kind of Hokage wannabe contest? Who do you think you are? Huh? The Yondaime? Ha! Get out of the arena. This is my fight now," said Sasuke before an invisible pressure covered the arena grounds and the Uchiha fell to his knees along with the two Jounin around him while Naruto just looked down at him with a bored expression on his face.

"Foolish boy. You have neither the right nor the power to command me to leave," said Naruto while seeing Sasuke suffocating under his power.

Another little thing Kyōka Suigetsu taught him that Aizen himself did.

With that said, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki stopped his power from crushing the Uchiha, and waited for Temari to come down to the arena floor. However, she decided not to fight, and forfeit her match against him.

Hence why Gaara was now standing in the arena for the third time with a grin on his face while ignoring Sasuke struggling to get off the ground.

"You were right Uzumaki Naruto. All good things do come to those who wait. I will now finally get my chance to fight a strong opponent. You!" said Gaara while staring at Naruto with the bloodlust coming off of him in waves.

"No your not. I'm your opponent. Not this loser!" said Sasuke only to be backhanded in the gut by Naruto and making the Uchiha fall to his knees before puking.

"Get out of here before I do more then just make you puke Sasuke," said Naruto, as he looked at Kakashi, who frowned in disapproval of his action, but didn't care, and waited for the Jounin to take Sasuke away before focusing on Gaara.

"Such arrogance. Its insulting to your village," said Gaara with Naruto just smirking at him.

"This isn't my village. It hasn't been for some time," said Naruto with Gaara raising an eyebrow at him.

"So you would betray them," said Gaara seeing Naruto smirk a little bit more.

"I cannot betray those who have already betrayed me," said Naruto with Gaara smirking now at him.

"How true. Something we have in common," said Gaara while the crowd tensed at their words, realizing that these two boys, both hated since their birth, were not the submissive individuals they believed them to be, and could turn on them at any second.

"Yes. It seems to be happening a lot lately. Mist has lost bloodlines from their civil war. Konoha has lost its true strength due to the pride of those in power in the belief they are invincible when in fact...they are lambs to the slaughter," said Naruto letting out a laugh that made the people in the stands shiver.

"You are much different then I saw you a Month ago Uzumaki Naruto. You surprise me," said Gaara seeing Naruto smirk further.

"I'm about to do that again once more," said Naruto shifting just a hair and Gaara knew it was time to fight and stop talking.

"Ready? Fight!" said Genma before bringing his hand down and leaping away from them in order to give the two more room to fight.

Gaara's sand launched itself at Naruto, who was gone one moment, and reappeared the next 10 feet to the left, and had yet to draw his zanpakuto. His smirk never leaving his face, as Gaara frowned at him, and commanded his sand to go after the Kyuubi vessel. Once more, Naruto vanished before reappearing at a different location, and once more upsetting Sabaku no Gaara.

'His speed is unreal. Its beyond anything I could do,' thought Rock Lee, as he had just arrived to watch from the stands with Maito Gai, and saw the two were impressed the boy no one thought had a chance in Hell of lasting this long now taking on the Suna's most powerful Genin.

"Hold still!" said Gaara, as he kept trying to use his sand against Naruto, but found it was too slow like it had been against Rock Lee, and it seemed the blonde wasn't even trying.

"And lose to your sand? I think not. 'Bakudo #61: Rikujōkōrō!'" said Naruto pointing at the red haired boy, which covered Gaara in six wide beams of light, and paralyzed his entire being that surprisingly disabled the sand too.

" not...possible!" said Gaara finding himself unable to move and being unable to use his sand.

"Like the Uchiha, you have become arrogant, and believe yourself untouchable with the sand protecting you," said Naruto while Gaara was clearly freaked out by this.

'What kind of Jutsus is that?' thought Orochimaru, as he was almost salivating at the idea of turning Naruto into one of his subordinates, and if he could disable Kyuubi...his new vessel!

"I'm sorry Gaara. 'Hado #4: Byakurai!'" said Naruto now in front of his enemy, as he just pointed a finger at Gaara, and shot a stream of lightning at the red head's shoulder.

It was the first time in a little over four years since Gaara screamed out in agonizing pain and it made the Suna siblings watching look at Naruto with an intense fear gripping their hearts. The very notion of Gaara being hit had first been considered impossible in their eyes, as well as all of Suna, but then Rock Lee disproved the notion in the Chuunin Exam Prelims. when he nearly defeated the youngest of the Kazekage's children, and now the boy everyone thought didn't have a snowballs chance in Hell had just shattered the very idea of Gaara being invincible no matter what in front of everyone.

"MY BLOOD! THIS IS MY BLOOD!" screamed Gaara in disbelief, as he looked at the bleeding hole out of the corner of his eye, and then at Naruto with multiple emotions on his face.

"That it is. Now to finally put an end to this. Again, I am sorry Gaara," said Naruto, as he pointed his finger at the red head's forehead, and touched the tattoo with the kanji there for "Love".

However, before Naruto could kill Gaara, an explosion was heard in the Kage Booth, and feathers fell from the sky to indicate a Genjutsu was being used. Naruto easily dispelled from his person before freeing Gaara from the light based prison and decided to nip this situation in the bud.

He needed to see the Hokage.

In a flash, Naruto was gone from the arena floor, and on the roof where the Hokage was facing his former prodigal student. Seconds later, a barrier was up, preventing anyone from getting in, or out of the prison the four bodyguards of the Sannin had created. It was clear this plan Orochimaru had set in motion to trap the Sandaime Hokage like this had been taken years of planning and could only been pulled off with inside help.

"Well will you look at this Sarutobi. We have an unexpected guest," said Orochimaru, as he was looking absolutely ecstatic at the idea of having Naruto on his side against the Sandaime Hokage, and Konoha in general.

"Naruto, you need to find a way out of here," said the Sandaime Hokage, as he saw the blonde smirk at him, and then look at Orochimaru with calculating eyes.

"We meet again Orochimaru. Or rather...for the first time without disguises," said Naruto seeing Orochimaru continue to smirk at him.

"Indeed. The last I saw you boy, it was in the Forest of Death, and you were swatted away like a fly," said Orochimaru while Naruto let out a chuckle of amusement.

"That? Please! What you saw, what you faced, and what you encountered was an illusion mixed with a Shadow Clone filled with a significant amount of Kyuubi's chakra to make it endure the trials in of the Chuunin Exams while I moved discreetly from the shadows," said Naruto seeing Orochimaru frown and the Sandaime looking worried.

"So you do have control over the fox. Impressive. I had heard reports from my spies that you were a failure at the Academy and barely controlled the Kyuubi's power while under a state of intense rage," said Orochimaru seeing Naruto just chuckle louder.

"An illusion Orochimaru. All that you know of me is just illusion!" said Naruto before training his head slightly to look at the Sandaime, who winced, and the Sannin just letting out a laugh.

"I imagine I'm not the only one that's been deceived. Oh sensei, I can practically see, and feel the spite this boy has for you," said Orochimaru with joy singing clearly in his voice.

"Naruto, I don't know what side you've chosen in this fight, but the Leaf is your home, and should not be considered your enemy," said the Hokage, as he saw scoff, and focus entirely on Orochimaru.

"Side? Don't be so dramatic. I am not on the side of the Leaf or Orochimaru's forces. I am on my side!" said Naruto seeing the Hokage frown and so did Orochimaru.

'How disappointing. I was hoping I could turn him against the Hokage during our fight,' thought Orochimaru, as he saw Naruto draw is zanpakuto, and knew the boy was far more dangerous then anyone gave him credit for.

"Tell me Orochimaru, before we begin this little dance of death, I would like to know just who was your inside man of influence remotely capable of providing information to you of Konoha's patrol routes, and current internal number of defenders within the village?" said Naruto seeing the Sannin narrow his eyes at him and the Sandaime's eyes widened realizing that Orochimaru being in the Leaf could only have happened with someone from high on up within the village's infrastructure.

"As if I would give away my friend on the inside," said Orochimaru while Naruto just chuckled further.

"No. I suppose. You have some intelligence it would seem in not doing that," said Naruto while Orochimaru growled at him.

"Enough! Its time to put an end to this once and for all. 'Summoning: Edo Tensei!'" said Orochimaru, as he began the summoning process of raising three coffins from the ground while the Sandaime tried to block at least one of them.

"Bakudo #4: Hainawa!" said Naruto, who surprisingly didn't direct the binding spell at Orochimaru, but at the Sandaime Hokage, and gave the old man a cold look that told him to let the coffins rise.

All three of the coffins.

When the coffins came out of the down vertically, the lids to each one fell, and revealed that the bodies of the three past Hokage of the Leaf. However, within moments, the form of each one shattered within each coffin to reveal upon them collapsing to the ground to be dummy bodies? The Sandaime along with Orochimaru were surprised when the Forbidden Jutsu used had failed to produce the end result and the reason behind it being even more shocking. Training dummy bodies used at the Academy for the more advanced classes used to train Hunter Nin potentials on where to strike key points of the body.

"What? Impossible! I saw my pawns be subdued and put into their coffins myself!" said Orochimaru, as he turned to Naruto, who freed the Sandaime from his power, and then refocused entirely on the Sannin.

"I told you before Orochimaru, everything you know about me is an illusion, and while you were so busy preparing the Leaf's destruction...I was counter it," said Naruto while thinking back to the memory of his encounter with the two Sound Genin before their capture.

(Flashback-Konoha Hospital)

Naruto had used his zanpakuto's powers to disguise himself as a simple doctor and sweet talked a nurse that hated the Kyuubi Jinchuriki into letting him see the two for a checkup. After being let in, Naruto saw the girl, a Tsuchi Kin was unconscious, and the other one by the name of Zaku was awake.

"What's this? A doctor, who actually wants to help us? It's a fucking miracle!" said Zaku sarcastically while the "doctor" just smiled a friendly smile before he vanished from sight and then appeared with a sword in hand.

"No. Not help you. Kill you," said Naruto before stabbing the boy cleanly through the chest out the back of his body before pulling out.

Quickly using one of his abilities to remove any trace of the body, Naruto had a Shadow Clone henge into the wounded boy on the bed, and his zanpakuto further cast the illusion needed to fool the actual doctor or Shinobi coming into the room. After that was done, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki focused on the girl now, who was just waking up, and saw Naruto with the zanpakuto in hand.

"P-Please don't kill me. I'm sorry for what happened in the Forest of Death," said Kin, as her voice was filled with fear, and was trying to squirm away from Naruto despite being restrained to the bed.

"I know you are sorry my dear, but like Orochimaru, I am in need of your services, and unfortunately for you...the value of your life is only considered high upon it being taken away," said Naruto walking towards her bed.

"No! I'll run away and never return to the Leaf. I swear it!" said Kin, as she saw Naruto shake his head, and actually look sad.

"You are right about one thing my will never return to the Leaf," said Naruto before he killed her with a clean swipe of his zanpakuto.

After his work was done, Naruto left via the window, and no one was the wiser to what had happened.

(End Flashback)

The two Shadow Clones had alerted him some time later to when the shadowy figures came to the hospital and took them away to the rendezvous point where Orochimaru was waiting to put them in the coffins with a third person already chosen most likely against his will. When the Shadow Clones were on the ground, Naruto easily switched them with the training dummy bodies, which pulled the illusion of the two Sound Genin basically losing the will to fight back, and the third man being slain killed with a simple silent snap of the neck before swapping him out too.

"You insignificant worm!" said Orochimaru angrily.

"That's almost funny coming from the overgrown one I see before me and would be if not for your pathetic fear of dying," said Naruto with amusement in his voice.

"Damn you boy!" said Orochimaru, as he drew Kusanagi from his mouth, and it glowed dangerously in his hands.

"I've heard worse insults," said Naruto while the Sandaime frowned at them.

"This is not the time to be casual about this Naruto. His forces are attacking the Leaf and need to be put down. Leave this fight to me," said the Sandaime while Naruto just looked over at him for a second and then turn his gaze back over to Orochimaru.

"They've already been slain. Both forces have fallen," said Naruto with Orochimaru now looking shocked and angry at him.

"No! Impossible!" said Orochimaru while the Sandaime looked confused.

"Both?" sad the Sandaime before hearing Naruto's amused chuckle.

"Suna chose to ally with Orochimaru in order to severely weaken the Leaf with the desire to regain their former glory after learning Konoha's own alliance with them was bleeding their village dry. Something you had hand in when it came to the negotiations, isn't that right Hokage-sama,?" said Naruto while seeing the Sandaime grimace.

"Don't deny it Sarutobi-sensei. The Kazekage didn't when voicing his displeasure to me on his reasons for joining my side. You helped make Konoha a big target. A fat pig that needed to be gutted," said Orochimaru, as he saw the Sandaime scowl, and then summon Enma the Monkey King before turning into a giant staff.

"As if you wouldn't in my place," said the Sandaime seeing Orochimaru smile at him.

"True. Still, I would have made sure such spiteful people in my alliances knew better then to cross me, and have special measures be put in place in the event they did. Something you did not. How else can you explain being caught unaware of Suna's betrayal? Or the Kyuubi Jinchuriki here not afraid to kill us both on this very roof?" said Orochimaru, as he saw Naruto's smirk grow, and the Sandaime scowl.

"Naruto wouldn't do that. I'm a Grandfather to him. I always was!" said the Sandaime while Naruto scoffed.

"A Grandfather doesn't keep secrets old man. You kept quite a few of them despite what my Mother wanted. My Godparents were denied the knowledge of my existence while at the same time, my status as a Jinchuriki was made known to the public, and I became the most hated person in the village. Why as my so called Grandfather would you do that?" said Naruto before turning fully to face the old Kage.

"Naruto, you must understand that not everything is that simple, and we must do what is right even if those that the decision wrongs are severely hurt by it," said the Sandaime while the boy just looked at him with those eyes that held no warmth in them.

"There is nothing right about what you did old man. All your actions caused, was allow the village to channel all their hate, and pain at one person. Me. You could have kept this information from the people and I could have lived a life without their hatred aimed at me," said Naruto seeing the Sandaime scowl further at him.

"It had to be done Naruto. The people could not have their hatred consume them from within. They needed an outlet!" said the Sandaime before seeing the boy looking angry at his choice of words.

"So that's it? That's your reason? You did it for them? The fools here in the village may regard you as something great, but we both know that was a long time ago, and that you are nothing more then a spineless...old...fool!" said Naruto before a sword pierced his back looked down to see it was the Kusanagi with Orochimaru's hands on the hilt.

"You should know better then to take your eyes off a snake little boy!" said Orochimaru with Naruto turning his head slightly and looked at him.

"Shatter: Kyōka Suigetsu!" said Naruto with his form shattering into hundred piece like glass and his zanpakuto sticking out behind Orochimaru through his skull.

"Orochimaru-sama!" said the four bodyguards at the same time in shock.

"When killing a snake, one should always stab the head, and kill the brain all together. I find that is a much safer way of doing things," said Naruto before pulling the blade of his weapon out and the form of Orochimaru fell to the ground.


"Run!" said the red haired girl, as the barrier went down, and the Sound Four took off before they could be pursued by the ANBU.

"And now to deal with you old man," said Naruto coldly while turning around to face the Sandaime, but was now surrounded by ANBU, and there weapons were drawn.

"Demon traitor!" said the ANBU Captain with a bird mask on.

"Says one of the Shinobi, who won't honor the Yondaime's dying wish, and treat me like a hero for holding the Kyuubi inside my body," said Naruto making the ANBU Captain bristle with anger.

"How dare you mention the Yondaime Hokage!" said the ANBU Captain, who moved to take the boy down, and the others following.

"No! Stop!" said the Sandaime, but they failed to listen, and Naruto just smirked at them.

"Hado #58: Tenran!" said Naruto before spinning his extended right hand, unleashing a widening tornado that sent the ANBU flying while the Sandaime struggled to keep his feet on the roof.

"Naruto, I'm sorry you hate me, but you must understand that everything I've ever done has been for the benefit of the village, and I took no pleasure in your suffering," said the Sandaime Hokage seeing the boy frown.

"Bakudo #63: Sajo Sabaku!" said Naruto making golden rope wrap around the Sandaime in an instant while Enma was let go in the process, and the Monkey King transformed into his normal animal form.

"Release Sarutobi you little brat!" said Enma only to be stabbed in the stomach by the zanpakuto and was sent back injured to the Summoning World.

"Now old and I are going," said Naruto before grabbing the old man by the throat and squeezed hard.

"Naruto! Release sensei right now," said Jiraiya, as he wasn't sure what happened to the boy, but it was not something the Sannin liked, and it was making him uneasy.

"Why? He deprived me of a life. Did you know the man lied to you and my Godmother Tsunade? That the two of you were meant to raise me after the death of my parents?" said Naruto seeing Jiraiya not look the least bit surprised.

"I knew. It wasn't hard to figure out within a few Months we had been lied to by sensei," said Jiraiya seeing Naruto's eyes narrow at him.

"And yet you didn't fight him over my situation. Why?" said Naruto seeing the Sannin look away.

"Because sensei was right in me not being able to take care of you. I had a spy network to run, maintain, and make sure the Leaf was protected," said Jiraiya seeing Naruto's grip on the old man not lessen in the slightest.

"And my Godmother? Why not tell her about the lie?" said Naruto simply.

"What?" said Jiraiya before his face went pale when the boy's zanpakuto stabbed the old Kage in the stomach.

"This isn't a lethal strike, but it will be if he doesn't get medical treatment right away, and unless you give me a honest answer...I'll stab him again for each lie you tell!" said Naruto coldly.

"All right! All right! I didn't tell Tsunade because sensei made me promise not to tell her! He said she'd take you out of the village and thus the plan to ensure your loyalty to the Leaf would be ruined. That you would have more loyalty for her over the village because Tsunade would protect you from the village's hate!" said Jiraiya while Naruto glared at him and then the glare intensified when the boy looked at the Hokage.

"Die old man. 'Hado #4: Byakurai!'" said Naruto, as he put stabbed the man first, put his right finger on the Sandaime's head, and unleashed a stream of lightning through it to cause a painful death.

"NOOOO!" yelled Jiraiya, as he saw the old Kage be released from the strange binding power Naruto used on him, and fell onto the rooftop dead.

"Time for me to go," said Naruto before he turned around to leave, but Jiraiya leaped in front of him, and did not look pleased.

"Don't move Naruto. You are under arrest for the murder of the Sandaime Hokage," said Jiraiya while Naruto just smirked at him.

"My actions were justified. I killed a traitor to my family. A family you also betrayed as well," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya flinch at his words.

"I am sorry for that Naruto, but it doesn't excuse you from killing the Sandaime Hokage!" said Jiraiya while Naruto smirked at him.

" And that is where our beliefs are different from one another Ero-Sennin," said Naruto before he was gone in a flash and Jiraiya cursed under his breath.

He failed to see two people smirking from their respective locations and vanishing from sight to meet up with the boy.

(Outside the village)

"Is it time Naruto-sama?" said a feminine voice from a shadowy figure wearing a Hunter Nin mask.

"Yes Haku. Stage one is complete. Where are Anko and Hinata?" said Naruto before turning his head and saw the girls appear quickly a few feet from his right.

"We are here Naruto-sama," said Hinata, as she had also thrown away her own illusion that Naruto had helped cast over the village in seeing her being this weak shy girl, who lost to Neji badly in the Chuunin Exams, and had required a Month to remotely recover from the damage her heart had sustained in the process.

Naruto had approached her 2 years ago, appearing in an instant like manner, which had scared the girl, and had to put a hand on her mouth to stop any kind of scream. She had been shy then, as the illusion past that time had made her out to be, but after Naruto had offered to train the Hyuuga girl to get stronger, Hinata couldn't refuse, and during those two long years her loyalty shifted greatly from Konoha along with the Hyuuga Naruto within question.

The form Neji had fought in the Chuunin Exam Prelims. was a Shadow Clone of Hinata, which Naruto cast an illusion using the power of his zanpakuto so it would fool everyone, and thus began the Hyuuga girl's secret training. While everyone in her clan demeaned the Shadow Clone, fooled by the power of Naruto's zanpakuto, the real Hyuuga Hinata was getting stronger, and learning to fighting with the Gentle Fist while using her flexibility to its fullest potential.

"How is Zabuza handling things in Whirlpool?" said Naruto when he turned to look at Haku.

"He hates the paperwork," said Haku with a smile appearing on her lips behind the mask.

"Of course he does," said Naruto with a smirk on his face.

In the past two years, Naruto had been out of the village, gathering forces of his own in secret, and having them converge to Whirlpool. A place where the clans from Mist, who had escaped the purges had fled to that location for safety, even encountering Zabuza, and Haku during the recruiting process. When the two met team 7 a few years later, on the incomplete bridge in Wave, the Konoha Shinobi believed that Zabuza, and Haku had been slain there. When everyone left after the burial, Naruto dispelled the illusion, and just smirked in amusement at the stupidity of his so called team.

"Good. We can finally leave here. We have business to attend to in Sound. Knowing Orochimaru, he will have a nice little treasure trove of people, and things we can take back to Whirlpool," said Naruto smiling at them before they were gone in an instant.

"It will be interesting to see what the snake-teme has back home has stored there. Though we may want to hurry since my old sensei's butt buddy is most likely heading back there too," said Anko, as she had joined the gaki around the same time Hinata did, but under different circumstances, and reasons then the Hyuuga girl.

Naruto had found Anko being held down by a group of Jounin, who had felt the only way she could repent for her sensei's betrayal in their eyes was through her body, and being their personal toy fro the day. Anko didn't want to, but the Jounin around her had already told the woman she didn't have a choice, and that the Hokage wasn't going to save her anymore. The Leader of the group was so into his rant, he had no idea that while getting ready to take the woman against her will, Naruto had used the power of Kyōka Suigetsu, and fooled him into thinking she was helpless. When the Leader had his pants around his ankles, it was then that Naruto struck, and dispelled the illusion of his side in control.

In reality, the group of Jounin around Anko had been slain brutally all around her, and the woman herself was free...with a kunai in hand...with a smirk on her face.

The man soon had the world's most painful and cheapest way to have a sex change before being turned into a corpse with Anko being a key spy for Naruto regarding certain parts of the Leaf's inner workings. Now with Orochimaru dead, the woman had no further need to stay in the village, and was going along with Naruto to Whirlpool like he promised.

"Oh by the way Anko, I took this from Orochimaru since he won't be needing it, and felt it should go to you," said Naruto, as he threw Kusanagi underhanded to Anko, and saw the woman catch it while examining the weapon.

"With a sword like this, a new name is warranted, and I think I know just the name," said Anko seeing Naruto raise an eyebrow at her.

"What's the name?" said Naruto seeing Anko smirk at him and then at the weapon.

"I'll call this sword...Shinsō!" said Anko while Naruto nodded and the group quickly left the area.

(A/N: YAY! This is the challenge "What's in the Forbidden Scroll" by MrWriterWriter, who has on his profile, and decided to take up out of curiosity. I figured I would make it NarutoxBleach crossover, but rather have it happen when Naruto is 12, I'd have it happen when he's 8, and then move up four years in advance to the Chuunin Exam Finals where he reveals himself to be like Aizen. Hope you like it. Until next time...PEACE!)