Chapter 4-A Slow Gathering

Naruto raised an eyebrow, as he stood in front of Zabuza in the Uzukage's office, and the report regarding what they had learned from their spies in Konoha. Despite Konoha supposedly having the best spy network in all of the Elemental Countries under Jiraiya's command, the Sannin now turned Fifth Hokage had yet to realize Naruto had his own spy network, and had several reliable agents in the Leaf village. All of those spies throughout the Elemental Countries were part of the Whirlpool Shadow Force Division and put were under Hinata's direct command.

If Jiraiya's spy network was truly the best network out there, the man would have made them do counter spying, which Naruto had the Shadow Force Division do, but had all agents assigned to counter spying be put under Haku's direct command. Thus sharing the division with Hinata in a fair and balanced way while at the same time, both shared the duties assigned to them in the medical division. They were both skilled in that field as well and Naruto felt they should broaden their skills there. It didn't hurt that Tsunade was working at the hospital with Shizune and helping the girls in furthering their training in the medical arts. However, both girls reported to Zabuza with their findings, and Naruto would listen in. Anko easily got into the swing of things as being the new Head of the I&T Division and was enjoying herself immensely in the process since.

"Interesting," remarked Naruto while reading the report.

"I'll say. Jiraiya is going to recruit Taki's Jinchuriki to join Konoha's cause in the hopes of her possibly defeating you. That's ballsy and cruel all in one," stated Zabuza knowing it was against Naruto's personal belief to harm another Jinchuriki like himself unless it was absolutely necessary.

Or the Jinchuriki was an unrepentant jerk and needed to be put down.

"Agreed. Jinchuriki being used to fight other Jinchuriki. It sends a clear message to all the others that those that run or don't wish to follow the status quo will be hunted down by our own. Despicable," remarked Naruto while reading over the information on hand.

"Jiraiya is going to head there in a few days. How do you want to proceed? Do you want to go yourself?" questioned Zabuza with Naruto nodding.

"I have to go Zabuza. If I don't, Fu will most likely distrust anyone else sent in my place. Only a Jinchuriki can relate to other Jinchuriki. This will also set back our own plans to investigate Yagura more closely. If Uchiha Madara truly is alive like Itachi claims he is, then there is a chance the Mizukage has been manipulating the Uchiha in secret from the shadows, and discrediting Jinchuriki everywhere who wish to be accepted by their own villages," replied Naruto with Zabuza with growling in anger.

"It also means that if I had succeeded in my coup all those years ago, Madara would have just used me as a puppet until the three-tails came back, and was sealed away into another person," added Zabuza while Naruto nodded in agreement.

"And once that happened, you would have eventually been killed in some fashion, and the newest Jinchuriki would have taken your place," finished Naruto calmly with Zabuza looking angrily at him.

"I'm going to enjoy killing that asshole," replied Zabuza with Naruto smirking at him.

"In due time Zabuza. For now, I need to head to Taki to ensure one of fellow Jinchuriki doesn't become Konoha's attack dog," said Naruto before he left the room.

(Taki-A Week Later)

"So you want Fu to aid you in your fight against the Kyuubi Jinchuriki," said Shibuki, as the young leader of Taki looked at Jiraiya, and saw the man nodding while his ANBU bodyguards behind him didn't move.

"It sets a bad precedent for everyone to see a Jinchuriki go rogue. It gives them hope. Ideas. If word reaches the other Jinchuriki throughout the Elemental Countries, it will make them believe they have a right beyond serving their villages, and follow Naruto's example. If your Jinchuriki finds out, she'll think its okay to leave Taki undefended, and go out on her own. Konoha can not only keep an eye on her, but ensure the leash is also tighter, and can teach you how to yank it better when the time comes to make her heel under your feet," replied Jiraiya with Shibuki nodding.

"She has been getting...rebellious as of late. Fu has come under the impression that her station deserves more then what has been provided for her outside of the village," said Shibuki while rubbing his chin in thought.

"Jinchuriki that grow bold will only grow bolder until someone puts them in their place and reminds them of their one true purpose in life. Your Jinchuriki is starting to get ideas in her head about life and they need to be stomped out now before they have a chance to take root," replied Jiraiya with Shibuki nodding.

"All right. I will allow her go with you to Konoha for awhile to help with your hunt for the rogue Kyuubi Jinchuriki. BUT she is only on loan Jiraiya, and I expect her seal to be modified to ensure that I can cut off her connection to the Biju should I wish it. Also, I want another seal connecting to her mind to make her think positive thoughts about me, and to possibly fall in love with me in a few years. The people in Taki won't mind Fu in village once they know she has been properly tamed and by my more ways then one," replied Shibuki, as he imagined what Fu would look like the years to come, and obeying his every command.

"You won't regret this Shibuki. Where is Fu if I may ask?" replied Jiraiya with Shibuki looking over the last report he had of Fu's location just a few hours ago.

"North of here. She's been assigned to watch that area for another hour before heading to another area to patrol," answered Shibuki with Jiraiya nodding.

"We'll head there and inform her of your decision. We'll spin it so she'll think its a way to see the world and you're rewarding her for being loyal," said Jiraiya with Shibuki liking the idea since it would help lower Fu's guard when the time came to mold her properly into being a truly submissive vessel.

"Take this. I'll make it an official order for her to go with you. That way, Fu won't be so suspicious when you approach her with the command. Unless she receives a scroll from me with my seal on it, Fu won't completely trust you, and might even attack if she senses any form of dishonesty," said Shibuki with Jiraiya nodding in understanding before he left with his ANBU.

Neither party realizing that their conversation was being recorded from a nearby rooftop.

(Northern Area Outside of Taki-Sometime Later)

"You're lying. Shibuki-sama wouldn't do that to me," said Fu, as she spoke to someone hiding in the shadows of the forest area, and saw the figure smiling at her.

"I have the recording right here. Your village leader Shibuki is talking to one Jiraiya of the Sannin now turned Fifth Hokage of Konoha," said the figure in a smooth silky voice before playing the recording in his hand and let Fu hear what was being spoken.

"You could have faked it. A few clones henged into them," countered Fu with the figure nodding.

"True. I could have done that, but I didn't. Why fake such evidence when the real thing is so much more powerful. Even as I speak, they are on there way here, and with the scroll mentioned in the recording. They won't be fakes, as you will be able to tell, and I'm sure your Biju will let you know when it sense the intent of others even if its disguised behind 'good intentions' like they will claim," said the figure with Fu scowling at him.

"It can, but I won't believe what your saying is true until I see the proof with my own eyes," stated Fu with the figure's smile increasing.

"Then I'll leave you alone for now. Just consider my offer. We both know its a far better one then the alternative Konoha is offering," said the figure before fading deeper into the shadows.

Fu said nothing back to the figure, but in the back of her mind, she could feel her Biju was silently agreeing with the person. Over the years, Fu had learned to trust not only her Biju's instincts, but her own as well, and right now they both said to trust this individual. Even if this person's power screamed death itself to all who crossed his (judging by the deep tone of the voice) path, Fu knew it was better to trust this man over Shibuki, and his new allies sent to control her for what she held.

And it seemed her mysterious supposed ally was right about Jiraiya heading his way with a few ANBU behind him. The man was wearing his Kage robes, as expected by someone in his position in leading a Shinobi village, and Fu could see the man was trying to appear harmless with his "kind smile" he was putting up.

But Fu had learned long ago to never trust anyone just because of the smile they sported and knew to be on guard in the event the smile hid something devious behind it.

"Who are you? Identify yourself!" demanded Fu while Jiraiya bit back the desire to do his dance while his ANBU had their hands twitching slightly to reach for weapons at the disrespect she showed their Kage.

"I am the Fifth Hokage of Konoha. I just came from seeing your leader Shibuki-sama and he has a mission for you," said Jiraiya before throwing the mission scroll to her and Fu opened it before reading the contents carefully while seeing the seal at the bottom to show it was indeed authentic.

"I am to come with you to Konoha? To help you fight this rogue Jinchuriki?" asked Fu while seeing Jiraiya nod while he was still giving her the "I'm your best friend" smile.

It made her want to vomit.

"That's right! This is a chance for you to see the world or at the very least another Shinobi village. Maybe make a few new friends along the way!" stated Jiraiya while putting the spin on the "mission" to further get the girl to see this as a positive thing.

"And if I say no?" questioned Fu while Jiraiya's smile faltered slightly and noticeably before coming back up again while his ANBU once more felt the urge to knock the girl around just for questioning the mission.

"Why would you want to do that? From what Shibuki-sama told me, you don't get out that much, and have no one outside of him in terms of friendship. You could make quite a few friends in Konoha with my help," replied Jiraiya confidently, but on the inside he was wondering why she was so suspicious of him given how the mission scroll was very much "official", and Shibuki had assured the Toad Sage the girl would comply given the nature of her lack of interaction with people.

"Maybe it has something to do with the real reason for hiring me? To be submissive. To be a mindless weapon for you and even worse for Shibuki-ero-baka!" exclaimed Fu with Jiraiya looking shocked, but it turned into a scowl, and a twitch of his hand made the ANBU behind him grab their weapons.

"How did you find out?" asked Jiraiya in a demanding tone with Fu scowling.

"A friend told me. A true friend," answered Fu while Jiraiya narrowed his eyes at her before they widened.

"Naruto! He was here!" accused Jiraiya with the ANBU behind him now being more on guard.

"Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. He somehow recorded your entire conversation with Shibuki-baka and the proof of your dishonesty is in the very mission scroll you just gave me. The official seal on this just further proves I shouldn't go with you or guard Taki like I've been doing since I became a Jinchuriki. You want to hunt down rogue Jinchuriki? Do it yourself and without one of our kind to save your ass!" Fu exclaimed angrily while Jiraiya was not pleased to hear this.

"You don't have a choice. The life of a Jinchuriki is one of hardship and sacrifice. They surrender their lives, freedoms, and personal feelings for the village that created them," replied Jiraiya while taking off his Kage robes.

"A life we had no say in. A life of slavery!" countered Fu while feeling her Biju's power coming to life.

"You command great power little girl. Incredible power. Well worth the price of giving up your freewill," said Jiraiya with Fu snarling at him.

"Not when the people like you treat us all like garbage. If you were really so righteous in your claims, you would have volunteered to become a Jinchuriki willingly to serve your village," countered Fu with Jiraiya's frown increasing.

"Enough! I won't standby and let you judge your betters child. You will learn your place in this world and know it is at the hands of your superiors," stated Jiraiya before he along with the others around him heard an amused chuckle.

"And what superiors would that be Ero-Sennin? You? Danzo? The lowly civilians within Konoha's walls who think they know more about sealing then you, my own Father, or the Uzumaki Clan?" countered a figure stepping out of the shadows to reveal one Uzumaki Naruto in all of his fashionable glory in looking like Sosuke Aizen did when wearing his Espada clothing.

"Naruto! So you did give the seven-tailed Jinchuriki information on us coming here," said Jiraiya in an accusing tone while his ANBU got ready to make a move against the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"Of course I did. You really didn't think I would just let you get away with turning one of my fellow Jinchuriki against me, did you?" questioned Naruto with the current Kage of Konoha snarling at him.

"Surrender now and I might let you off lightly in terms of sentencing by letting you serve Konoha instead of going to jail," replied Jiraiya with Naruto's smirk increasing.

"No deal. I know you Jiraiya. You would suppress my powers, Kyuubi's chakra, then have a Yamanaka dive into my head to wipe the memories away, and then put more seals on me to ensure I never even had an original thought of my own. And for what? Just to be your personal mindless weapon with no common sense whatsoever," said Naruto with Jiraiya scowling at him.

"It is your purpose in life Naruto. Stop trying to tear down rules and barriers that are in place to help you fulfill that purpose properly," said Jiraiya with Naruto scowling at him now.

"Would you say that to me if our roles were reversed? Would you accept such a life like you claim I should? Tell me my failure of a Godfather...would practice what you preach if you were life me?" Naruto challenged and saw Jiraiya refused to answer him.

'The old guy won't answer because he knows Naruto is right! This Kage talks like he and everyone else responsible for making us are right when it comes to our lives. But if they were ever put in our position, they would fight back like we are right now,' thought Fu with the Hokage in front of her moving fast and hit Naruto with a palm thrust to the gut.

The boy in question went flying back, coughing up blood, and slumping down onto the ground with the ANBU in front of him with their swords' drawn. Fu watched in horror how each of them stabbed a hand, an elbow, a knee, and foot while a few of them took out kunai before jabbing both of Naruto's shoulders. Jiraiya then calmly walked up to the downed Jinchuriki and prepared a sealing tag to suppress the boy's power while feeling a sense of accomplishment in grabbing two Jinchuriki for the price of one.

"You should know better then to challenge me brat," said Jiraiya confidently while before he frowned at Naruto when the boy just smirked at him.

"Don't be so sure Ero-Sennin. 'Shatter: Koyka Suigetsu!'" said Naruto before his form suddenly shattered and Jiraiya's eyes widened as he found himself staring at a tree trunk before turning around to see what had befallen his ANBU bodyguards.

And what he saw made the Sannin turned Kage want to puke.

His ANBU bodyguards were all butchered. Arms, legs, torso, and their internal organs were all over the place. Their swords had been cut through and it was clear his escort had died truly violent deaths while he was under the influence of Naruto's power. How that happened, Jiraiya had no idea, but knew Naruto's power had somehow got him sometime when they last saw each other, and it made the man wonder when exactly that happened.

And speaking of Naruto, the boy was standing beside the girl, who was covered in blood beside her fellow Jinchuriki. It was clear the female Jinchuriki had let out a lot of pent up aggression on the Leaf ANBU. Jiraiya also realized his sealing tag was destroyed as well, the pain in his hand from being stabbed straight through finally kicked in, and he had to bite back the urge to cry out in surprise pain at feeling such a sudden sensation.

"We should kill him now," said Fu, but was stopped by Naruto putting a hand on her shoulder, and he shook his head.

"No. Let him return to Konoha and report to everyone he failed. More importantly, let him go back to Taki, and explain to Shibuki how he failed to bring you into his clutches. It should be an interesting conversation to be sure," replied Naruto smoothly with his cruel smirk never leaving him.

"I won't forget this. I'll find a way to gain immunity over this power you used Naruto. Whatever it is," said Jiraiya with Naruto letting out an amused chuckle.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Ero-Sennin, then are dreamt up in your philosophy," said Naruto with Jiraiya narrowing his eyes at him.

"And what does that mean exactly?" questioned Jiraiya with Naruto's smirk growing.

"It means whatever you think it means Ero-Sennin. Goodbye," replied Naruto before he grabbed Fu's shoulder and left the area via Flash Step.

'Damn brat! Looks like I'll have to deal with you the hard way,' thought Jiraiya bitterly, as he tried to move, but found his legs were struck by an incredible amount of pain, and realized both limbs had been stabbed below the knee.

The Toad Sannin turned Fifth Hokage now found himself crippled and unable to move in order to get back to Taki.

(Earth Country-Weeks Later)

"Something is wrong Han," said a man sitting on a log by a fire wearing standard Iwa Shinobi clothing, his face sporting a red beard and red hair to match.

"I sense it too Roshi. We are not alone," said another man across from other one named Roshi wearing armor over his entire body to the point where only his eyes were seeable.

Their suspicions were proven correct when they found themselves surrounded by a small army of Leaf Shinobi on all sides and soon found themselves wrapped with chains made with special metal designed to drain chakra. The chains also had seals on them to further speed up the process, as Jiraiya had come up with the concept. It was something he was thinking about when Kushina showed she had the power to do the same thing too, only naturally with her special chakra. She shown it could be used to subdue a Biju and while these chains were a prototype of his idea come to life, it didn't mean the Leaf ANBU here were going to risk their targets getting free.

"By the order of Jiraiya the Fifth Hokage, you are to be restrained, and brought back to Konoha for retraining in your power," said the ANBU Captain with silver gravity defying hair and wearing a Inu mask.

"We are Iwa Shinobi. The Sandaime Tsuchikage will not stand for this!" protested Roshi angrily while he tried to call on his chakra, but found it wouldn't work, and saw Han was suffering the same way.

"Without you two backing him up, the Tsuchikage will do absolutely nothing," said the ANBU Captain confidently.

"We will not serve Konoha!" exclaimed Han, as he was much stronger physically then Han, and required more Leaf Shinobi to match his strength.

"You can and will when given the proper...motivation," replied the ANBU Captain, as he saw Han, and Roshi glaring at him.

"You mean using seals and mind invasions to meet the perverted desires of your Hokage. To be his mindless slaves and weapons!" replied Roshi angrily while the ANBU Captain wearing the Inu mask shrugged.

"The Biju were once the property of Konoha. Its only natural we take them back. If it means taking them while in Jinchuriki? Then so be it," replied Inu since he didn't care about what Jinchuriki thought, as only Konoha mattered, and these two were needed for his Shinobi village to become strong again.

"Bastards!" exclaimed Roshi before falling to his knees and felt himself nearly passing out.

"Put more restraints on them and let's move. We need to get out of Iwa territory before the Tsuchikage becomes aware of our presence," said Inu with the ANBU with him doing that and began their journey to Konoha.

'We need to get out of these restraints. But how?' thought Roshi, as he felt his body was being drained, and saw Han was staggering too.

His thoughts on the matter were interrupted when kunai, shuriken, webbing, and large Oni summons came out of the trees above. The Inu masked ANBU Captain, being the most experienced of the group, was able to escape the barrage that came down on his team, all of which were not so lucky, and were killed violently in the attack. Inu knew his only option was to flee, but before he could, the ANBU Captain was struck from behind with a kick by an albino, and white haired Shinobi. Inu found himself being forced on the defensive, as the albino had created some kind of stabbing weapon after creating it from the bone in his palm.

'This isn't good. This guy is strong. Stronger then me by far. He could possibly be at Jiraiya-sama's fighting level,' thought Inu, as he leaped away from his attacker, and found his prisoners had been freed from their chains.

It got even worse for Inu when he found himself caught in webbing aimed at him from above and a stab wound to his lower torso from the foe in front. The albino's eyes were filled with cold fury, as if Inu had committed some unforgiveable sin in his eyes, and the only way to repent for it was through pain.

"Naruto-sama sends his regards Hatake Kakashi," said the albino with Inu, now identified as Hatake Kakashi behind the ANBU mask, jerking his head back in surprise.

'This is one of Naruto's agents?' thought Kakashi, as he tried to get away, but found the webbing was too strong, and the wound to his body was slowly sapping his strength.

"Well done Kimimaro. You've done well," replied Naruto appearing from the shadows.

"Thank you Naruto-sama. Though I was expecting more from this one. Its clear that the quality of skill Leaf Shinobi those with his rank possess are lacking," replied Kimimaro while keeping an eye on Kakashi.

"So the son of the Yondaime Hokage graces us with his presence," said Roshi to draw the boy to him and Han.

"I maybe his son, but I am not with Konoha. They lost that right years ago. Haven't you been keeping up with today's current events?" questioned Naruto with Han and Roshi looking at each other.

"We have, but find it hard to believe given your Father was loved by Konoha," answered Han with Naruto smiling at them.

"I found out long ago that being a Jinchuriki negates any notion of the village loving me for being the son of the Yondaime Hokage. Contrary to popular belief, love does NOT conqueror hate. Hate can win over love its when mixed with greed, ambition, and the desire for more power at the cost of hurting others. That is what has driven Konoha to become corrupt and cast away the principles of the 'Will of Fire' the Shodaime Hokage and his brother made years ago when founding the village. They cast away my Mother's clan in their desire for the power of Kyuubi, betrayed them during the Second Shinobi War, and then had the nerve to remove any piece of the Uzumaki Clan from the village's history books. All the history of Konoha now focuses on the Uchiha Clan while the Senju Clan is considered minor at best and a footnote at worse. Of course, I happen to acquire one of the older history text books predating the Second Shinobi War by at least a year, and found it to be filled with a lot more information about the founding clan members then you ever could in what they spew at the Academy students," said Naruto while he looked at Kakashi and sensed the man was glaring at him behind the ANBU mask.

"The Uchiha Clan was nearly wiped out Naruto. You can't expect Sasuke to just accept his clan's history being removed," countered Kakashi while ignoring Kimimaro's weapon being twisted in his gut.

"And what about my clan? What about Tsunade's clan? Why should our two clans get silenced while the Uchiha Clan gets spoken the loudest?" Naruto countered back.

"Because their time is over. Sasuke is the future and the future Hokage of Konoha should make sure his clan is not forgotten. Unlike yours and the Senju!" replied Kakashi with hate in his voice.

"You do realize that two of the current five Hokages of Konoha were both Senju, right?" questioned Naruto with Kakashi snarling behind his ANBU mask.

"And when Sasuke is Hokage, he'll make sure they are considered insignificant when compared to his own time ruling the village," replied Kakashi with Naruto frowning a bit at that.

"And what of my Father? Is his time being Hokage considered insignificant too? If the Uchiha were to become Hokage and he were to declare all other Hokages before him to be weak when compared to himself...would you follow that concept?" asked Naruto with Kakashi being silent for a moment.

"It won't come to that," said Kakashi after a moment.

"And if it does?" Naruto challenged with Kakashi not saying anything for a moment.

"It won't," replied the ANBU Captain.

"You can't guarantee that," Naruto shot back.

"If you kill me here I can't," challenged Kakashi with Naruto smirking.

"Point taken. Still, I doubt you could stop him regardless if you were alive to see the Uchiha become Hokage in the first place. But I'll amuse you nonetheless. Leave him here. Alive!" commanded Naruto with his subordinates descending from the trees and were shocked like the others.

"Are you sure Naruto-sama? This man could be a threat to your future plans at a later time," said Kimimaro with concern in his voice.

While he wouldn't question his Master, the albino wasn't going to let a possible threat live, and ruin things later on for Naruto.

"I'm sure. He'll be the only survivor of this failed mission. Once reporting back to Jiraiya that he failed...the moral of Konoha's forces will drop. Besides, its because of Konoha's actions as of late that the Rebels in Water Country were able to kill the former Mizukage and Jinchuriki Yagura before I could free him from the Genjutsu he was clearly under by someone working from the shadows. Now we have to wait three years until the three-tailed Biju reforms again to protect it. I want Konoha to suffer defeat after defeat until then by our hands and make them understand the ramifications of their actions in being too greedy for their own damn good," replied Naruto before unsheathing his zanpakuto and stabbing Kakashi in the leg just above the knee.

The scream was music to Naruto's hears.

"What was that for?" demanded Kakashi angrily.

"Aside from being a fool, lazy bum, and backstabber? That was meant to slow you down. Roshi. Han. If you could be so kind as to flare your chakra so all of Iwa can sense your power so they come running, it would be greatly appreciated," answered Naruto while seeing Han and Roshi frown at first before they understood what was going on.

"You want the two of us to go with you while letting this Leaf Shinobi take the blame for our sudden disappearance knowing Iwa will pursue him over your group," Han deduced with Naruto nodding.

"Of course! I want you to come with me away from here. Is your current situation with Iwa really better then what I'm offering you? Iwa doesn't appreciate either of you for what you do for them. Each holding a Biju inside your bodies. Using you as weapons in times of battle or war. When its all said and done, what do they give you? Nothing! They say go back to your dwellings we provide for you outside of the village and wait for the next confrontation," replied Naruto with Roshi and Han looking down.

"And you claim to be different?" challenged Roshi with Naruto nodding.

"I'm like you. I too hold a Biju inside of me. Like you two, I was shunned, hated by just about everyone, oppressed by all, and basically told my purpose in life was to be a slave in all but name. I have escaped from such a life and wish to extend the invitation to the other Jinchuriki like myself. Fu from Taki has already joined and I would like the two of you to do the same. If you say no, I won't force the issue, and will respect your choice to stay loyal to Iwa," said Naruto with Han and Roshi once more looking at each other while thinking things over.

"We'll go with you. If only to see what you are offering us," said Roshi.

"But if we don't like what we see...," added Han while leaving the threat of getting violent in retaliation for the deceit.

"Of course. If you don't like what you see, I give you my word as a fellow Jinchuriki that you may leave without being restrained," replied Naruto with Han and Roshi nodding before they flared their chakra like the boy first asked of them.

"Time to leave, right?" asked Han with Naruto's smile growing.

"Indeed. Let's depart from here," said Naruto before he, Kimimaro, Han, Roshi, and the others with him left one Hatake Kakashi struggling to get free.

Naruto knew the man would make it over the border to a neutral country or at least near Suna now that the two were officially allies again.

Speaking of Suna, Gaara had once more returned to his village after having found Naruto, and getting his seal fixed so he could sleep. Fortunately, by the time the seal had been fixed, the treaty between Suna, and Konoha had been finalized. However, the treaty was just a means to hold off future wars with each other, if only for a time, and was designed to last so long as it was mutually beneficial. Suna had wanted the treaty to be designed in helping them get back the strength they first lost thanks to their Daimyo outsourcing the missions he had to Konoha in the first place. Through Naruto's spy network, he learned that the treaty specified missions could be shared while splitting the payment down the middle, but the sharing could only be done when the mission required both villages.

Sadly, while Naruto wished for Gaara to stay in Whirlpool, it would be bad for Suna, and Jiraiya would have instantly traced the red haired Jinchuriki's steps straight to Naruto's front door. The Kyuubi Jinchuriki didn't want that, but he also didn't want Gaara to walk around with an unstable, and weak seal knowing it would ruin his mind in the long run. At best, Naruto was able to obtain the Suna boy's friendship, and loyalty for whatever enemies the two of them would have to face together in connection to the Akatsuki.

That was enough for Naruto.

It would take some time for Naruto to convince the two Jinchuriki in Kumo to join him since it appeared that village actually gave a crap about them. Though whether or not the feelings were because they did like the two Jinchuriki for all the right reasons or they were doing it under false pretenses was unknown. What Naruto did know about the two from Kumo was they could wait a little while longer and he should refocus on the only remaining Jinchuriki that was once from Mist. Sadly, this one took off, and was hiding out in Water Country without a means to track him.

However, as luck would have it, Itachi was able to provide information on the Akatsuki's plans for waiting another three years to capture the three-tails when it appeared, and to target the other Jinchuriki when their locations were resided. This gave Naruto a means to plan for battle this so called Uchiha Madara and possibly convince this Pein individual to side with him. If what Itachi had told him about Pein was indeed true, the man might be an Uzumaki since Pein had the Rinnegan Eyes, which were said to be the eyes of the Sage of Six Paths, and had the standard red hair of an Uzumaki to match.

At least, that was what Itachi believed anyway, but was still unsure, and warned Naruto in his message to not take it at face value.

But Naruto could wait. He had three years to prepare for the war that was coming after all.

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