Chapter 5-Tried to be Civil

Jiraiya was sitting in the Hokage chair, his eyes on the Council, and the Clan Heads in the room with no one being pleased with how things had gone in the last three years since the failure to grab the seven tailed Jinchuriki from Taki and the two Jinchuriki from Iwa. It had gotten worse when Iwa implicated Konoha in stealing the two Jinchuriki and nearly went to war with their rival village if not for the intervention of the mysterious Uzukage of the newly reformed Whirlpool sending a message to the Sandaime Tsuchikage that Han and Roshi were now living in Whirlpool.

Naturally, this turned the direction of Iwa's hostilities from Konoha to Whirlpool, and they wanted to go to war with them. The Tsuchikage sent a large ANBU attack force to head to Whirlpool and make an example of village trying act like they could However, a young man with blonde slicked back hair, black Shinobi pants, shirt, sandals, and white coat intercepted the three battalions Iwa had sent before cutting them down. The bodies were sealed up into multiple scrolls with one holding all the arms, another held all the legs, the torso, the heads, their ANBU masks, their weapons, and even their organs. On top of the pile of scrolls was a note, which was addressed to the Tsuchikage, who read the note, and went pale in the face.

You survived fighting my Father. If you continue this action, his son will finish what he started in the last war.

-Uzumaki Naruto: Son of the Yondaime Hokage

Below the note was a picture of Naruto, who the Tsuchikage could clearly see was indeed the spitting image of Namikaze Minato, and it truly did terrify him.

Hence why Iwa currently had a nonaggression pact with Whirlpool.

As for Kumo, they had tried their hand at wanting to get their hands on Naruto because of his Uzumaki blood, and the Hyuuga girl that was now with him. A Main Family member at that with no Cage Bird Seal on her head would make getting the Byakugan easier along with breeding their own version of Hyuuga for Kumo's benefit. However, unlike Iwa with their aggressive tactics, Kumo tried to be subtle, using the plan they hatched years ago with the Ambassador making a treaty with Whirlpool, but also going on assignment to kidnap the Hyuuga, and sneak her back to Kumo.

It nearly worked over a decade ago, it should work this time around. Right? Right?!


Not only did the plan fail outright, but when the Raikage demanded compensation in the form of either the Hyuuga girl, or Naruto himself for the loss of his agent, the blonde gave the man a counteroffer.

Back off...or be annihilated.

The Raikage, in a show of his infamous temper, chose a third option at the meeting where terms were being talked about. Him shoving his massive fist and arm through Naruto's chest and frying the body with lightning.

Shatter: Koyka Suigetsu

Only for Naruto to shatter like glass in front of the Raikage and get a sword sticking out of his lower torso with his ANBU escort dead.

In the end, the Raikage was forced to return back to Kumo alone, bleeding, wounded, and tell his Shinobi back in his village that he failed miserably. That next time, Kumo would suffer heavy losses so great, they would be reduced to a minor village, and its enemies would swoop in to pick at the pieces.

Within three days, another Kumo Shinobi came to have a nonaggression pact signed like Whirlpool had done with Iwa. Only this time, Naruto being the merciful entity he was to the world, showed his generosity, and didn't demand either Jinchuriki Kumo had in their possession. Instead, Naruto sent a message to the Raikage about the Akatsuki, and their intentions for all of the Jinchuriki. Hence why he was trying to get as many of them to willingly follow him back to Whirlpool where they could train and get stronger for the fighting that was to come.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Raikage sent a message back thanking Naruto for the information and also stating that Kumo was not like the other Shinobi villages. That they were not like Iwa, Taki, Suna, Kiri, or even Konoha regarding how they had treated their Jinchuriki. Both individuals chosen to hold the Biju were always treated with respect and kindness with the Raikage's own brother Killer Bee being proof of that.

It was here that a mutual respect between A, the Raikage of Kumo, and Naruto the soon to be Uzukage of Whirlpool was forged.

"Konoha has been suffering these past three years. Clients who would normally come to us have gone elsewhere. More specifically, they have taken their business to Whirlpool, and the Uzukage," stated Jiraiya with the people in the room not happy in the slightest.

"Infiltrating Whirlpool has proven next to impossible. All of our agents have easily been discovered and my Root have been unable to capture any of their Jinchuriki," said Danzo with Jiraiya nodding since he read the same reports as the older man did.

"Whirlpool has an alliance with Spring Country after the demon brat single handedly protected its future Daimyo and overthrew her treacherous Uncle. One you helped put in place Danzo. He was planning to give us blueprints for the chakra armor and airships in exchange for hiring our Shinobi to lure his niece out of hiding before killing her while making it seem like an ambush from foreign Shinobi," said Jiraiya with Danzo not liking how he was being blamed for having their hidden partner taken from them.

Truth was Kazahana Doto, who was oppressing what was once called Snow Country had become bold in his tyranny based ways, and getting harder to control from the shadows. The team sent to "guard" Kazahana Koyuki was going to have secondary orders where if Doto was indeed planning to break free from Konoha's influential control, they were to kill Doto, and ensure Koyuki takes the throne while being grateful for their assistance.

Either way, the plan involved Konoha coming out on top in the end, and probably would have if given the chance.

Sadly, Uzumaki Naruto did not give them that chance.

"That's not all. Some of our more noble as well as more well paying clients somehow found out about some of our dirtier dealings. Getting funding and resources to keep our strength up is proving difficult," added Nara Shikaku while many flinched at that since reserves of their finances were starting to become depleted.

"The only reason Iwa hasn't picked a fight with us is because they don't have the muscle anymore with the loss of their Jinchuriki gone. The balance of power has shifted away from us and some of the other Shinobi villages. Our analysis team has determined that Whirlpool is now the strongest, Kumo is the second strongest, and Suna being a distant third. We are just above Iwa right now, but that is only because of Taki still being our secret ally, and Suna still having their treaty with us. Though how long the latter will hold in the years to come remains uncertain," added Homura while he, Koharu, Danzo, and Jiraiya scowled when they heard the sound of fighting occur outside the meeting room with an amused chuckle from someone being heard before the door was kicked down to reveal the identity behind the commotion.

It was Uzumaki Naruto.

"So many different minds in one room, yet not a single one of you has any idea how to handle your present situation," mocked Naruto while ANBU swarmed the room and the Shinobi that made up the governing body of Konoha were also ready for a fight.

"And we shouldn't arrest or kill you now, why?" asked Jiraiya with his eyes narrowing on Naruto with caution after seeing what the boy's sword could do.

"One, you are all weak compared to me, and even your talk of showing teamwork will accomplish nothing here...except your death of course. Two, I am a Shadow Clone sent by my creator to see how you were all doing, and wanted to send a message to the current Kage of this village. Attacking me will achieve nothing on your part," said the Shadow Clone of Naruto before taking out a message scroll and putting it on the table before he took a few steps back.

"What does it say?" asked Hiashi while Jiraiya read it and was clearly red with anger.

"Its terms and conditions for a ceasefire between us and Whirlpool. With us getting the shaft!" exclaimed Jiraiya angrily before slamming the scroll down and Homura read the terms Naruto had set.

"What? You are demanding that Konoha reveals all of its past sins to the world. From the betrayal of Whirlpool in the last war to the Uchiha Massacre being a lie and Danzo's back dealings with...Orochimaru!" exclaimed Homura while Danzo's visible eye narrowed.

'Its a shame the real demon brat isn't here. I could use my Sharingan Eye to bring him under my control,' thought Danzo angrily.

"Is that so wrong? Konoha is in dire straights. Its strength is no longer unopposed by the other Shinobi villages. Though not surprising when you consider your past actions and all the enemies you have made because your ambition clouded your reasoning," mocked the Shadow Clone of Naruto while Jiraiya glared at him.

"You made them rise against us," countered Jiraiya with Naruto's Shadow Clone giving them a smirk worthy of Sosuke Aizen.

"And you have only yourself to blame for that. Betraying my family. My clan. Abusing me at your whims when bored or feeling I was getting too strong for your liking. Why should I show you or this village any loyalty from my time growing up?" countered the Shadow Clone of Naruto while many in the Council will barking at him.

"You are a weapon. All Jinchuriki are weapons. That is their purpose in life! How we use you is entirely at our discretion!" barked one Civilian Council member.

"Senju Hashirama thought differently," said the Shadow Clone while Jiraiya looked ready to butcher him.

"That was the decision of a past Hokage. I am the current one right now. Policies of this village change with the times," said Jiraiya with the Shadow Clone nodding.

"Clearly. Where my Father protected my Mother's secret status as a Jinchuriki from the rest of the populace for known reasons to many in this room, the Sandaime Hokage had chosen to reveal mine, and you would make sure I was kept under control if necessary by the use of your knowledge regarding seals. Am I right?" said Naruto's Shadow Clone with Jiraiya seething.

"You or rather the real you will know your place when the time comes brat. Your place is being this village's weapon. How we train you is entirely up to us," said Danzo with the Shadow Clone looking at him with a bored look.

"Really? So by your way of doing things, Jinchuriki should be controlled, restrained, beaten, and abused whenever their Masters wish while being nothing more then super powered attack dogs?" asked the Shadow Clone of Naruto with Danzo nodding.

"Of course. That is the only way a Jinchuriki should be treated," replied Danzo with a small smirk on his face.

"So if you or anyone here were made a Jinchuriki, you would have no problem being treated in such a barbaric manner?" asked Naruto's Shadow Clone with those in the room not answering or were looking away.

Danzo merely frowned along with Homura and Koharu.

"We are not Jinchuriki so your question is pointless and irrelevant," said Homura, as he saw the Shadow Clone of Uzumaki Naruto continue to smile at them.

"But it is relevant Homura-san. You claim, in fact you ALL claim that ALL Jinchuriki are nothing but tools, weapons of war, to be treated like attack dogs, and beaten like attack dogs to keep them in line. You expect the Jinchuriki you create to be treated lower then the filth and dirt on your shoes that you kick in their faces. Yet you protest such treatment when being in their position if you yourselves had become Jinchuriki. The people here in Konoha have set quite the double standard. Such hypocrisy is pathetic," challenged the Shadow Clone of Naruto.

"Enough! I am tired of your insults. You want us to have peace with Whirlpool and honor these so called 'terms' you've set? Never!" exclaimed Jiraiya while the smirk on Naruto's Shadow Clone just increased.

"I suspected you would say that. Thank you for making the real Naruto's day," replied Naruto's Shadow Clone before reaching in his pocket and threw a kunai at Jiraiya who caught it.

"Nice try brat, but I could read your intention before you reached for the kunai.

"Really? Then you won't have a problem with the end result of your decision in catchnig my weapon," remarked the Shadow Clone before it went "poof".

"What?!" exclaimed Jiraiya before he saw the exploding tag connected to the kunai with the Genjutsu hiding it dispelling itself.

Throwing the kunai away from himself, the tag exploded violently, knocking everyone back against the wall behind them, and the power behind it shaking the room with the glass from the windows breaking. But the attack had done its job, the fire burning Jiraiya the most since he was the closest to it despite throwing it away, and left a massive burn all over his face. What Jiraiya didn't know was the explosive sealing tag was mixed with the Kyuubi's chakra, which made it more potent, and the Hokage would have distinct burns over his face that the Doctors at the hospital would be unable to completely remove from his face.

"Damn that monster!" exclaimed Koharu, as she got off the ground, clutching her side due to a piece of wood from the meeting table had splintered off, and stabbed her in the side.

"How did the brat's Shadow Clone even make it into the village in the first place?" asked Homura while frowning at what just happened.

"It's that sword he holds. Its power blinds others to whatever he wishes them to see or believe. His Shadow Clone must have that same ability or the real Naruto has people under his influence so they ignore it," surmised Jiraiya, as he had been studying just about every action Naruto had taken with that sword, and its powers to manipulate the minds of others.

It was a like the sword had the power of the Sharingan, only it went several steps further in terms of abilities.

"Surely there is a way to neutralize the power of his weapon?" asked Danzo while he was secretly making sure the explosion didn't damage his clothing or bandages in a way that would reveal his hidden appendages.

"None that I can see or determine for that matter. I'll need time to consult with the Toads further since they have been studying such a power when I told them about it," replied Jiraiya with a heavy sigh before he dismissed them all from this meeting.

(In the Inuzuka Clan Home)

Tsume sighed, as she walked into her home, wishing to be alone, and sat on her couch while trying to calm the headache she felt right now. For three years she had been having these arguments, debates, and discussions regarding Uzumaki Naruto regarding his past actions against Konoha. She had heard just about everything from hunting the boy down, to capturing him for reprogramming, and of course ripping the fox out of his body to put into a new container. Of course, the last one was shot down since it had to be someone of Uzumaki blood, and the sacrifice of their only Seal Master who happened to be the Fifth Hokage.

Even if they had another vessel of Uzumaki blood lying around to be a Jinchuriki, which they certainly didn't, no one wanted to have another repeat of history in losing a Hokage in the off chance that the seal used was faulty. The only other Seal Masters at Jiraiya's level had been the Yondaime, his wife, and every other member of the Uzumaki Clan either dead or scattered throughout the world.

Or rather the various members of the Uzumaki Clan who had been scattered throughout the world, and no doubt returned home thanks to Naruto finding them all in the last three years. Tsume wasn't naive or arrogant in thinking Naruto was the only person left with Uzumaki blood in their veins in the world and long suspected a small handful of full blooded Uzumaki Clan members had escaped the fall of their homeland. Back in those days, every clan had some kind of escape plan to prevent their entire family from being wiped off the face of the map, and kept such plans on hand during each Shinobi War. With the Uzumaki Clan being the only clan in Whirlpool, they never let the protocols put in place since the Warring Clans Era get covered in dust.

"It's frustrating isn't it? You've been such a loyal dog of Konoha for so long and yet said home has become a breeding ground for rats and pests who spread the disease known as corruption. If we were talking how sailors talked, I believe that the terminology used for what the Leaf village has become would be plague ship," remarked Naruto, as he stepped out of the shadows behind Tsume, and was staring at a shocked Inuzuka Matriarch.

"You! How did you get in here?" demanded Tsume with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"You should know by now that Konoha can never keep me out or away from where I have to be when required," answered Naruto with Tsume getting ready for a fight.

"Let me guess...another Shadow Clone?" asked Tsume with Naruto smirking.

"Not this time. I only sent the Shadow Clone to the meeting you were just at because I knew everyone would be attacking me in such an enclose space. Everyone fighting with fists, weapons, and Jutsus without care who they hit so long as they hit me in the process. Can you say...messy?!" answered Naruto before Tsume rushed him with clawed hands, but the Uzumaki was too fast for her, and dodged the attack with ease.

"I'll show you messy!" exclaimed Tsume angrily, but she missed with each swipe of her clawed hands, and was soon backhanded by Naruto in a single move.

"Enough. Your brawling way of fighting makes you look like a child picking a fight with an adult when compared to me. Besides, I didn't come here to fight with you," remarked Naruto casually while Tsume got off the ground and wiped the blood leaking out of the side of her mouth.

"Why are you here?" asked Tsume with Naruto smirking at her.

"To recruit you and your clan of course," answered Naruto like he was talking about the weather and how nice it was outside.

"Me? Join you? What makes you think that I or even my clan would consider betraying Konoha to join Whirlpool?" asked/demanded Tsume with Naruto smirking at her.

"Because you see what I see when looking at Konoha. You see a sinking ship filled with diseased rats. They don't know it yet or maybe they don't want to admit the truth out of sheer arrogance, but Konoha is going to fall soon. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not a week from now, but it will fall soon. The question you should be asking yourself Tsume is 'Do I really want my clan and myself to be here when the fires of war consume this village? Do I really want my clan to be annihilated or enslaved by the enemies waiting outside these walls?'" answered Naruto with Tsume narrowing her eyes at him.

"And you'll just let my clan join Whirlpool in exchange for the entire clan's loyalty," surmised Tsume with Naruto nodding.

"Why so surprised? Konoha basically did it to my Mother when she arrived in the hopes of forming a part of the Uzumaki Clan here in this village. In fact, hasn't Konoha done that with any clan on the run from their previous village? Loyalty for forming a clan here with us? Don't pretend like I'm breaking new ground. I'm just playing the game Konoha setup. It's not my fault I'm one step ahead of the other so called players in it and using the rules they set against them," remarked Naruto with Tsume growling at that since he was telling the truth.

"You had no right to betray this village. Regardless of what you claim about Konoha," said Tsume with Naruto now frowning at her.

"You speak as if you are one worthy to judge me and my actions of defying Konoha for what they've done. You're not. In fact, I bet your little tune about village loyalty would be very different if say...your daughter or perhaps your son were turned into Jinchuriki? I do wonder, if you would simply stand by and watch them being treated like trash everyday they drew breath. To see them being beaten, abused, to eat rotten food out of garbage cans, kept under heel with piss poor education, no real knowledge of their heritage, and treated like attack dogs with your affiliation of being an Inuzuka not withstanding? You are many things Inuzuka Tsume, but a neglectful parent is not one of them," countered Naruto with Tsume pausing in her response to picture what would befall her own children if they had become Jinchuriki in blonde's place.

She had seen the boy or the illusionary image of the boy the village wanted to see being abused over the years. If the illusion she saw in passing had been the real Naruto, the boy would have lost his damn mind, or been pretty close to it before unleashing the full might of Kyuubi's power on Konoha. Tsume also pictured both of her children separately in the blonde's place and it sent shivers down her spine.

"You know I would never let that happen to them," replied Tsume with Naruto smirking at her now.

"And yet you condemn me for fighting Konoha while wanting a life away from such a horrible thing. Do your children even know the real truth about how their Father died?" offered Naruto with Tsume going stiff and tense at mentioning the man who helped in giving her children.

"No. The Third forbid me from ever telling them the truth," said Tsume with Naruto letting out an amused chuckle.

"Not surprising. If they did, I can only imagine them going to the old man to get the truth, and would be met with incarceration before their minds were altered or wiped of any of their actions. As for you...well let's just say the Hokage would have sent you on a mission that would have gone horribly wrong and your daughter would be taking over as Clan Head after a Yamanaka did some mental modifications. Though with him dead now, I do not see a reason why you don't tell your children their Father died for not following the village's plan in hating me? In fact, I have it on good authority from Mitarashi Anko that your late husband was trying to make secret arrangements to smuggle me out of Konoha to live a life away from here. So I could live a happy and healthy life," explained Naruto while Tsume clenched her hands tightly and ignoring the pain felt when her nails cut into skin.

"The Sandaime said he was smuggling you out to Kumo," countered Tsume with Naruto shaking his head.

"A lie within a truth so you wouldn't feel guilty over his death. Even if it was true about smuggling me out to Kumo, they treat their Jinchuriki like people," replied Naruto with Tsume still not convinced.

"And how do I know my clan won't be enslaved the moment we set foot on Whirlpool soil? I am perfectly aware the Uzumaki Clan are considered THE experts in the way of seals. They can make a seal for just about everything. Including enslavement. They could make a seal that makes what the Hyuuga Clan uses seem like a paradise by comparison," said Tsume with Naruto just looking amused.

"You don't. Still, I have no intention of enslaving your clan. If only to prove I am indeed a better person then anyone else in Konoha. Enslaving your clan or any other would make me out to be a hypocrite. I would gain nothing from such a petty act," replied Naruto in a casual tone.

"Why are you saving my clan and not the others?" asked Tsume while Naruto just let out an amused chuckle.

"Really Tsume-san. what makes you think I haven't visited the other clans before you?" asked Naruto with Tsume narrowing her eyes at him.

"You gave them all a chance to leave with their clans," Tsume concluded with Naruto nodding.

"Yes, though naturally I can't allow all the members of each clan join in the possible exodus from Konoha to Whirlpool. Some are too loyal or are part of Root to be allowed entry into my village," replied Naruto with Tsume nodding since she along with the other Clan Heads knew some of their kinsmen were part of the organization.

"I need time to consider your offer. I just can't agree to this right away," said Tsume with Naruto smirking at her and it was making the woman nervous.

"You have three days. Three days to make your decision and arrive at a select location I have written down for you to be at a certain time at night. I'll be back to see all of you to await your decision. It should be moderately interesting to hear your answers," replied Naruto before walking backwards into the shadows.

When she was sure he left, Tsume fell to her knees, and began to cry knowing that no matter what decision was made after three would leave a sour taste in her mouth.

(Outside of Konoha)

"Will they take up your offer Naruto-sama?" asked Haku while Naruto shrugged.

"That all depends on them Haku-chan. Has Sasuke made his move?" asked Naruto with Haku nodding.

"Yes. He's seen how strong you've become and believes it only happened by leaving the village. I sense the Uchiha is no longer in the village, but now several miles out heading North to Rice Country," answered Haku with Naruto nodding.

"No doubt hearing how Orochimaru was once there and hoping to find one of his old bases of operation in that region. He will certainly be disappointed to know each base was destroyed once I got through with them," remarked Naruto with Haku frowning.

"You aren't going to let him escape to that region, are you Naruto-sama?" asked Haku with Naruto smiling at her.

"Of course not my dear Haku-chan. Why do you think I sent Itachi to intercept him with orders to kill the fool?" replied Naruto with Haku smiling.

"I thought you would send Hinata after him. Not Itachi," said Haku with Naruto shaking his head.

"Its the smart move Haku-chan. Itachi was always the best choice when dealing with Sasuke and is the perfect cover for him," said Naruto since Itachi would need this to bring about closure to his past sins and would bring about justice.

"Konoha Shinobi will be tracking him soon. They will try to stop him from escaping," said Haku with Naruto smirking at her.

"Which is why Hinata, Roshi, Anko, Jirobo, Tayuya, and Kidormaru will be intercepting any team Konoha sends with their own squads," said Naruto with Haku nodding.

(Valley of the End)

"Hello little brother," remarked Itachi when he saw his little brother glaring at him with intense hatred.

"Itachi! I've waited for this day. Trained for this day. To think I would find you here the one time I decided to leave Konoha to get stronger. Kami has a cruel sense of humor," said Sasuke while Itachi, in his ANBU clothing, plus a white trench coat, and lower mask guard remained impassive.

"It was not Kami that made this happen, but Naruto-sama," stated Itachi while Sasuke frowned.

"Naruto-sama? Since when did you decide to serve that traitorous low class loser?" asked Sasuke before he saw Itachi move faster then his eyes could track and was backhanded in the face by his older brother.

"Naruto-sama is hardly low class my foolish little brother. He has done much for this world and I will not tolerate your insults to his name," replied Itachi while Sasuke spat out some blood and glare at him.

"So you work for him now. How can you lower yourself like that? You are an Uchiha! Such a thing is beneath you!" demanded Sasuke before taking out his tanto and moved to strike Itachi, but the older Uchiha blocked it with his own sword lazily.

"Wrong little brother. I have seen Naruto-sama's vision of the future and how he will be able to achieve peace. Sadly, it is something you will not live long enough to see for yourself," said Itachi before pushing Sasuke back and the two began to fight with their swords clashing violently.

"Big talk for someone who is losing their eye sight and suffering from a lethal disease," remarked Sasuke, as he ducked a swipe from Itachi, and the older Uchiha in turn was able to dodge a thrust crouch move.

"So Jiraiya told you. No doubt to make you feel more confident in beating me. However, I am no longer ill thanks to Senju Tsunade healing me, and I do not care if my eyesight is lost to me. It was a hindrance to our clan, but our pride in our Sharingan Eyes stops us from embracing the truth that such power is meaningless," said Itachi before blocking two more strikes, a spin kick, and countered with a kick of his own to Sasuke hitting the Uchiha in the head with the force of it sending him skidding away along the water.

"Meaningless? Meaningless?! The Sharingan Eyes of our clan are not meaningless! They are our heritage!" exclaimed Sasuke angrily before going through hand signs and sent a large fireball at Itachi.

The older Uchiha easily sliced the fireball in two, a bored look on his face, and it only made Sasuke angrier. Throwing several kunai and shuriken at him, Sasuke watched Itachi either dodged, or knocked the projectiles away. After that happened, Itachi looked at his brother for a few seconds, sighed at just how pathetic Sasuke was, and took something out of his coat pocket before putting it over his eyes.

"That's Father talking. Let me show you the true power an Uchiha can have...without the Sharingan Eyes at their command. 'Cry: Suzumushi!'" said Itachi before a very high pitch tone over the entire area of the valley.

'What the Hell?' thought Sasuke, as he let out a gasp of pain, and was rocked with the sudden attack.

His attempt to brace himself had done little to stop it from effecting his body, and the Uchiha fell to his knees in pain. Sasuke didn't even have a chance to glare at his brother, as darkness had now surrounded him, and he lost consciousness.

"It is only because you are my brother Sasuke that I give you this painless death. In the name of justice...die!" stated Itachi before piercing the back of his brother's head with his sword and gave it a twist for go measure.

Pulling the blade out of Sasuke's head, Itachi checked for his brother's pulse just to be sure, and finding there wasn't one. To ensure no one would possibly rob the body of any possible secrets to the Uchiha bloodline like Danzo had done with his kin all those years ago, Itachi picked up the body, and threw into the cliff wall before burning the body with a Fire Jutsu. After seeing the remains of his brother burn, Itachi began walking away, and leaving the area.

But stopped when he sensed someone who Itachi had come to feel a great deal of anger for over the years.

Shimura Danzo.

"You did Konoha a great service Itachi. I expect nothing less," remarked Danzo with his team of Root Shinobi beside him.

"Strange. I expected you to be angry with me at killing the only 'loyal Uchiha' of Konoha. I doubt Sasuke going rogue has been revealed to the public since it would make Konoha seem incompetent," replied Itachi with Danzo smirking.

"You are the last loyal Uchiha of Konoha. That much we both know is true Itachi. Come back with us to Konoha. We can clear the air regarding everything that happened to your clan with the people in the village and you can begin rebuilding the clan again," offered Danzo in a gentle tone, which made Itachi secretly want to vomit, or at the very least he wanted to plunge his sword into his own chest.

"And Sasuke?" asked Itachi while staring at Danzo though the old war hawk couldn't tell due to his new eye ware given to him by Naruto days ago with special seals on them to repel Genjutsus and hide his growing blindness.

"Sasuke was a spoiled child. We tried to make him strong, but he just wanted to take the easy path. Your brother was constantly lacking in terms of endurance when it came to his Shinobi training. As much as I would have like for Sasuke to be stronger and rebuild the Uchiha was not to meant to be. Despite your eyesight being lost to us, I can see you've compensated nicely, and I'm sure a few of my Root Shinobi would be grateful if such a means to fight when blind were incorporated into their training," said Danzo while Itachi just stood their silently for a moment like he was thinking it over.

"I must decline," replied Itachi with Danzo frowning slightly while his Root Shinobi slowly reached for their weapons.

"Oh! Why is that? Surely you want to try proving to everyone that you are in fact a loyal Konoha Shinobi, right?" asked Danzo while watching Itachi carefully.

"I have done everything asked of me by Konoha. I showed my unwavering loyalty to the village that I was raised in and asked nothing in return. I stained my legacy and my clan in blood by spilling it all those years ago. I did it in the name of justice and secretly in the name of Konoha, which I also believed followed the same path I did. Only to find that the leader of the village and those around him...did not," said Itachi with Danzo not liking this one bit.

"Meaning?" asked Danzo with Itachi turning fully to face the man.

"Meaning you do not follow the path of justice and peace. The honest paths. You follow the paths of greed and ambition. The dishonest paths. I have seen your methods of getting what you want Shimura Danzo. You strip people of their emotions, making them empty husks inside to fulfill your ambitions, and claiming it is for the good of the village," said Itachi with Danzo frowning.

"All I have ever done has been for the good of Konoha," countered Danzo calmly with a hint of annoyance.

"How is it for the good of Konoha when you are the only one who benefits? How is it for the good of Konoha when you make the village have too many enemies to put down? How is it for the good of Konoha when you sacrifice loyal Shinobi without hesitation and remorse?" asked Itachi while Danzo remained silent since he couldn't give a response to that.

"Take him," ordered Danzo while Itachi sighed.

"I hate fighting with all of my heart. Still, it is Naruto-sama's wish that you pay the price for your stupidity. So in the name of justice I will obey. 'Suzumushi Nishiki: BenihikĊ!'" said Itachi, as he leaped into the air, and moved his sword around himself in a semi-circle.

When he did this, a trail appeared from the sword's path in an almost memorizing fashion if one were not a Shinobi. This trail however, turned into hundreds of blades which soon rained down upon Itachi's opponents, and causing massive damage to whatever they hit. The Root Shinobi tried to dodge, but there were too many blades coming at them, and they were impaled instantly. Some even pierced through Danzo, who used his power to cheat death from his own impalement, and frowned at Itachi.

"Your sword interests me. Once I defeat you, it will be studied for possible duplication," remarked Danzo with Itachi shaking his head.

"You've already lost and don't even know it," replied Itachi with Danzo frowning.

"Shoot to kill: Shinso!" said a female voice and Danzo was soon pierced from back to front by a lengthy blade.

Only to disappear and reappear unharmed.

'Its a good thing I chose to unseal my arm before confronting Itachi in the off chance I would have to fight him,' thought Danzo before turning to see Anko there with a grin on her face and sword in hand.

"Oh my! That's an interesting move you have there Danzo-teme. Though I bet it is not a natural one or else you would have used it years ago to become Hokage," surmised Anko with her grin increasing.

"Orochimaru's failed experiment. I should have tried harder to get Hiruzen to kill you when your pathetic body landed on our doorstep. My old rival only kept you alive out of pity and because you were, in a sense, the only remaining connection Orochimaru within the village. Not to mention you were also bait in the event Orochimaru did return and be used as a pawn in our game to manipulate events to ensnare his old student," remarked Danzo with Anko not frowning or getting angry like he hoped.

"You are one to talk. Given your unnatural state of survival, I would imagine Orochimaru did a little experimenting on you. From what Naruto-sama told us, it involves a mixture of the Senju bloodline, and the Sharingan Eyes you harvested after the massacre," said Anko with Danzo frowning at his secret being discovered by the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"And how would your Master know that?" asked Danzo with Anko just grinning.

"How indeed," replied Anko with Danzo narrowing his visible eye at her.

"His sword," surmised Danzo with Anko's grin increasing.

"Remember, it can fool the eyes of just about anyone. Even the Sharingan. While all of your operations were proceeding as planned around you, Naruto-sama or one of his trusty Shadow Clones was in the room listening in, and seeing your new look shortly after it was done," answered Anko with Danzo snarling now.

"Yes. My zanpakuto is indeed a weapon worth cherishing," said Naruto before he was behind Danzo and stabbed him in the back before splitting him in two horizontally.

Only to dissolve and reappear unharmed.

"You do realize your actions are pointless? I have the power to cheat death. You cannot defeat me," said Danzo with Naruto smirking.

"Not if I take all of your Sharingan Eyes away from you. How many is that now? Three I believe?" commented Naruto with Danzo silently going through hand signs beneath his robes.

"And that is all you or the others will take from me," commented Danzo before he was about to use one of Mokuton Jutsu in his arsenal, but was stopped when a sudden internal pain in his chest.

"What's wrong? Why aren't you attacking us like you were about to a few seconds ago?" asked Naruto mockingly while circling Danzo currently looking like he was suffering from a heart attack.

"What...what did you do?" asked Danzo, as he found himself on his knees, and glaring at Naruto.

"That would be me Danzo-teme. You failed to realize or possibly forgot about this since it once belonged to Orochimaru that my sword is laced with a lethal poison. However, the difference between when it was in Orochimaru's possession, and the present time in mine is that the poison was altered. Just a smidge. Now the poison in my sword attacks all the cells in the human body rather then going after the organs and shutting them down," said Anko with Danzo's eyes widening in horror.

"Hashirama's cells. Without them...," gasped Danzo knowing what it meant.

"Yes. Without the cells of the Shodaime Hokage, you are now unable to use your grafted Sharingan Eyes, and the power they give you when combined with his cells," remarked Naruto with amusement in his eyes.

"! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" yelled Danzo, as his emotions were now no longer under control, and were now showing clearly on the man's face.

"Thank you, but we'll pass on such an offer. Please do enjoy your stay there in our place. I do believe the Devil himself has a special floor dedicated to you and your lapdog Root followers," replied Naruto before he along with his subordinates left the area in a flash while ignoring Danzo's attempt to activate the seal on his chest.

The old war hawk let out a roar of anger at seeing his last resort to kill the three had been stopped before it could even be started by their sudden leaving and his inability to stop the seal upon its activation.


"Any trouble with the teams sent?" asked Naruto to the entire group he sent to intercept the Konoha Shinobi meant to retrieve Sasuke with Anko shaking her head.

"Jiraiya sent three ANBU squads, most of them Root Shinobi at Danzo's request, and we intercepted them," answered Anko while enjoying the sight of her enemies dying slowly and painfully.

"I'm a bit surprised Danzo didn't sense this or wonder why his men weren't there before him," remarked Hinata while Naruto smirked at her.

"He didn't know because the power of my zanpakuto prevented him from knowing. He saw an illusion of Root Shinobi surrounding Itachi along with his own forces and saw them get 'killed' by Itachi. The man concluded that Sasuke died at the hands of Itachi sooner then anticipated and his Root Shinobi failed to stop it. He was going to kill them later for their supposed failure," explained Naruto before walking away with them back to Whirlpool.

(Konoha-Secret Meeting Area-Three Days Later)

"Do you think its wise? All of us meeting him here at the same time?" asked Tsume, as she saw the other Clan Heads from the Aburame, Sarutobi, Nara, Kurama, Yamanaka, and Akimichi Clans.

"Do you have a better idea? I'd rather we meet him all at once then meet him alone and risk being killed in silence," replied Inoichi while seemingly nervous over the idea of not only seeing Naruto again, but getting caught doing that, and having his clan be reduced to a handful like the Uchiha Clan.

"That is true, but not everyone here has the same response for him as the rest of us," said Shikaku while glancing over at Asuma and Hiashi since they had felt slighted by Naruto in the past for different reasons.

"In that you are correct Shikaku-san. These two are not here to give me the response I was hoping for," remarked Naruto, as he emerged from the shadows from the trees, and was flanked on both sides by Han and Roshi.

"I want my daughter back. Return her to me now!" demanded Hiashi with Naruto letting out an amused chuckle.

"Why would I do that? So you can brand her with the Cage Bird Seal? Make her into the weak subservient girl your Clan Elders wish Hinata to be? We both know Hanabi has been groomed to become the Clan Head you always wanted to have in the distant future. After all, she takes after you in so many aspects, and Hinata-chan is more like her Mother with her caring nature. A nature you and the Clan Elders felt had become a weakness for a future Clan Head. A weakness the Branch family would exploit. A softening of position to the way things were done within the Hyuuga Clan. Hinata had always wanted to see the Cage Bird Seal removed and a new one meant for every member of the Hyuuga Clan. A noble goal meant to unite the family rather then divide it," said Naruto with Hiashi now scowling further.

"My daughter's dream is one of a fool. Hinata doesn't realize her wish will implode with the growing animosity the clan is facing with the Branch members. If we were to change things now, it will only cause a civil war, and destroy us from the inside out. The Hyuuga Clan is too divided for that to happen!" Hiashi shot back while Naruto looked at him in a judging manner.

"A divide you yourself did nothing to heal. You could have healed it Hiashi. A man such as yourself in the position of Clan Head for so long has the power to change things in his own clan. You chose the coward's way out. You chose to let the divide grow rather then find a way to close it. Your daughter could have closed it if given the chance and with your support. Now...Now your clan will continue to be divided until finally...," replied Naruto before leaving his sentence hanging.

"Until finally what?" asked Hiashi with Naruto smirking.

"Until finally the Branch family has enough and they decide to strike back on their own with the fear of the Cage Bird Seal no longer holding them back," commented Naruto with Hiashi's eyes widening in shock and fear.

"You did something," whispered Hiashi with Naruto's smirk increasing.

"Me? Do something to your Branch family of the Hyuuga Clan? No! You give me far too much credit Hiashi-san. Besides, we both know even with my silver tongue, the Branch family would never consider any offer I made to them, and even less considering how I defeated their Prodigy among their ranks," said Naruto with Hiashi's eyes narrowing at him.

"But something has happened," surmised Hiashi with Naruto smirk growing.

"While members of your clan won't listen to me, they will listen to Hinata," said Naruto with the man's eyes widening in shock again.

"She's at the compound right now. Talking to the Branch family," whispered Hiashi, as he moved to get back to his home, but was stopped by the form of Kimimaro.

"That and presenting them with a new seal meant for the entire clan. Naturally, those that follow the old way, and your way of oppressing members of the Hyuuga Clan will not be given this honor," added Naruto with Hiashi turning to glare at him.

"Don't you realize what you are doing? The Branch family will rise up and come after the Main family! It will be bloodbath!" exclaimed Hiashi with Naruto shrugging.

"Maybe. Maybe not. While I do not doubt the Branch family won't be itching to spill the blood of their oppressors, I'm sure Hinata-chan can persuade them in holding off on that idea in exchange for relocating to Whirlpool, and live a life away from your clan's highly oppressive nature," countered Naruto while Hiashi looked even more livid at the idea of the Branch family leaving Konoha and moving elsewhere from their fated positions in serving the Main family of the Hyuuga Clan.

"NEVER!" yelled Hiashi, as he moved at incredible speed for a man his age, and struck Naruto repeatedly in Gentle Fist until thrusting his hand right through the blonde's chest where the heart was located.

"Shatter: Koyka Suigetsu!" said Naruto before he shattered and the image of Naruto that Hiashi struck broke like glass.

Only to reveal to Hiashi that the form he struck was that of a Hyuuga Elder who had been a fanatical supporter of the Cage Bird Seal and its use in keeping the Branch family in line.

More specifically...Hiashi's own Father!

"No," whispered Hiashi while seeing his Father fall over dead.

"Fitting, isn't it Hiashi? First, your brother meets his end while giving his life instead of you to prevent a war with Kumo, at the instance of your own Father no less. Something you really should have told Neji about and given him the scroll your brother left him. One he is reading right about now I might add. Second, your wife soon dies shortly after giving birth to your daughter Hanabi, but not of natural causes like everyone was made to believe. You see, your Father was always a man, who believed a woman could never run the clan, unless a strong man ruled in secret behind her. He also believed that the fact he had two Granddaughters instead of Grandsons was somehow because of your wife. He felt your wife was the problem and thus made certain...arrangements to poison her during the long road to recovery once nursing Hanabi to survive growing up was no longer an issue. Third, your Father also made arrangements for Hinata-chan to face her cousin Neji in the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries in the event her team made it that far. The man also nurtured Neji's hatred by that point to make the boy despise Hinata-chan for her so called 'weakness and had promised him a sense of justice would be done once Hinata-chan was either killed or badly defeated. The latter would help Neji, as your Father had explained it to him at the time, where she would be branded with the Cage Bird Seal soon after the Chuunin Exam Finals were over. At the same time, your Grandfather was able to push it one step further by promising Neji that should he make it to, and win the Chuunin Exam Finals after crushing Hinata-chan...he would remove the Cage Bird Seal from Neji before making the boy the true Heir to the Hyuuga Clan. As for Hanabi, well...she would not be marked, but have her status lowered slightly, and put in reserve to marry someone else in the clan when she was old enough to produce strong male Heirs that would fight for the right to be Clan Head of the Hyuuga Clan. Provided of course Neji didn't have a few kids of his own with a woman by that point and none of them being girls," spoke Naruto, as he appeared seemingly out of nowhere and had been circling a shocked Hyuuga Clan Head, and watched how the man's stunned face had never changed.

It was like the man was frozen in time for all to see.

"That's cruel brat," remarked Asuma with Naruto turning to look at Asuma.

"And what Hiashi and his Father did wasn't worse? What about your own Father Asuma? Do you not feel a sense of shame in his actions? Betraying me? Betraying my clan, who helped found this village, and gave it so much? Only to have him and Konoha plunge a dagger right into our backs while making sure everything they can take is ripped from our grasp?" asked Naruto with Asuma scowling at him.

"Konoha has to remain on top. There is no place for two villages at the top when it comes to being the best. One must either fall or submit. The Uzumaki Clan would have never knowingly submit to Konoha. So my Father felt it was best if most of your clan just died away if not brought under heel under our village's way of doing things," replied Asuma with Naruto smirking.

"Of course. Naturally, being the ever loyal, and obedient son that you are Asuma, it never occurred to you to see things from another point of view. The Uzumaki Clan's point of view," remarked Naruto with Asuma frowning.

"I have had enough of the Uzumaki Clan to last me three lifetimes," remarked Asuma with a sneer on his face while Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I'm sure you have Asuma. However, I'm sure everyone here would agree with me when I say that any village, who screws over an ally, or friendly clan simply to be on top is not a good thing. Especially, if its your clan who is getting screwed over by the village," said Naruto with the other Clan Heads looking at each other and realizing that they had been supporting a village which could and would have screwed them over at anytime if the current Hokage believed their clans were not a benefit to Konoha.

"Konoha and its current Hokage won't do that to mine. We have a long rich history with this village. All of the clans do. They would only be destroyed if they betrayed Konoha first!" stated Asuma with Naruto looking at him with an amused expression.

"So naive. Your brother learned that the hard way about what it means to cross Konoha when he learned the truth as I did," replied Naruto with Asuma looking at him in shock and anger.

"That's none of your business! Leave my brother out of this!" exclaimed Asuma angrily.

"Oh but it is my business. You see Asuma, your dear brother learned the truth about what Konoha does to allies, and clans when they don't play by this village's rules. Your brother was going to become Clan Head in a few years prior to his death and like all Clan Heirs, they need to know a few secrets from the Clan Head that are not normally known to the rest of clan. Your Father adored his son that was your brother. He was the spitting image of the Sandaime Hokage in his prime and no doubt your Father saw him being destined for greatness. Like Father like son. However, the various secrets that Hiruzen told his son in private did not make your brother feel pride in being a member of the Sarutobi Clan. Quite the opposite. His pride in being a member was destroyed that day and he angrily called your shared Father a monster. A demon. A man who belonged in the lowest levels of Hell for his betrayals to the Uzumaki Clan, to other clans, allies, and the 'Will of Fire' the Shodaime Hokage taught to the man. Your Father didn't take that very well and had decided in removing him from the family tree. After all, he had another son to replace the original one he wanted as Clan Head, and you were training to be a Guardian of the Fire Daimyo so your connection to him would help if he had to bring a few people in Konoha to heel under a higher authority then his own," said Naruto with Asuma looking ready to rip him to pieces.

"My Father loved me. He cared about me. I was going to go farther then my brother ever could!" exclaimed Asuma with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"Are you sure? He was going to be the new future Clan Head. Maybe even Hokage if he played his cards right. Your brother even had a child to carry on his legacy before dying. And what do you have? Nothing. A tarnished reputation, a clan that in the eyes of others is a complete disgrace, and the woman you are trying to court finds your actions in bed when trying to satisfy her to be most...lacking," commented Naruto with Asuma bringing out his trench knives and charged the Uzumaki.

"I don't have to take this from some snot nosed punk, who isn't even old enough to shave the possible stubbles on his chin!" exclaimed Asuma angrily while swinging his right arm down on Naruto, who grabbed the fist like it was nothing, and viciously bent the arm at an odd angle before hitting the man with a spin kick that knocked the man out cold.

"Anyone else?" asked Naruto with the other Clan Heads shaking their heads no.

"We should discuss the issue of us possibly joining Whirlpool at a new location. We risk being caught by the Hokage and his ANBU if these two were not among us with our own clans wishing to join your ranks," said Shibi while Naruto smirked.

"Normally, that would be true Shibi-san. However, the ANBU sent to follow them have already been handled before they got halfway here. Right Kimimaro?" asked Naruto with Kimimaro nodding.

"They were killed silently as you requested Naruto-sama," said Kimimaro with Naruto nodding.

"So with one Clan Head now in a catatonic state and the other knocked out cold, I am now assuming the rest of your wish to join Whirlpool," said Naruto with the Clan Heads nodding.

"The Kurama Clan is falling on hard times. We need a new place to start fresh. Yakumo has a seal on her, placed by the Sandaime in fact, to keep something...dark within her at bay, but its gotten worse, and Jiraiya has been delaying any help she might need," said Kurama Unkai, as he had tried other means of containing Yakumo's Ido, and even tried to kill the girl.

Only for the Ido within the girl to lash out and Jiraiya had to strengthen the seal before Yakumo lost complete control of herself.

"Logically, the Aburame Clan has seen Konoha has fallen from its given path since the founding of the village. We wish to move to Whirlpool to find a better life for ourselves, and save our clan from being annihilated," said Shibi since it was clear the enemies of Konoha were gathering too much strength for them to fight back.

"While it is troublesome to admit we should leave, its even more troublesome staying on the losing side, and risking my clan. I maybe a genius, but even my clan can't outthink Konoha's enemies, and the only way to escape being slaughtered is to join the one side that can help us," said Shikaku in a lazy yet serious tone.

"What he said," said Inoichi with Choza nodding in agreement.

"Tsume?" asked Naruto while waiting for her response.

"I have always believed in loyalty. Even if I wasn't an Inuzuka. However, I also believe loyalty is a two way street, and should be received in return. Konoha has not done that in years. My clan has stayed loyal to Konoha only to help ensure nothing would happen to us like it did the Uchiha Clan. I knew as well as everyone here that Konoha as a whole would sell out one or more clan if it meant keeping the entire village alive regardless of the outcome following such a decision. However, it is clear Konoha will soon fall one way or another no matter how loyal my clan is to the village, and for the continued safety of my clan...we will join you," said Tsume with Naruto smirking while walking over to Hiashi's stilled form and unsheathed his zanpakuto.

"You didn't have to go into a grand speech Tsume-san. A simple yes or no to my question would have sufficed. Still, a yes by any other name is a yes, and I will take it. After all, there is no reason I can't be civil," said Naruto before stabbing Hiashi in the chest and pulled the blade out with the blood being removed with a flick of his wrist while the man he stabbed fell down dead.

"Was that really necessary?" asked Shikaku with concern.

"Of course it was. Without Hiashi around, Hinata-chan's little sister will be free of his influence, and we can ensure she doesn't become him in terms of personality. After all, if she is to join her sister in Whirlpool, Hanabi must be free of her past connection to the man," answered Naruto before walking over to Asuma and seemed to be analyzing him for a second.

"And him?" asked Inoichi with Naruto being silent for a moment longer before turning to face him.

"Wipe his memory of this meeting. Implant a fake memory of him getting drunk and the only thing he was fighting tonight were that of ghosts from the past," replied Naruto in a smooth tone similar to Aizen and walked away.

"When can we expect our clans to be relocated to Whirlpool?" asked Shibi with Naruto stopping and looked at him.

"Not for awhile. Hiashi's death will appear as though a fight broke out between Father and son while the Hyuuga Clan itself will appear to have gone through a civil war. As much as you would all like to leave right away, the Hyuuga Clan's relocation must come first. But rest assured to everyone here with concern in their eyes, all or most of their clan members will be relocated to Whirlpool when the time is right," replied Naruto before he along with his group soon left.

"We better leave. I need to alter Asuma's memories and drop him off at another training ground," said Inoichi while motioning for Shikaku to help him.

"Troublesome. At least Naruto was civil with us...for the most part," remarked Shikaku before helping Inoichi lift Asuma up and left.

They had work to do.

(Hokage Tower-Days Later)

"So you found nothing from where Hiashi and his Father were found?" asked Jiraiya to Kakashi, who was nodding with his team assigned to him for investigating the death of the two Hyuuga.

"Nothing. We found Hiashi had been killed by a stab wound, most likely from a sword given the exit wound on the other side, but his Father strangely enough was definitely killed via Gentle Fist. Judging from the blows the elder of the two had suffered, we can conclude Hiashi was the one to do it. The blood on Hiashi's hands matches his Father's and further confirms he did the deed. Though the sword strike to Hiashi himself is still a mystery," replied Kakashi with Jiraiya frowning.

"Its not that difficult to understand Kakashi. The majority of the Hyuuga Clan is missing. Danzo's own Hyuuga, who are part of his Root Division were found in the Hyuuga Clan Compound dead, and the Branch family is missing. Hiashi's own daughter is missing too and we can't find her among the dead. The scrolls about Gentle Fist and the Byakugan itself have been taken from the compound like they were never there. The lethal injury to Hiashi was done by a sword and the Hyuuga don't use swords. Ever! Meaning there was someone else there," said Jiraiya with Kakashi's one visible eye widening.

"Naruto," whispered Kakashi with Jiraiya nodding.

"Only Naruto could have gotten into Konoha undetected. Only Naruto could convince the Hyuuga Clan or rather the Branch family to leave Konoha. Being an Uzumaki, the boy has knowledge of sealing, and given his level of cunning and intelligence I have no doubt he has reached my level. I'd dare say he's surpassed me even. I wouldn't be surprised if Naruto found away around the Cage Bird Seal and set the Branch family free from it. He has more then likely relocated them all to Whirlpool and no doubt given everyone a new seal designed to seal away the Byakugan, but not enslave anyone wearing it," said Jiraiya with Kakashi narrowing his one visible eye.

"He had no right to interfere in the Hyuuga Clan's affairs, much less steal the clan from us. This is an act of war," stated Kakashi with Jiraiya letting out a sigh.

"Sadly, we can't go to war over this. First, because I suspect Naruto did this on behalf of Hiashi's rogue daughter Hinata. So he technically interfered on her behalf, and therefore it wasn't illegal. Second, as for altering the seal its, the Cage Bird Seal was originally different from what the Hyuuga Clan have been known to use now. The Cage Bird Seal wasn't even called that when the Hyuuga Clan had it first Uzumaki Ryuunosuke," explained Jiraiya with Kakashi not expecting that.

"Uzumaki Ryuunosuke? You mean THE Uzumaki Ryuunosuke. As in...Uzumaki Mito's own Father?" asked Kakashi with Jiraiya nodding.

"The very same. Ryuunosuke was also Head of the Uzumaki Clan back in his time back before the Shinobi villages were founded. In fact, sensei once told me that this guy was so strong, even the combined strength of both Hashirama and Madara together would be no match for him in combat. The Hyuuga Clan heard about his sealing ability and went to visit the man in the hopes of him creating a seal to be used to protect the Byakugan from Doujutsu thieves. Ryuunosuke agreed to make them one and made them a seal to be put on all of the Hyuuga Clan members on the promise the seal wouldn't be altered in any way. He called it the Doujutsu Protection Seal and told them that while putting it on their foreheads would grant the best effect of it sealing the bloodline away, Ryuunosuke also suggested they put the seal on their neck where it would be hidden by their long hair, and thus no one would know about the seal at all," explained Jiraiya with Kakashi frowning.

"The Hyuuga Clan broke the promise," said Kakashi with Jiraiya nodding.

"Within a full week after leaving Whirlpool. The Hyuuga Elders and the Clan Head of the time spent the whole week studying the damn thing, making their alterations to it, and choosing who among their family members would get it branded on their forehead. After that happened...well...the rest as they history," replied Jiraiya with Kakashi now looking a bit confused.

"But why didn't the Uzumaki Clan do something when they learned of the Hyuuga Clan breaking the promise?" asked Kakashi with Jiraiya smirking.

"Because they couldn't. One of the conditions of the alliance with Konoha was that they allow the alterations to the now renamed Cage Bird Seal to stand. When they did learn about it, Hashirama wanted to marry Mito, but was getting pressure from the Hyuuga Clan politically to prevent such a thing from happening, and they had no intention of letting up until the Uzumaki Clan let them keep the alterations. There was a clause in the agreement stating the issue could be addressed at a later time, but that had become void when Whirlpool fell in the Second Shinobi War, and while the issue has come up in the past with Mito along with Kushina in the one really wanted to get involved with the affairs of the Hyuuga Clan. The only people who did care about the seal were from a clan with its members either dead, scattered, or in Konoha with no real power to change things. Even when Kushina married Minato and he became Hokage, the man could not use his position to change things in the Hyuuga Clan. Not only did Hiashi's Father not allow it, but Hiashi himself in the years following, and I believe sensei convinced Minato of leaving the issue alone despite Kushina's protest," answered Jiraiya with Kakashi now nodding in understanding though he didn't like how things had played out recently with the Hyuuga Clan.

"Is there anyway we can go to the Fire Daimyo? Tell him about this and get the Hyuuga Clan back?" asked Kakashi with Jiraiya shaking his head.

"Even if we did, Naruto had enough dirt on Konoha as a whole to demand so much more, and I have no doubt the gaki will get it. Not to mention we currently have to deal with the other villages and the Akatsuki. While we don't have a Jinchuriki anymore, my spy in the organization has told me they are blaming us for Naruto's interference in their plans, and plan to target us soon. We need to be ready," said Jiraiya with Kakashi nodding.

"We will be ready Hokage-sama," said Kakashi before he left the room while Jiraiya walked toward the window of his office.

"I hope so Kakashi. I may act like a perverted idiot at times, even I can see the Leaf is slowly dying. Danzo is dead and the Hyuuga Clan is gone. Sasuke is nowhere to be seen and several ANBU and Jounin are dead in a span of a few days apart from one another. Regardless if I am Hokage or not, I know the only way to stop Naruto is to kill him now, but I have yet to find a way to get close to do it. How do I kill the Child of Prophecy and his plans for us?" said Jiraiya to himself while in deep thought.

The answer alluding him all the while as he stared out into the horizon beyond the village walls.

(A/N: YAY! I hope you all loved that. I felt a three year time skip would work here and get things rolling. Konoha is in trouble. The Akatsuki hasn't made any moves yet, but they will try soon, and move against Naruto contrary to what Jiraiya thinks. Remember, Itachi is a spy for Naruto now, working in providing him with information, and deceiving the others with what he wants them know. Hope this met your standards for my fic. Until next time...PEACE!)