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Another Life, Another Story


It had been 1 year after Nyx defeated and the Erebus as well. The year and season change and all members of SEES had moved forward to their own way. They kept their promise to keep the peace for their friend's sake, Arisato Minato who became the Great Seal, to pretend The Fall. They won't regret it anymore and accepted his sacrificed.

For Akihiko Sanada, to protect the world with his own hand is still his main duty, not like the other. Because of that reason he tried to fulfill hias dream, became a police officer. As the person who choose the future path when they fought Erebus, he won't regret his choices and Minato's sacrifices as well. For the truth, he was sad, because his underclassman must sacrifice his life to keep the world from the Fall. As the senior he felt powerless. So he moved to Ayanagi City, to prevent himself from stuck with the past and protect that important for him by fulfilled his dream.

A raining day at Ayanagi City, he woke up and took a quick shower so he won't late for the train. He felt little dissapointed because he can't take his routine activity, morning walk or jog to his university. But he can't do anything with the weather. He took the black umbrella and went to the university.

He took a law major at his university, for became a police he tought that he must knew about law. He entered the university and went to his locker to get his book and looked at his schedule. As famous as always, there was a lot of letters on his locker's door. But he ignored it and put it aside.

It was normal day for Akihiko, studied about the law, about the police's rules, and of course the fangirls too. It can't be helped, he was the famous person in the academy. "What's wrong Sanada?" asked his colleagues, Kanzato Ryou. "Nothing, just thought about when this thing gonna be end." He sighed.

"What the fangirls thing?" Asked the other person, Jin Ueda.

"Wrong" Akihiko answered him, toneless.

"So, what's wrong with that scare face, Aki? Come on, let's grab something to eat, maybe it'll change your mood." Ueda suggested. Two of them nodded and went to the cafeteria.

"So want to tell us the truth Aki?" asked Ueda meanwhile he ate his ramen.

"Okay, I just thought that something doesn't right. Kind'a I don't enjoy my life..." Akihiko replied.

Ryou just kept silent and continued ate his curry rice. Sudden, Ueda grinned, "Yeah, I know how to solve it Aki!" he pointed to Akihiko, "You must find yourself a GIRLFRIEND!" he shouted and Akihiko shocked.

"What! Hey, wait a minute, I'm not ready with that kind of relationship!" he protessted "And lower your voice if the other heard, I'll be in trouble." He continued.

"But you really need one Aki, right Ryou?" Ueda poked Ryou's hand.

"I don't think so...but just do what you like..." Ryou answered toneless.

"Come on let just eat..." Akihiko tried change the subject. After ate they went to the university's garden, because their class for today was done already. "Ah crap, I must search about the drugs for tomorrow task." Akihiko said, "Sorry guys, see you later then," he waved his hand and went off. "Library..library..." he muttered to himself.

He entered the library and asked the librarian the book about drugs, when he found it he sat and started read it. He wrote the important subject for his paper and tried to keep focus because a lot of girls stared at him, "Look! Sanada-san was here. Oh my he was adorable!" "He really hot!" "I hoped he saw me like the way he read the book!" the girls whispered but he can heard it and tried to ignored it.

"Um, sorry sir..." Sudden someone called him. He looked at the person, a girl with a ponytail's, her hair was reddish brown, and her eyes colour was red like ruby. She looked shy.

"Yes, what's wrong?" Akihiko asked.

"Are you done with that book?" she pointed at the book that Akihiko already read. Akihiko grabbed the book and gave it to her, "Sure, you can take it." He smiled.

"Thank you..."she took the book and sat beside Akihiko, "Would you mind if I sit here?" she asked.

"Of course, this place is for public afterall." He answered.

Akihiko looked at the girl, and sudden he remembered Ueda's words. Crap...what I'm thinking...but..he looked again at the girl..but she was cute, and she was shy...I admit it... Two of them kept silent and read each one book. After hours the girl stood up and went off to returned the book, Akihiko looked at his watch, "It's dark already..." he said and went off from the library.

When he walked and sudden he bumped into someone, "Sorry, my bad..." he apologized and looked at the person, "You're the girl from the library." He said.

"Ah, I'm sorry," the girl apologized as well.

"Hey, it's my faulth. Sorry, here let me help you." He helped the girl collected the papers. "Here" he gave it to her.

"Thank you..er..."

"Sanada Akihiko" Akihiko cut her.

"Thank you Sanada-san." She said again, bowed and she blushed.

"What a coincident we meet again. Are you want to go home?" Akihiko asked and the girl nodded, "Mind if I walked you home?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"No, I'll just fine by myself!" She said and walked away.

"It's dark already and it's dangerous for a girl walk alone at night." He grabbed her hand.

"Alright, if you insist..." The girl gave up, "Arisato Minako.."

"Huh?" Akihiko flustered with her tiny voice.

"My name Arisato Minako." She cleared her voice with a smile on her face. Akihiko eyes widened...Arisato...

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