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"For now on, we have each other..."

Minako smiled while she ate her dinner and hummed some song. After Akihiko told her that he would stay by her side, she was happy. When she returned to Shirogane's residence, she wouldn't stop smiling, even Naoto who saw it, sweatdropped. "Minako-neesama, your food are getting cold, you should eat it.." she said tried to catch her attention. Really, Minako was already flew away to her own world.

"Oh, yeah..sorry Nao-chan!" she answered happily and ate her miso shiru. It wasn't a good sign, even their strick grandfather sometimes looked at her directly. He was wondering why his cute grand daugther acted like that.

"Is she okay?" their grandfather asked Naoto.

Naoto smiled a little, "Maybe...Grandpa, but, it's good right? Despite that we see her sad because of Taku-nii's death, it's okay right to see her smile again. Although we don't know what make her like this now...haha..."

Minako threw herself to her bed and she hugged her pillow. After dinner, she didn't say anything to her grandfather and Naoto too. It wasn't because she didn't want to tell them, but because she was happy. For the first, a guy tell her like that, 'she was important for him'. But it wasn't mean that she didn't recognize Akihiko's feeling, she knew it. Even when they first time met, she already knew. He was special for her and she hoped that she was special for him too.

When she remembered again, how he embraced her, told her to calm, she blushed badly. She never felt like this before, uuurgh...how embarassing, but what should I do...she though. Suddenly someone knocked her door and she jolted, "Kyaaa...!"

"Onee-sama, please answer and open the door.." said the annoyed Naoto because Minako didn't open her room's door, "..honestly, what happen to you. It's good to see that you're not sad anymore. But..." she sat on Minako's carpet, "you are smilling for almost this entire day even Grandfarther was worry...so, what's wrong? Tell me..." she said.

Minako sweat dropped, she didn't realize that she did that. But it couldn't help, she was happy after all. "You know Naoto, someone said something cute to me..."

"What is it?"

"So, for tonight let's have a girly time!" Minako shouted as she dashed out from her room, "Wait here, I'll bring us a tea and some snacks!"

And now, it was Naoto's turn. She was sweat dropped, "Minako-neesama..."

Akihiko went to Inaba Police Department to meet up with Ryotaro Dojima, officer Arata and the henchman from Shirogane to ask about MAREBITO and the reverse case in this town, because he knew that before that incident, Minako lived here. So, he wanted to make sure and warn the police, the MAREBITO didn't do their act here. He didn't meet with Dojima, but it was okay becuase he met with the supervisor, officer Arata and the Shiroganes. Surprisingly, a black long with eight doors limousine parked in front of Inaba Police Department. Akihiko who knew whose car is it, knocked the door and the window slid down, showed the red haired woman inside there, "Hey, how fancy to see you like this?" he grinned and the woman just sighed and let him got inside the car.

"Never knew that you love to attract the people attention, Mitsuru." He joked to the woman.

"I didn't mean to. The supervisor and the other who insist. I just told them to bring the ordinary one..." she tried to control herself to not excecute him.

"So, about this..." he threw the application to the desk. Yeah, the limousine was really huge and it was normal to have some private room which had all of your bellongings inside it. Mitsuru then looked at the application and she looked back at Akihiko with her straight eyes. "I think that I'll give it a try, Mitsuru."

"Are you sure about this?" she tried to not mock him, because she already knew what was inside this guy's head. Akihiko just nodded. "You really want to join us?" she asked.

For the last, Akihiko filled the application. After he though for entire night. Heard his friend asked about his decision and reason, he nodded again, "Yeah, absolutely, I'll join this department."

"For what reason?"

"I want to become strong."

Stupid answer, she though. "It isn't a game Akihiko, I already warned you about-"

"I don't want to lose everything important to me. Miki, Shinji, Leader I already lost them. But, not her. Not Minako. I didn't want to lose her. I decide to join this department, because I want to prove it, I want to solve it. The mystery, about the Shadow and the Persona. Even that I'm not smart enough, I'm not as smart as you or Yamagishi. But, I want to try it, with my own power, I want to finish this matter." He cut her words.

"Why this thing involved that Arisato?"

"She, she is my main reason. She has the potential. After I saw it, the MAREBITO. I knew, out there, there still a lot of people who have a potential. I want to guarantee them, protect them, make sure they use their power for the right thing." Akihiko flinched his hand. "Minako was scared back then, not only when she was being kidnapped but, before was scared with her own power, I couldn't shut up myself, because I knew that time, she was crying, screaming, calling for someone to help her. But nobody came to her"

Akihiko sounded really determinded. He didn't want someone knocked his idealism. "Now, I want to find MAREBITO and if I was right, they related with the reverse case and kage-nuki. They after the person who have a potential. That's why Mitsuru, with your help I know that it'll make this case easier." That Ueda, I didn't know what happen to him, so I must find him, before he after Minako again.

Mitsuru smiled, "What a mature, you are Akihiko. You have change.."

Akihiko smirked, "People change you know, even yourself.."

Yeah, Mitsuru changed. Specially, her apperance, she wore a suit looked like a bussiness woman attire, and she tied her hair up, she looked gorgeous. Knew what Akihiko meant, her face turned red, "Just mind your own bussiness Akihiko! I just try to suit myself with the situation!" she shouted and took Akihiko's application form. "Now, I'll process this, so please don't show your nose in front of me for a while!" and Akihiko only laughed.

"So, Minako-neesama." Naoto called Minako while both of them walked on the street and enjoyed their ice cream, "Do you love that Sanada guy?" she bluntly asked and made Minako choked.

"W..w..what do you mean by that?" she asked back.

"Because, from what I heard last night. It sounded that you love him and he love you back. So, why both of you didn't go out and officially become a couple? Maybe he was your destined guy that you always told me when we were little." Naoto gave her explanation that made Minako's face red.

"It's not simple like that, to say that Naoto!" Easy for you to say that Nao-chan ,she cried inside her mind-heart.

"What? A-i-shi-te-i-ru?" she played her index finger tried to write the kanji. "Just say it, it only have one kanji afterall."

Minako'face got redder than before, "It's not like that!"

Naoto bursted into laugh, she was really enjoyed it, made fun of Minako even she was older than her. "Hahaha..." she laughed and tried to stop because she knew, Minako didn't like it. "Sorry, but I'm happy for you, Minako-neesama." She wiped her tears that came out from her eyes.


"Yeah, for this past years. You showed us your sadness and sorrow but now I see your smile, your bright red eyes, your cheerfull voice. I knew you were sad when Arata-san died, but because of that Sanada guy, you didn't let yourself swim inside the sad and sorrow for a long, you stand up again easily for a short time." Naoto then let off her favorite cap and showed her smile to Minako, "Both of me and Grandfather were happy to see you smile again, nee-sama. Even the butlers and maids at Shirogane's residence."

Minako tried to show her smile because she kenw it too, she loved -no- she loves him , but when she remembered her grandfather's advice, she poted, "I never knew that old man will approve it..."

Naoto laughed again, "You don't know what happened to him when you went to Ayanagi and Iwatodai!"

"And unbeknowns by him, I'm already on my sophomore years."

Minako decided to focus with her study. After she went back to Inaba, met up attentionally with Akihiko, realized her own feeling toward him, she tried to stay calm and try to keep herself the best becuase she knew, he wasn't give up either. "So, this formula..." she checked the formula from her text book.

Suddenly someone dropped a lots of books in front of her and she jolted. "Hey!" A black haired guy greeted him. Minako pouted, "Akira...stop it, you want to give me a heart attack?" she complained. But the guy only smiled and he sat in front of her. "Another new term and we already on our sophomore year." Minako only nodded and tried to focus on her task again.

Now, it was Akira's turn to pout, "Have you ever heard a news about Sanada?"

Minako shook her head, "Nope. Why?"

"He leave for some uncertain time."

Minako stopped her hand which had playing her pen and she looked at Akira with a shocked expression, "What do you mean, by that?"

"I eavesdropped from some lecturer while I had an appointment with the other lecturer from law's department. They said that the great and famous Akihiko Sanada, left his third year because he had some bussiness to attendt." Suddenly a roll of paper hit his head, "Ouch!"

"Just tell me the news, A-ki-ra!" she sounded devilish.

"Alright, alright!" he rubbed his head, "The lecturer discussed about his absence, and when I asked the other lecturer, Kurasame-sensei, about the news. He said that it was true he left this university for something, but they didn't know the right reason. But he told me about a red-haired woman came to gave the dean his letter of absence"

A red-haired woman, it could be..."Do they know the woman?" she asked but Akira shook his head.

"They didn't." Akira then smirked, "Why, are you jealouse that it might be the woman was his bride? Because they told me she was she match with Sanada, cool and gorgeous."


Minako slammed her desk and without any words, she left the lab. Left the shocked Akira alone inside the lab. Outside the lab, she looked frustated it wasn't becuase the woman. She knew it was Misturu Kirijou and Akihiko already told her about their relationship. So, she didn't mad about that. She mad because Akihiko didn't tell her about his absence, instead he told about this to Mitsuru. She took out her cellphone from her pocket and strated to dial Akihiko's number. Unfortunely, he didn't pick up.

"Crap, where did he go!?" she sounded panicked and isntead she dialled his number again, she decided to try to dial Mitsuru's number.


Thank God! She picked up! "Kirijou-san, it's me. Arisato. Are you busy now?" she asked, she knew that Mitsuru was a busy person.

No really, what's wrong? You know that you can, ask me about anything.

"Yeah sure! Actually, I want to ask you about Sanada-san..."

Akihiko packed his belongings inside his backpack, and looked at his half-empty room. He sighed, tonight, he decided to leave from this city for a while, not really for a while because he was unsure about his job. He wore his tan trench coat and slung his backpack, went out from his apartment.

Before that, he looked at his dinning table. A crafted wooden-box that he wanted to give it to Minako for her christmas or maybe farewell present for this time. He opened it and it played a soft and lovely melody. Yeah, it was a music box. He grabbed the box, maybe I'll pay visit to her place before go, but what should I do if I make her cry?

Sighed, he decided to think about it later. For now he must focus with his job and went to the place that Mitsuru mentioned. But what a troublesome, that Nanjo guy, he asked me to do some research outside Japan. That damn lazy guy. He looked at his passport. So, I'll leave this place for sure, right?

When he opened the door he surprised, a devilish looked Minako stood in front of his apartment, "Kombanwa, Sa-na-da-saaan...~"

She sounded unpleasant and...angry. He gulped, tried to calm himself because her aura, same with Mitsuru's. "Hey, Minako...long time no see..."

She looked at his attire and backpack, "Planning to go to somewhere place?" she asked.

"Um, yeah actually..." he tried to find a good reason, "friends of mine ask me to go to do some camp and we-..."

Suddenly Minako punched his stomach even it wasn't too powerfull Akihiko was surprised and he didn't prepare with her sudden act. "Wha-"


Akihiko coludn't said anything despite that he looked shocked with Minako's words. "Why...why you must do this...I don't need a stronger person what I need is, you stand by my side...Akihiko...please, don't leave me.."she pleaded. Suddenly Minako hugged him and buried her face on his chest. "I..I love you..."

Akihiko disbelief with what he heard from the petite brunette. She told him that she loved him, the stupid, clumsy, strength-oriented person. But, he hugged her back. "Thanks..."

Both of them decided to sit down at the park bench while they admired the river and city scenery. But, nobody started the conversation until Akihiko started to say something. She already told me, so this is my chance...

"Minako..." he called her.


"You remember the stuff I told you about my sister?" he asked her. Minako only nodded and she looked at his tan-silver eyes. "I'm tired of losing what's important. I thought it would be better not to let things get too important than to risk losing them. But lately, I don't think so. If I want to avoid that feeling. I have to work to protect what's precious to me. And that means everything precious...including you." I don't want to lose you Minako. I won't let anyone hurt you I won't let you sad, scream and make you feel the loneliness again.

Minako chuckled, Akihiko was a funny person for her. She knew what he mean, but she never imagined that he would be this romantic –maybe- to say this kind of stuff to her. "Just tell me directly, what do you mean Akihiko-san?"

Akihiko bit surprised, she was right he gave a lot of prologue with his confession. "Um..so...!" he tried to find a right words, "It's really strange..I really liked hanging out together. I used to, anyway.."

"Used to?" she looked confused but, then she smiled.

"But now, I feel all tense and on edge..it's the weirdest thing..."

"You're in love" she told him directly.

"L-love?" he surprised because she figured out his feeling easily. Even himself didn't know about this feeling until the SEES members told him. "This is love?" he then looked at her and chukcled, "Oh, it already slipped out, but..I'd like to know how you feel." He already kew, but he want to make sure both of their feelings. He took one of her hand and his right hand, caressed her soft-pink cheek. "Will you be my girl?"

Minako cried, but not because she was sad. She was happy, so it was a tear of happiness. She grabbed his gloved hand that caressed her cheek, "Yes, I will and I do..I told you before that I love you...Akihiko-san..."

"Really !?"

Minako only nodded and tried to hide her red face. Suddenly Akihiko release his hand and unintentionally he step a back a little, disbelief with Minako's words. "Oh sorry! Um, Well then..Here's hoping for the best, right?" but she didn't answer.

Akihiko then tried to loosen his collar, he didn't know what should he say to her, while Minako still hid her face " Wow, this got awkward all off a sudden...sorry.."

Minako then looked at Akihiko who surprisingly, apologizing to her. "Why?" she asked.

"This is all new for me..I mean, I never thought I needed a girlfriend or anything. But, that's not something you go out and get because you need it, huh..? There was a time when..I thought I was just seeing Miki in you..." He flinched his hand, "But I still kept trying to forget her. I didn't want to face what happened. I kept telling myself I was doing evertything I could. If it hadn't been for you. I might never have gotten over it. I would've just pretended that I did."

Akihiko sounded determinded and he looked at Minako's ruby eyes directly. "That's how I see you until thant time, when we went to Port Island, It changes, everything..you're you...Minako.." He then embraced her, "Whether things have been painful or happy or sad, you've alwyas been there for me..You should know that if you're ever going through hard times, I'll be there for you too."

"Not only you, Akihiko. I feel the same too..." Minako smiled and let his new boyfriend embraced her.

Akihiko smiled, "Yeah...From now on, we have each other."

Then they released their hug and looked at each other face, "But, I'm sorry that for now, I must go...I know that you won't forgive me but, please Minako, I want to do this, not only for your sake, but for the other too."

Minako nodded, "Yeah Akihiko, I understand..."

Akihiko relieved, "There...done, I said it...I wonder how things would've gone if you hadn't come here..."

"We won't meet each other, right?"

Both of them laughed, "Yeah, you're right.." Then Akihiko took out something from his bag, "Give me your hand." He ordered Minako, and put the music box and a key on her hand. "It's for you. A present. I planned to give it as christmas present but I couldn't make it. So, it's a White Day present, but maybe it's a farewell present if I give it to you now."

Minako pinched his hand softly, "Don't make it sounded like you will leave me for a long time.."

"Hey, it's true! Oh, and that's my apartment key, would you mind to keep it?"

She didn't answer him, "A direct command!" Minako warned, "You must come back to my side safely...it's a direct command!"

Akihiko looked at Minako directly, she was mimicking Minato's way as a Leader and she mimicked her brother perfectly except the thruth that she was a woman. Akihiko smiled, "Understood, Leader...to make you sure about my circumstance, I'll send a present for you every year..."

Minako smiled and she looked at the music box and she opened it, it played a soft and lovely melody, "Thank you..I'll treasure it..."

She then leaned her head on his shoulder, Akihiko just sighed with his first and -maybe- last girlfriend behave and smiled, " I hope you don't mind me saying this, but...Minako, you mean a lot to me, I love you"

"Me too...Akihiko.."

"I'll be sure to make you happy. In time, I hope you can find even more about me to love.."

Minako looked straight to his face and his face moved closely to her face, "Like you said, from now on...we have each other..." Minako said before they lips met and their hand interwined together.

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