Well this is my very first offical DBZ fanfic ever so leave me lots of comments on way to improve! I've been a huge DBZ fan most of my life but I must admit that within the last year or so I've probably only seen a max of 10 episodes. So I don't really know the time line but I hope I know the characters well enough.

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Let the Games Begin

"Testing…Initializing Scripts…Testing…Running Scripts…Testing…"

"Come on…come on…" Bulma whispered under her breath. She had been slaving away on a new prototype computer chip that would revolutionize computers once again. But every time she thought she made a break through…

"Error...Error…Database overload…Server crashing…Error"

Bulma snatched a nearby screwdriver and quickly went to work on the screws on the case enclosing the chip. The exhaust fan, an addition after the last failure, began spewing smoke and Bulma felt her eyes begin to water.

"Don't you dare blow up you little…" Bulma muttered as she jammed the screwdriver under the cover and pushed with all her strength. The cover shot off amidst a mass of putrid black smoke, causing Bulma to stumble back in dismay.

In a flash of anger Bulma backhanded the prototype off the table where it collided with the wall and burst into smoking pieces. With a brief high-pitched wail the fire alarm sounded and the sprinkler system engaged. With an exasperated sigh Bulma collapsed against the wall and pulled her knees to her chest. The deadline for the chip was fast approaching and she wasn't making any headway.

Scratching her chin Bulma wondered, "What could possibly be causing the chip to malfunction..."

A sharp beep brought her out of her thoughts. Looking around the blinking LED display of a nearby computer caught her attention. Pulling herself up she wiped her drenched hair out of her face and examined the message on the screen.

The message was being transmitted from a satellite orbiting the Earth that was designated to report any anomalies. Bulma scanned the report and typed in the command to bring up a visual. The camera mounted on the satellite came to life and Bulma found herself looking down on Earth. She typed in a few more commands and the footage captured of the anomaly entering the atmosphere flashed across the screen.

Furrowing her eyebrows Bulma replayed the footage again, this time frame by frame. The object had flown by so fast that even frame by frame, which would reveal every little detail on any asteroid, it was a mere blur. Bulma's mind began to whirl, images of Frieza and his fellow icejin danced before her eyes.

With a few more commands the objects predicted trajectory was superimposed on a 3D model of Earth. Bulma felt her stomach drop into her heels as the red X marked the trajectory right into her backyard.

Turning on her heel she bolted from her lab and directed her own trajectory to intercept the anomaly in the backyard. Her lab coat billowed behind her as she sprinted down the hallway.

She arrived at the patio completely out of breath but upon first glance nothing seemed out of place. Just as she was turning to go get Vegeta a shimmer caught her eye. Turning back she realized something about the yard was not quite right.

A flash of silver twinkled in the sunlight before it buried itself deep within Bulma's arm. The long narrow dart protruded from the arm of her lab coat and small droplets of blood began to soak through the fabric where that dart had broken her skin. Instantly the muscles in her arm ceased their movement, ignoring all commands her brain sent to them. A tingling sensation shot across her body, as if it were falling asleep. Helpless, all Bulma could do was let out an ear splitting scream and pray Vegeta would make it to her in time.


The prince was crouched in utter darkness, listening and waiting. Saiyan eyes were far more powerful than that of a mere human but without a single particle of light to be detected even his far superior eyes saw nothing but darkness.

With the gravity room humming all around him he felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle, then the tiniest movement of air tickled the tip of his nose and he locked on his target. In one swift motion he sprang forward and slammed his fist into one of Bulma's droids. A stray piece of metal collided with another droid in the darkness and Vegeta's signature smirk haunted his lips. Dropping back into a crouch he sent a stunning low kick into the air behind him, resulting into a satisfying metallic crunch as the droid met its demise.

As he crouched, awaiting any trace of his next victim, brief high-pitched wail assailed Vegeta's sensitive ears. Almost instantly the emergency lights lit up the room and all the droids in the room instantly shut down. With a growl Vegeta strode toward the door and slammed his hand on the release.

"Where is that damn woman" he wondered as he reached out and felt for her feeble life force. She wasn't hard to find, she was in her lab per usual. With a frustrated snort he began to storm in her direction when he felt her kai begin rapidly moving through the hallway.

"Good, she'd better be scrambling to fix her stupid mistake" he thought to himself but he held his course, he'd make sure this didn't happen again.

By the time he reached the end of the hallway he realized she wasn't headed toward the electrical closet, which was actually a very large room, but instead she was headed outside.

"Is that worthless woman trying to avoid me? What the hell is she thinking!" he muttered to himself, his anger rising.

With a flare of his nostrils he balled his fists at his sides and picked up his pace. Just as he was about to turn the corner toward the kitchen he heard Bulma scream. Without a second thought he took to the air and blasted off at full speed toward the backyard, pots and pans clattering to the ground in his wake.

Uneasiness tugged at Vegeta as he flew, he didn't sense any other living life force in the area. The woman's parents were at some conference and all but a few employees had Sunday off.

Within seconds Vegeta was on the patio and his superior saiyan eyes spotted the ship immediately. It was tall and elliptical containing two smaller space pods, closely resembling a pea pod, with the space pods being the peas. His charcoal black eye scanned the yard but no other life force seemed to be present.

Barely picking his feet up off the ground he flew over to the pods and examined them. Each pod was a perfect circle; almost exactly like the saiyan space pods except these were stacked on top of each other.

Flying up to the top one he hovered before it, sensing Bulma's kai inside. He reached out a hand and felt the metal, trying to detect any sort of latch or handle. Blowing the damn thing up was too risky, he didn't know enough about them to be sure he wouldn't hurt her in the process.

"Why hello there your highness!" Came a robotic chirp of a voice from below. In a heart beat Vegeta was on the ground, his black eyes nearly aflame with anger.

Beside the spaceship was a smallish metal figure, elliptical like the ship, with a long, thin rod extending out from the main body that seemed to be the source of the robots mobility. It hovered a few inches above the ground and couldn't seem to keep still. Toward the top of the body, where a face would usually reside there was a single lens that served as an eye of sorts.

"Good day Prince Vegeta, you are humbly invited to attend the annual intergalactic games. We have already collected your prize and we have a space pod ready for your departure" chirped the robot, gesturing toward the top pod that held Bulma.

"Be warned that if you are inclined to decline our invitation, we will still keep your prize" and with a metallic beep the pod shot into the sky and off into space.

Vegeta was suddenly filled with white-hot anger as he reached out and grabbed the robot between his hands. "What the fuck are you talking about" he spat between clenched teeth, the metallic casing of the robot beginning to crack beneath his fingers.

"Why Prince Vegeta, I'm referring to the intergalactic games of course. You attended one year with icejin Frieza, if I am not mistaken. It is the most well known tournament in the galaxy!" the robot happily chirped, seemingly unaware of the danger it was in.

"What do you mean Bulma is the prize" he growled, his anger crackling in the air around him, the vein on his forehead bulging danerously.

"That is how the tournament works your highness. From each contestant we gather a prize, someone they'd put up a hell of a good fight for. Each round is to the death, so each time you win you acquire your opponent's prize in addition to your own. If you win all the prizes are yours to do with as you wish, whether it's keep them, sell them or trade them. The only way to keep your prize safe is to win" the robot happily reported.

With a roar of frustration Vegeta obliterated the robot in a flash of light in between his hands.

As if on cue the door to the second space pod opened with a whoosh, beckoning Vegeta inside. Without hesitation he climbed inside and the door shut behind him. Once inside Vegeta realized the pod was even smaller than he thought, there was no room to sit down or even move. All he could do was lean back and wait. Although the exterior was perfectly circular it seemed the interior was merely this tube of a room.

With a rumble the craft took off, leaving Earth far behind.

Almost instantly Vegeta felt his power over his body leaving him as he struggled to keep his eyelids open. He could hear a distant hissing sound, but it sounded worlds away. His brain was sluggish and it took him a moment to comprehend what was happening. The pod was releasing some sort of gas that was putting him to sleep. His eyelids drifted closed as he slipped into unconsciousness.


Bulma has been kidnapped in the name of the intergalactic games and the only way Vegeta can keep her safe is to win every battle. Can Vegeta pull out all the stops?