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I have no idea where my brain came up with this. But it did, so I'm writing it. I'm at the mercy of my brain, unfortunately. It's like a reverse lobotomy!

Jason Stryker fangirls (and my character Ashley): Poor poor Jason!

OK, should NOT have mentioned the word "lobotomy"...

ANYWAY. I'm super special happy. Know why know why know why? Because... THIS IS MY OFFICAL 100th STORY ON THIS SITE~ Wah it makes me feel so accomplished. And I'm making a huge-mungus video for all the characters I've ever obsessed over/written stories about... and Warren will be in it. I managed to squeeze 164 characters into this crazy video, and as soon as I totally finish it, you all shall be able to view it on the YouTube.

Well... without further ado, enjoy mah newest Warren story!


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Day 1

6:15 AM

Hey there everybody! Don't have a lot of viewers for anything, but I hope you guys will read and comment on my new blog - this one!

Okay. So today is going to be my first day working for the company called Worthington Industries. I signed on as an intern in their pharmaceutical department, because ever since I was little, I remember loving to "help" my toys by playing Doctor. But then I researched pharmacy work, and discovered that it was the route for me. I found it exciting, having to keep names and times and prescriptions and drug names straight. Kept me on my toes.

Anyway, I guess I'm meeting the head of the company and my boss today.

The guy who runs it is Warren Worthington II. You could probably call him "Jr." too, except that he's kind of old and that probably wouldn't be ideal for business, being referred to as "Junior". I've seen him on TV and stuff, but I've never really MET him. I will today though... should be exciting. He says his scientists are currently developing some kind of mutant cure. Not sure what to think of that...?

The person who's going to be my main boss is Dr. Kavita Rao. She seems nice, I guess, from what I've seen on TV. She has some kind of accent - Spanish or Asian or something. She's a scientist who's working on the mutant cure - from what I've heard it would be safe to assume that she's the head scientist and has a bunch of little lackeys. Apparently I'm going to be different.

My response to that: QUESTION MARK?

Eh, so. I can't wait to start my new job. Although something about the way that Dr. Rao said "Someone who will help you with your training" over the phone... it sounded off. I don't think it was because of her accent...

Well, we'll see. I start in an hour, so I have to hurry up and get ready. Will update when I get home and let you guys know what happened.

Wish me luck!


Ryane Hunt stared up at the huge building that would, from now on and if she didn't get fired on the first day, be her normality. It was enormous. Probably would be classified as a skyscraper, but this one served a purpose. This unbelievably tall building housed Worthington Industries, an illustrious company that was one of the world leaders in genetic research.

She was humbled to even be considered for working here, even as an intern who, according to her knowledge, would be given various assignments as if she was truly being schooled in the businesses of pharmaceuticals and genetics. Wow? As if she could really pull off the "genetics" end of it, she hadn't even been good at that in tenth-grade biology.

She grasped her bag, which she'd just brought along to make her look professional and which really carried a notebook, pen, and various make-up, and took a breath. It was fine. She'd do fine.

Repeating this mantra over and over in her head, she walked forward, held out her hand, and stepped through the revolving doors into the next chapter of her life.

Even the inside was big. She was in a very spacious lobby, with tile floors and basically white all around her. If she didn't know better (and if there was more than one desk and a glass window in front of said desk), she'd think it was a triage waiting area. She was almost swallowed whole, suddenly reminded of how little and unimportant she was.

She strolled over to the desk with what she hoped looked like an experienced gait, and for a minute just blinked at the woman behind the desk. "Um, excuse me?"

The woman looked up. "Name?"

"Uh... what?"

"Your name."

"Oh! Ryane Hunt. R-Y-A-N-E, H-U-N-T. I'm supposed to be meeting Mr. Worthington and Dr. Rao today. Am I late? Or early?"

"No, no. I see you here - right on time. I'll let him know you're here, one moment." She moved her finger to an important-looking black button and pressed it down. "Sir? Miss Hunt has arrived. Shall I send her up?"

There was a crackle, and then Ryane heard a voice that she could infer was Mr. Worthington's. "Yes, everything else has been taken care of. Bring her in."

"Yes sir. She'll be there shortly." She lifted her finger off the button and looked up at Ryane. "Tenth floor, room 35."

"Okay... thank you, ma'am." Ryane turned around and looked at the elevator. There were already several people waiting. She sighed and walked over, taking a spot next to a blonde man who looked like he couldn't be much older than she was. She stared up at the meter thing above the elevator, and her heart sunk when she saw this thing was on the twelfth floor coming down - and probably stopping several times along the way. She could go to the one on the other side of the lobby, but they were probably both busy.


She turned her head to the blonde next to her. He was already looking at her, and smiling a little. She blinked, letting herself stare into his eyes for a second - they were this beautiful, light sky blue color. She loved that color of eyes, but not a lot of people had it. "Oh, um... yeah, was it that obvious?"

He chuckled. "No, not really. I've just been here a while, I can tell when it's somebody's first day."

"Oh. Then I, uh... I must look kind of stupid, huh?"

"Not at all. You seem smart, I think you'll do well here."

"Oh... thanks. I just... I'm trying to act like I know what I'm doing, but I really have no freaking idea."

"You'll learn." Almost immediately after, he held out his hand in her direction and grinned shyly. "Ah, sorry - I must have dropped my manners on the bus or something. My name's Warren."

Weird coincidence, she thought, he had the same first name as the guy who ran the company. She didn't really think much of it though, and took his hand with hers, shaking lightly. "Nice to meet you, Warren. I'm Ryane."

"Ryane?" She could see the confusion in his eyes. "That's... I mean, it's not really a common name for a girl."

"It means my parents wanted a boy. They got stuck with two girls. My sister's name is Andie. I just have an 'e' on the end of mine."

"I think it's kind of cool. Unique, I mean."

She smiled. "Thanks. A lot of people just make fun of it."

The elevator finally stopped and a few people stepped out, chatting with each other. Ryane stood there a second - after all, Warren had been there first. If she didn't get in this time around it wasn't a huge deal.

But Warren simply looked at her and gestured toward the elevator. "Come on now, ladies first."

"You were here before I was... you go first."

He put his hand lightly on her shoulder, and gave her a slight shove toward the doors. "I insist."

What a sweet guy. "Thanks, that's really nice of you." She stepped inside, to the back, and looked on as Warren came in as well. "What happened to the other two people?" she asked as the doors closed.

"Other elevator - go figure," he replied, his finger hovering over the buttons. "Uh, what floor are you going to?"


"Oh, me too. That's good, I guess." He pressed the button and leaned back against the wall, grasping the rail. "I don't like elevators..."

She laughed. "So why don't you just use the stairs?"

"Elevator's faster. I have to get working. So what room are you going to?"


He gave her a little grin. "Meeting the boss?"

"Yeah. I'm nervous."

"Oh, don't be." He put his hand on her shoulder again, and his smile mellowed out. "I know him pretty well, and he's not so bad."

"Wow, that's a relief. I don't think he's the one I need to worry about, I'm meeting Dr. Rao too. She's supposed to be my trainer or whatever."

"Oh, going into genetics?"

"I want to work in a pharmacy, but I guess Dr. Rao wants me to minor in genetics or something. What can you tell me about her, anyway?"

"She's... okay." He shrugged. "She can be a little hard to understand, but basically she tries to do what she thinks is best."

"I hope she doesn't give me a lot of work..."

He chuckled. "Yeah, good luck with that. I think she's going to put you through school with all the assignments she gives out."

"Like... after-work stuff?"

"She wants you to learn. I've gotten my fair share of worksheets from her, on everything from chromosomes and alleles to... yeah, just everything."

"Great. Do you know how long it took me to figure out that blue eyes are a recessive trait?"

"Ha... you're really funny. I think that's going to help you here."

"Hey, speaking of blue eyes-" She was going to compliment the gorgeous pale blue color of his eyes, but she didn't get the chance.

The elevator jarred, and she was amused when she saw Warren grasp the rail with his other hand. "Whoa... whoa, okay. We're here. That always gets me..."

She grinned and walked out first. "Come on or you'll be stuck in there, silly."

He walked out, smiled at her, and reached for her hand to shake it again. "Well... it was nice meeting you, Ryane. Guess this is where we go our separate ways." He let go of her hand. "I hope I see you at lunch though."

"Yeah, me too. You seem like a great person, maybe you can help me figure this place out." She turned, found a door with the number 35 on it, and waved back at him before turning around quickly. Well, here goes nothing but my incredible charm... so basically nothing...

She opened the door and peeked her head in. "Umm, Mr. Worthington, sir?"

Inside this room was a man she recognized as Mr. Worthington, and then the woman she knew as Dr. Roa. Mr. Worthington was sitting at his desk, and Dr. Roa was standing beside him - it seemed like they were both looking at something. But immediately when they heard her, they both looked up and he shuffled the papers on his desk. "Ah yes... Miss Hunt?"

"Yes sir."

"Come in."

She swallowed and walked in, closing the door after herself. "So, um... it's a pleasure, sir. And Dr. Rao, of course."

To her surprise, Dr. Rao smiled at her and walked over, shaking her hand. "It's so good to finally meet you, Ryane," she commented, and her voice seemed to echo in the room. Well, so did everybody's, really. "Do I have work for you. First I need you-"

"Doctor," Mr. Worthington called. "Give me one moment with her and then she's all yours."

Dr. Rao nodded, letting go of Ryane's hand. "Yes sir." She looked at Ryane, then back at her boss, before heading towards the door. "I will be back in a moment."

Once she was gone, Ryane looked at the head of the company, the man who basically held her future, and took a breath. "Uh..."

"Please, come over closer, Miss Hunt. I know I might look scary, but I promise I don't bite." He wasn't exactly smiling, but he didn't look completely displeased with her.

She took a few steps closer and blinked a few times. "Sir? What did you, uh... want to talk to me about?"

Now he smiled, but it was just a flicker of a smile. "You remind me of my son. You're both so shy... anyway. I just wanted to say that, as with all my employees, I expect the best from you, Miss Hunt. I expect you to be punctual and diligent, and if you cease to be then Dr. Rao and I will have a discussion with you, during which your employment may or may not be terminated. Am I understood?"

"Y-Yes sir... I'll be on time every morning, exactly right now. And I'll work very hard - harder than I've ever worked in my life. I want to contribute everything I can to Worthington Labs."

"That's what I like to hear, Miss Hunt. I think you'll do a fine job. Good luck - I hear Dr. Rao coming back now."

As if on cue, the door opened and there was Dr. Rao, carrying two books and a stack of papers. She left the door open, and deposited the books and worksheets into Ryane's arms. "Ryane, for you I have an Advanced Genetics textbook and a Beginning Pharmaceuticals textbook."

"Uh, w-wait a second... Dr. Roa? I got a C in my high school biology class. I-I don't think I can do advanced genetics..."

Dr. Rao gave Ryane what could be described as a smirk. "I have faith in you, Ryane - you seem like a smart girl. Now, I want you to read the first chapter of Pharmaceuticals and the first two chapters of Genetics. Then I want you to do chapter 1 review in Pharmaceuticals and chapter 1 and 2 review in Genetics, then do the worksheets for each chapter. I will come get you after lunch for the other assignment we have for you here."

"Uhh... yes ma'am. Should I do this in here, or...?"

"No, no." She pointed to the door. "Across the hall, three doors down on the right. There is only one other person there, and he is easy to get along with, not too talkative. Alright, Ryane, get working now."

"Yes ma'am." Ryane nodded her head, then turned and left the room.

Ok, so just a few quick notes.

One! Ideally, each chapter will begin with a blog update from Ryane, AKA BigMouth_SweetHeart, to her blog site. Recapping the events of the previous chapter or the previous chapter combined with anything that may have happened in any length of time between the previous chapter and the next. So if, say, one chapter ended and then the next started a few days later, the blog post will let you know if anything fun happened in those few days. Mm'kay? Yayz!

And NUMBER TWO! Ryane's name is pronounced the same way as the boy's name "Ryan". There's an "e" on the end for two reasons. Because I wanted her name to be unique (as Warren says) from just spelling it Ryan, AND because her parents thought putting an "e" on the end made it look (maybe not sound) a little more feminine. So yeah.

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