Charles Hyde never wanted to be drafted into a war of madness.

He was young, healthy, and slowly beginning to rise up in the world as a successful medical doctor. He had learned all he could from school and was now serving at Gotham General Hospital.

Charlie was never the sort of person who enjoyed chaos or pandemonium. He liked to read and paint in his past-times and he rarely ever quarreled with anyone. Suffice to say, he was just an ordinary guy.

Well…until he met them.

They were legends. They were the figures that shaped the dark nightmarish stories that swept through Gotham City after-dark. They had plunged themselves into Gotham's underworld—earning the respect and fear from every criminal and maniac in the city.

And little did poor Charlie know that he was to become one of them.


"Nice work today, Charles," Adam said, giving Charlie a friendly pat on the back. "You're awfully good at what you do. I haven't seen a fellow that was as skilled as patching people up as you are."

Charlie grinned and blushed. "Aw, stop flattering me. I just love what I do."

"Keep it up and you might be promoted to head doctor. Maybe. It depends."

Charlie laughed and went over towards the coffee machine, brewing some of the hot liquid for himself. "Nah, I don't want to have that kind of responsibility just yet. Husbands have that kind of job. I'm not married yet. I don't want to have to be a big-shot bread-winner right now."

Adam shrugged his shoulders. "You're probably one of the few people here with that philosophy right now, man. I envy you. Millie's looking to me to help support me and Jr."

Charlie took a sip of coffee, shriveling a bit at the bitter taste. "Shouldn't she have a job of her own? I mean, just to help out?"

"My Millie was never the sort of working-girl. She likes being a house-mom. Oh well. At least Jr. gets to see her. The way things are going here, I don't get home 'til ten. It's a damn shame, Charles."

Charlie nodded empathetically. "I hear you." Finishing his coffee and adjusting his briefcase, he said goodbye to Adam and got ready to leave for the night.

Poor old Adam. He really deserves a promotion.

Shaking his head in sympathy, Charlie made his way out of the building, admiring it from the outside. What a recovery it all had been! Ever since he had blown it up, Gotham officials had seen to it that Gotham General was rebuilt and remodeled. Now it stood upright and complete in all it's glory, filling his heart with a wave of pride.

It's like a symbol, he thought with a smile. It means that we can still triumph no matter what those weirdoes do to us.

Walking towards the street, he hailed a cab and cheerfully got in.

"We're to?" the cab-driver asked in a gruff tone.

"Walsh Street," Charlie replied. "I'm going home."

"Finally calling it a day, huh?"

"Yeah. Looks like it," Charlie leaned back against the seat, watching Gotham General grow smaller and smaller as the cab began to pull away.

"You shouldn't be staying out so late y'know," the driver said warily. "I heard talk that those clown-freaks were at it again. You can never be too careful. Especially around here. Gotham is one dangerous mother-fucking town."

"Yeah, well I'm not complaining. My job is here and that's enough for me." He closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the ride. Soon, they had arrived at his apartment. Dutifully, Charlie paid the driver and stepped out of the cab, breathing in the cool night air.

Fumbling for his keys, Charlie flinched at the sounds of rummaging coming from the alley-way.

"Must be a cat or something…"

Opening the door and going up the stairs, Charlie entered his bedroom and collapsed on the bed, sighing in contentment. His apartment wasn't really all that much at the moment, but it was comfortable enough to live in.

He decided to flip on the television and silently watched GCN for a bit, laughing at the stupid rumors that were spreading around. Apparently, everyone thought that there really was some sort of human-crocodile running around. Stupid, foolish stuff. The people of Gotham City really did not know when to quit over-exaggerating.

That said, he did not deny the notion that there really were some freaks in the city. That Scarecrow fellow was someone he did not want to run into. And then…them. They both intrigued and repulsed him. They were on a different level of crazy all together. They were like demons—shadows in the night…boogeymen.

Flipping of the television, Charlie lazed in bed for a bit before being startled by the sounds of trash-can lids banging together in the alley-way. For a cat, it was making quite a lot of noise. That wouldn't do. He had to go shoo it away.

Getting up and grumbling under his breath, Charlie made his way down the stairs and stepped out the door.

Going towards the alley-way, he lifted his flashlight and pointed it in the direction of the loud noises, expecting to see some sort of animal scavenging around.

But what he found made his blood turn cold.

A woman was rummaging through the trash, snarling low in her throat. Beside her stood a large older man with a beard and a thin scar across his cheek. The woman was dressed in an elegant crimson coat with diamond symbols and jet-black pants. Her hair was tied up in a set of girlish pig-tails that seemed to bob up and down with her movements.

"It's around here somewhere, Cutter…"

"Harley, I don't think this is the right place."

"Of course it is! Poke said he dumped the disk around here. Idiot. He should've read the files on it more closely."

"He didn't know it had your Arkham Asylum files on it. Could you really blame him?"

The woman lifted her head tilted it at the sound of new noise. "Hang on, Cutter. I don't think…we're alone."

They both craned their heads and faced Charlie, making his knees shake. It was them.

The woman's baby-blue eyes flashed with malicious glee.

"Well well…what do we have here?"


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