Forsake Not the Father by sproutofjane

Time period is Breaking Dawn after the honeymoon. No pregnancy or Renesmee or Jacob. Carlisle decides it's time to initiate Bella into the family. WARNING: Hardcore Adult themes. Slash/FemmeSlash. Homosexuality. Polyamory. Incest Themes. Everything in here is Consensual. If this bothers you, click the little "back" button up there. Thanks.

~Chapter 1 ~~

Bella and I returned home from our honeymoon and were settling into our new life as a married vampire couple with the rest of the Cullen family. The family joined us on Isle Esme for her change and transition period. It was perfect. I wouldn't have done anything differently. Seeing Bella thrive couldn't make me any happier. Everyone has been really pleased with Bella's change as a vampire and how she's adapted to her new skills. Each of my family members watches her with interest enough for Bella and I to notice. I've been deluding myself, distracting myself with Bella, denying the truth. The family is trying to shelter their thoughts so it's unclear to me, but I know deep down what's coming. Suggestive comments or staring at Bella's body lines or the way she moves are becoming very common and obvious. I can't stop staring at her either. I've waited so long for her, for this, and it's all better than I could have ever imagined.

Esme has taken Bella for a run to hunt. Bella and I had what I believe is our first "spat", a heated discussion. It was silly really, but it's no secret that I've always struggled with issues of jealousy and possessiveness. Any therapist would have a field day. But seeing Bella begin to leave our bedroom this morning in a short towel to run through the house and out onto the back patio to retrieve her swimsuit from the clothes line is what set me off.

"You're going where to get what?"

"I just want to snatch my suit from the line. I love the fresh sent by leaving it out there. I was hoping to soak in a little sun today."

"Why don't you let me get it for you; you're in your towel."

"Seriously Edward, I've already realized there are no secrets in this family. It will make no difference if they see me in a towel."

"It will make a difference to me."

"Edward, forever is a long time for you to start off our marriage with you being insecure and overprotective."

Esme walked in and handed Bella her swim suit and suggested the two of them go for a run. I kissed my mother on the cheek and my wife on the forehead and heaved myself onto the bed, crossing my legs and closing my eyes as I folded my hands behind my head.

The breeze of wind and blur of greenery begin to slow as Bella and Esme washed their hands in the stream and Esme began to tell Bella the history of just how close the family is, how they share everything, a very loving and intimate family can not keep any secrets from one another. She began to explain how it was when Rosalie joined the family.

"Carlisle and I were a couple and we naturally expected that Edward and her would be one, too. Unfortunately, there was no chemistry between them and it was obvious that they would have a brother and sister relationship. Rosalie was very lonely when she came to us, having just lost her fiancé, her family, and everyone she knew. Even though we don't sleep, quite often we would have to bring Rosalie into the bed with us and hold her in the dark to calm her. When she found Emmett, things became much easier for her, but Emmett struggled horrifically when he first came to us. He was confused with his new life and angry that he didn't have control over things as quickly as he would have liked. There were many nights they both came to us like scared little children and Carlisle and I would comfort them through the night. Emmett was so brave, yet he craved the love and approval from us as parents, from Carlisle as his Father and creator. This was a hard time for Edward since he had been changed long before and our attention was focused on our new children and he was still alone."

"It was such a relief for Edward when Alice and Jasper came. Of course, we didn't change them and they were already a couple, but it was simply meant-to-be that they would be a part of our family. Edward immediately took to Alice and Jasper. Their special abilities so naturally bonded them in a very intimate way, very quickly. Alice and Jasper had been changed for quite some time and they were stable and independent compared to Rosalie and Emmett and their volatile emotions. But they both felt it necessary to come to Carlisle and me to establish and firm their position as our children. Edward calmed down tremendously as he and Jasper became best friends as well as brothers. Jasper did wonders for the family with his abilities to shift away the hurt and increase the comfort. It was therapy and healing for all of us. Therapy that a vampire family couldn't possibly get anywhere else because the human world offered no understanding or options for our situation."

Bella leaned back on a boulder, relaxing her pondering eyebrows up to the sun.

"Bella we all know our family is complete now that you're here with us forever. I know I didn't birth you or even change you, but I am your mother now. You can always come to me. At anytime for whatever you may need. Because that's my gift, to comfort and give you what you need. So I'm telling you right now to put away any feelings of awkwardness and jump in. Do you understand what I'm saying to you, Bella?"

I could hear the thoughts of the family clearly now that Bella was out. "He's moping over the heated discussion he and Bella had earlier." A constant stream of thoughts flowing from the rest of the family one after another.

Rosalie stops at my door, leaning slightly on the wall, saying, "Remember what it was like when I came, brother. Bella is doing amazingly well compared to how we were in the beginning. Don't take that for granted. Give her time. Give her space to adjust."

I sighed heavily.

Her thoughts continued where her words left off. "Let her rely on the rest of us and not just you all the time. She needs to develop her relationships and support system, Edward. Send her to Carlisle and Esme." She flashed images to him of how they had comforted her when she was new and struggling. Dark, stormy nights. Sobs heaving from her chest. Climbing into bed with Esme, who held her to her chest and stroked her hair. Carlisle spooning behind Rosalie, massaging her shoulders. Rosalie suckling on Esme's bosom and between her legs. Carlisle entering Rosalie to bring her to release.—

"ROSE!" I cursed, to stop her visual barrage. Rosalie shrugged and walked off.

I mindlessly made my way downstairs to sit down at the piano. Emmett's lighthearted attitude encouraged a huge exhale as he played video games. Emmett says to me even though I'm not in the same room, "Dude, Rose is right. Bella is doing amazingly well, you should lighten up on her." Emmett flashed images to prove his point. Bella learning to hold delicate things and manipulate them safely under her new strength. Bella running and leaping. Images of her now graceful legs stretching and pulling in her strides accentuating her muscles and curves. Half naked, landing on me in the woods and riding on my hardened lap.—

"Emmett!" I growled a warning. Emmett responded, "What? It's a small forest. We're bound to stumble upon each other from time to time."

His thoughts continued, showing me another view of Bella and I having sex in the woods. My eyebrow raised threateningly as Emmett mumbled the words he was thinking, "I LIKE to watch."

I stood quickly, knocking over the piano bench on to the floor behind me and lunged at Emmett on the couch. Wrestling and grappling and we fell off the couch crunching the corner end of the coffee table in our descent. Emmett's words came out of the tumbling.

"Bro!" "Sorry. It's just…" "You guys are Beautiful". His face was serious, sincere.

I stopped my attack resulting in laying on top of Emmett on the living room floor, panting, sweaty. I sighed defeated as Emmett just smiled up at me. I grunted in disgust as Emmett jokingly winked, licked his lips, and thrust his hips up into me suggestively a few times.

"Emmett, you stink. Go take a bath."

I lifted myself off Emmett and raked my hands through my sweaty hair.

"I need…Jasper."

I knocked and entered Jasper's room with the welcome atmospheric layer of pot smoke in the air. I looked around for Alice, but almost in response, she turned up the music in her room on the shared wall with Jaspers'.

"Dude, you're all sweaty, were you wrestling with Emmett again?" He chuckled a little.

He knew damn well I was wrestling with Emmett. He could hear it downstairs. Jasper grinned knowingly and patted the lounging couch beside him. I sat down next to Jasper, my legs relaxing into the cushions and my knee fell out to lean against Jasper's. He passed me a toke off his joint and ruffled the back of my hair as I inhaled. I held it for a while and released some tension with my exhale. Jasper's arm rested on the back of the couch as he stroked the hair on the back of my neck. I leaned into his hand and closed my eyes.

I hadn't been with Jasper since long before I'd even met Bella. I'd been such a pent up prude that he finally pinned me and saved me from my balls turning my whole body blue. I loved Jasper. We knew each other all too well and understood so much without ever speaking. He never put labels on anything or had to over discuss things. He just knew what was needed to adjust the situation around him and did what was necessary to get his environment back to the level of love and peace he needed to function.

When I opened my eyes he was looking at my face, waiting. I knew that look. I started to open my mouth to protest.

"Edward. Shut the fuck up. Or get out." Jasper said simply.

I crashed my mouth into his and our pants were quickly discarded. Hands fumbling in assistance. He reached for and passed a bottle of lube and I applied liberally. I pushed him flat onto the floor and pressed my ridiculously hard erection in to his ass with a grunt escaping both our lips. I pounded my emotions out of myself and into him in a way that I could never allow myself to do with Bella. I gripped him so hard that my fists began to cramp. My release exploding into him as my body rattled and shook. Jasper pulled and turned under me, grabbing me fiercely and wrapping his arms around my head and neck and squeezed me to his now sweaty chest. I hadn't even realized that I was crying. He held me there for a long time, I swear he had fallen asleep. He was waiting for me. Waiting for me to come to terms, but not between him and me.

I barely whispered.

"Jasper, she's my wife. I'm supposed to protect her."

He spoke carefully to me, "Edward. She's one of us now. She needs to take her place in the family." He reached for another toke, exhaled and said, "If you love something, let the dove go and all that shit."

He pushed me off and we put our pants back on. I nodded to the hard on he was stuffing into his jeans and he shook his head no and looked over at Alice's wall. Instantly the song blared through the wall (Prince—Get Off) and we both chuckled. Jasper gave me a man hug and a kiss on the cheek and held his door open for me. I stepped out into the hall as Alice was coming out of her bedroom door.

She took a few quick steps and jumped up into my arms and pecked me on the lips.

"Don't worry, Edward. She's going to love it." I winced a little and she flashed me a dozen fleshy visions in her mind. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "And so are you."

Showing me an image of my face squinched up in the ecstasy of orgasm. My jaw hung open in shock as she hopped down and over to Jasper. Their arms wrapped around each other and they giggled as they disappeared behind his closing door. I walked into my room and stood at the floor to ceiling glass window staring out onto the field into the trees where Esme and Bella would likely emerge from. My thoughts were everywhere. I didn't know if I could do this.

While my wife stood before me, discarding her muddy clothes. I tried to get my words out to her and failed miserably. I didn't want to let her go. I didn't want to share her. "Bella you know I love you more than anything and I'd never let anything or anyone hurt you. I'd take you away from my own family if I thought they'd hurt you, Bella." I swallowed thickly and she nodded staring out the window.

We took a shower, tenderly washing each other, giving passionate kisses which led to intense claiming of one another against the tile wall. We had just finished drying off and getting dressed when I heard my Father's voice from the other side of my bedroom door. "Edward and Bella, come on downstairs for a family meeting."

Everyone stood around various parts of the room sort of leaning back. Carlisle and Esme stood next to the loveseat, suggesting we sit on the couch near them. Bella and I stood there, hands wound together, united. Everyone was silent. I stared at my Father, his broad shoulders and his firm superhero-like stance in his posture. I felt like a child the way I looked up to him sometimes, knowing that all along he meant for us to be equals, companions throughout eternity. I pinched the bridge of my nose when I looked into his powerful blue eyes and heard the thoughts that were coming.

"It's time to initiate Bella into the family." Carlisle said firmly with an underlying cocky grin.

The energy was high in the room. No one was breathing, stone still and yet ready to pounce in case I lost it.

I'm not sure what they were expecting, but it certainly was not the words that fell out of my Bella's mouth.

"Carlisle. Esme. I'm ready."

Every eye in the room snapped to her face. Her eyes met mine. She reached her hand up to cup my cheek and spoke softly yet convicted, "Edward, it's ok. I know everything. I've known it all along. Esme made the love clear to me by placing the last puzzle piece in my mind today. We're going to be together, you and I, with this family. Forever. It's ok because it changes nothing between you and I, it only completes us. And I want this."

She looked at me with her eyes urging me on. Jasper was flooding the room with comfort and lust, but I could read her through it now. She meant every word. I kissed her lips and let go of her hand.

She looked back to Carlisle and said, "I'm ready."

She began to follow them upstairs and my creator took her hand in his. I wanted to collapse on the floor and let my head fall into my hands, when my mother reached her fingers around my hand and led me up the stairs behind my father and my wife.