Green Hornet FanFic-ep1

It was a warm Saturday morning, perfect for breakfast by the pool. Britt Reid walks out in his silk pajamas and velvet robe with his breakfast which consisted of a can of beer and 5 Belgium waffles drowned in syrup and about 10 inches of whipped cream swirled on top of it. He sits at the table and opens his can of beer. Kato, his silent chauffeur/bodyguard/mechanic/coffeemaker/companion follows shortly carrying his choice of a delicious breakfast: Chinese porridge with a side of meat and veggies accompanied by a glass of warm milk.

Britt looks at the bowl containing Kato's "delicious" breakfast

"what is that shit? It looks like wet, ripped up toilet paper in a bowl."

"it is not shit. It's Chinese porridge and its healthy." Kato replies in his thick Chinese accent.

Britt makes a disgusted face as Kato placed his breakfast on the table and sat down.

"well, you need to learn how to enjoy real food not…..that" Britt says while pointing to his friend's bowl

Kato rolled his eyes but ignores Britt's comment.

"did we get any Hornet mail yet?" Britt asks


Britt sighed. Ever since they eliminated the evil Chudnofsy/ Bloodnofsy from the "crime list" business was slower than ever. The Hornet mail was more useless by the day….so was the Hornet himself.

Britt sipped his beer then took a huge bite out of his waffle

"so Kato, tell me your tale." He says after he swallows his gulp of beer

"well…I was born in Shanghai, and I –"

Before Kato could finish his sentence Britt cut in.

"no no not that, besides I heard all that crap already. Tell me what you've been up to these past weeks."

"I'm working on the Black Beauty."

[Wow, this man really has nothing to do in his life.] Britt thinks

"Heard that a thousand times. Man, all you ever do is work your ass off. Take a break. Been to any clubs? Parties? Anything? "

Kato takes a moment to think about it

"Oh, last Tuesday I went grocery shopping and I bought-"

"your killing me Kato. C'mon, remember when I said that it's not dying that we need to be afraid of. It's never living in the first place. You're spending your life doing things that only prissys do."

Kato silently drank his glass of milk. He knew he was right, he was wasting his potential. Besides, now that business was slower he couldn't make black beauties forever. He looked up at Britt then down at his breakfast, finishing his last gulp of milk. Britt couldn't stand to see his friend like this. True, he was a hard working employee, but he knew that Kato would always be the first to come and last to leave work. Suddenly a smile spread across his face. His "idea/plan" smile.

"y'know what Kato? We should find you a little girlfriend. It can be like another Green Hornet thing! Like, Green Hornet finds ladyfriend for the Blue Wombat!"

The statement shocks Kato so much he chokes on his milk and sputtering to the side. What the hell was he thinking?

"What?" It was all Kato managed to say as he was still coughing and sputtering from doing his "spit take of shock"

"Why not? If the Green Hornet can get at least 3 chicks per day then so can the Blue Wombat."

"that's because the Green Hornet is a player and stop calling me that! I'm not Blue Wombat." Kato felt his hands balled up in a fist.

"dude, c'mon look at you, you look decent. Well…if you dress better, get rid of that thick accent, and speak every now and then, you'll be a ladies' man!"

Kato picks up his bowl and glass and starts heading inside the mansion. At this point, he was just plain annoyed.

"I don't need you to play matchmaker for me."

Britt follows Kato into the mansion trying to convince him. Although trying to convince Kato was harder than an ant trying to move Mt. Everest.

"why not, then we'll double date! It'll be fun. Look, I have a gazillion babes on my contact list you can pick anyone…except Aria, Hazel, and oh, definitely not Brenda I-"

Kato turned around and looked Britt in the eye,

"I don't need your babes. I… I already have a girlfriend." *[damn it, I said it]*

There he said it. The secret he had kept from him for so long was out.