Green Hornet FanFic- Ep. 53

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Kato got out of the car, greeted the judges and waved at the crowd.

The host handed him a microphone.

Kato took the microphone and faced the crowd. He had never been before a group of people let alone this huge crowd. He saw Hebe in the front smiling at him. He took a deep breath.

It's show time.

Hebe watched as Kato charmed the crowd and presented his model car professionally and enthusiastically.

The crowd roared and cheered after he finished. The judges seemed impressed. Kato walked off the stage and joined the contestants

Everyone watched as the judges walked up and investigated the model, checking every nook and cranny and testing every feature.

Finally, the judges wrote down their score and sealed it in an envelope with Kato's name printed on it.

The announcer introduced several more contestants before the break time.

Hebe rushed to congratulate Kato but found him surrounded by other people. Looks like he's busy, Hebe thought. She was feeling a little bit ignored.

She stood around until the group of people left and Kato was finally alone. Hebe quickly walked up to him. "hey that was really good!"

Kato chuckled "thanks I-" he was interrupted by someone who whispered something into his ear.

"sorry gotta go." Kato said in a rush and went back to his seat with the other person.

"ok" Hebe sighed.

A few minutes later the host called everyone back to their seats. All the judges were lined up and the head judge had a golden envelope that contained the winner of the competition; the name of the person who would win prestige in the mechanical world and a bucket load of prize money.

"Ladies and gents! Attention please!" the host called out through the booming mic. Soon enough the chitter chatter of the audience died down and focused their attention on the host.

"we will now present the winner of this year's national car design competition."

The crowd was silent as the head judge proudly walked up to the mic and opened the gold envelope. He looked at the contents of the envelope and opened his mouth to form words. "and the winner is…"

Anxiety was ubiquitous in the crowd and among contestants.

"Hayashi Kato of the Mike Morris motor industries!"

The crowd cheered and the other contestants clapped as Kato made his way up the stage to accept his trophy and a giant check of prize money.

Hebe cheered him on and jumped up and down from excitement.

"speech! Speech!" everyone chanted

Kato laughed nervously as he approached the mic. "Uh, I would like to thank the judges and sponsors of this event. Thank you to all the contestants, I learned a lot from you. I want to thank my parents who are watching me from above. And last but certainly not the least, I want to thank my fiancé Hebe, because she's my everything."

Hebe blushed and smiled when she heard her name.

After the awards ceremony, Kato was surrounded by reporters, cameras, and other media. He'd gone through interview after interview, talking with people and showing the features of his car.

Hebe eventually made her way up to the hotel room without him. He was scheduled for a press conference it would take her a while to meet up with him

She changed and switched on the television where the news kept replaying Kato's victory. She yawned and climbed into bed.

Hebe was half asleep when she heard the door open. Kato quietly stepped in and was startled to see her still awake.

"hey" he said silently

Hebe smiled weakly "congrats" she reached for the remote and turned off the TV.


There was an awkward pause between them.

Hebe got out of bed and stood towards Kato. "Look, if you still want me to get another room, I-"

She was abruptly interrupted when Kato suddenly took her hand and pulled her into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry" Kato said. He let out a weak sigh "I'm sorry" his voice was muffled

Hebe was surprised but she hugged him back, "It's okay"

"The things I said were really mean" Kato continued as he repeated his apologies.

Hebe quietly listened.

"You were telling the truth the entire time and I didn't believe you, I really love you and I want nothing more than to make you my wife."

"I forgive you, okay?" Hebe chuckled

Kato finally let go and looked down "thank you"

Hebe tilted his head up "Hey, who's my ninja?"

Kato smiled as he leaned and kissed her.

Hebe deepened the kiss as Kato swept her off her feet and carried Hebe back to bed.


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