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Chapter 1- Prologue

Naruto looked over the vastness of the ocean before him. The ocean did not have his sight though, no it was the shore line that he had his sights set on. He was waiting for an attack to come as he stood on the surface of the water. The village of the whirlpools behind him as he stood protectively over the village as the darkness of night rolled in. He knew an attack was coming and he prepared whole hearty for it as his black cloak he wore billowed in the breeze set in by the ocean's current. The only thing that stuck out on him was the purple eyes that glowed in the night from his hood that he had draped over his head.

"They should be coming any minute now, they won't know what hit them" Naruto thought. He knew what he needed to do, he would show no mercy against the attackers, they would feel pain just as his mom had when this very same village had fallen in his time but now he would change that.

"This village will not fall today, it will stand amidst the chaos of battle and will stand for many years to come" Naruto thought. He started to remember what happened to him to be put in this situation because he finally had a chance to change many things he thought should never have happened.


Everything changed on that day. The day the Rinnegan was given to me. Nagato a person with a dream of peace not unlike my own but in the end my type of peace won out.

Konan his partner had watched as Nagato's eyes faded, my eyes changed from their dark blue to the purple of the Rinnegan. She was so shocked at the time it was almost funny. He too was shocked but since he had the eyes now, he knew what he needed to do and that is to make the world a better place. Peace would come in time and he would be the one to bring the shinobi nations into a new era of peace.

I was sixteen at the time I had received these eyes. I had no idea how to use them but Konan showed me how, she helped me develop my own unique abilities along side the one's Nagato had used against me. I knew I was not completely ready to face every challenge quite yet but I knew I needed to start. It had been two years since I first started to train with these eyes. I was eighteen when my training was complete but that was also the same day the Rinnegan had glowed. I did not know what happened at the time but I remember that these eyes I have started to glow brightly before the rings of the Rinnegan began to expand, they expanded even past the eyes themselves.

The rings had surrounded me each with their own separate color illuminating the field we were standing in. Konan did not know what was happening either she stood a bit back from me baffled by the lights. After a couple seconds I could not see anything anymore as the lights from the rings got to bright bathing everything in it's colors. It was the only thing I could see, the colors were so beautiful.

The light started to fade around me, the rings had also began to enclose around me but I did not see any of it because when the light in the clearing began to fade so did my vision. I was terrified at the time because I did not know what was happening but before long my vision turned completely black and I lost track of where I was. It was like I was trapped in a void of endless darkness and uncertainty. The blackness did not last long that which I am very thankful for because I was starting to go mad. When I opened my eyes though I did not expect to see a fight going on in the tree tops around me. The sight of Iwa ninja and Konoha ninja battling it out surprised me greatly.

I knew they had not fought battles like this since the second and third shinobi wars. I slowly had gotten up from my position as I continued to watch the fight ensue in front of me. I had enough of this pointless fight in front of me so I did the only thing that came to mind at the time. It might not have been the best of ideas but it got the results I wanted. I extended my arms out as I called out one of the jutsu I had learned from Konan. Shinra Tensai I had shouted right when the ninja had collided in the center of the field. I watched satisfied as my jutsu that I had called out slammed into them lifting them straight off their feet sending them flying.

Most of the ninja had died on impact with the tree's in the area leaving a bloody mess probably to never come up. Some of the other ninja though died just from contact with my jutsu. I had walked out of that area never looking back to see the bodies. I had better things to do then mourn over lifeless bodies. Any ninja to him that caused needless death needed to die themselves no matter who or what they were.

After I had killed those ninjas I had went to Konoha to see if indeed it was standing because I needed to know if I was back in time during the second shinobi war. The sight that I had seen was Konoha but a different Konoha then I grew up in. Their were more ninja jumping around then he remembered and even the shops were all different. He now knew he indeed did travel to the past. What was I to do though I wasn't sure until I had heard a group of ninja talking about an attack. They were talking about Whirlpool and the possible attack on the place about to go down. He kept listening until he heard that they had caught sight of Iwa and kumo ninja heading towards Whirlpool and in two days the attack would commence. He heard them say the council was still deciding to help them or not and that Kushina wanted to go help but she was too young so they would not let her go. I had clenched my fists so hard by what I had heard they were supposed to be allies with Whirlpool so they should not have to discuss helping them.

My mother's village was going to be attacked, so I headed in the direction of Whirlpool intent to wipe out the Iwa and Kumo ninja before they could land even a single hit on Whirlpool. The second shinobi war was under way and the first place to be attacked was Whirlpool but I was not going to let that happen again. Even though in this time Kushina wasn't my mother and she did not know who I was but I felt dedicated to stop the attack not just for the village but to stop a senseless slaughter that could be avoided. When I approached Whirlpool it had been one day later. I got their so quickly because I did not rest and I did not slow down I wanted to get their as fast as I could. I had entered the village and began looking around. I bought a cloak and new ninja equipment for the battle to come. Once I had everything I needed I walked out of the village passing many Uzumaki's on the way. They had looked so peaceful, that is what made my resolve complete. Many of them had looked at him curiously wondering who he was and what he was doing there. They did not know it yet but he would be their savior.

He had walked out on to the water in the same place he now stood adorning his black cloak among the heavy current of the raging ocean before him.

(End of Flashback)

Naruto's thoughts had been interrupted when he spotted movement on the shore. He got into his ready position as he watched more then five hundred Iwa and Kumo ninja charge across the ocean's surface, some of them got caught in the whirlpools that surrounded the village but he knew a lot would make it through. He was correct as around three hundred ninja made it past the whirlpools. They were getting closer by the second but he stood unmoving defiantly from his spot in the black of night with the only light being the moon that illuminated the water's surface. Naruto looked up at the moon for a second before he turned his sights back on the attacking ninja.

Naruto brought his arms out, palms facing the charging ninja waiting till they got a little closer.

"Shinra Tensai" Naruto shouted out in a deep voice. All the charging ninja saw were purple ringed eyes before they felt a huge force slam into them decimating a huge portion of their forces. Naruto noticed though that some ninja had survived because they were lucky enough to be behind someone when his jutsu had hit them. Over all more then half the attacking force was taken out on the last attack, his attack only left around fifty ninja left.

"I did not want to kill them all in my first attack anyway because I want them to feel pain just as they made Whirlpool feel in my time. This is going to be fun" Naruto grinned as he ran forward Rinnegan shining bright in the darkness of that night.

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