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Chapter 12- A Night to Remember

"I think I am about to call it a night Tsunade" Naruto said. It was getting quite late, around midnight to be exact because the moon light lit up the camp from his position at the bar while he took a sip of the wine that was placed in front of him.

"Why? the night is still young, there are plenty of drinks to go around" Tsunade replied. She drank another shot just as she finished her sentence. Her face was flushed due to the alcohol she consumed that night. He had tried to get her to go home earlier but nothing worked, he hoped she would be done soon but that was quickly dashed.

He turned his head slightly looking at everyone in the make shift bar. The only people left in the bar were the bar tender and two other ninja who looked worse for wear. The place had been packed but now not so much, most of the people had went home around an hour ago.

Naruto sighed taking another sip before placing it back on the counter not wanting to drink anymore.

"Come on and finish it Naruto, you can't let good wine go to waste" Tsunade said. He just stared around the room just nodding his head to her to let her know he had heard her.

A couple seconds later a thud came from his left so he turned his head to see what it was and what he saw made him sigh. Their with her head on the counter, one Tsunade was knocked out cold due to drinking to much.

"Come on! Now I have to carry her back to her tent" Naruto said. He knew complaining would not help him so he slowly stood up hoisting her up bridal style leaving the bar quickly because the two other people in the bar were eyeing her form up. The bar tender didn't really care as he cleaned up the empty glasses left behind.

He arrived at her tent moments later flipping the flap up as he entered placing her on the bed that was laid out for her. Before he could pull away however a hand shot out grabbing his arm stopping him cold in his tacks.

"Don't leave Naruto-kun, you need a place to stay don't you. So you can stay here if you want" Tsunade said. He turned his head slightly towards her seeing her sitting up in the bed but not by much because she was swaying looking ready to fall over any minute.

"I can't stay here you need your rest Tsunade" He said laying her back down on the bed fully. She pouted trying to pull him down on to the bed with her bed but he was stronger then she was so she had no success. She kept trying for a couple minutes to pull him down, lucky for him she passed out seconds later.

"Finally, dealing with a drunk Tsunade is hard. It is especially hard when she teases, it makes you just want to rip her clothes off and fuck her like a rabbit" Naruto thought. Any man would be lucky to be able to have a girl like Tsunade. His thoughts were cut off as a ninja rushed into the tent yelling.

"Tsunade there are four battalions of ninja here wanting permission to enter the camp" the chunin exclaimed put of breathe.

"Be quiet, she drank to much so most likely she will be of no help because she is out like a light" Naruto replied pointing to the knocked out women.

"What! She is the only one that can authorize them to enter besides Orochimaru but he isn't in the camp at the moment" the chunin shouted once again. Naruto appeared in front of him clasping a hand over the guys mouth to stop his non sensible rambling.

"I will authorize them entrance so don't worry about it just lead the way quietly so I don't get my headache back" Naruto replied gaining a nod from the chunin as they exited the tent heading towards the entrance to the camp site.

It took around five minutes to get their since Naruto took his little old time getting their enjoying the nights fresh air that surrounded him. The moon looked amazing as it stuck out above anything else in the night sky giving off a light for everyone to follow.

"I was able to get someone to allow them entrance but it is neither Tsunade or Orochimaru" the chunin said to the other guard who stood watch. He also caught sight of around sixteen ninja a couple feet from the main camp. So he calmly walked towards them greeting them kindly to the camp.

"Welcome, I am sorry that neither Orochimaru or Tsunade were able to greet you but I am here to permit you guys entrance. Once you enter this chunin guard right here will point you to were everything is" Naruto said pointing to the guard that brought him here. The guards eyes widened before slumping a bit realizing he had a long night in front of him now.

A blue haired man stepped up out of the ninja before him.

"Hey Naruto it's been awhile, I haven't seen you for a couple months now" Dan said. Naruto stepped forward shaking the mans hand.

"Its good to see you Dan, we got to hang out tomorrow if you and I are not busy" Naruto replied. Dan nodded wanting to see what happened, he had heard a couple things had happened with Naruto's camp so he would like to hear the story behind it.

The ninja were ushered into the camp by the chunin guard. The guy wanted to get this over with ass quick as possible since he had been on the job now for about twenty four hours.

"Well I guess I will go check on Nagato, he probably is sound asleep but I have to make sure since I am the one that brought him here" Naruto thought as he walked back into the camp site heading towards Seya's tent.

He liked the night, it soothed him. He did not know why but the night air mixed with the light from the moon made him feel so relaxed. His train of thoughts were pushed back as he approached Seya's tent. Their was a small flicker of a light that illuminated the tent but not by much, so he guessed that Seya must still be up.

"Why is she still up" He thought. He flipped up the flap of the tent catching sight of a sleeping Nagato on the same futon he laid on before but in a different position. He looked over towards the small desk in the corner seeing that the small light came from their.

(Lemon Begins)

He saw Seya leaned back in the chair moaning with her right hand down her pants. His eyes widened at the scene that played in front of him, he quickly tried to back out of the tent as his eyes were locked on to the beautiful figure of Seya, her long dazzling black hair fell over the back of the chair she sat in. Her jonin vest was wide open, as well as her grey undershirt was lifted just above her breasts as one hand fondled the left breast. He guessed her size was around D cup but he wasn't sure. He didn't get much time to think about it as he kicked a notebook that was on the ground sending it sliding across the floor coming in contact with the wall making Seya jump out of the chair pulling her hand out of her pants while also pulling her shirt back down.

He didn't get much time to react as he found himself laid out on the ground while Seya straddled him with a kunai pointed at his neck. Naruto felt this was very exotic since Seya looked worn out from what she was doing before.

"Naruto?, what are you doing here. I thought you would have went to bed by now" Seya asked as she pulled the kunai away from his neck but did not get up from the position she was in.

"I could say the same for you, but I sort of got my answer when I saw you doing your thing when I arrived in the tent" Naruto replied chuckling slightly as the thirty four year old women on top of him gained a red blush that stretched cross her face indicating that she was embarrassed.

"I have to admit, I couldn't stop staring, Your very beautiful, I just wish I didn't hit that damned notebook maybe I would have got more time to observe" Naruto said. He laughed lightly as Seya punched him in the arm gaining an annoyed look before a blush once again framed her face.

Since Seya was straddling Naruto, He began to feel the wetness seeping through her clothes from her pussy. He guessed that she didn't have sex for awhile since she has been on a mission now for months.

"I don't mind that you saw me but you could have alerted me that you were here. I would have just showed you if you asked" Seya replied. She couldn't take it anymore, she was so horny so she threw the vest off her that had laid open only leaving the grey undershirt left on. Her D cups pushed against the tight shirt so much it looked like the shirt would rip any moment. Naruto stared at the large lumps until he couldn't hold back anymore reaching up with both his hands pulling the grey shirt up and over her head throwing it to the side as well before his hands went to her perfect breasts gripping them firmly as he switched their positions with him on top of her as her legs were now spread apart.

"Naruto-kun, I can't stand it anymore so please take me. Please screw me, I have been holding my hormones back for to long" Seya said moaning as her mounds were squeezed tightly. Naruto leaned forward giving Seya a deep kiss on the lips gaining a loud moan in response as his tongue entered her mouth wandering her mouth getting a taste of her. Seya's arms reached up wrapping around Naruto's neck deepening the kiss further as his hand worked their magic on her boobs. He rubbed her pink tipped nipples as his hands massaged them gaining numerous moans from the women under him.

He broke the kiss moments later staring deeply into her eyes.

"Are you sure about this Seya" He asked her not wanting her to feel bad if they went any further then what they were doing now. She was panting he noticed which meant that she was loosing control of her senses.

"I'm sure Naruto-kun, so please don't stop. I want you inside me please I can't take it anymore" Seya replied. Her vision was cloudy, her hormones were so strong.

Naruto leaned forward giving her another deep kiss on the lips as his arms trailed down her sides reaching her pants. He released the kiss as his right hand slid under her pants and panties reaching her pussy as he began to rub her beautiful pussy.

As his hand did it's job on her pussy his left hand slid into her pants from behind gripping her firm but perfect ass.

"Oh Naruto-kun that feels so good" Seya moaned out. He leaned his head down taking Seya's left nipple into his mouth sucking on it. Milk flowed out as he drank the luscious fluid. It made him hornier as his pants began tightening around his member.

He didn't stop his ministrations, two of his fingers slipped into her pussy plunging into it's depths over and over again as he gripped her ass tighter wanting to get the most out of this experience.

"Her milk tastes amazing" Naruto thought. He plopped the nipple out of his mouth leaning upwards giving Seya another kiss on the lips as his two finger continued to pump into her pussy. Seconds later Seya arched her back as a loud moan escaped her lips. The kiss they were sharing covered most of the sound up though.

"Now it's your turn Naruto-kun" Seya said purring slightly. She was not holding back any longer because she couldn't her body would not let her.

She flipped him over on to his back as she got on to her knees seductively. She slide her pants off slowly before flinging them against the wall leaving her wet panties on for him to see. She began rubbing her pussy through the fabric giving him the perfect view. Naruto lifted his shirt off throwing it against the wall as well. Naruto went to pull off his pants as well but Seya pushed him on to his back before he could. Her black haired framed her sharp but rounded face with those beautiful hazel eyes that shone.

She grabbed the top of his pants sliding them off along with his boxers although a bit slowly teasing him. She threw them against the wall before slowly crawling between his legs taking his ten inch member in her right hand stroking it once to get a feel for it gaining a groan from Naruto.

"Do you like this Naruto-kun" Seya asked. She began stroking him faster gaining more groans from him, she leaned her head forward taking the head of Naruto's dick into his mouth sucking on it a bit.

"That feels good Seya-chan" He replied. His ringers reached up entwining in her hair as she bobbed her head up and down taking his ten inch dick into her mouth. He began groaning louder as she took the whole cock deep into her mouth bobbing her head faster wanting to drink his cum.

"Fill my mouth up with your load" Seya said. Naruto nodded slightly as she stroked his dick while bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

Seconds later Naruto gripped her head slamming his dick deep within her mouth releasing his large load. She tried swallowing most of it when Naruto pulled out but she began to cough and choke on the huge amount he had released. He patted her back looking at her worried.

"Are you ok Seya" He asked. She nodded looking straight into his eyes giving him the ok to continue. He smiled as he pushed her on to her back not giving her enough time to react as he ripped off her panties throwing them off to the side before he dug in.

He grabbed her legs spreading them wide open giving him the perfect sight of her drenched pussy, her pussy was soaked so he would get a good taste of her. He leaned his head down as he took a experimental lick of her pussy gaining a massive moan from Seya.

"Oh Naruto that feels so good" Seya said. Seya grabbed her luscious boobs with her hands rubbing them in all directions as her pleasure increased.

He licked her pussy again liking the taste, so he started eating her pussy forcefully as he began sucking on the folds. His tongue entered her pussy licking her inner walls. His right hand went a bit up to her clitoris as it began rubbing it and pinching it. Her pussy got wetter by the minute as he ate her pussy up. His left hand gripped her ass tightly because her ass was perfect. He couldn't get enough of it.

"I'm cummmmminggg Naruto-kun" Seya moaned loudly as she arched her back withering from the intense orgasm that raked her body to know end. He had opened his mouth wide as her pussy began to squirt taking the juices into his mouth leaving none behind. As she came down from her orgasm he began to lap up the juices that remained around and in her pussy.

He crawled over top of her looking deeply into her eyes.

"Did you like that Seya-chan" He asked her. The only answer he got was her arms wrapping around his neck as she leaned up kissing him deeply. He kissed her back forcing her head back on to the ground as they got lost in their pleasure.

Naruto thrusted his dick deep within her pussy as they kissed gaining a loud moan from Seya in response. He released the kiss as he pulled his dick almost all the way out thrusting it back in. Before long he was pounding her like their was no tomorrow. Slapping, moaning sounds were all the two could hear. His dick plunged into her ruthlessly. He grabbed both her breasts squeezing them tightly. His mouth slid to her neck nibbling her a bit as he kissed down her neck to her collarbone hitting all the right spots. His mouth then traveled to her left nipple taking it fully into his mouth. Her moans were growing more ecstatic as time went on, he plunged his dick deep within her as he released his load. He watched as Seya arched her back milk shooting out from her nipples getting him more excited then he was before.

He did not give her time to relax though as he flipped her over on to her knees

"Wait Naruto not th-" Seya was cut off as Naruto plunged his dick into her ass making Seya's eyes widened not expecting this to happen. He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands as he began to slap them gaining loud moans from Seya. Naruto began pumping her ass with his dick leaving no room for Seya to catch her breathe.

"That feels so good but please fuck my pussy some more" Seya moaned out. He pussy was so wet, she was practically begging for Naruto to switch back to her pussy.

He pulled his dick out of her ass as he placed it in front of her luscious wet pussy. He plunged into her as he began pumping into her. He leaned forward grabbing her hair pulling her back as his thrusts got deeper by the second, Seya was lost in a world of bliss.

"Seya-chan I am going to cum inside again" He said. Her pussy began tightening around his member so he picked up the pace as his dick plunged into her harder and faster.

He turned her on to her side as he thrusted into her from right behind her grabbing both boobs in the process squeezing the nipples as milk shot out of them.

Naruto thrusted his dick deep within her pussy as the walls around his dick clamped down locking it in place as Seya leaned back into him as her body gave out. His load shot into her filling her up to the brim leaving no room. Some cum leaked out as her pussy was full.

He plopped his dick out as Seya snuggled up against him panting from the amount of pleasure they just went through.

"Thank you Naruto-kun I feel so good" Seya said. Naruto smirked as he grabbed her lifting her up bridal style throwing her on to the second bed before she had any time to react.

"Naruto-kunnn" Seya moaned out as he plunged his dick into her pussy again. He began pumping her pussy getting moans in response from Seya before he laid on his back placing Seya on top, his dick still deep within her.

"It's your turn Seya" He said smirking.

She nodded her head as she began to ride his dick. Naruto reached up cupping both of her boobs in his hands rubbing the nipples as she continued to plunge up and down on his cock. He twisted her nipples as another orgasm shot through her body stopping her mid plunge falling on to her back panting. Naruto's load shot out all over Seya as she panted. Naruto looked down at her wondering what to do next before a thought crossed his mind.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass again" Naruto asked her hoping she would say yes. She nodded her head not able to respond normally from the pleasure that raked her body at the moment. She got on her knees sticking her butt straight in the air waiting for him to start.

"Please fuck me, I need more" Seya said. She was very stressed out so he was their to make her feel much better.

He leaned forward over her grabbing both her boobs rubbing them in multiple directions kissing Seya on the lips deeply as the tip of his dick entered her ass. He plunged his whole dick into her ass once again as he began to pump her ass. The futon was shaking badly as Naruto thrusted her fast and hard.

"Damn your ass is so tight" Naruto said. He grunted as he pumped her tight ass. Seconds later Seya could not handle it anymore as her body fell to the bed withering from another orgasm that shot through her body making her pussy squirt juices all over the bed.

"Naruto-kun, don't stop" Seya said panting.

An hour later Naruto watched as Seya passed out under him from another orgasm that raked her body. He slowly got off the bed looking down on it seeing that the whole bed was soaked to the core.

(Lemon end)

"I guess we got a little carried away" Naruto thought. He looked around the room gathering all his clothes up putting them back on. He walked towards the exit to the tent flipping the flap up. He turned his head slightly back seeing the beautiful face of Seya come into his vision.

"This was one hell of a night but I don't have time to rest or relax. I have to go train even though I am tired as hell" Naruto thought. He left a note behind telling Seya where she could fined him in the morning if she wanted to. She might be mad at what happened but she also might not be.

Naruto sighed by all the thoughts that were passing through his head at the moment.

"At least I am getting some practice for when Kushina gets older" He thought. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind for the moment since she was still to young, along with Mikoto.

He hurried to a forest just outside of the camp to work on some of his new moves he came up with.

"I guess I will work on my kenjutsu first since I am not alone" He thought. Naruto began cutting up trees, releasing wind chakra from the blade to do more damage.

About an hour later the two Ame ninja that were hiding in the bushes jumped out running towards him with kunai drawn. Naruto smirked at how stupid they were at charging at him a potential threat. They must have been angry not being able to catch any of his techniques being used. He jumped over the first one cutting through the neck sending the head rolling as the body fell in a shower of blood. The second one tried to run but before he could a sword went through his chest as he joined his team mate on the ground leaving a giant pool of blood.

"What a night, I have sex then I am attacked.. I wonder what will happen next" He asked himself. Around ten ninja surrounded him right after he asked the question making him sweat drop before he smirked finally having the chance to try out a new jutsu he wanted to try for awhile now. He went through hand seals as the ninja around him began their attack but they did not get the chance.

"Lighting style: Magnetic Field" Naruto shouted. The ninja stopped in their tracks as around four tons of force slammed into them sending them pan caked into the ground before the area lit up yellow, shocking all the downed ninja leaving only smoldering ashes from the intense heat the lighting had created

"It worked but it would not work on strong opponents yet. They would react faster then these guys who did not expect it" Naruto thought as he continued his training for the night ignoring the smell left behind from the bodies which still laid their. The smell was horrific but he would deal with it because his training was more important.

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