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shadows dance across the sky and caterina valentine sings across the moon.


nothing but a damn tragedy, that.


it's the essence of tragedy. the pretty, smiling, laughing redheaded girl and the handsome boy and the relationship – theirs – that is far too easy.

and then boom – bam – crash – it's over in a tidal wave of emotions and she's gone crazy and she giggles too much and eats too little and –


jade west is beautiful when she takes beck from cat valentine. she is beautiful in the dark way, the way that screams BITCH BITCH BITCH and mascara and manipulation and ELECTRIC and god, everything fizzles at her touch.

beck does too. sorry is all he whispers to cat and HE WAS HERS FIRST –



cat loves the way jade is beautiful., but most times she hates it – loathes it – abhors it. she sees beck and jade and hands and touching and kissing and coffee and she misses that – she wants him back – back – cat & beck versus the world (or maybe just jade, maybe just versus jade).

no matter how much she tries to hate jade, it never works, because –


tori vega starts out as a monster – and she means this quite literally.


he likes her, plain and simple, and jade knows this and tori knows this and CAT KNOWS AND CAT KNOWS AND


he is a puppeteer master, and they're just looking to be thrown away. i loved you, but it's not going to work out, he says to jade west at the end, or maybe it's the beginning, cat's not even sure anymore.

he leaves jade as broken glass on the floor and cat & beck is so irrelevant now it's not even funny, anymore.

she laughs anyway.


beck & tori makes jade want to kill herself. beck & tori make she, cat, realize exactly how meaningless she really is, and god oh god – giggle - she's not, she's just not anything at all – nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING, not even –


jade succeeds in suicide and beck, oh darling beck, he cries for her – cries crocodile tears; cat cries real ones because she can't just not care.

it's just not in her nature to not care even if everything does hurt like hell –


beauty is the base of want and love and need but most of the time –


is the base of tragedy.

(she laughs no longer – she is in third place, bronze, FORGOTTEN – and the white room – she can't hurt anymore, no, not anymore –)


(and what, pray tell, is the difference?)

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