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It had been a long day of running from Mumm-Ra's forces, and the group was very tired. they had bedded down for the night in a briar where they believed that they wouldn't be seen. Tygra was resting by Liono's side while WilyKit and WilyKat were curled against Cheetara. Liono was already asleep when Tygra glanced around the camp site, wrapping his arm quietly around his younger brother's upper body. No one would sneak up on them while Tygra had his back to the dead tree that currently decorated the briar patch around them. Liono was everything Tygra had left. Claudis had informed him of his adoption into the royal family when he was 16 years of age, the same as the lighter colored male that was currently under his paw at the moment. Tygra had figured it out long before then, obviously when he realized the different markings and the fact that he was always babied by the queen when she was alive. Bless her heart that she lived so long after the heart condition set in. Tygra remembered her well.

Tygra started to allow himself to drift off to sleep as the smolders of the fire died down, leaving the place coated in darkness. As long as Liono was under his paw, things would be ok. There was hope in the young wielder of the Sword of Omens. And Tygra knew it was a long journey for the younger male, in both emotional bounds and physical leaps.

-a rustle

- a snapping branch

- a growl

-a thud on the back of his head

-a muffled yelp

-the kids screaming

-and nothing

Liono awoke to his new/old room, and found that nothing had been changed. All of his trinkets had been left in the same place. All of the shelves had been left undisturbed, and the blankets were still strewn over the bed in absolute disorder. He remembered the night that he'd flopped down on these very sheets after the disagreement with Claudius. That same night resulted in Thundera's fall and his father's death. After all that happened that night, the disagreement wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. At least his father could see him earn his title of prince once before Grune's betrayal left him open to Mumm-Ra. Liono couldn't help but wonder what would happen to them now. Tygra was in the next room, probably padding around the unusually organized dwelling that made Liono's chambers look like a dump. He was probably thinking of some way out, if not at least get himself out to lead a resistance against Mumm-Ra. A small look around and a push to the stone wall showed that Mumm-Ra's forces were not as stupid as they looked. They had taken away his technology, mostly the remaining bombs and odd things that he still didn't know what they did, but they removed them none the less.

A knock on the door pulled the young prince from his thoughts. He turned as the door opened abruptly.

"The master wishes for you to come see him in the meeting hall." A lizard said as he closed the door and took his leave. Liono obeyed, knowing that any rebellion on his part would only lead to more pain and suffering for his people, as previously threatened by both Grune and Mumm-Ra. He pushed himself off the bed and started to walk down the hall, musing on the events that led them here and what could have gone better.

"There are many Thundarian laws I have read over the past few weeks, young Liono…" Mumm-Ra began as he started to pace back and forth in front of the standing youth. Liono kept his glare to a minimum and tried not to look the monster who had killed his father in the eye.

"One particularly curious one caught my eye…" Mumm-Ra continued. Liono tried to be as polite as he could by agreeing in quaint words.

"You see… with the death of the king… anyone can take the Thundarian throne at this moment… if the royal heir agreed to their hand… in marriage…" Mumm-Ra said as he approached the cub and placed a heavy, unwelcomed hand on Liono's shoulder. Liono felt the need to vomit. He wasn't sure what the clearly evil being was getting at, but he couldn't help but notice Grune's smirk as the blue skinned being spoke.

"What are you talking about?" Liono said as he felt bile rising in the back of his throat. The heavy hand slid up to the cub's chin and held it firmly in place. Liono didn't like being held like this, simply because it kept his throat exposed and the evil creature had already proven himself untrustworthy.

"I won't be around very often to lead the current populous… so… I'm passing my duties onto Grune… who can clearly take the role of King better than I could…" Mumm-Ra said as he forced the cub's head to look at the larger male. Grune was nothing short of pleased to hear of his new title, undoubtedly announced to him hours ago if not days.

"So what do I have to do with this?" Liono asked, trying to keep his head relatively straight as he felt the now strengthened creature (he still didn't know exactly what Mumm-Ra was…) release his head and pace back to the throne. He felt the urge to run, but came to a logical conclusion that even if he tried, the guards would have pinned him in a moment, if Grune didn't force him to the ground just for turning his back on Mumm-Ra.

"Oh dear boy… you have everything to do with this." Mumm-Ra said as he walked back up to the throne and tossed himself on the seat. He motioned for the rest of the guards to leave them, and Grune grunted in approval as the last of the guards filtered out of the hall. Liono felt a cold chill run up his spine in fear as he felt the need to run. Grune was at his back, less than five feet from him, and there was nothing he could do about it. If he tried to escape, then he would be tackled to the ground. If he tried to run, he would be caught. If he tried to fight, there was no way that he'd stand a chance against Grune. Even without back up, Grune was a former general of Thundera. Liono was a lightweight to say the least. Even if he managed to get a good punch in, Grune would have taken him out in a moment.

"What are you talking about?" Liono said as he felt the fur on the back of his neck rise to a prickling point.

"You see… Grune has had a strong affection for you since you were young… and he has asked me to grant him your hand… so, in turn, he will be king… and you will be his…" Mumm-Ra stated as he looked around the throne room.

"Forget it…" Liono growled as he pulled against the chains that held him. They clicked against the stone floor. A vague memory of playing near the throne on this same floor came back to Liono as he did his best not to launch himself at the monster. He heard Mumm-Ra sigh as he started to look downwards. He didn't want to be in the same room as this monster, much less hear how the same male that had betrayed his father wanted his hand in marriage so he could rule the country.

"Sad you think that… because Grune will have no problem just taking what he wants…" Mumm-Ra said as he motioned for the larger male to come closer. Before Grune could reach out to grab the younger, now struggling male; a familiar orange and black striped figure threw itself from the balcony and right into Liono's chained form. A large sword found its way to Grune's nose, it's tip gleaming in the dimmed lights of the palace hall.

"Don't lay a paw on him, traitor." Tygra said as he pulled the younger brother into his half embrace. Liono let himself relax a bit, knowing that Tygra was ok. He had feared for his brother's life when they were captured, and hadn't seen him since.

"Don't play the hero, cub." Grune growled as he moved towards the younger males. Tygra held his sword tightly, ready to stab Grune if he gave him so much as a awkward look.

"My my… what have we here?" Mumm-Ra said as he admired the new development.

"Nothing, master. Just a cub trying to play hero without his armor." Grune said reluctantly, growling at the orange male as he did so. Tygra pulled Liono closer to his chest as he held his stance. Grune bore his fangs at the younger male, but it did nothing to deter Tygra.

"A cub you say… boy. Who are you?" Mumm-Ra barked. Tygra looked up to the monster and smirked.

"I'm Tygra… adopted brother of Liono… and son of Claudis…" Tygra said as he granted the beast a momentary glance.

"How are you to son of Claudis?" Mumm-Ra asked as the guards ran back into the throne room.

"By title, love and grace only." Tygra responded. Mumm-Ra smirked at this new development. Oh this would be fun. And judging from the look on Liono's face, the younger of the two youthful males didn't know anything about this little development. His fear and sudden distress was clear.

"Sir, I will get rid of him for yo-" Grune started, moving towards the young striped male.

"That won't be necessary, Grune. Come here… Tygra… and Grune…" Mumm-Ra said as he waved them both over. Both males followed the orders as Tygra kept his sword nearby. He knew he couldn't trust Grune.

"Guards… take Liono back to his room. Gently." Mumm-Ra said as he waited for the guards to escort the trembling youth, who was still calling out for Tygra, out of the court. When the heavy doors had closed themselves, Mumm-Ra turned to the two males.

"Grune… you were bested by this… youthful lad here but only a moment ago. He claims to be the adopted son of Claudis… and you were once a great general for this land… so… whichever one of you can earn young Prince Liono's favor by the month's end… will be given the hand of Liono in marriage… and the kingdom." Mumm-Ra stated.

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