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Liono awoke with a splitting headache. He didn't really remember right off the bat where he was, but he was warm. And rolling on his side proved that someone was next to him. He tried to pry his unusually heavy eyelids open, but gave up after a minute of fighting with them. He felt the arm that was occupying his left side pressing against his rib cage move. It felt good to know someone was there with him, even if it was just for securities sake, or the fact that he'd been left alone in the room he once sought so much refuge from the world for far too long for comfort. He used to think that these white walls would protect him from the taunts and jests of the people who thought he was a total loser, now he just wished that he could hear someone talk to him.

Liono moaned as he tried to make his exhausted body do something. He should be investigating who was next to him… though, if they hadn't hurt him by now, he was probably safe enough. Grune certainly wouldn't have allowed the younger male to sleep this long. He'd probably be growling at him by this point to wake up and follow him to whatever awful wedding crap he's been forced to observe. Pfff, like Liono was even going to get a say in what happened to him in this embarrassment of a wedding. Cats were suppose to marry for love, and on occasion- politics, but not because of some blue skinned creature told him he had to marry. Liono was the future king of Thundera! Not this joker! And certainly not Mumm-Ra!

A moan next to him caused the younger cat to break away from his rampant thoughts. The tone of the moan hit home with the young male. It sounded like Tygra… but Tygra wouldn't be here. He was always very conservative when it came to comfort, only offering it to the females of the castle. The mere idea of offering to his younger brother was stupid to say the least. Liono tried again to open his eyes, and was greeted with the bright morning light shining in them. It was close to dawn, and the sky through his balcony window was a pink, yellow and purple painting. There were a few clouds out, sending even more colors through the sky… but none of them matched the darker colors of the male next to him. Despite his thoughts, Tygra was resting next to the younger male… and happened to have lost his shirt sometime in the evening hours. His heavy paw was draped over Liono like a dead animal, making Liono's breathing harder than the previous nights exhaustion had already left him. He tried to turn over to escape the weight against his chest, but only found that his shoulders and waist refused to move. He couldn't really feel his hips, but gave up on trying to move away from the tiger as the other's arms came around his smaller form in a teddy bear hug. Liono released a groan of defeat, realizing that this wasn't going to go anywhere soon…

"How you feeling, cub?" The tiger said as he nuzzled the younger male's mane unintentionally. Liono grumbled against the sensation of having someone rub his mane like that. It felt really good, but he tried to fight the fact that it was Tygra doing it. After all, the male didn't usually act so… so… friendly- towards him. Tygra was usually hitting on the next piece of female tail that came his way, not snuggling with his little brother.

"I'd be better if you'd stop trying to cuddle me…" Liono said with a blush. Tygra growled at his through a smirk, making sure that the child felt even more uneasy than before.

"Aww, is cubby Liono trying to escape his big bruver?" Tygra said in a mocking voice. Liono, trying to resist the urge to laugh, allowed one tiny scoff to escape through his mouth. He couldn't help it, Tygra was funny. Even when trying to resist the bastard he was funny. Tygra smirked as he pressed his nose into the cub's fur and breathed out. For some reason, he was just calmer when he knew where and how Liono was. He felt Liono relax against him, almost as if he realized they were the only ones in the room.

"I feel a little better…" Liono finally answered. Tygra was worried that his baby brother wasn't about to become ill again or start throwing up blood. Who knew what Grune or Mumm-Ra had done to the boy while he wasn't there! He could have been ill from internal organ damage for all Tygra knew! (1) And Grune wasn't one to keep his naughty paws to himself! For all Tygra knew, Liono could have been poisoned by one of Grune's love potions in an attempt to get the adorable brat to fall for him!

"How's the stomach?" Tygra asked as he released the cub's upper body to observe his eyes and forehead. Liono's temperature seemed ok, but his eyes weren't dilating at the rate he'd hoped they would.

"It feels ok… why do you care?" Liono asked, shocked that his big brother would be acting like this. It wasn't like he was going to disappear in a moment if he'd been allowed to get up. Tygra pulled back, a look of confusion adorning his face.

"Well… I… I… I was just concerned." Tygra said, trying to convince himself that was all he was trying to do. Something was wrong here… and he felt that it was within himself. Some strange feeling was arising from the back of his lower chest, ebbing its way into his heart and slowly blossoming into a strange, exotic flower that had never grow in his hest before. He was almost afraid to identify this feeling, but chose to leave it be as he sat up and pretended to stretch.

"Let's get up for the day… you and I can go check out the damage to the kingdom. I'm sure the lizards have dismantled everything of any worth…" Tygra said as he slipped on his shirt and boots again. Liono yawned as he agreed, showing off his tiny fangs. Some cats had huge fangs, like Grune, but Liono had tiny little fangs. They were so small, one would almost call them feminine. Tygra liked Liono's features… because they were so cute. He didn't think they were cute like a little cubs cute, but cute like… like… oh, he couldn't even place it. He smiled as the small mouth closed itself, enclosing the tongue and teeth that looked so small.

"Why are you staring at my mouth? Is there something wrong with my teeth?" Liono asked as he started to run his tongue over the white surface quickly. Tygra laughed as he pushed himself towards the door, allowing the brat to get dressed in privacy. He ran over to his room to make himself decent, nodding a hello to the guards as he passed them. After making sure nothing had managed to catch fire in his quarters the night before, Tygra set back out of his room and started for downstairs. May as well get a jump on things while his brother was getting ready. he managed to find a few of the Riders (anyone know what those things were?) still in the paddocks, and saddled them up quickly.

"TYGRA!" A familiar female voice came from behind him. He looked up from the second mount's straps to see Cheetara jogging her way over to him. Her speed enhancing braces were gone, and she seemed a little less worse for wear than himself and Liono. Cheetara was a nice girl, but didn't seem to be too bright on most days. Perhaps it was the training as a Cleric, or just the fact that Tygra was above average in intelligence, but she seemed... lacking in an standard Cat education. Claudius's predecessor had made sure to institute a standard Cat education into each young mind born in their lands. However, as royals, Tygra and Liono were protected against the common public. Not out of spite, simply because they were easily targeted and young enough that they could have been taken without too much trouble and removed from the city quickly. No king was willing to lose their child, as any parent would understand, so the royal cubs were tutored in the higher educational arts within the safety of the palace walls and under the close eye of the king and queen.

"Cheetara!" Tygra said as he opened his arms to hug the young woman. He'd missed all the others since they'd disappeared, but Liono was still his primary concern. Cheetara hugged him roughly as he tried to release her after a moment.

"What happened to you guys?" She said as she started to check him over for injuries. Tygra smiled gently at her.

"We're fine, thanks to them being so busy, but it's going to be a stressful future I'm afraid." Tygra said as he started to check her over as well.

"What do you mean?"

"Liono's apparently been placed into a bit of a competition, and he's the prize. He's not suppose to know about it, something about bias or something, but he is suppose to wed Grune if I don't win..." Tygra said as he stared down at his feet. He was really at a loss of what would happen if he failed... but fleeing was a good option, assuming he could outrun Grune and sabotage some tanks just in case.

"You mean the Law of Succession?" Cheetara said. Tygra's eyes shot up.

"What are you talking about?" He asked, quite surprised by her informative quip.

"When a King passes, anyone can challenge the heir to the throne for either the kingdom or their hand in marriage. However, if they happen to be the younger of the litter, their elder siblings must fight for their honor. If the elder wins, they keep the kingdom, if not, they are wed within a day. It's the old Thundarian law. Since you are Liono's elder, that makes you his current champion. After all, future rulers do not fight their own battles. It sends the wrong message to the public, and manages to usually favor the royals as victors when the competitors fear harming their potential mate." Cheetara said, sending Tygra reeling from the information. What the hell? Wasn't she suppose to be the cute cleric- oh wait... that's right... she's trained to understand all the rules that surround the kingdom. Duh...

"So... you said competitors?" Tygra asked as he lifted his hand to his face, inquisitive look falling on his features.

"Yes. As in, more than one. Anyone can jump into this competition, including commoners and others from various regions. There are no limitations, except revealing it to the prize is not allowed, and demands immediate expulsion." Cheetara said. Tygra felt ill all of a sudden. The thought of losing Liono to anyone was scary, but now he could have even more competition than before. Grune was going to be hard enough to defeat as it was, but the idea of some of the assholes they had faced in the past (and thoroughly beaten more often than not) trying to combat for Liono's hand scared him. Liono deserved better! He deserved a mate who would love him! Not some asshole that was trying to rule their own country! And given, Tygra and Liono had an entire empire to repair as soon as they finished their quest (not likely now… but the quest could wait. The world wasn't going to explode because of this), there wasn't really much of a country to repair right now. Half the populous alone had died in the initial bombings alone. Tygra knew he'd have to start practicing as soon as possible. Chances were, with this much competition, his chances of winning Liono's freedom shrunk with every competitor that crossed his mind. He hoped at least the duelist and Slithe hadn't decided to enter. Last thing he needed was for those two to be striving for Liono's neck instead of his hand. And he KNEW the duelist would want to have Liono's head mounted on his wall after he took the Sword of Omens as his own.

"So basically... I'm screwed in this competition no matter how I approach it?" Tygra said.

"Well... not exactly..." Cheetara replied as she reached for something in the large satchel she had on her back. Tygra, in all his acute male senses, seemed to have not noticed her shoulders while staring at her... well, you know Tygra.

"What's that?" He asked as she handed him a smaller sword. It kinda looked like the sword of Omens, but no power was felt flowing from it.

"It was suppose to be an extra sword should the Sword of Omen's metal ever give out. Jaga had it hidden in the relics of the temple he used to train us in. He gave me the spell to let out it when we were captured after the battle for the city. So... since you can't use the Sword of Omens, this will be your weapon. It's enchanted, but not to the magnitude of the Sword of Omens. I hope it will lead you to victory..." Cheetara said as they both heard Liono's paws hitting the floor from just inside the castle.

"Thank You-" Tygra only had a moment to whisper as she swiftly dodged behind a bush and gave him a thumbs up.

"Ready to go?" Liono said breathlessly. Tygra had to admit, the cub was cute when he was flushed. He smirked and raised his hand to Liono's head to give him a signature Tygra rub. Liono tried to pull away, but let loose a laugh the Tygra used to hear only when they were much younger and far more innocent than these times had left them.

"Yeah cub, ready to go..."

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