Disclaimer: I don't own digimon. Or Wings of an Eagle. Or Russel Morris. I've just been to this one concert he did at the Melbourne Zoo.

For those of you who are now really confused, this is a Sora-based fic inspired by Wings of an Eagle, a song by Russel Morris, the lyrics of which I have included at the end. The song is loosely based on an old Koori (Aboriginal Australian) story about seeing an eagle in the sky before you die. Midori and Toshi (short for Toshihiro) are the names I've given to Sora and Yamato's two children. Not much else to say except that this is not romantic in the slightest. It is Sora. Nothing more.

On the Wings of an Eagle

With a warm cup of tea in my hands I sat on the front step of our little country house My little country house, I reminded myself. I had no children to look after any more. No digimon always needing to be fed. No Yamato to love me.

I was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans that probably hadn't seen sunlight for years. Since I'd joined the fashion business nearly thirty years ago I'd rarely worn anything besides business suits and kimonos. Well, I was through with all that. No more high heels for me.

This was the first day of my new life. I'd quit my job, and there were others who could carry the business on. I didn't need to work any more. Since my two children had grown up and moved away Yamato and I had moved out of the city and lived here, by the forest on our own. He had retired so I kept on working to bring in what little money we needed for a middle-aged couple and a Gabumon.

Although Yamato had had enough extra-terrestrial adventures he was asked to leave earth again just a few months ago. Right after my birthday, actually. There was going to be another trip to Mars and since Yamato had been there before his former employers asked him to go along and lend a hand. But this little educational mission ended up being his last. My beloved Yamato died millions of miles from earth, where no-one would ever find his body. I didn't even know he was in danger until I found Gabumon's body in the laundry. Is it any wonder I didn't want to be a fashion designer any more?

Did I ever want to be a fashion designer? It was seen as one of the most 'feminine' career choices anybody would make. So how did a red-headed tomboy, who enjoyed fighting evil digimon as much as she did playing soccer, end up with flowers and a fashion studio?

Because it's what everyone else thought should happen I suppose. When Myotismon first invaded Odaiba my mother and I really realised how much we loved each other, but it wasn't until a year or two later that we stopped fighting. Because I changed from Sora Takenouchi to Mrs. Takenouchi's daughter. I was the daughter she wanted me to be, and not the tomboy I loved being.

That was the story of my life from then on. I was what other people wanted me to be. I basically lived for everyone else. I was my mother's daughter, Taichi's team-mate, Mimi's friend, Yamato's girlfriend and Miyako's mentor. And somewhere along the line, while trying to please everyone else I stopped playing soccer and took up tennis. I t wasn't as dangerous as soccer. I didn't get nearly so many cuts and bruises and I certainly didn't come home plastered in mud from head to foot. Eventually even tennis gave way to ikebana, flower arranging. That pleased my mother no end. But I suppose it didn't really please me.

I gave up who I was to become what she wanted me to be. How could I have been so foolish as to give up the soccer-playing tomboy I loved to be? Sora Takenouchi, what happened to you? I became Sora Ishida, I guess, but changing my name didn't mean I had to be any different. The changes had already been made. I'd changed my name back now, back to Takenouchi. I didn't want to be branded as Yamato's wife forever.

Would changing my name back be enough, though? I have heard so many times that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I'm not really that old, though, although I'm sure many people would call me a dog. It wouldn't be learning new tricks, either, just old ones that I've begun to forget.

I finished off the last of my tea and placed the cup carefully on the step. I wanted to walk through the forest for a bit. My mother never really liked letting me outdoors, but then she didn't like going outdoors herself. Not that it mattered, I could do anything I wanted with my life now. My mother died several years ago. I didn't have to be her daughter any more. I could be me.

It was a cool morning. Summer had only just finished but winter was winging its way around to us pretty quickly. The leaves on many of the trees were already losing their bright greens and changing to autumn's brown, gold and deep, deep red. Sometimes the trees look like they're on fire, the leaves are so bright. I can hear a bird calling to another somewhere out of sight. I wonder if it's going to take to the air and go looking for the friend it's searching for. It's been a long time since I last flew.

Before I know what I'm doing I grab the branch of the nearest tree and hoist myself up. One branch after another. Goodness, Takenouchi, you're over fifty years old and you finally decide to climb a tree again. It feels good, though, to stretch my muscles and work my body to make it do what I want. The world of fashion isn't a very athletic one. Pretty soon I'm at the top of this tree, staring up at the overcast sky. There's a bird up there, an eagle, perhaps. I never saw many birds back in the city, and certainly none with the grace and power of an eagle. It's flown far above me, just riding the breeze. Not like Biyomon used to fly.

Biyomon. Funny that I should think of her now. It's been a long time since I last saw her. It was during one of those periods when I was very unhappy that she left. I was worried about work, the children and Yamato, who was sick; one day I just snapped. I got really annoyed with Biyomon and said a lot of thigs I didn't really mean and I know she did too. It was wrong to take my worries out on her but there I had gotten so sick of everything that I didn't really care. Biyomon took it all pretty hard and just left and never came back. I should of gone after her, I should have known it would be impossible to track her down. I think I did know, somewhere inside me. Still, I let her go, and I haven't seen her since.

I wonder where you are now, Biyomon. Do you live your life just as you did before we met, just going on without me? Do you ever get lost without me to help you? Do you wonder what happened to me?

And if I called you, Biyomon, if I was in trouble and called for you, would you answer?

Perhaps that's what I'll do, now that I'm free of my family and my responsibilities. I could look for Biyomon. Find her, tell her how sorry I am. I'd never thought about this before, what I would do every day now that I've no job and no family. Where are you, Biyomon, when I need you the most?

The faintest of sounds, a little electronic bleep, interrupts my thoughts. I shift my weight on the tree branch and I can feel something in my back pocket pressing against my skin. Awkwardly I wriggle around and manage to slip my fingers through the denim and feel them close around something hard, but the shape so familiar I suddenly feel a rush of memories threatening to overcome me.

I pulled the digivice out of my pocket. I had lost it after Biyomon went away. So it had been here all the time, sitting in the pocket of my old blue jeans, one last vestige of the real Sora Takenouchi. And of Biyomon. I peer closer. Why is it flashing at me? Why is it making these noises I haven't heard for so long? And why do I feel so happy about it..?

"Because you always knew I'd come back." says Biyomon, standing on the end of the branch. I'd been so preoccupied I hadn't heard her land. Her voice is deeper than I remember. A sign of age, perhaps.

"I'm sorry, Biyo." I whisper.

"I know. You weren't yourself that day, and neither was I." she shrugged and moved closer to me.

"I haven't been myself for a long time, Biyomon."

"I know that. I think... I think that's one of the reasons I left. You were so... pretentious. You were trying to be everything to everyone, but you stopped being Sora. And I didn't like this stranger you'd become, I liked my old friend Sora." she looked at her clawed feet, a little embarrassed. "I guess it would have been better if I'd told you, huh."

"Maybe. But you're right, I was trying so hard to please everyone else I started to forget what really mattered. It's just a pity I only realised until today." I sighed, a little dramatically. "I've no family any more and my friends are all elsewhere, I'm over fifty years old and I finally realise where I went wrong."

"That doesn't matter, Sora!" Biyomon looked up at me, her eyes shining. "I'm here. We can be together. You don't have to live for other people any more. You can be Sora Takenouchi all the time."

I could feel a smile spreading across my face, just a little one at first, but it broke into a huge grin. "Yes, I can and I will. Why don't we go for a ride, Biyo? It's been such a very long time since I last went flying."

I looked at the digivice in my hand. I held it out in that familiar grip like I had done so many times before, all those battles I'd fought and won. That we'd won. I wasn't on my own any more. So for the first time in over thirty years I became the real me, the tomboy.


Biyomon leaped into the air, spread her wings and laughed as the power flowed from me through the digivice and to her. She was glowing now, and looking positively radiant. "Biyomon, digivolve to..." The light was growing stronger, spreading outwards, until that familiar form broke through her shell.

"Birdramon!" I finished for her. The old bird had never looked so beautiful.

"Come on, my friend." Birdramon said, with her toothy smile. "I'd better help you out of that tree, you're getting a bit old for that sort of thing."

"Don't you worry, Birdramon," I grinned, "I've got plenty of life to live yet." So I leapt off the tree and gripped the feathers on her back. And once more I was flying.

It was an overcast morning when I stepped out of the house today, ready to start the rest of my life. Not the best day for new beginnings, in most people's books. When you can fly, however, there's no such thing as a cloudy day. Birdramon and I flew right through the gloomy-looking clouds and right up above where there was an endless expanse of blue sky. We were together again, human and digimon, just like before.

Once more I was Sora Takenouchi. I was not my mother's daughter, Yamato's wife, Midori and Toshio's mother or Taichi's friend. I certainly wasn't a fashion designer. I was the girl Biyomon had waited for for so long, the girl she followed and protected and loved without second thought. I was me, just the way I'd always wanted to be. And I promise that I will never be anyone else ever again.


So ends my story. The words of the song are here (please note that due to the way Russel Morris sings the 'Why you?' line sounds a lot like 'Wahoo!'):

Well I'm looking out on an overcast sky in the morning
I can hear the warning as it calls to you
As the birds migrate and the wind is raised I see the eagle soaring,
although I'm just a pawn in nature's game like you

Why you, why you?
Why you?

On the wings of an eagle I find myself lifted through the skies
Lifted up above the world to see
On the wings of an eagle I find myself lifted through the skies
Lifted up above the world to see

Can you see me?
Can you see me?

As the days roll on and the nights get long, the changing of the seasons
And the falling autumn leaves they bring me down, they bring me down, they bring me down

Do you lose your way in the middle of the day, do you see your brother crawling?
And all the while he's calling out for help from you

Why you, why you?
Why you?

On the wings of an eagle I find myself lifted through the skies
Lifted up above the world to see
On the wings of an eagle I find myself lifted through the skies
Lifted up above the world to see

Can you see me?
Can you see me..?

(© Russel Morris 1972) Well, why do you think I'm called Rocke&Roll?