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All due credit belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Credit for this collection belongs to yours truly.

001: Chimes


There was a set of chimes hanging directly from the doorway, four glistening beams hanging from their halo. Streaming between them hung a single, copper flower that would stir its surrounding companions. As the door would swing open when an occasional customer stepped in, the chimes would sound and Ino would glance up from the piles of magazines thrown over the check counter.

One would think that mere chimes would make the same melody when rattled, but for Ino there was always one particular rhythm she'd stop and listen for. It was a soft toneā€”one that would whisper into the flower shop rather than sing. It was a sound that reflected the poor soul who never wished to make a bold impression. Ino knew it as Shikamaru.

Only Shikamaru could cause the chimes to whisper.

It was on those rare days that Ino would look up with her orbs of bright ice, smiling widely at the bland expression already watching her. She would offer an informal welcome, and he would drag himself onto the spare stool she kept in the corner.

"Business's slow again?"

"Yup. It's Tuesday."


Mind you, he would only come in to chat for a handful of minutes before rising onto his feet again. Hands shoved into his pockets, he would give a sloppy yawn, as though informing her that she had bored him enough for the day. An arm would slip behind his neck, and he would offer a meek smirk before blinking away the drowse. Before she knew it, his back would turn to her and all she would see was his tall figure slipping towards the entrance with a hand midway in the air.

"See ya."

The knob would rattle and the door would click modestly behind him, the chimes giggling silently as he disappeared. With her head resting on a palm, Ino would continue to smile at the lonely doorway, eyes warm and distant.

He always glanced back, smirking, but he never bothered to tell her that. She already knew.

. . .

Author's Note:

Hello, all! I am back with a sequel to my previous collection, cloudless. This new collection, tintinnabulations, will consist of various drabbles based on sounds. They will also revolve around light fluff, which I'm sure you will all enjoy. This idea crossed my mind one late afternoon when I was walking home. Sounds from all around came to me ( when I'm alone I tend to listen very attentively due to having my head in the clouds ), including the sound of leaves crunching, my footsteps, the chimes hanging from a neighbor's rooftop. It screamed ShikaIno to me.

Since I know that a few will come at me with certain comments and/or complaints, I shall make it clear that this series is in no way made to follow the current manga chapters/storyline. These drabbles are for the pure enjoyment of fans looking for some open minded snippets. I am also aware that drabbles are generally 100 words in length, however, in my book I consider drabbles as anything below 1k. Call them vignettes if you prefer.

Request rules:

I am opening up a request bank for tintinnabulations since you guys tend to have very interesting themes to offer. Simply leave a single worded theme of something that can make/is in relation to sound. It can range from crickets to bellow. I do not mind. The more complex/challenging to write for, however, the better.

Do keep in mind that I am returning to my classes this upcoming Tuesday, so updates will be kept at a minimum. I will do my best to take every request into consideration, and I will most likely take them in regardless.

Thank you all. I hope to see you in the future! ~

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