(A/N: Revised and rewrote the first chapter)

Spies Like Us – An achievement awarded when you bump into an enemy cloaked spy while playing as a cloaked spy.

Title: Spies Like Us
Chapter 1: Run

It was definitely not the weather for a battle… and a capture the flag battle, for that matter.

"I fricken hate this!" Scout's voice echoed throughout the Respawn room. "This sucks on ice!" he added with a grunt, venting all his frustration on an unlucky bucket. There was the loud clang of metal against brick followed by a sharp rattle as it spun a few times on the floor before conveniently landing right-side-up. The Bostonian scoffed at this. "Frickin' weather," he muttered bitterly under his breath.

Usually, the Medic would be the one to berate him for his immature behaviour (him being the unofficial "mother" of the team, much to his dismay) but instead, the doctor had idly sat himself on one of the benches, proceeding to busy himself with cleaning his bonesaw. No one complained. To be honest, none of them had the energy to shut Scout up even if they wanted to. The boy seemed to notice this and continued his ranting, much to the BLU Team's irritance.

"Doktor…" came a low, gruff voice from the far right of the room. The physician paused and looked up at the Heavy, whose broad back faced him as he stood in front of the large glass windows. The dull glow of the flurorescents outside caused a faint shadow to pool at the man's feet, flickering occasionally. Medic set his weapon down on the bench before walking over to his comrade.

"Ja, Herr Heavy?" he said inquisitively as he approached. Silently, his friend raised a large fist and pointed at something outside the window. The doctor followed his gaze, seeing nothing but the interior of their empty base. He was about to question him when he saw the automated metal door slide open.

The two of them stared at the base entrance as it was lifted noisily, revealing the relentless downpour outside. The screech of the metal door was drowned out by rapidly falling rain and soon, the echoes of thousands of raindrops filled the Respawn room. Medic winced; it sounded as if the entire building was rattling. A moment later, Heavy spoke up, as if recalling what he wanted to say, "I don't have good feeling about—" The man was silenced as a streak of white light sliced the sky in half. Thunder soon followed, growling, no, snarling, as if daring them to go out. "Weather," he finished, though there was really no need.

Mission begins in sixty seconds, the cool voice whispered through the speakers, only securing the dread that had built up in Medic's gut.

"Ja…" the German sighed, pushing his glasses higher up his nose.

"We just got here, we have to fight at night and now this!" Scout wasn't finished, apparently, the sound of the downpour outside having refuelled his frustration. "We're screwed!"

"O'roight, we geddit! Na amount of yer whinin' is gonna help us kill 'em bloody REDs," Sniper growled, feeling his last nerve snap.

Silence followed as all eyes fell on the sharpshooter, who simply turned away and walked towards where the weapons were kept. The Australian grumbled under his breath as he heaved the door open and replaced his sniper rifle on the racks. His shoulders seem to droop when he did this, and Medic could have sworn he heard him sigh.

"Snipes?" Scout called out uncertainly.

"Na way oi can snipe in this weatha," everyone heard the man mumble. He said it louder on purpose, just to give the team a heads up. "Look'aut fer the spook, you lot," he added, referring to the enemy spy. A moment later, the man emerged from the room, a large bow and a handful of arrows in his hands. Spy spotted the unmistakeable outline of the Razorback slung over his shoulder and smirked.

"All ze best, mon ami," he said before taking a long drag from his cigarette, the smile never leaving.

"Yeh, yeh," the man waved his hand nonchalantly, not sure whether the Frenchman was mocking him or not. The Australian huffed, adjusting the shield on his back. 'You can never tell with those no-good spies...' he thought just as the countdown echoed from the speakers.

It had been twenty minutes and seven failed attempts by the BLU Team.

'Of all places, why Double Cross?' Scout thought as he dashed out of Respawn for the eighth time that night. His grip on his scattergun tightened as he ran down the stairs, paranoia gnawing at his nerves and the tingle of his most recent backstab lingering. 'No way anyone's gonna get anyone's intel tonight.' He skidded to a halt in the middle of the base, furrowing his eyebrows as he stared at the gaping entrance. The storm still raged outside, peppered by the loud echoes of thunder and explosives – Scout couldn't tell the difference anymore. It was a wonder the lightning hadn't hit anyone yet. 'Maybe it would charge the doc's uber faster,' he thought, grinning at the mental image.

"You o'roight, mate?" he heard Sniper's voice behind him.

"Yeah, just thinkin'," he replied, absentmindedly twirling his scattergun before resting it on his shoulder.

"Ah, well, don't hurt yerself."

Scout scoffed and turned towards the smirking Australian. "Go do your job," he gave his friend a shove. "Dem enemies aren't gonna headshoot themselves."

"Already told ya I can't," the taller male reminded him, holding up his bow. "Rain an' night aren't really the best conditions for me."

"Dey ain't the best for anyone," Scout muttered, earning a chuckle and a small pat on the head.

Before the younger male could retort, the man's hand had stiffened. It hastily dropped to join the one on his bow, and Scout could hear his grip tightening on the wood. His fingers plucked at the elastic with unease while his steely gaze was trained forwards, scanning the battlements outside. The Bostonian tried to follow the sharpshooter's eyes, but he saw nothing but the heavy rain. "Snipes?" he looked at his friend uncertainly.

"There's a Spy heading this way," he heard him growl. "I saw him cloak."

Run away.

That was the only thought in her mind. It resounded through the depths of it, relentlessly repeating over and over, pushing her forward a few more steps before her legs would give way again. Pain shot up her leg, causing her to stumble and fall for the God-knows-how-many time that night. The harsh concrete grazed her injured knees and tears of pain welled up in her eyes upon impact. She fought them back as well, curling herself into a ball to prevent the heavy rain from hammering against her wounded abdomen. She was definitely not in her best shape tonight. 'How did I get here, anyway?' the question entered her mind. Violet gripped at her head; the fatigue was beginning to blur her memory. She had to get out of here.

Blocking out the pain, she heaved her body up onto a pile of wet sand, trying her best to think of a plan.

She ran through her options: using her forcefield would definitely give away her location (which was not the safest, to say the least). A missile screeched as it flew over her head and she pressed herself closer to the sticky mound of wet sand. Praying that no one will step on her, she clasped a hand over her mouth to quieten her panting. Staying invisible was usually an easy feat for her but her concentration was quickly wavering and in her current state, she doubted she would have enough energy to even stay awake.

You have to keep running.

'I know,' she thought to herself, warm tears joining the cold rain on her cheeks. 'But it's so hard.' Her vision blurred before refocusing and Violet blinked at the red tinge under her invisible hand. Ignoring the needle-sharp pain at her side, she rolled to her left. 'Darn!' she swore to herself as she saw a bright red outline of her body on the sand. A small pool of blood had formed at the base of the mound, gradually trickling away with the rainwater.

It wasn't her location that she needed to be concerned with now; she was losing a lot of blood.

I'm going to die.

With shaking fingers, she pulled herself onto a nearby crate, frantically trying to see past the stars clouding her vision. There was a faint outline of a building; it didn't seem too far, or maybe it was just a few steps away. She couldn't tell, her depth perception wasn't at its finest right now. All she needed to know is that she had to get to shelter... fast.

I'm going to die and I don't even know where I am.

The thought frightened her.

Swallowing the cold, wet air, she gathered whatever energy she had left and channelled them to her feet. She ran. She ran even though she was slowly losing feeling of her right leg. A small bit of relief swept over her. At least she was still invisible. 'I'm probably doing the most awkward sprint in the history of time'. She scoffed; of all times to be self-conscious...

Her leg was almost useless as she slowed down to a limp. She dug her fingers into her left arm, trying to numb out the pain that had resurfaced during the sprint. 'There's probably a trail of blood behind me,' Violet thought as she cursed silently. Trying to blot out the sick feeling of dread in her chest, she narrowed her concentration to the bright, square entrance of the building. The colours were beginning to blur and meld together now, and a dark void framed her vision. Violet felt her breath hitch in her throat. 'No, not now, just a little more,' she urged herself to stay conscious.

So close, the door was so close.

Just as she was about to run through the entrance, she slammed right into... something. All she could see was the bright lights of the building as her body made contact with the ground. She bounced once before skidding to a halt, extremely disorientated and wondering, what had she ran into? It was as if she slammed into thin air... Was there a forcefield around the door? Or an invisible person? No, that can't be...

Pain, white hot and searing, attacked her left arm, breaking her out of her train of thought.

I have to get inside.

With one final burst of energy, she pushed herself to her feet, swaying on the spot. Tenderly, she rubbed at her temples to ease her aching head. She froze. She could see her hands. 'No,' she thought, urging herself to disappear. It didn't work. This was bad, she was too weak.

"SPY!" she heard someone bellow in the distance and her heart skipped a beat. Did he see her? The loud whoosh of a missile launcher was unmistakeable even though the rain.

I'm going to die.

There was the sound of footsteps close by but there was no one there. Her heart skipped a beat. Where were they coming from?

"Attention, mademoiselle!" a disembodied voice yelled into her ear before she felt herself being pushed into the building.

A moment later, there was an explosion and various bits of what seemed to be a man in suit flew in all directions.

Violet was out cold.