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"Happy Birthday."

Shizuo glanced up at Izaya as he stood at the foot of the sofa, holding a small box in his hands. It was perfectly wrapped in navy blue paper with a silver bow on the top. Why Izaya had chosen those colors, Shizuo would never know. Perhaps he thought they suited the blond best.


Shizuo set his book down, watching with curiosity as Izaya walked over toward him. He handed Shizuo the gift, sitting on the arm of the couch as Shizuo played with the ribbon.

"It is your birthday, isn't it? Exactly twenty-five years since you came into the world as a miniature monster."

"Wow, thanks Izaya. That's really nice of you to say." Shizuo grumbled, unimpressed at being called a monster again. Izaya chuckled and shrugged.

"Were you honestly expecting me to sugar coat everything and shower you with affection?"

"No not really."

"Good, so just open your present so we can put this day behind us, hmm?"

Shizuo rolled his eyes, "Just cause you can't stand celebrating birthdays doesn't mean I can't."

"Doesn't the idea of turning older bother you? You're already halfway to fifty."

"And you're right behind me." Shizuo said with a grin. He watched as Izaya bristled at the idea. The raven always wanted to stay young. 'Forever Twenty-one' as he liked to say. The blond tore the paper easily, though he still tried not to rip it too much. Izaya watched inquisitively as Shizuo opened the box and nearly recoiled.

"The fuck?"

Shizuo tipped over the box, letting the pack of cigarettes fall into his open palm. Izaya burst into laughter, hunching over as Shizuo threw the package across the room.

"Damn Flea!" he growled, getting up to wrestle the brunet to the ground. Izaya fled, laughing harder as Shizuo chased him around the room. He scooped up the box of cigarettes, tossing it back toward the blond. Instantly Shizuo stopped in his tracks, as if afraid to even touch the pack.

"My God, this is too priceless!" Izaya wheezed, laughing too hard to breathe properly, "You act like it's going to bite you!"

"Izaya! What the hell were you thinking buying that shit and giving it to me!"

Izaya walked back over, picking up the cigarette pack again and opening it, "Well first of all, I thought it'd be hilarious to see you freak out over something you used to love."

"I never loved them, they were just the only thing that-"

"That kept you calm, I know. However, the second reason why I bought them…" Izaya pulled out one of the white sticks, slipping one into his mouth, "If because they taste delicious~"

He bit off the end, chewing it, nearly choking when Shizuo's expression turned from one of anger, to one of confusion, ending with disgust.

"You just…!"

"It's candy, you idiot!"

Izaya shoved one of the candy sticks into Shizuo's mouth, surprising him. He nearly spit it out before he realized the cigarettes didn't have a filter on them, and they had almost a chalky and sweet taste. He chewed on it experimentally before eating the rest.

"It's candy?"

Izaya nodded, placing the pack into Shizuo's hand. "I saw them online and thought I should buy a pack. Almost as a…'congratulations on not smoking for almost a year' gift, as well as a birthday gift."

Shizuo paused for a moment, turning over the package in his hand. It looked eerily real, but the candy sticks couldn't be harmful. Plus it would help with his growing sweet tooth…

He slipped it into his back pocket, "Thanks Izaya." He noticed the raven smile a moment before shrugging it off.

"It's no big deal. Just thought it'd be a nice thing to do."

"So you have the nice gene in your body?"

"Ha ha." Izaya rolled his eyes and brushed past Shizuo to head to his bookshelf. The blond trailed behind him, looking over his shoulder as the informant read the titles.

"So that's it? No more birthday surprises?"

"Nope, my schedule is full. That's all the free time I had to squeeze you in."

Shizuo smiled, wrapping his arms around the thin brunet, resting his chin on his shoulder. His thumbs brushed against Izaya's hips, lifting his shirt slightly, "That's too bad. I was thinking we could celebrate a bit more."

Izaya tried to ignore the brute's advances, reaching up to grab a book from a higher shelf. However, the movement allowed Shizuo to press closer. When he was standing flat on his feet again, his ass rubbed against Shizuo's groin.

"You had more in mind?"

"I'm sure you have an idea."

Shizuo pulled Izaya flush against him, nuzzling his neck softly as he peppered gentle kisses on his skin. Izaya pretended Shizuo was playing around and opened his book to flip through the pages. But it was hard to concentrate when he could feel Shizuo's semi-hard erection against his ass. Not to mention Shizuo started leaving a mark on his pulse point.

"Shizu-chan…I'm not in the mood for this."

"I can put you in the mood."

Izaya sighed. He really did have work to do today. Of course Shizuo would want to go at it when he had a full schedule. "Shizu-nng.."

Shizuo used on hand to still Izaya's hips so he could grind his own against him. His other hand slipped up the front of his shirt, fingertips flitting over Izaya's sensitive stomach gently.

"Come on, it's my birthday."

Shizuo's tone was teasing, but also slightly needy. Izaya groaned, "Fine." Maybe they could make this fast and he could get back to work.

Shizuo turned him around quickly, pressing him against the bookshelf and smashed his lips against his own. Their lips melded together easily, moving to a silent rhythm.

Each had their own way of kissing. Shizuo would describe Izaya's as seductive, perfectly performed, and teasing with the way he would sometimes bite the blond's lower lip, or swiftly slip his tongue into his mouth for a split second. Izaya would say Shizuo was sloppy, aggressive, and mediocre - yet warm and tender at the same time.

When they kissed each other, their styles mixed and made a whole new sensation that the two became addicted to. It was hot, passionate, loving, and desperate.

In no time, they were glued together, their arms tangling around each other as they tried to get as close as possible. Izaya dropped his book to the ground, using his arms for another purpose. He clung to Shizuo as the blond lifted Izaya, cupping his ass to hold him steady. Thin legs wrapped around Shizuo's waist, bringing their hips together.

Groaning into their reckless kisses, rubbing their erections through their jeans. Izaya used this moment to push his tongue into Shizuo's mouth and suck on his tongue.

"Mmnn…" Shizuo groaned lowly, sliding his hands up Izaya's sides. He lifted the shirt up to expose his stomach. He pulled away from the kiss, panting slightly from the intensity. He lifted Izaya up higher, locking his arms under Izaya's ass to hold him steady. The sudden movement caused the raven to panic slightly from being shifted. Any remarks Izaya was going to make quickly melted away when Shizuo began to kiss and nuzzle his belly.


Izaya curled over him, clinging to Shizuo's shoulders as the blond easily carried him away toward the bedroom. He could feel Izaya shuddering from the butterfly kisses he was leaving. He loved how sensitive the brunet was when he was gentle.

Gentle. That was the key word. As he walked up to the foot of the bed, he contemplated dropping him like he normally would. He knew Izaya preferred a slightly rough night of lovemaking. He thought that half of the fun and thrill was the desperation and neediness.

However, he decided to change it up a bit. It was his birthday after all.

He carefully lowered Izaya to the bed, still kissing his stomach and chest as he did so. He crawled over Izaya, using his hands to hike up the fabric more so he could kiss his chest as it rose and fell quickly. And when he softly flicked his tongue against a pert nipple, he drank in the sounds of Izaya's breath hitching and his hands fisting in the sheets.


Shizuo moved up higher, slipping himself in between Izaya's legs. He laid his body against the raven's, moving his kisses up to meet with Izaya's parted lips. Izaya laced his fingers in Shizuo's hair, holding him close as the blond slipped his arms around the other's waist.

The sounds of their breathy moans and their wet kisses seemed to fill the room. Their bodies were growing hotter as they rubbed their erections together. Izaya tried to pick up the pace, but Shizuo was determined to keep the it slow.

Izaya rolled Shizuo over so he was lying on top of him. Normally Shizuo wouldn't disagree with this change in position. It felt damn good when Izaya rode him. But if that happened, things would be quick. That wasn't his plan today.

Shizuo rolled him back over, tangling their limbs together as he pinned him down. Izaya narrowed his eyes slightly, annoyed at the action.

"Shizuo, speed it up."


"No? The one time we're having sex and I have work to do, you decide we have to go slow."

The corners of Shizuo's lips turned upward a bit at the statement. It was cute seeing Izaya so uptight about his work. He quickly pecked Izaya's lips with a gentle kiss, "I'll make it worth it, trust me."

He pulled back, reaching for a pillow to prop under Izaya's head. The raven quirked a brow, confused as to what Shizuo was even doing. His lover smiled down at him, running his hands along his body.

Shizuo rubbed his thumbs in small circles, coaxing Izaya to completely relax. It took a moment for Izaya's suspiciousness to fade away. He closed his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy the gentle massage.

After a few moments, Shizuo had an idea. He reached over, grabbing another pillow, and tore the corner with his teeth.

"What was that sound?" Izaya murmured as he cracked an eye open.

"Just close your eyes."

The command made him open his eyes fully, "Why should I close my eyes?" Shizuo huffed, sitting back so he could tear off part of the fabric on the pillow. Izaya sat up abruptly, "Oi, that's my pillow! What are you doing?" He reached for it, but Shizuo held Izaya away.

"I wanna try something-"

"And it involves destroying my property?"

"Calm down, it's just a pillow. You can sew it back up later."

Shizuo kindly pressed Izaya back down onto his back, lifting Izaya's shirt with his hands. Izaya helped wriggle his way out, and went to take off Shizuo's shirt. At first, Shizuo was going to deny him the privilege, but decided against it.

He nearly tossed the shirts to the corner of the room when another idea formed in his head.

"Do you trust me?"

Izaya scoffed slightly, "I would think I trust you by now after months of being in a relationship with you."

Shizuo grinned and reached over, wrapping the shirt over Izaya's eyes as a makeshift blindfold. Izaya smirked, "Ahh, getting kinky?"

Shizuo chuckled, "Sorta."

He reached back toward the pillow, pulling out one of the feathers that filled the inside. He took the tip and ever so slightly ran it along Izaya's stomach. The raven instantly arched, breath hitching sharply at the feeling. Shizuo had to lift Izaya's arms and pin his wrists back to hold him steady. He used his waist to press against Izaya's, grinding against him. Izaya moaned, moving his hips up to meet Shizuo's.

Izaya's hands clenched as Shizuo ran the feather across the expanse of his abdomen, circling the edge around his belly button. It tickled, but not in the sense that made him want to lash out. It made all the blood rush to his groin. It made him want to be touched more.

Shizuo moved the feather up, soaking in the expressions on Izaya's face as he teased his nipples with the soft quill.


Grinning, he let the tip trail down his stomach once more to brush against his clothed erection. He could see the outline through his jeans, and he knew Izaya must be dying to be touched. He fastened his pants and pulled them down, freeing his arousal. He dragged the feather up the base of Izaya's cock, loving the way Izaya wantonly moaned and arched, hissing at the soft touch.


Izaya was so much more vocal at the gentle ministrations. He couldn't hold back the gasps and whines. Being blind didn't help either. He couldn't see what Shizuo's expression was. He couldn't calculate his next move. It was arousing, and almost terrifying.

When Shizuo dropped the feather and wrapped his arm hand around his cock, he moaned, bucking instantly for friction. But Shizuo held him steady, and leisurely began to pump him. The pace was unbearable - too slow for Izaya to handle. His erection was already beading with precome. He whined and rocked his hips when Shizuo's thumb swiped over the head.

Although he wanted to continue with this pace, he knew Izaya wouldn't be able to last. Strangely enough, the loving and gentle actions made him more aroused and sensitive than the faster pace they normally did.

He pulled away, unzipping his jeans to slip out of them. Once he was fully naked, he pressed himself against Izaya to rubbed their cocks together as he kissed him. His hands now free, Izaya hooked his arms around Shizuo's neck and held him close, desperately rocking their hips together in an attempt to reach climax faster.

Shizuo reached over, opening the drawer on the bed side table, searching blindly for the small bottle of lube that Izaya now kept for moments like this. Once his found it, he pulled away from the kiss, leaning back so he could look down at his lover's body. He squeezed the lube onto his fingers, generously coating them so he wouldn't hurt the raven.

Gently, he rolled his fingertips over the puckered entrance, earning a guttural moan from Izaya. He pushed on digit in, slowly pumping it and out. He felt around with his finger, pressing against the velvety walls until he came in contact with the bundle of nerves in the back.

Izaya shook, moaning like a cat in heat. His legs quivered and his cock twitched as Shizuo began to slip in a second finger to join the first. He spread his fingers apart, scissoring and stretching Izaya before adding a third finger to firmly press against his prostate.

"Hahh!~ S-Shi..zuo.."

Shizuo loved those delicious sounds. With his fingers, he continued to egg Izaya on, trying to draw out more of those noises. When Izaya seemed to be used to Shizuo's fingers, he pulled them out, squirted more lube into his palm, and lathered his cock. He pressed the head against Izaya's taut hole and slowly pushed it past the first ring of muscle.

"Aahhnngg…" Izaya arched, hands gripping the headboard as Shizuo sheathed himself inside of Izaya.

"Haah..fuck…" Shizuo groaned, hands fisting in the sheets. He hung his head as he tried to hold himself back from bucking into that tight heat that surrounded him. Slow, he had to take this slow.

He rested one hand on Izaya's hip, the other hitching the brunet's leg over his shoulder. The position allowed him to bury himself deeper until their hips met. It was then that he pulled himself out, only to thrust back into Izaya.

Shizuo's hands found Izaya's, lacing their fingers together as he began to pick up the pace. Every movement made Izaya moan, begging for more. He laced his fingers with Shizuo's and clutched tightly as the blond thrusted into him firmly.

Shizuo groaned softly, leaning over Izaya as he adjusted to being inside of the tight raven. He kept his pace relatively slow, making sure that Izaya was constantly pleading him to go faster. Izaya tried to angle hips to make Shizuo go deeper, growing impatient from the tempo.


Shizuo chuckled slightly at the annoyed command. "Isn't it my birthday, flea? Don't I get to move as I please?" he purred teasingly as he shallowly thrusted into him. Izaya let out a lowly groan, tipping his head back slightly.

"Not when it cuts into my work time…" he grumbled, trying to push Shizuo's buttons. Maybe he'd move faster if he was ticked off.

"Priorities, Izaya... Are you saying you'd rather be working than here with me?"

"Of course I'd choose you over wo-oh!" Izaya's breath hitched as Shizuo changed his angle and thrusted deeper into him, the head of his cock brushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him.

He changed his angle slightly, thrusting a bit deeper, "Like this?"

Izaya shuddered, nodding slightly, "Hahh..y-yeah...there…"

Shizuo grinned as he picked up the pace, "I like the sound of that…" He squeezed his hands around Izaya's, breathing heavily, "Really like the sound of that…"

"Mnn..haaah.." Izaya's cheeks tinged pink at the comment. Damn Shizuo for being so blatantly honest. It always made Izaya react like this…

Shizuo's pace continued to pick up, made Izaya's arousal bob with each movement. "Mmm...Shit, Izaya…" Shizuo said with a low growl, his breathing becoming labored. Izaya mewled softly at the sound, panting as small moans escaped his lips.

"Sh-Shizu-chan...aah..ann.." His fingers twitched slightly as he gripped Shizuo's hand tighter for purchase. He was coming close…

"Kinda like it like this…" Shizuo murmured. Izaya wished he could read the look on Shizuo's face. Or rather, that he could see at all, because he wasn't expecting Shizuo to lean down and kiss his neck before lowering his head to flick his tongue over his nipple.

"Aah!" Izaya moaned, shivering and writhing from the attention. He arched his back, trying to push his body closer to Shizuo. The blond loved the way Izaya bent and moved for him. He watched as Izaya tried to cover his face in the pillows.

"I like it when you're loud…" Shizuo whispered, shivering as the noises Izaya made echoed in his ears. He made the same motion again, rocking his hips against Izaya's as he held the brunet's hands fast to the bed.

"Aah! Ahhnn, Shizuo!" Izaya trembled and moaned lewdly, wrapping his legs around Shizuo's waist to pull him closer. The simple shift allowed him to fully sheath himself with ease, firmly pressing the tip of his cock against Izaya's prostate. Izaya groaned, his walls clenching around Shizuo's arousal tightly.


Shizuo gauged his hips and drove in hard, slamming against Izaya's sweet spot again, causing the brunet to scream out with pleasure. "That's it, Izaya…" he grunted as he continued to piston himself into Izaya, sucking harshly on his neck and throat.

"S-Shiz-zuo..!" Izaya gasped, unable to stop the broken moans and choked gasps from falling from his lips. He tried to meet Shizuo's thrusts with his own, but his legs were weak, and he was starting to see spots in front of his eyes. He was under the blond's mercy. The raven groaned lowly as Shizuo continued to mark his neck, pounding into him at a fast pace. "Oohh..ngg...Shizuo.."

Suddenly, Shizuo slowed his pace again, causing Izaya to mewl with desire. Shizuo could practically feel the frustrated glare through the cloth covering those carmine eyes. He brought his lips to Izaya's ear, ghosting his breath over the earlobe softly. "So tight, Psyche…" he whispered, nibbling the lobe gently.

Izaya whined and gasped, feeling a strange sensation overwhelm him. He wasn't sure if he was turned on by the playful teasing on his ear, or the way Shizuo purred his pet name. "Shi-Shizuo…haaahhh…" he moaned, trying to ignore the slip of his alter ego.

"It's been so long, Psyche…" Shizuo said more pointedly, "I couldn't wait any longer…"

Izaya gave in, unable to disregard the way Shizuo's voice swept over him, "Ts-Tsugaru…" How embarrassing, giving in so easily. Shizuo smirked, thrusting harshly again and making Izaya cry out. "S-Shit!"

"Good…" he licked the seam of Izaya's lips, slipping his tongue in when Izaya's mouth parted to moan. Izaya kissed back sloppily, desperate to taste and feel him. Shizuo removed one hand to slip off Izaya's blind fold. In response the brunet squinted from the light, turning his head away as he gasped for air to clear his fuzzy head.

"Look at me, Izaya," Shizuo commanded softly as he cupped Izaya's cheek, forcing him to look at Shizuo. He briefly kissed him, murmuring it again, "Look at me."

Izaya couldn't help but mewl into that kiss, opening his heavy eyes to watch his lover stare at him with a passionate gaze. "Shizuo…"

Shizuo sat up slightly, still hovering over him, as he began to pick up a steady pace again.

"I love you, Izaya…"

Izaya shuddered at those words, closing his eyes. How dare he say that while they made love…

Made love.

He shied away, turning his head toward the pillow, "Shizu-chan…" Shizuo thread his fingers through Izaya's hair gently, tenderly guiding him to look back at Shizuo. "Keep looking at me."

Izaya was unable to open his eyes, too overwhelmed by the feelings that flooded through him. Shizuo intertwined his fingers with Izaya's again as he pounded harder into him, angling his hips sharply.

Red eyes shot open at the particularly well aimed and strong thrust. Izaya gasped, choking on air as Shizuo fucked him hard. "Nnngg..!" His eyes threatened to flutter shut again from the feeling of nearing climax. Shizuo groaned at the feeling of Izaya's insides tightening around him. It felt so good…it always felt good…

"Don't look away…" he panted, resting his forehead against Izaya's, "Don't…"

How could Izaya resist such pleading? He forced his eyes to remain open, watching Shizuo's expression intensively as he panted heavily. He could feel his climax coming close.


The words barely registered in Shizuo's mind. He was completely lost in the moment, spellbound by Izaya's gaze. Shizuo began to loosely murmur Izaya's name over and over.

Izaya tilted his head to bring their lips together, drinking in the mantra of his name. His hands gripped tighter around Shizuo's, holding him there - silently begging him to not leave. Shizuo kissed him back passionately, his thrusts becoming more erratic.

He couldn't hold himself back any longer. Izaya broke away from the kiss, moaning Shizuo's name shakily as he reached his climax. He came messily, shooting come onto his and Shizuo's stomach. Shizuo released Izaya's hands to grip his quivering thighs, spreading them more as he pounded into him a few more times before he came with a groan, filling Izaya completely.

Gripping he sheets, Izaya groaned and closed his eyes. Spots filled his field of vision, and his entire body seemed to hum from the intensity. "Shizuo…Shizuo…" he murmured breathlessly, slowly coming down from his high. Shizuo pulled out carefully, both groaning from the feeling. He cupped Izaya's cheeks again, pulling him in for a tender kiss. Izaya sighed happily, wrapping his arms around Shizuo's back to hold him close.

Shizuo lowered himself onto the bed, laying on his side to pull Izaya close. Wrapped in the sheets, they laid together silently, kissing and basking in the afterglow. Shizuo's arms encircled Izaya's waist, his hands rubbing gentle circles into the small of his back. Izaya's hands rested on Shizuo's hips, his thumbs gently stroking his skin tenderly.

When Shizuo pulled away from the kiss, he smiled warmly down at his lover. He rested his head against the brunet's, one hand reaching up to brush away the bangs that clung to his forehead.

"I love you, Izaya."

Those words made Izaya's chest flutter happily, and he found that he wanted to repeat them back. But they always got stuck in his throat. He couldn't commit to such a thing…he was too cautious to fully give himself to Shizuo.

Old habits were hard to break.

Knowing Izaya wouldn't say such a thing easily, Shizuo sat up, stretching a bit. "You know, I'm kinda craving a smoke after that."

Izaya laughed, propping himself up to wrap his arms around Shizuo's waist. He rested his head against the blond's chest, looking up at him. "Why smoke a cigarette when you can kiss me?"

Shizuo smirked down at him, bending down to softly peck the raven's swollen lips again. "Needy, aren't we?" Izaya merely grinned.

He glanced over at the clock, seeing that he was already late for his appointment with Shiki. Izaya frowned, crawling over to the edge of the bed to find his pants. He pulled his cell phone from the pocket, flipping it open to check his messages. Luckily there were no missed calls. Shizuo reached over and pulled Izaya back into his lap, nuzzling his bruised neck gently.

"Are you leaving?"

Izaya sighed, turning off his phone and tossing it to the floor, "You tired me out too much." Shizuo beamed at the statement, laying down to pull Izaya next to him.

"You wanna sleep?"

"I was thinking a nap might be good. A recharge is always best for the brain to function properly."

Shizuo rolled his eyes slightly. "I'll let you rest then so you can get back to work." Izaya blinked, confused by the statement. Shizuo bent over and kissed his forehead before getting up to pull the sheets over Izaya.

This was routine. Izaya never let Shizuo sleep in his bed. This was his room - his sanctuary to get away and have a few fun nights. At the end of the day, this was where he allowed himself to drop all his masks and rest. Shizuo was welcome to sleep on the pull out couch. He often did that.

Yet…Izaya felt like the bed was colder than usual. Empty even though Shizuo was only a standing a few feet away collecting his clothes. And he was moving farther with each passing second.


Shizuo paused and turned, glancing back at Izaya. "What?"

Izaya's gaze fell to the floor. He suddenly felt childish. Asking Shizuo to stay with him…breaking his own rules. It was risky for him.

But he felt like it was the right thing to do.

"I…I asked you to stay."

Shizuo smiled, dropping his clothes to the floor. He returned without question, slipping back into the bed. He opened his arms, allowing Izaya to crawl into his embrace. They lay together, comforted by each other's embrace.



"You know, you're letting me sleep in your bed."

"I know."

"Does that mean you give in to a monster like me?"

Izaya glanced over at Shizuo, narrowing his eyes when he saw the smirk on the blond's face.

"Perhaps…pretend it's another birthday gift."

Shizuo smiled, "Good enough for me." He pulled the covers over them, hiding them away from the rest of the world. He closed his eyes, so happy to have finally found love, to finally feel safe. It was strange that it was with Izaya, the person he hated for so long. But Izaya completed him. The raven was the only person who made him feel like a normal human being.

And Izaya felt the same. Shizuo was the only one who couldn't be corrupted. Even though he came so close to dying, he managed to fight through. He even gave Izaya a second chance. That in itself was something Izaya never believed would happen.

They were both truly blessed to have each other.



"…I love you…"

Shizuo opened his eyes with surprise, blinking down at Izaya. The raven refused to look at him, hiding his face against his chest. But he could see the pink tinge on the edge of his ears, and he was certain that he hadn't misheard the soft murmur that left the informant.

He smiled, holding Izaya closer. The raven sighed with relief, clinging to Shizuo tightly as the blond gently thread his fingers through his hair. Izaya found Shizuo's hand, holding onto it firmly. Shizuo squeezed back, making a silent promise to never leave the brunet's side.

This was paradise, and neither wanted it to end. The best they could do was live each day, do their best to not completely piss the other off, and believe that they could live together like this until they both took their last breath.