Note: Once again, sorry for taking a long time to update—been super busy with work and stuff. I recently found time to catch up in the series (yay~ for Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai!) and was inspired to continue this. I do appreciate the reviews. Here's the fourth part, based on Nakamura Shungiku's Sekaiichi Hatsukoi-Onodera Ritsu no Baai. IT'S FOR MATURE READERS! (By the way, this part was really awkward for me to write—I learned it's a lot more awkward to write smut than it is to read it.)


"Mmmm…why don't you prove it?" asked Takano as he guided Onodera's hand to his waist, to that area between his legs.

Hesitant, Onodera pressed his hand over the layer of fabric that separated the flesh of his palm and the flesh of his coworker's cock.

"You're doing it wrong," Takano chuckled. "You have to put your hand inside," he said as he guided Ritsu's hand to his belt.

Ritsu clumsily and hesitantly fumbled with the belt, but only for a second. Slowly and uneasily, he began to stroke his boss' member, while feeling a slight throbbing in his own.

Noticing that his erection must be a bit painful for him, Takano eased his own hand to Ritsu's pants, where he undid the button and began to glide his hand on his member.

"Ah—No…St-stop…We're…at work." It took Ritsu quite a bit of willpower to spit it out.

"Do you really want me to stop?" Takano asked as he suddenly stopped jerking his coworker off.

Suddenly Ritsu wished he hadn't said anything. A sensation of discomfort mingled with pleasure kindled deep inside him. The fervor intensified and he yearned for release. He yearned for Takano to not only continue with his hand, but for him to enter him as well. Unsure of what to say, he bit his lower lip. Takano noticed and smirked, but he was set on not letting him off the hook so easily.

His fingers gently caressed the tip of Ritsu's penis, which kept him burning for more.

"Shit," Ritsu uttered. He knew that he was being teased.

"What's wrong?" Takano asked, his smirk still in place.

He knew what was wrong.

He knew his lover wanted him to continue gliding his hand on his penis. He knew his lover wanted him to strip off his pants completely, lift up his hips, and thrust into him. But he wasn't going to do any of that-unless he was asked to.

Ritsu's arousal and discomfort was steadily igniting. His face was burning and he was still biting his lip, intent on not imploring his boss to continue. He felt Takano's cock pressed hard against him, still stiff and aching for release. Ritsu had become so consumed by his own sexual excitement that he had forgotten to touch him.

Impatient for his partner's response, Takano slightly squeezed Ritsu's member. His doing so made it unbearable for Onodera and he moaned. Digging his finger's into Takano's back, Ritsu quietly pleaded.


Although it was only two words, Takano understood his subordinate's plea and, using his hand, soon brought him to climax.

Breathing deeply, Ritsu still clutched to Takano's shirt, his warm, hazy breath tickling his boss's neck.

"Idiot. Stop seducing me."

Trying to avoid gazing into his senpai's face, Ritsu looked down, only to see his boss' member still hard. His face turned a darker shade of crimson.

'I…can't just…leave him like that,' he thought.

Once again, he slowly worked his fingers around Takano's member, but was stopped.

"It's too late for that. Because I had to wait, you have to use your lips." Takano whispered into his kouhai's ear. He knew Ritsu wouldn't do it, but he still felt content from seeing him turn the deepest shade of red he'd ever seen.

Yet what Ritsu did next was unexpected. Yes, he did turn the deepest shade of red in the world, but he also got down on his knees and without hesitating he worked his tongue on his boss's penis. Takano felt nothing but the warmth and wetness of Ritsu's mouth enveloping him. He closed his eyes and felt frenzied waves of bliss surge throughout his whole body.

"I—I'm going to come." Yet despite Takano's warning, Ritsu didn't pull back. Instead he kept tonguing his coworker until he elicited a slight groan and a warm, sticky fluid filled his mouth. He swallowed and immediately put the back of his palm to his lips. He was so embarrassed, he wanted to melt into the ground.

Panting, Takano met Onodera's gaze in disbelief. Ritsu had never done anything like that, and quite honestly, he never expected him to.

"Well…We should go back! They're gonna wonder why we took so long and…and then—" Onodera sputtered as he glowed with embarrassment.

"If they ask, we'll just tell them the truth."


"Perhaps," Takano replied coolly as he zipped up his pants. He ruffled his kouhai's hair before making his way to the restroom door. Just as he was about to leave, he changed his mind, made his way back to his coworker, who was washing his hands at the sink, and pulled him into a long, deep kiss.

As both men entered the office, Takano was no longer emitting any sort of frightening, keep-away vibes while Ritsu looked very flustered and a bit disheveled.

"What took you guys?" asked Sakuragi, holding a red pen and looking up from a storyboard.

"Yea, where were you two? Someone from the literature department just told Mino-san that he was on this floor's restroom washing his hands when he heard weird sounds coming out of one of the stalls! We were thinking about checking it out to see if anything was wrong," exclaimed Kisa.

"Nee~ Kisa-chan, and what if it's a ghost?" asked Sakuragi, a little smile playing out on her lips.

"It could be," Mino mused.

"Maybe it's the ghost of a stressed-out manga editor who just had too many notorious authors who didn't meet their deadlines," replied Hatori as he intently glared at his e-mail where a recent message from a certain childhood friend regarding a potential deadline—the possibility of not being able to meet it, to be specific—was displayed on his screen.

"But really now, where were you two?" Sakuragi asked once again.