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The Right Thing

Lady Russell sat in the carriage listening to Anne's news; Louisa Musgrove had had an accident, she'd expected no less from that silly girl. When all was said and done, Henrietta and Louisa Musgrove were two of the silliest girls in England, always giggling at some stupid thing or other.

What Lady Russell could hardly believe was that Captain Frederick Wentworth was in love with Louisa Musgrove, indeed that there was even talk of marriage. How could a man who had been violently in love with an Anne Elliot now eight years later be in love with a Louisa Musgrove? It was inconceivable, absurd, and ridiculous; actually there was really no word for it.

As Lady Russell watched her young friend tell the stories, she could see that Anne was hurting, but Lady Russell wanted to congratulate herself; she had been right all along. Frederick Wentworth had been no match for Anne Elliot; she was far too good for him.

Hopefully, this episode would help Anne forget about that tiresome captain and concentrate on Mr. Elliot; now there was a man who was worthy of dear Anne. All Lady Russell had to do now was make Anne see sense and Mr. Elliot.

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