It's weird, when you think about it, how one thing can blend so seamlessly into the next. When you look at your life and see that it's different than it was a week ago, you can see the little things that you did to make it the way it is now, a week later. But that's not as easy to do when you're looking at mere hours, or even minutes. The more I think about it, the more my head aches.

"Mom, I'm leaving now!" I shout behind me, heading out the door. I don't even wait for a reply because, if I did, my mother would simply tell me to haul my sorry ass back up the stairs to change into something a proper lady would wear. 'Something a proper lady would wear' was not something I could ever see myself in.

I hate women's clothing. It's too tight around the chest and hips and constricts my ability to breathe and move. Yes, women's clothing is a death-trap in and of itself.

Slowly I come up the road, wondering what my best friend is up to. Mikado is waiting for me at the corner, I see now, and I wonder why he's there so early. "Yo! What's up?" I shout ahead, catching his attention. The brunette looks back at me and I see a smile flit across his face that seems a little too wide to simply be friendly.

"Hey Masaomi." He says, walking quickly over to join me.

"What're you doing up here so early? I don't usually meet you for school for a few hours." Smiling as he catches up with me, I cock my head sideways slightly, indicating my curiosity.

"I just… wanted to talk to you is all…" The blush on Mikado's face told me otherwise and I grinned, deeply amused.

"Talk? Are you sure about that?" My smile grows wider as I watch the blush deepen on my friend's face.


"Alright." I made my smile fall as I spoke that one simple word, watching with pure amusement as Mikado's eyes widened.

"Well… Actually…" My smile returned, full-force, and I pushed Mikado against the next available wall, kissing him deeply. He kissed me back and a small groan escaped the slight teen. I held him against the wall and continued what I'd started, kissing along his jawbone. "M-Masaomi…" he gasped, twitching slightly as he felt me lightly groping at the bulge in his jeans.

"Mikado-kun…" I spoke softly, emphasizing each syllable of his name. I loved these moments between us, even if I didn't like to admit certain things about myself.

"Haaahh…" The brunette boy melted beneath my fingers, which had made their way stealthily into his pants to stroke at his already-hardened length. I grinned, holding the smaller teenager's arms above his head as I worked.

I kissed my way along his jaw, making my way down to his collarbone, where I sucked a small round hickey into his skin right next to the fading one I had left the previous week. Marking my territory was something I had only started to do recently, and Mikado was my favourite piece of property. I prided my ability to keep him happy the way I did.

Our meetings like this could get very intimate, but we never had sex. As much as I liked Mikado, I wouldn't let him see me without my clothes. There were some things that I just didn't want people to know, my best friend or not.

The brunette boy groaned and gasped beneath me, making it harder to resist my own need. I had done this many times, however, so Mikado's desires came first and I dropped his arms, kneeling in front of him to tug his jeans down slightly, exposing his swollen cock.

Slowly, I licked my way up the shaft, stopping at the tip where I allowed my tongue to dip into the slit slightly, eliciting a hungry moan from my friend. "Ahhnn… Ma...saomi…" That voice released a shiver up my spine and I continued, pulling his erection into my mouth and sucking lightly.

I felt Mikado spasm lightly not long after that and braced myself as he came into my mouth. Groaning softly around him, I swallowed it all, pulling away from him after. Grinning, I watched him shake, knees wobbling and bouncing together after his orgasm. "You're so cute, Mikado Ryugamine." I said, pulling his pants back up to cover him and fastening the button again.

"You're… God, Masaomi… Where did you learn that!"

I frowned. Where I had learned how to give an excellent blowjob was not something I liked to think about often. "Just picked it up from girls, Mikado." I said, grinning again. In reality, I hadn't had a steady girlfriend since coming to Ikebukuro. Without putting out, how could I even hope to?

"Oh…" Mikado blushed. He was so easy to embarrass sometimes.

"So, what are we doing now? We still have a lot of time before school." I frowned slightly. I had been intending to go relieve my debt to that damned Orihara, but Mikado had messed that plan up by showing up early.

"Oh… I don't know… Should we just head to the school anyway?"

"And spend two hours at the gates? I don't think so, Mikado."


"Look, I actually have something I need to do this morning, so I'll see you in class, okay?"

"Y-Yeah… Alright Masaomi."

I smiled and waved goodbye to my friend, turning back toward the street we had passed before Mikado's problem came about. I took a left turn there and headed along a few more obscure streets leading farther into the city. Eventually I came upon the right building, stepping inside quickly. The receptionist wasn't in, so I went around the desk and pressed the button, opening the elevator beside the desk. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button, watching the doors close before me, making me only slightly nervous that day.

It would have been better if I had never even entered that building.

When the elevator reached the top floor and opened, I found myself in front of a door marked "Orihara, Izaya", which I opened quietly, placing my shoes and school bag on the tiled floor just inside the door. I stepped lightly onto the plush carpet and made my way into the living room, walking the familiar halls with ease.

Izaya was seated on the couch reading a book when I entered the room and, for just a moment, I wondered if he would be upset with me for intruding on his morning ritual again. Then I shook my head slightly and forced myself to take the few remaining steps, bringing me close to the back of the red couch.

"Orihara-san?" I asked, always cautious. Though I knew it was necessary, I didn't want to be there.

If I had been hoping that he had fallen asleep reading, I was greatly disappointed when, only seconds after I had spoken, the twenty-three-year-old information broker turned to face me, placing a bookmark in the book he had been reading. "Masa-chan." He spoke sweetly, with an infuriatingly girly inflection to my name. The honorific '-chan' pissed me off more than anything, and this man knew it better than anyone else.

"Don't call me that, Orihara-san. I've told you that before, right?" I spoke with just a hint of annoyance in my voice and watched the informant grin slyly. I hated that grin.

"You have, Masa-chan, but I don't feel any particular reason not to."

"I am not a girl, Izaya."

"Mentally, maybe not. Physically, however, you are entirely female, Kida."

I had nothing to say to that statement, so I just sat down next to the older man. "Why am I here?"

"First, tell me why you're late."

Gritting my teeth, I resisted the urge to punch him. I knew all too well that violence wouldn't work against him, so I wasn't even going to try. "Mikado." I said, knowing that Izaya would understand what I meant.

"Have you told your friend what you are yet?"

"No. I don't plan on it either, Izaya. The deal was, I do whatever you want here today and you pay for my surgery, right?"

"Oh, no Masa-chan. One time will not be enough to pay for all of that." Izaya grinned and I glared at him.

"But you told me—"

"Regardless of what I told you before, I have now reviewed the bills and determined that more work from you will be necessary. I would say… Twenty-eight days."

"Do I get the surgery first?"

"You get the surgery next Monday, but you will be here for Twenty-eight days, starting today."

Izaya grinned broadly and I felt my heart sink. Twenty-eight days with Izaya Orihara… What could be worse?