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It was the beginning of 6th year, and as usual, Draco Malfoy was sitting in the hall trying to finish at least SOME work before any distractions occurred. He was almost done with some practice questions when he was forced to look up from his spot at the Slytherin table in the great hall, his harsh grey eyes swiveling to meet the brilliant green eyes of his arch enemy, Harry Potter. A sudden but not unexpected hush came over the entire hall as another figure entered behind the dark haired boy. Severus Snape had arrived.

Draco watched Potter's face go from smiling at his friends to scowling at him, a deep thought obviously in his mind. Draco sighed, then returned his gaze to the potions ingredients he was currently trying to read up on. Snake skin, pixie wings, and a pinch of dragon hide.

Flipping the page, he continued reading on the potion he was going to make, when he felt the urge to pick up his wand and casted a quick tempus charm, seeing that class would start in a few minutes. Packing his bag, grabbing a piece of cake and casting a longing look at Potter, he swiveled on his left heel and stalked from the hall. On his way to the dungeons, he didn't notice that Granger and the Weasel were also on their way there, whispering softly the entire way. Nor did he notice that Pansy was nowhere near, and she usually hung on to him like a plague. He did notice, however, that Crabbe and Goyle had decided to completely ignore him. This made him feel very.. unprotected. But, a Malfoy can protect himself. He doesn't need cronies to do it for him.

Nodding at this positive thought, the platinum blonde walked into the classroom and took a seat in the back, where his secret lust and his friends sat every day. He was hoping to gain Potter's trust, friendship, and if his suspicions where correct, his love.

Moments later, when he was engrossed in his potions book again, Granger and Weasley walked in, Granger scowling when she saw the boy hunched over his desk.

"Uhm, Malfoy? Why are you in the back? Aren't you one of Snape's favorite students?" Granger asked, truly curious and waiting on bated breathe to hear his answer.

Draco jumped at the sound of her voice, but turned and sneered, "Maybe, Granger, I just wanted a change of scenery. That doesn't bother you, does it?"

He cringed inwardly as Weasley growled lowly and took a threatening step forward, causing a weird, confused look to come over the redhead's face.

"Something wrong, Ferret?" Weasley asked, a teasing tone in his voice.

"No, Weasel. Nothings wrong," Draco said, even though his mind was screaming "YES! POTTER'S NOT MINE! THAT'S WHATS WRONG!"

Shaking his head, the blonde went back to his work as Granger and Weasley muttered to eachother and took their spots. Soon, entire class was filing in and after the desks where all full, save for Potter, Snape stalked into the room and down the middle isle, his black robes billowing behind him. Reaching the front he spun on his left foot and thundered, "Where is Potter? Is he ill? Or did he just not bother to show up?" He sneered at the Gryffindors who had no idea where their golden boy had gone to. Only Granger and Weasley knew, and Draco knew they weren't going to give him away.

"Granger! Weasley!" Severus snapped, "Where is the head of your trio? Hm?"

"S-sir," Granger stuttered, lowering her soft honey gaze, "Harry isn't feeling well, nor is he doing too well either. He is in the hospital wing."

"Humph!" Snape muttered, flicking his wand at the board, "You're directions and a list of ingredients are here. Today, you will be making a Memory potion. Please, do NOT make any mistakes," His eyes traveled to Seamus Finnegan, a smirk upturning his pale lips.

Draco immediately rose and was first to grab his ingredients before the rest had time to register what Snape had said. Skinning the bow truckles, he tossed the excess to the side before adding it to the cauldron; next was the unicorn horn. He broke off the pointed tip and set it carefully down before he began to grind the rest into powder. Not many knew it, but the tip of a unicorn's horn is a very venomous poison.

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