Dear Diary,

Today I turned ten. That's a big deal because I'm not a kid anymore. I was nine yesterday and now I'm a big kid with two numbers instead of one. Big kids get to do stuff that little kids can't do, like watch movies with killers in them and stay up past nine. Trey is only eight still which means he has to go inside when the streetlights turn on but I can hang out with my friends until one of my moms call me on my brand new phone. Mom says it's only for emergencies like if I see a stranger or something but it's still cool. It's pink. Pink is my favorite color. Mom and Trey think pink is ugly but Mommy and me love pink. We are so different from each other. It's kinda funny. But I love Trey and Mom and Mommy more than everyone else in the whole world.

Mommy gave me this Diary today at my party. The party was great! My cake had my name on it with ten candles making a circle on it. Trey pinched one of the flames and burned himself. His crying was pretty annoying. I told him he was going to ruin my party. But Mom put the stinging cream on it and a bandaid and gave him some ice cream, and then he was all better.

Auntie Cat was there. She's my favorite because her purse is always full of candy and she talks like my friends do. And Uncle Andre and Uncle Beck and Uncle Robbie came too. They're not really my aunts and uncles because Uncle Andre is black and Mom is white and Mommy is Spanish and I don't know what Uncle Beck is but his skin is the color of cowboy boots. But we call them our aunt and uncles because they've been friends with Mom and Mommy for a really long time. Auntie Trina is my real Aunt because she's Mommy's sister but she talks too much, so I stayed with my friends during the party. Mom says we're getting too old for games but we played Theater anyway. Theater is the best game because you can be anyone you want.

I got a ton of presents, like this Diary and my brand new phone. I got some clothes and a lot of them were pink which made Mom stick out her tongue and I laughed at her. Grandma and Grandpa Vega gave me twenty whole dollars. Grandpa West said he was going to come but didn't but there was a card there from him and it had twenty dollars in it too. Then Mommy pulled out a sparkly bike from the garage with a banana seat and purple shimmering strings coming out the handles and I was so happy. I rode it around the block twice right away because it's my first big kid bike.

Tomorrow Mom and Mommy and Trey and me are going to the zoo. That's my last present and it's our special family time because it's just us and the animals and the ice cream that comes in tiny dots. My favorite part of the zoo is the giraffes. Trey and Mom like the frogs and things - reptiles. Mommy thinks they're kinda freaky looking. I think so too.

I like special family time because when we get home and I can feel tired in my legs and eyes, we all sit on the couch with the TV off and Mom and Mommy talk about when they were kids. It's hard to think that they were ten once. When I was little I used to think that they have been this old forever, that they came together that way, like a pair of shoes. Mom and Mommy met when they were older than ten in high school. I'll be in high school someday, so maybe I'll meet my someone there too. They didn't like each other at first which is really funny because they got married and got me and Trey. Sometimes I think about what I would do if I could go back in time and see Mom and Mommy fighting like they didn't love each other so much. I would laugh at them.

They tell you in school that love happens at first sight but it didn't with my moms. They used to fight a lot because they were so different. I think that's what makes them so happy now, though. It's so weird too because Uncle Beck was almost my dad! That would be weird. But it took some time with Mom and Mommy. They had to be friends first, and after that, Mommy says it's like it was written in the stars. Meant to be, you know.

They wear rings and say they are married but it's not a real marriage, not like Uncle Robbie's and Auntie Cat's. I'm not sure how it works but because my moms are moms and not a mom and a dad, the law says they're not real. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me because my moms love each other and they love me and Trey so I don't know what else they want them to do.

I don't remember anything before Mom and Mommy but they adopted me. That means I came out of a lady who couldn't take care of me so she gave me away. Lots of people ask me if I'm mad at her but really if I ever met her I would say thank you because my moms are the best. Trey is adopted too, from a different lady from a different place. People think he's Uncle Andre's son sometimes because their skin is the same. Mine is all freckles and my hair is red but not like Auntie Cat's. Mom said I could dye it when I'm a teenager but not to tell Mommy and that maybe I can get a piercing in my eyebrow just like her.

Some of my friends have parents that don't live in the same house and don't call each other or have lunch together or anything. I think that's really sad because Mom and Mommy hug all the time. Once when I was trying to sneak into the bathroom I saw them dancing in the kitchen. Mommy was giggling and Mom was saying something in her ear. I bet she was calling Mommy her sunshine because that's what she always calls her when they're close like that. Mommy buys weird pajamas that she only wears in her bedroom with Mom and I don't know why but it makes Mom really happy. Sometimes they fight but it's always over by morning because Mom always says sorry first.

My moms sing. All the time. During breakfast and after school and over dinner and after Trey and me are in bed when they think we can't hear them. They're good singers. Mommy is on the radio. No one believes me unless I bring Mommy to school and then they see that she's the same person in the posters. Mom's picture isn't on posters but you can see her name on some of them. She writes and directs movies which is really cool because I get to meet the famous people sometimes. I saw Josh Hutcherson with my own eyes and I almost died, cross my heart.

Mommy just came in and smiled when she saw me writing in this Diary. I told her I was going to write in it every day for the rest of my life. I swear I will! But I have to stop for tonight because it's nine thirty which is a whole thirty minutes later than when I had to go to bed when I was nine. I can feel the tired in my eyes so I will talk to you tomorrow, Diary.

Love from,


P.S. I went to say I love you to my moms because I forgot and they were laying in bed side by side and after I walked out they thought I was gone but I was standing by the door for a little while listening to Mommy talk about me and Trey and Mom. She said "We have a good life Jade" and then I heard kissing sounds and I ran back to my room.

One day when they get married for real I'm gonna write a song about them in this Diary and then Mommy can put it on the radio and maybe then everyone else will be okay with it.