Those 100 Things We Do Together

Disclaimer: Alphas and its characters do not belong to me. Sadly.

01. Beginnings

"What do you see?"

"I see electromagnetic wavelengths."

"I know that," said Rachel, "But what does it look like?"

Gary paused.

"It looks like – like…" he opened his mouth and – frowned, puzzled.

She smiled, "You can explain it to be later."

Weeks passed by.

One day though –

On her desk was a blank, black sheet of paper. Rachel shrugged it off. Turning off the lights to her office, Rachel jerked back, noticing something glowing on her desk.

The black piece of paper was shining with dozens of fluorescent colors – swirls and sharp, precise lines, and numbers.

Oh, Rachel thought. Oh.

02. Middles –

"Oreos! Yum!" Rachel leaned around Gary, staring at the cookie in his hands.

He didn't respond.

In front of him were other Oreos; uneaten.


"I can't twist the top cookie off of the cream part without it cracking."

"Oooh," Rachel hummed. "Excuse me," she swiped the cookie from Gary's fingers. With the flick of her wrist, she then placed a clean black cookie on Gary's right hand and the other part – cream still intact – in his other.

"My reward," she said, grabbing one of his failed attempts and popped it into her mouth with relish. "Good, huh?"

Gary nodded.

03. Ends –

"We have to watch the credits."

"Who watches the credits?" Bill stated incredulously.

"I do," said Gary. "They're part of the movie. We have to finish watching the whole movie, Bill. That includes the credits."

Bill sighed, "I'm getting a burrito. Anyone wanna come with?"

Hicks and Nina agreed, eager for a snack break (or make out session) before the next movie started.

"You're not leaving?" Gary turned to the girl who still sat beside him.

"I like the credits," Rachel shrugged nonchalantly. "Popcorn?"

Gary accepted before turning his head back toward the TV, a small smile on his lips.

SS: Oh my gosh, I have to start classes literally in two days and I decide now to do this prompt-thing? haha I'm totally a weirdo. Damn you SyFy. –shakes fist-