Those 100 Things We Do Together

43. Nightmare –

If he opens his eyes –

"Why are you here, Gary?"

She's still there.


At this time.

Rachel is standing beside his bed, a little disorientated but her eyes light up when she sees him.

"You can't be here," Gary says.

The sound of incoming heavy footsteps echo outside of his door.

It's nearly time for his medicine.

"Gary," Rachel says, biting her lip, a hand outward to touch him –


"But Gary, I have to help you!" She protests as she reaches out to grab his lax hand.

"You can't," Gary whispers.

Her hands pass through his.

"You're dead."

44. Bittersweet –

Gary is walking…somewhere. He doesn't know where.

Ironic. He's usually the one telling everyone else where to walk/run to.

He keeps on walking, uncaring that it's starting to rain.

His mom doesn't get it. He can't…he's not a child.

Another irony: he ran away from home.

He blinks, hearing the pitter-patter of rain.

"Hey Gary," Rachel murmurs, standing quietly while holding an umbrella above his head.

"I don't know where home is anymore," he replies.

The umbrella falls to the ground.

Rachel is hugging him close. She doesn't offer an answer, but he wasn't expecting one. He holds on tightly.

45. Guilt –

He is fidgeting, wringing his hands together.

No one asks him, not even Dr. Rosen until the third day when Gary's fidgeting becomes so bad that it causes Bill to bark at him after a nearly botched mission.

Rachel corners him, "Are you okay?"

He pales.

"I – " he starts but shies away.

She follows, slipping past him before he can shut his office door on her.

"Explain," she commands.

Gary fidgeting is worse and he's looking at everything else but Rachel then he finally blurts, "I was the one who ate your hummus yesterday!"


Rachel laughs for days.

SS: This set would've been perfect for Halloween. Ugh, bad timing. Ah well, hope y'all liked this chapter!