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What if Paul was the one the found Bella in the beginning of New Moon? What if Paul imprinted on Bella? What if Bella asked him to take her far away from Forks? What if they return 8 years later?


Paul's POV

We have heard that the bloodsuckers have left. And now Bella Swan is missing after not returning home from a walk with a bloodsucker. So now Sam, Jared and I are out looking for her.

"Jared and I are going to check in with Billy and Charlie. Howl if you find anything", Sam thinks

"Why do I have to look for the leach lover?" I growl

"Just do it Paul. We'll be back soon", Sam thinks as he phases back.

Great just great. I can't believe I'm looking for the leach lover. After a couple of minutes I pick up Bella's scent. I quickly follow it. I just won't to great this over and done with so I can go home. Soon I see her, she is curled up in a ball crying. As soon as I lay eyes on her I feel like it's her holding me to the earth. Oh my God I just imprinted on Bella Swan. I quickly go behind a tree to phase so that I don't scare her.

"Bella are you hurt?" I ask her concerned

She looks up at me with the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. We both stare at each other for a couple of minutes. Soon I crouch down beside her and move her hair out of the away.

"Are you alright?" I ask her softly

"No", she whisperers

"Can I pick you up so I can get you home?" I ask her

"I don't want to go home", she whisperers

"Where do you want to go then? I'll take you any where", I say

"I just want to get out of Forks. Please get me out of here", she begs

"I'll right. Let's get out of here", I say softly and I pick her up

She holds on to me tightly. And I swear to myself then that I'll never hurt her. I'll never leave her…

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