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Chapter 30: Whole True Story

Normal POV

Seeing Bella yesterday shocked they all she seemed so weak. And they don't know what is going on. Sam was her brother Sam though he needed to know what the story was. That's when the phone rings in his kitchen

"Uley residence", Sam says

"Hi Sam, its Paul. I need you to gather everyone together and I do mean everyone. No one can be left out. Then come over to the house. Bella and I are going to tell you the Whole True Story", Paul says

"Are you serious?" Sam ask not believing him he and Bella have kept much from them

"Very serious. So get here soon with EVERYONE", Paul says hanging up

Sam rings up everyone and gets them all to head over to Paul's. Then he grabs Emily and Pauline and they make their way over. Everyone was there waiting outside for Sam and Emily.

"We better go in", Charlie says knocking on the door

Paul opens it 2 minutes later.

"Good you all here. Kids in the play room. Everyone else in the living room", Paul says letting them in

Sam and the other wolves with children move towards the playroom they find all of Bella and Paul's children in there.

"Hello Uncle Sam", Aspy says

"Hello Uncle Embry", Jemmett says

"Hello Aspy. Can you look after Pauline?" I ask

"Yes she can play with us", Aspy says

Pauline goes over to Rosie and starts to play. I leave and so do the others we make sure they were settled before we go into the living room. It was very crowed in there. Bella, was wrapped up in a blanket, on Paul's lap on the love seat, Charlie, Sue, Old Quil, Thomas Lahote on the couch. Billy had wheeled himself over next to the couch. Edward and Leah in a chair, Leah sitting on Edward's lap. Jared and Kim on another chair, Kim on Jared's lap. Embry and Angela in another chair with Angela in Embry's lap. Jacob on a chair with Tanya on his lap. Quil with Claire on his lap on a chair. Michael Lahote (Paul's brother who came here when he was away. He is a werewolf and came with his father and two sisters) with his girlfriend and imprint Rachael Black on his lap, Mackenzie Lahote was sitting with her imprint Terry, Carol Lahote was sitting on the floor with her boyfriend. Brady was on the floor with his imprint Mary. Collin was also on the floor with his imprint. Carlisle was in a chair with his wife Esme in his lap. Emmett had Rosalie in his lap on the floor. Jasper had Alice in his lap on the floor. Peter had Charlotte in his lap on the floor. Garrett had Kate on his lap on the floor. Irina was in Laurent's lap. Carmen in Eleazar's. The Volturi where in the background. There were two urns on the lace table cloth on the table but no one commented assuming they were going to be told about it.

"Seat down with Emily in the other chair Sam", Paul says pointing to the one spare chair

Sam goes and sits down bring Emily onto his lap.

"How are you Bells?" Charlie asks

"Been better", Bella says softly leaning heavily on Paul

"Are you going to tell us where you were the last few weeks?" Sam asks

"We have been really worried", Embry adds

"They have been coming up with so many wild theories", Edward says

Everyone glares at him. They didn't want Bella and Paul to know that.

"We are telling you the Whole True Story from the beginning to now", Paul replies

"Where will you start?" Sam asks

"Will you tell us the truth? You haven't so far", Charlie points out

"We swear what we are going to say will be the truth. I know it doesn't mean much to all of you. But we WILL tell you everything and everything will be the truth", Paul says with conviction

"I guess we will just have to trust you", Thomas says, "You can start"

"Well when Edward broke up with Bella in September of 2005. I found Bella in the woods curled up crying. I immediately imprinted on her. I thought she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. I asked if she was alright. I asked her if I could take her home but she said no. I asked her where does she want to go if not to her father's house", Paul starts

"I said no. I wanted out of Forks", Bella says

"Why?" Charlie asks

"Too many memories for me to deal with. And would be too many questions for me to handle", Bella replies softly

"I carry her out of the forest and run her to Port Angeles. We withdraw all of our money. I steal a truck and drive us to Seattle. We buy a used car and two fake identity's", Paul says

"What was the identity?" Alice asks

"Paul Copper and Isabella Chambers. We bought some stuff and hit the road", Paul says

"Where did you go?" Sue asks

"First we went to Missoula, Montana. We got an apartment and I got a job at a local car repair shop. Bella worked at the library. I had at that time told her everything about werewolves, imprinting and the legends. She knew she was mine forever and that we wouldn't age. I took her on romantic dates and walks in the park. 2 months after we had left Forks I proposed", Paul says smiling at Bella

"It was a big shock", Bella replies

"Where did you buy the ring?" Alice asks

"At a jewellery's in Butte when I was there on a job. I made sure in was 2ct diamond with sterling silver band. I looked around the whole store till I found the one that suited Bella the most. I was sure you would love it", Paul replies showing them the ring on Bella's finger.

It really was a beautiful ring and it suited her. The others had gotten just the first ones they sure for their imprints. Paul sure did for Bella. Simple was best. She didn't want it too expensive from what they had all heard she was a simple kind of woman and didn't like to be spoiled often.

"How much was the ring?" Embry asks

"$350 dollars", Paul says smiling at Bella with love in his eyes

"What did Paul say as you proposed?" Alice asks bouncing in Jasper's lap

"First I took Bella under a big Cherry Blossom tree that was in full bloom. It was our favourite part of the park. I took her hand and knelt down on one knee. I said Bella you are my light, my heart and my soul. You mean the world to me and more. So very much more. I would follow you anywhere you go. I will always support you and be there for you. You are the most beautiful person on the planet. You're an angel in human's body. You're eyes see my real soul and my heart that I hide for a long time till I meet you. I care for you deeply. I love you with all my heart and soul. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife? That's what I said", Paul says

"That is so romantic", the girls says

"Wish Sam said that to me", Emily says

"I thought my proposal was good", Sam says

"To you maybe", Emily replies from his lap

"That was better than ours too", Angela says

All the girls where nodding. Paul had said a dream proposal they all should have said.

"I also showed her the tattoo across my heart had had done", Paul says

"Can we see it?" Emily asks

"Ok", Paul says gently lifting Bella of and onto the chair he then lifts his top up

On his chest over his heart it says in red ink 'Isabella Swan always haves my heart'

"That is so sweet", Rosalie says, "Did you know he did it?"

"No I didn't. It was a big surprise", Bella says now back on Paul's lap

"So where did you get your wedding dress?" Alice asks

"From a store in New York when Paul and I went there to keep you off our trail", Bella says softly

"Did you change your names?" Jared asks

"Yes we did. We were now Paul Smith and Isabella Williamson", Paul replies

"Can you show us the dress?" Alice asks bouncing up and down

"Sure. Sasha please get the wedding and other photo albums from the shelf", Paul says

Sasha gets up and grabs the books handing them to her adopted Dad. Paul looks at the photos and pulls out one. It was a picture of a mermaid style red and white dress. It was on the hanger and they had taken a photo. It had White flowers around the hip and a bit of bling under breast area.

"The bottom white layer is lace", Bella says softly

"It is a gorgeous dress Bella. How much was it?" Alice asks as the photo was being taken around

"$3,000 dollars and $600 for alliterations and because we decided the wedding was going to be in a month", Paul replies

"You didn't see the dress did you?" Alice asks eyes narrowing

"No I didn't she bought her friends from Montana with her name Brooke and Hannah", Paul replies, "That reminds me I need to give them a call. They know about us being in hiding. We haven't told them we are out of hiding"

"How did you afford a dress like that?" Esme asks

"I caught a rapist and murder in Montana he was wanted in Florida, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York. Because he was so wanted in 15 states there was a huge reward", Paul replies

"How did you catch him?" Charlie asks

"He was sneaking into our apartment when Bella was home. I had just got home to find him sneaking up on Bella. I took him down with a little bit of a fight while Bella called the police. He had a gun and got a shot of and it grazed Bella's leg", Paul replies

"Can I see?" Carlisle asks

Paul pulls up Bella's pants to reveal a small 2 inch scar on her lower leg.

"I would call that a graze", Carlisle agrees

"What is his name?" Aro asks

"Damien Cord", Paul replies

"Let me make a call. He will be out of everyone's way by tonight", Aro says going on the phone

"He IS in jail he is out of everyone's way", Bella points out

"But it is time for him to meet his maker", Marcus says

"I agree", Charlie says angrily

"How much was the reward?" Jacob asks

"$1,600,000 dollars all together from all the states. $106,666 dollars from each state", Paul replies

"So where was the wedding?" Alice asks

"On the beach Kahului, Hawaii. But first we went to Florida. We decided to talk to Renee", Paul says sneering Renee's name

"What did Renee have to say?" Charlie asks scowling

"Her and Phil were having troubles and she was taking it out on Bella. Especially when we told her we were getting married in 2 weeks' time. That's when we found out Renee was sleeping around. Cheating on Phil and Bella and I found out the first night we were there. We confronted Renee and she didn't deny it. She said she slept with over 50 men in 25 years starting when she was 15. She slept with them weeks at a time but nothing too serious. She also had several abortions. But she did give birth to four boys and two girls. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 years older than Bella", Paul reveals

"How could anyone kill a baby?" Rosalie asks disgusted and upset

"She is a cold hearted person", Bella replies, "I could have had plenty of little brothers and sisters but she took that away. But she did say she did give a few up for adoption when we were in Phoenix. I don't remember at the time because I was so small. But I do remember her complaining about her figure"

Everyone looked disgusted by what Renee had done.

"What are the four boys and two girl names and ages?" Esme asks

"First I am so sorry Sue but Harry cheated on you with Renee. Renee gave birth to his first son named Moses who she didn't tell him about and gave up for adoption before he knew about him. He is now 27. He was born the same year as Leah", Paul says with remorse

"How could Harry do that to me?" Sue says tears in her eyes

"Renee said he felt remorseful. He was drunk after finding out you were pregnant with Leah. But she wasn't remorseful she said he was the best sex she had so far", Bella says sadly

"Are you in contact with Moses?" Sue asks wiping her tears

"Yes. He is on his way here now with his family. He says he will stay away if you want him too. He doesn't want to course you anymore pain", Paul replies

"I would like to meet him. He is apart of my late husband. I would like to know him", Sue says

"The others are Luke who is now 32, Zack who is now 31, Stanley who is now 30, Daniella who is now 29 and Fiona who is 28. We are in contact with them and their families. They are coming to Forks too to be with us", Paul says

"I can't believe I didn't know about them", Charlie mutters

"No one did", Bella says softly

"The only serious relationship she was in was Phil's. She had a daughter and a son with him. Her name was Kaylee Anne and George Philip. They were two weeks old when we visited. Bella couldn't believe her own mother didn't tell her she was pregnant with her brother and sister. Bella called her cold hearted. Then she asked if Charlie was her real father", Paul says stopping

"Go on", Charlie says clenching his fists

"She said how can that workaholic be your father? She said she was sleeping around when he was at work. She never loved you Charlie she just thought she would be important married to a cop to give her status. But she was wrong. That's when she left when her social standing didn't increase", Paul says looking remorseful

"I loved her. Why didn't I see it?" Charlie asks

"Forget about her she is out of your life. Don't be in the past any more. Go on with the story", Sue says after comforting Charlie

"Bella asked if Charlie was even her real father and she said no. That she was actually sure it was Joshua Uley, Sam's father, but she couldn't be sure she said the time period matched. She also said Bella was a twin but she gave the twin up for adoption before Charlie found out", Paul says, "When Bella was yelling at her mother Phil walked in and heard everything. Bella backed away and Renee and Phil got into a big fight. Phil said he was going to divorce her and taking the children with him. She said she wanted half his money to pay of a gambling addiction. She said she didn't want the brats she never wanted to be a mother. She signed away all rights to them like she had done before. She just wanted his money"

"I would like to kill that woman. Everyone should cherish their children and love them", Rosalie says

"They should but it was Renee", Bella says breathing heavily

"Did they go to court?" Billy asks

"No need. Renee actually signed a prenuptial agreement. She was entitled to nothing. Phil sued her for alimony she has to pay 4,000 dollars a fortnight for the twins. To pay for their stuff as repayment for her sins. She was fuming mad. She said she would kill Bella for ruining her relationship with Phil and slapped Bella across the face. We had her arrested for assault. And got a restraining order for the death threat she is not aloud within 200 metres of Bella or any of her children. She left a day later after finding out. We haven't seen or heard from her since. Phil was good to Bella treated her like his own daughter. He even legally adopted her as his own. We invited him and the twins to the wedding. Someone was going to give Bella away. Phil was really honoured. He brought her a diamond necklace to wear on her wedding day", Paul says handing over another photo of the necklace

It was beautiful. Many wished they could give their loved ones something like that.

"I loved the necklace", Bella says, "I still have it"

"After all of that we tracked down her siblings it turned out besides Sam, who she thought was her brother she had four older brothers and one older sister, a twin brother named Nathan, and 5 sisters and 2 brothers. One sister was named Jacky she was 25, then came a brother named Riley who was 24 then other brother named Matthew who was 23, a sister named Rochelle who was 22, her twin Richelle, Addyson who was 21 and Beckah who is 20. They were glad we found them before the wedding. Even if they didn't know us well yet they wanted to be at the wedding of their sister", Paul reveals

"So you have altogether 8 brothers and 6 sisters?" Charlie asks shocked

"Not exactly", Bella says hesitantly

"How many then?" Charlie asks

"We will get to that", Bella says motioning for Paul to continue

"We called them on our way back home they are one their way here with their families. And the twins that are Phil's with him. They all what to be there for Bella and I. They will be staying in Port Angeles", Paul says

"I look forward to meeting them all. It doesn't matter if Renee gave them up. I will still like them", Charlie says

"They will like that. I told them much about you", Bella says

"Now on with the story. After all that then we all went Hawaii to get ready first we got the bouquet of flowers Bella was going to walk down the aisle with here is the picture of the flowers", Paul says pulling out another picture

"The bouquet was made of red roses and white lilies with green leaves. It suited the dress Bella would have been wearing. We had a cake made and a little villa booked for the wedding reception. This is a picture of the cake we had made", Paul says handing us another picture

The cake was three white tears with pink cherry blossoms on it.

"We wanted to have something from the proposal in the wedding. What better then on a cake?" Paul asks with a chuckle

"It's a nice cake. I would have had it bigger", Alice says

"Well we only had to feed 18 people. Me, Bella, Bella's siblings, Phil, Brooke, Hannah, Sarah, Terry, Todd, Max and the priest", Paul reminds Alice

"What day did you get married?" Kim asks

"December 2nd 2005", Bella says

"That was a day I will never forget as long as I live", Paul says

"Why?" Embry asks

"Because it was a magical wedding. I was marrying the love of my life. We would be together for ever", Paul replies smiling with so much love in his eyes to Bella

"Did you write your own vows or did you use the priest ones?" Alice asks

"We wrote out everything we wanted in it. So it was kind of half and half", Paul replies

"What did you say? Do you remember?" Alice asks

"Calm down Alice", Edward says nudging her

"I can't I am excited", Alice says

"Jasper help please", Edward says

"Can you please tell us what you said?" Alice asks calmer

"We said the same vows each basically. The priest said repeat after me: Do you Paul Thomas Lahote take you Isabella Marie Swan: To be my wife, my constant friend, to be my best friend, my imprint, my light, my soul mate, my faithful lover, the mother of my children: My Partner in life and my one true love. My absolute soul mate: Loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know from this day forward. Always: I will cherish our union and love you more as each more day passes: I will trust you and respect you to the day I die: Laugh with you, cry with you, be happy with you: Loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of all the obstacles we are yet to face and have already faced together: I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health and old age: I will be myself with you: I will never give up on you: I will have no secrets from you: I promise to love you unconditionally: I promise to help you if you lose your way: I promise to help you up if you fall: I will fight for you: I will share everything with you: I will help you be yourself not a shell of a person: I promise to never forget our wedding anniversary: I will support you in your goals and dreams and always be open and honest with you: I will stand by you in life: I will stand by your side where ever the world takes us: I will stand by you as we face deaths door together: I will build you a home to raise our children: I will love those children: I promise to tell you every day I love you: I give you my hand, my heart, my soul, my light, my love from this day forward as long as we both shall live: I will always come home to you always: If I die I will wait for you on the other side: If you were to die first I would still remain faithful to you for the rest of my days till we meet again", Paul recites

All the girls and some boys have tears in their eyes the vows where really special they did indeed put their mark on the vows.

"That is beautiful", Esme says

"It was perfect", Bella says looking at Paul with so much love in her eyes

"Did you have your first dance?" Alice asks

"We did. I was a bit more graceful then", Bella replies, "And I did throw the bouquet to be caught by one of my sisters"

"Can we see a picture of you on your wedding day?" Leah asks

"Yes", Bella says nodding to Paul

Paul pulls out another few photos and hands them around. Bella had her hair done in curls with it to the side with red and gold flowers in her hair. Her eyes where shining in excitement and love. They had a picture of Bella and Paul exchanging rings. They had a group photo and Bella throwing her bouquet. And Bella and Paul's first dance as a married couple. And a picture of Bella and Paul under the trees on the island with love in there eyes. They all wish they could have been there to support and see her on that big day in her life.

"What did you do next?" Tanya asks

"Phil shouted us a trip to Paris. We took it and had a great time. Here are the photos. We saw everyone. Bella loved the Louve. We kissed atop the Eiffel Tower. Phil even but us up at a 5 star hotel", Paul replies

"That must have been so romantic", Angela says

"It was. It was one of the best moments of my life", Bella whisperers

"After the honeymoon we moved to Denver, Colorado on the 12th of December 2005 under the name Paul and Isabella Dixon. We celebrated our first Christmas together. Bella gave me a pocket watch engraved with 'Love you always'", Paul says pulling the silver pocket watch out of his pocket

"What did you get Bella?" Emmett asks curiously

"I got her a charm bracelet. That she good add charms too. I had already put a wolf on it", Paul says, "Then we celebrated New Years. We went to a friend's party and danced the night away as the clock counted down to midnight I told Bella I will be with her forever and that she was my life now. We kissed as the clock struck midnight", Paul says smiling at the memory

"That is so sweet", Claire says from Quil's lap

"A month later in January we had just moved to Lincoln, Nebraska and Bella found out she was pregnant. She told me first she missed her period. So we bought about a dozen pregnancy tests from a chemist. Bella did 8 of them and we waited 5 minutes then we turned them all over excited to see if we were having a baby. The all said POSITIVE. I spun her around in circles I couldn't believe I was going to be a Dad. It was the best feeling in the world when you learn you're going to be a father. Right Sam, Embry, Jared, Jacob, Michael?" Paul asks

"Yes. I was over the moon when Emily told me she was pregnant", Sam replies

"That's how I felt. We didn't go to the doctor straight away we waited till the end of February when we moved to Portland, Oregon. We went to see an OB/GYN. She gave us prenatal care pills and pamphlets on being first time parents and first pregnancy and what to expect. She said we would be about to see the baby's gender by the 5th month. Bella and I couldn't wait for that to happen. We wanted to know what we were having", Paul says smiling

"I bet you really couldn't wait", Sue says knowingly

"Yeah we couldn't. When Bella was 3 months Pregnant in March. The red-haired vampire found us. Victoria", Paul says

The vampire snarl and the wolves growl.

"How did she find you?" Sam asks angry

"We don't know. Anyway Bella was outside alone when Victoria came for her she was outside in the garden. I was inside cleaning when I heard the red-haired vampire and smelt her. Victoria said 'I finally found you and I am going to take your husband out with me'. Bella said 'You will never lay your hands on him'. I had made my way outside just as Victoria lunged at Bella leaving the three scars on her cheek and scars on her arm", Paul says wincing at the memory

"You told as it was an animal attack", Irina says

"Well she was wild like an animal", Bella replies

"Why didn't you show us your arm?" Angela asks

"I didn't want more questions. Here is my arm", Bella says

Paul pulling her sleeve up and showing the long scars.

"That must of hurt", Emily says, "I remember when Sam accidentally clawed me. It hurt bad. But your scars are worse than mine"

"I try every day to make up for it", Sam says kissing Emily's scared cheek

"Well Bella phased on spot. Shocking the hell out of me for a minute before I phased and we both chased Victoria away. We didn't catch her but she and I got the shock of our lives. Bella knew what she was and that Joshua Uley was definably her father. It took me an hour to get her to phase back. I put clothes on her and drove her to the hospital where she got 30 stitches in the face on the long three scars and 60 stitches on her arm. On the way home we talked about Bella being a wolf and I told her what colour she was, pure snow white. We agreed it was time to move again. Because Victoria found us and we didn't want anyone else to find us", Paul says

"Where did you go then?" Charlie asks

"Santa Cruz, California. Under to names Paul and Isabella Long. We bought a house in a neighbourhood. I got a job fixing cars and Bella started writing books under the name Ella Platt", Paul replies

"I love her books", Kate says

"So do I", Kim says smiling

"I am glad you like them", Bella says softly

"How big was the house?" Billy asks

"8 bedrooms. Plenty of space to raise a family. I found a way to block my thoughts in wolf form from you. I won't tell you my secret but I did. I kept up-to-date on everything", Paul reveals

"We didn't even sense you. You must have been good of keeping it a secret", Sam says

"Yes we were. We didn't want to be found. When Bella was 5 months pregnant she was big so we went to a new OB/GYN. That was in May. She did an ultrasound and gave as an surprise. We were expecting twins", Paul says smiling

"I bet that was a shock", Emmett smirked

"It was then we asked about what sexes the twins where she said baby A was a boy and baby B is a girl. They were both really healthy. After that the pregnancy was normal. She had mood swings and back ache. I massaged her when she was sore. We discussed names Bella thought as Emmett and Jasper as her brothers so she played with names and came up with Jemmett. The J off Jasper and Emmett's whole name. She liked the sound of it. And I did too. I picked the middle name Samuel after you Sam. You had really helped me when I turned into a werewolf. I thought naming him after you would honour you and Bella liked it because you are her half-brother", Paul says

"Thank you. I am honoured", Sam says shocked that Paul and Bella felt that way

"You really think of us as your brothers?" Jasper asks shocked

"Yes. Why? Is that so hard to believe?" Bella asks

"Yes. After I nearly sucked your blood on your birthday", Jasper says

"I forgave you for that the minute it happened. You couldn't help it. I assume you are move in control of yourself now because you were here at the birth of Michael and William", Bella says

"I have much better control", Jasper says smiling

"In the following months we set up the twins room with a big crib to fit them both. A rocking chair. Changing table. Chest of draws", Paul says

"What colour did you paint the room?" Alice asks

"Light purple. We bought heaps of baby toys too. We were totally going to spoil these two rotten and make sure they knew that they were loved", Paul says

"I remember spoiling Bella for the little while I had her", Charlie says

"And I thank you for always being my father no matter what blood says", Bella says softly

"On September 7th Bella went into labour. I rushed Bella to the nearest Hospital. We were put in a room. Bella was in labour for 18 hours it was 10.22am on September 8th 2006 when Bella gave birth to our first child Jemmett Samuel Lahote. And at 10.30 she gave birth to our daughter Aspyesme Carlie Lahote. She broke my hand with that one", Paul says smiling at the memory, "I cut the cords on both of them. I held Aspyesme first. There is nothing like holding your child in your arms for the first time counting all 10 toes and fingers"

"It was a really could feeling when I gave birth to Leah", Sue says smiling at the memory, "I remember Harry fainted"

"You never told me that Mum", Leah says

"It never came up and it was embarrassing for your late father", Sue replies

"We stayed in hospital for a day before Bella and the twins where released they had been given a full bill of health. We took them home then begum the hard work. Bella was breastfeeding them every three hours. She expressed milk so I took some night shifts feeding the two to let Bella sleep. Bella stayed with them during the day while I was at work or at collage or she was at collage with the twins in day-care. I made sure to call several times a day to make sure they were alright. At the time they were the light in our lives. Here is a picture of them as babies", Paul says pulling out a photo of Jemmett and Aspyesme

"They are so cute!" Alice squeals

"They are", Bella agrees softly

"You gave them nick names?" Jacob asks

"Yes for Jemmett it was Jem and for Aspyesme it was Aspy. Phil visited in that time and was thrilled with his step-grandchildren. He loves them very much. He flies in every year twice a year with his twins", Paul says

"Boy these kids have lots of Grandparents", Kim chuckles

"Yes Grandpa Charlie, Grandpa Thomas, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandpa Phil then Grandma Esme, Grandma Sue and Grandma Belinda", Paul says

"Who is Belinda?" Billy asks

"Phil's new with. She loves him for him not his money. They have three children together. They are absolutely in love like Bella and I are", Paul says smiling

"I have 11 sisters and 12 brothers that includes half, adopted, full and step", Bella says

"That's a lot of family", Thomas says shocked, "How do you deal with it son?"

"Mostly I say out of their little family reunions. Sometimes leads to fights", Paul says chuckling

"We do not", Bella says

"Do too. Admit it", Paul replies

"Fine", Bella says softly too tired to ague

"What did you study at collage?" Carlisle asks

"English with a minor in Law", Bella replies

"What were Jemmett's and Aspyesme's first words?" Esme asks

"Jem it was Mama and Aspy it was Dada", Bella replies softly

"After the twins were born I gave her two charms with Sapphires on them representing the twins", Paul says showing them two of the many charms on the charm bracelet

"That was a good idea", Esme says smiling

"Did you remember your first anniversary?" Charlie asks with a smirk

"I did remember so did she", Paul replies

"What did you get her?" Jasper asks

"For our first wedding anniversary I gave her a gold pocket clock so she would always be on time for school", Paul replies, "I also gave her flowers and chocolates and took her out for a romantic dinner for two"

The boys shake their heads. Paul was really making them look bad.

"What did you get him Bella?" Sue asks

"I got him a gold watch so we were thinking the same. It is a 1st anniversary tradition in the modern world to get a clock for your first anniversary", Bella says at their confused faces

"You didn't know that did you?" Paul asks the boys with a smirk

"No we didn't. What are the others?" Jacob asks looking at Tanya

"You will find out as we go along", Bella says with a tired smirk as Jacob groans

"On February 14th of 2007 Bella figured out she was pregnant again with our third child. She told me at a romantic dinner on Valentine's day. It was the best Valentines by far. We decided this too keep the gender a secret. We went to all of our ultrasounds and the baby was growing probably and was healthy. Phil and Bella's siblings were visiting for two weeks for the twins first birthday. We gave them both a smash cake each. Jemmett's was Blue and Aspyesme was pink. They smashed it all over themselves. It was very cute and messy. Here is a photo", Paul says handing them all a photo of the twins smashing their cakes.

"That was a great idea", Rosalie says, "It looks like they really enjoyed it"

"Oh they did", Bella says

"On September at 3.00am. Bella went into labour. Phil told us to go and he would what his twins and our twins. Bella's waters broke at 6am. They put us in the birthing pool room. Bella wanted a water birth this time. She went through 7 hours of labour before she gave birth. She gave birth on September 20th 2007 at 10.06 am. When the doctor called a boy. I felt my heart race. I had another son. He asked me if I wanted to cut the cord and I said yes. So I did. Bella got cleaned up and put into a bed while the baby boy was checked out. After an hour they bring our boy back in and Bella holds him in her arms. We had been playing around with names again. I named him I decided on Daniel Jared Lahote after Jared my best friend. He already had a nickname 4 hours after birth when everyone was visiting us. The nickname was Dan. We were allowed to go home the next day. Daniel slept in our room while we painted his", Paul says

"What colour did you paint it?" Rosalie asks

"Light blue", Paul replies, "Here is a picture of him after he was born"

Paul hands round a picture and everyone cooed about how cute he was.

"When our 2nd wedding anniversary came up I got her a beautiful ancient china set. It is modern tradition to give china on your 2nd wedding anniversary", Paul says smiling at the boys annoyed look at making them look bad

"I gave him a book on cars. Which he still has", Bella says

"I also gave her another Sapphire charm to represent Daniel on the bracelet", Paul adds

"What was Daniel's first word?" Kim asks

"Mama", Bella says

"Now in May of 2008 Bella found out she was pregnant again. We went for an ultrasound and they shocked us by telling us we were expecting triplets and that Bella was two months along. They said that it will be an early delivery with triplets. They never reached full term so we expected that. At 6 months along Bella went for another ultrasound and it showed Baby C had a weakened heart. And they would have to keep an eye on it. Bella was on bed rest after that. Phil and the others came again to help while she was on it. The doctors said they would do a C-section early because of the baby's weakened heart. So on October 1st Bella went in for the C-section I was by her side holding her hand as they cut her open removing each baby. I didn't get to cut the cords with the triplets. They first they said it was a girl, the second a girl and the one with the weakened heart a girl. We had triplet girls at 7 and half months. They were early. They rushed them of too the NIU. Baby C had to be operated on when she was hours old. She had a weakened heart valve that needed fixing it was a risky surgery because she was early and not breathing on her own. Bella and I decided to call in a priest to baptise her in case she didn't make it we named her Kaimana Sue Lahote. After the baptism she went in for her surgery. It was hours later before we got word that she had survived the operation but it was touch and go from now on more than the other two. We visited the three when Bella had recovered from her C-section. We decided on names Bella named Girl A as Marie after her grandmother and I named her middle name Emily after all the help that you gave me Emily. I was truly grateful. And Baby B Bella mixed names around and added the J of Jacob to Alice naming her Jalice and her middle name was Angela after her first friend in Forks when she came to live there", Paul says

"Is Kaimana's heart alright now?" Carlisle asks

"Yes it is. She still needs check-ups but she is a happy 5-year-old as you have seen", Bella says

"We couldn't take Marie and Jalice out of the hospital for 2 months and we couldn't take Kaimana out for 3 months so she spent Christmas in the NIU. We stayed with her celebrating Christmas as a family in the hospital", Paul says

"What did you do for your third wedding anniversary?" Claire asks

"I got her a crystal vase with red roses in it. I also added three opals to her charm bracelet representing our triplets", Paul replies

"I couldn't have asked for a better present", Bella says softly kissing him

"What were the triplets rooms painted like?" Emily asks

"Marie was yellow, Jalice was pink and Kaimana was light red", Bella replies

"For Jemmett's, Aspyesme's birthday we gave them another smash cake because them were still young and on Daniel's first birthday we got green smash cake. He loved it. In April of that year Bella found herself pregnant again. We were thrilled. We explained to 2 and a half year olds Jem and Aspy that they were getting another baby brother or sister. They were excited. We found two boys on the street. Their names were Tony and Russ and they were 17 and 16. We asked them where their parents were and they said they had been abused. We decided to adopt them. We applied for them and got custody 3 months later and they were a part of the family. We told them everything. Because we both still phased", Paul says

"That was very nice of you too take in two teens it must have been hard", Sue says

"It was. But they are good boys and listened when we told them what to do. Only a couple of times we had to ground them because they wouldn't do their homework. But we got there. On November 14th 2009 Bella's water broke in the shower. I rushed her to the hospital. She gave birth to a baby boy 3 hours later. I got to cut the cord before they went to check everything after last time", Paul says

"Was he healthy?" Carlisle asks

"Yes we held him in our arms an hour after birth. Bella picked the first name Jackson and I picked the middle name Quil as it is a Quileute name and a name of a friend", Paul says smiling at Quil and Old Quil

"Thanks Paul", they say

"You're welcome. At that time we decided to look for a baby sitter because after all we now had 7 children. We interviewed for weeks and finally came across Sasha who was 14. Young but she was good with the kids. So we hired her. We paid her 10 dollars an hour and 20 dollars on nights. For our 4th wedding anniversary I gave her a new cake mixer. She was really happy with that and I gave her a topaz stone for her charm bracelet to repressed Jackson and red roses again. And I took her out for a kid free dinner for two. We were happy with our life. In June we found out we were pregnant again with twins. We were happy again to add to our growing family", Paul says

"But you don't have that set of twins", Embry points out

"Let me continue", Paul growls

"Sorry", Embry says

"On December 1st 2010 a day before our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We didn't have time to get to a hospital Bella was giving birth now. I called an ambulance but there had been a crash so it was going to take a while. Bella gave birth to a girl first after breaking my hand. Bella picked Rosalie as her first name after Rosalie and she picked the middle name after her step-sister Leah. Rosie cried we gave a sigh of relief then 4 minutes later a boy the cord was around his throat and he wasn't breathing or crying. I removed the cord but there was nothing I could do he was already dead", Paul chokes

"He is in that urn there", Bella says tears in her eyes pointing at the blue and gold urn

"I am so sorry", Esme says knowing what it is like to lose a child

"The ambulance came and took him away. The doctors said he had been long dead by the time he was born. Rosie was perfectly healthy though", Paul says kissing Bella's tears in her eyes away

"Did you give him a name?" Rosalie asks gently

"Yes Nathan Edward Lahote", Bella says softly

"Did you do anything other the cremating Nathen?" Sue asks gently

"We had a memorial service for him. Then we put his urn in a place of honour one our mantel so every day we could see him. We didn't feel like celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary but I still gave Bella a present two weeks after we lost Nathan. I can her silver silverware and two turquoise stones for Rosie and one for Nathan to remember him. It was a really dull Christmas that year. Bella feel pregnant again in February but like Nathen at 7 months she was stillborn", Paul says

"She is in that urn there", Bella says tears again in her eyes pointing at the Pink urn

"Did you name her?" Esme asks gently

"Yes we named her Philipa Claire Lahote. After Bella's adopted father Phil. He was there for the memorial. I gave her a stone for her charm bracelet to represent Philipa. After that we wanted to get Bella checked out she was a bit off and she had two stillborn children", Paul says looking like he couldn't continue

Bella squeezes his hand.

"There was something wrong with Bella wasn't there?" Carlisle asks

"There was. We found out she had an aggressive form of Cancer and her Kidneys were in failure", Paul whisperers

The room goes silent.

"Where did she have it?" Carlisle asks after a minute

"She had a big tumour in her brain, a tumour in her lung and a tumour in her abdomen as well as a small one in her throat", Paul replies

"What were her chances of survival?" Sue asks

"30%. She had Chemo and radiation immediately to try and shrink the tumours we had a great Doctor named Claire. She helped us a lot she also understood what we are", Paul says

"How did she know that?" Sam asks stiffly

"She is a shifter too. Into an Eagle. She doesn't age too", Bella replies softly

"When they she said how bad the cancer was and the chance of survival I decided to stop phasing. If she died. I was going to be with her eventually", Paul says squeezing Bella's hand gently

"That's how you look older", Jacob says

"Yes it was", Paul says

"Did she end up with a transplant?" Carlisle asks

"We were put on the list. She had to get rid of the cancer first before the transplant could take place", Paul replies

"Did the Chemo and radiation shrink the tumour's?" Thomas asks

"A little she was so sick with the chemo. I watched her everyday every time of the day throwing up and being so weak. One day she collapsed in a seizure at home. I quickly took her to the hospital. They found out the brain tumour had caused it and that her brain tumour hadn't shrunk so they asked us if they could try and remove it", Paul says

"How risky was it? Because I know brain surgery is risky", Carlisle asks

"She had a 5% chance of going Blind, 10% chance of being paralysed, 15% chance of effecting her speech, 30% chance of not being able to use her limbs probably, 60% chance of having seizures the rest of her life, a 70% chance of her memory being effected and an 20% chance of dying or being brain dead", Paul says wincing at the memory being told that

"You can't be serious", Quil says

"Dead serious. If we did nothing she would die within a year. Bella wasn't ready to die yet so we went for it", Paul says quietly

"I went into surgery on the 18th of November. I said goodbye to my children with what could have been the last time", Bella says

"Did it go alright?" Esme asks

"Bella was in a coma after the surgery for 2 months. When she woke up she had memory lose and couldn't speak she didn't recognise me. My heart shattered. She didn't even remember what we were or about vampires. Her movement was a bit effected. She had a lot of physical therapy and speech therapy. I told her about us and the children. But I won't let the kids see her yet. After not having their mother for Christmas and their birthday it was taking its toll on them. Knowing she didn't remember them would only hurt them. Bella went in for more surgery's for her other tumours and in time she did remember us but not fully for a year. But she remembered marrying me and having our children. I gave her a late 6th wedding Anniversary gift a wooden heart with P.L loves I.S forever. And I gave her a stone for her charm bracelet representing how strong she was. She was allowed to go home three months after she woke from the coma but still kept up her chemo treatments. I did everything around the house the cooking the cleaning and looking after the young children that needed help the older children helped out where they could. Bella was in a wheelchair because she couldn't walk far. Bella had a few seizures ranging from 1 minute to 2 and 30 seconds. But then she had the worst one yet. I called an ambulance and timed the seizure. It really was a violent one", Paul says wincing at the memory

"How long did it last?" Carlisle asks

"5 minutes 33 seconds. She stopped just as the paramedics came in the house. They quickly loaded her into the ambulance I went with them. I said to Bella 'Please Bella stay with me' and she said 'Paul I'm so tired' she says closing her eyes again. Her heart stopped and mine stopped with it. I was losing her. They managed to revive her at the hospital but she was dead for 10 minutes", Paul whisperers closing his eyes reliving the memory

"I saw my Grandmother, Aunt Sarah Black, Billy's grandfather Ephraim Black, Harry Clearwater, Elizabeth Masen, Edward Mason Sr and two small children that I knew were Nathan and Philipa. They said it wasn't my time yet and to go back to Paul and my beautiful children. Ephraim said I still had more to do before my death. So did my Grandma. And that they would be watching over me and the others always. Aunt Sarah told me to tell you Uncle Billy, Jacob and Rachael that she loved you all very much and that she was so proud of all of you. Ephraim said he was really proud of his Great grandchildren and was always watching over all you boys making sure you don't lose your way. He didn't care that you Jacob had imprinted on a vampire and had her children. He said it was meant to be the spirits arranged it. Harry said to tell Sue and Charlie and the children he was sorry for cheating with Renee. And to tell his sons and daughter that he was proud of them. Grandma said she loved you Dad and that she was watching over you always and was happy with your second choice of wife. Elizabeth Masen told me also that to tell you all that you vampires that you do have souls. She knew we would meet again one day. Edward your parents also told me to tell you that they loved you very much and were so very proud of you with all the challenges you faced. You have done them proud so they said. Then Nathan and Philipa run to me and hugged me telling me to tell there sibling they loved them and that they were watching us. I kissed them both and hugged them tightly I didn't want to leave them. But Grandma said she will watch them and now it was time for me to go before it was too late", Bella says

Everyone is shocked she had a death experience. Billy, Jacob, Rachael, Charlie, Sue, Leah, Seth and Edward couldn't believe they were getting a message from the dead. Neither could the vampires. They DID have a soul. They had a place in heaven. Paul and Bella let them think on the message for ten minutes.

"Ok we better start again or we are never going to finish", Paul says clapping his hands

Everyone jumps and stares at them looking sheepish.

"Now when Bella was at the hospital they did some tests and she had, hand a mini heart attack on the way to the hospital. The fixed her heart and she stayed in there for two weeks still having chemo. The family had come and visited after hearing about her being so close to death. They all said they were glad she was alive. On December Second we got the news the Bella was in remission. But still need check-ups every two months on her Heart, Lungs and Brain. A a scan of her body for any tumours but otherwise she was free to go. They had also found a Kidney for her", Paul says

"It was the best Wedding Anniversary ever", Bella says to Paul

"In case you're wondering I took the whole family out to celebrate. It was our 7th Wedding Anniversary so I gave her a real expensive Gold and Red Fountain Pen. I also gave her an eternity ring. Saying I will be with you forever", Paul says kissing Bella

"So she is on anti-rejection pills?" Carlisle asks being the doctor

"Yes that and many other tablets", Paul replies

"I assume you lost all your hair Bella that's why it's so short?" Alice asks

"Yes. I lost all my hair", Bella replies

"What colour bandanas do you have?" Alice asks gently

"Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Turquoise, Yellow, White, Cream, Orange, and Purple. I have a few of each", Bella replies

"The doctors said Bella would never get pregnant again. But she proved them wrong two months later she was pregnant again. With as you saw at the birth twins. She was 7 months along well I heard you all were in trouble. We had already decided to move back and now was the perfect timing to help you all out. Now I will skip a little when the twins were born Bella was having trouble breathing because of the stress of the birth that's way the doctor's wanted her to give birth in a hospital and not at home. She would be very tired after the birth so she would need a C-section instead. But that never happened as you know. Lucky we had an oxygen tank with us. Actually two and lots of medication that we keep locked up because of all the little kids. Sorry for lying to all of you about that", Paul says

"It's alright. You were not ready to deal with it. We now understand", Sue says

"We celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary when all of you were being so secretive we didn't tell you when we got married. So we celebrated alone with our children I gave Bella a nice lace dining cover that is want the urns our on now. I also gave her two charms for her bracelet for Thomas and William. I also gave her a living locket. We were so happy to have made it that far", Paul says

"What's a living locket?" Emily asks

"This", Bella says pulling out a gold see through locket with angel wings on the top and had a heart in it and several different coloured stones in it.

"The angel wings are for the children we lost. The heart is for my love for her and the stones are the birth stones of our children", Paul explains

"That's a great idea", Kim says

"It's beautiful", Alice says looking at it

"I wear it always", Bella says softly

"So her seizure at the Party was normal", Sam states

"No it wasn't. I called Claire our doctor and as you saw I called an ambulance. When he scans came back it showed another brain tumour in her head slightly smaller than the other one she had, had", Paul says, "And the blood tests came back positive for Cancer"

Everyone didn't know what to say. Bella had cancer again. After she had suffered so much loss and pain.

"Where did you go when you left here?" Sue asks

"We went to Seattle to see Claire who had an office there. She did tests to find out were the cancer was. How far it had spread", Paul says

"Had it?" Charlie asks

"It had hadn't it", Carlisle says knowing the luckily hood of it

"It had", Paul confirms

"Where?" Jasper asks

"In her lungs again, Liver, Ovaries and Abdomen. And as I said her brain", Paul says

"What is her chance of survival?" Seth asks

"25%", Paul whisperers, "Worse than before"

"She started Chemo and Radiation right away?" Carlisle asks

"No. She had the brain tumour removed the next day by the same doctor who did it before Richard", Paul replies

"How did the surgery go?" Kim asks

"There was a bit of swelling and bleeding as well as scar tissue from the previous surgery", Paul replies

"When did she wake up?" Emmett asks

"5 days later", Paul replies

"Did she have any problems this time?" Carlisle asks

"When Richard asked her do you know where she was she frowned and shock her head. I was panicked I thought she had lost her memory again. When Richard asked did she know who I was. Bella nodded and said my hold name. I nearly cried in relief she remembered. She got through another brain surgery ok", Paul replies

"What happened after that?" Charlotte asks

"She had a couple of other surgery's to get rid of the cancer in her ovaries and part of her Liver was removed. Last week she had her first two chemo treatments and one radiation. That's is basically the whole story", Paul says pulling Bella into a hug

"Are you going to stop phasing again?" Sam asks

"I have stopped. And this time it will be for good. Same with Bella. She is likely if she beats this cancer this time it will come back. And 3 strikes and you're out. We want to live out our lives in peace and with our kids and family for whatever time we have left together", Paul says leaning his head on Bella's both looking into the others eyes

You good see the love pouring out of them. Jasper could feel it, it was so strong so was the acceptance that all this was happening.

"How can you be so accepting off your fate?" Jasper asks

"Because we know what is waiting for us on the other side", Bella says

"We also know the other will be watching over us. Always. And that the kids would grow up and hopefully Bella will live to see it. But if it's note her fate and it is her fate to leave me and all the others before me then its fate. And we have accepted it", Paul says

"We came to terms with that long ago. I made Paul promise to carry on without me if I die. For the kids they need at least one parent", Bella says softly

"Why did you promise?" Sue asks, "I know how hard it can he to lose one you love"

"Because of our kids. I know their mother the best so they need me to remember her by. They need me to tell them stories about their mother and share photos. They won't take losing another parent", Paul replies

"Can I see her medical files?" Carlisle asks, "I might be able to help?"

Paul reaches over the couch to a brief case with a combination lock on it. Paul puts in the combination and it unlocks he takes out the files and hands them to Carlisle.

"Here is Claire and Richard's number too. You might want to consult with them too", Paul says writing down both numbers and handing them to him

"We will help anyway we can. I love you my daughter", Esme says squeezing Bella's hand gently

"I love you too Mum", Bella says squeezing back

"We will always be here for you from now on. I love you Bells", Charlie says hugging her

"I love you too Dad", Bella says hugging him back

"I think one of us should be here at all times", Billy says

"You don't have too. We have the rest of the family coming. They are going to take up the spare rooms. We will manage like we always do", Paul replies

"That was then. You're not alone anymore. One of us will sleep on the couch each night to help you out with the children so you can get your sleep", Sam decides firmly

Bella looks at Paul and Paul sighs.

"All right. We do need the help I have to admit. It will be easier keeping an eye on Bella if someone is here besides the kids and Sasha, Tony and Russ", Paul says giving in

"I will take the first shift. We will change every 4 hours", Sam says making up his mind

"Agreed", everyone says but Bella and Paul who were overwhelmed with gratitude

"Thank you. Bella needs rest now. I am taking her to bed and staying with her. You can all stay if you like. Help yourselves to anything in the fridge", Paul says picking Bella up

"We will do a grocery run", Kim says with Emily and Angela nodded

"Thank you all", Bella says sleepily from Paul's arms

Paul heads up with Bella. Kim, Emily and Angela go out for grocery's. The others checked on the kids and talked quietly about all they had learned. It was a big shock for them. No one thought they were going to hear all that the loss, the pain, the acceptance. Carlisle was being to read the records and was going to dial the doctors numbers. They all agreed on one thing they were going to help Bella and Paul in everyway possible…

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