The Second Love final chapter.

Chapter 19

She's My Happy Place

I couldn't wait to get home after long hours in the hospital. I forgot that working in big hospital was affecting my working hours too. In Forks, I still had time for myself, but now I barely had time for myself and even for my wife.

I smiled when my mind wandered to Bella. We were already wed for one year and today was our first anniversary. That was why I wanted to go home as soon as possible so I could celebrate it with my beautiful wife. We both said our marriage vows in a church with the attendance of our families and friends. Bella walked alone on the altar; she refused my dad's offer to walk her down. She said even though she looked alone, but she held her dad's memory in her heart and she wanted to give her dad the chance. Our ceremony was beautiful although a little bit sad because Bella's dad wasn't with us. I got the chance to visit Chief Swan's grave after our wedding with Bella and silently thanked him for everything. Me and Bella also got another surprise when we visited Forks. We got word that Mr. Newton gotten a stroke and he passed his store to Newton Jr. I snickered mentally. There he was being cocky in big city and now he returned to Forks to run his father's grocery store and lived with his wife and child.

And Bella…well, she moved in into our house right after the wedding. She still worked as a teacher in the school. She was a great wife, a supportive partner and amazing lover. Of course you all knew what I meant by that. My life couldn't be more complete.

I parked my car on the garage and quickly got out to greet my wife. I spotted her in the kitchen. I've always felt I was having déjàvu whenever I saw her like this. It looked like yesterday when we were just started our relationship, but now she was my wife. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. Bella giggled.

"Honey, I'm home," I whispered in her ear.

"Welcome home," she greeted and turned around to face me.

I smiled and slightly bent over her swollen tummy. "Hello there, child. Daddy's home."

My wife laughed lightly when I kissed her tummy where our growing child rested.

Yes, Bella was five months pregnant with our first child; another reason why I've always wanted to come home early.

"You're early," My wife stated.

"I wanted to. I've had long hours in the hospital, love and now I just wanted to have my quality time with you and our child." I wrapped my arms again around her. "Besides today is our anniversary. It's our special day."

She smiled. "You remember."

I rolled my eyes. "Of course I remember, Bella. I'll never forget it."

"Thank you."

I looked at her eyes softly. "No, baby. Thank you. Thank you for marrying me, thank you for being my partner and mostly thank you for giving me this child. There are lots of things that we need to thank for."

Bella laughed lightly.

I stroked her cheek. "And mostly thank you for believing in second love."

This time Bella's eyes turned soft and she kissed me. "I believe in you, my husband. I love you," she said in my lips.

"As I love you, my wife."

Bella once said that I was her happy place. This time it was my turn.

The End

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