A/N: This has been on my DA account for a while but I thought I might as well post it here while working on updates for my other stories. (Advertisement: ch. 3 of Obsession coming soon!) Please let me know what you think!


Eyes meet

Fire and ice

In the heat

"Wouldn't it be nice?"

Flash a grin

"Think that's hot?"

It's a sin

But hell, "why not?"

You're right here

And I like you well

Hold me near

I was destined for Hell

We're the same

Forbidden flesh

What a game

"Feeling fresh?"

I'll meet you

And I'll raise you one

I'll eat you

All just for fun

Touch so fine

On the skin


Come right in

You touch mine

And I'll touch yours

'Cause we're behind

Bolted doors

Don't think about

Sunrise sorrow

Let's act out

Like there's no tomorrow

Then who's to say

Who's to blame

I want to play

A dangerous game.