Goodbye, My Romeo

Juliet can only stand back and watch in agony as her Romeo is stolen by Cinderella.

A story based on 'Cinderella and Romeo' and 'I Don't Know One Millimeter Of "Cinderella and Romeo"'


"You playboy!"

I teased him playfully, like I always do.

"Is she cute?"

The smirking boy in front of me is Kaito.

I'm what you call his childhood friend.

"Heck yes, she is. She's got sexy eyelashes and a killer body, too."

"Can I join in, then?" My name is Luka.

"No, she's serious about this, and she's straight, so keep your bi-curious claws off her."

"You should stop leading girls like that, you know."

"Like you're any better." A smirk.

"I'm much better than you! At least they know what they're getting into."

"Alright, oh-mighty-queen Luka. Everyone knows you're a slut, no need to brag about it."

I hit him with a pillow. I knew, but it still stings.

I won't tell him yet.

I won't tell him I love him.

Her room was up high, so high. It took a while for him to climb up to the top.

"You didn't come yesterday," she said with a pout.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't find a way in." Lies, lies, lies. To keep her happy.

"I... okay, I forgive you." She paused for a moment and chewed on her lip.

"...How much further shall we go, tonight?"

"Went to meet your lovely girl today?" I smiled, despite they jealousy biting away at me. "How was she?"

"Adorable, as always. Somehow, she thinks that she's Cinderella, and I'm Romeo, out to save her."

"Really? Is there something wrong with her family?"

"Not that I can see, she's just a rebellious rich girl wanting freedom."

"Oh? She might come to really like you, and rich families don't like having their daughters 'sullied.'"

"If it's that, they're too late," he said with another smirk. "She's dirty as hell."

"Fine, then. I'll cover for you if I need to, but remember," I looked up, "don't get too serious."

"Miku, what were those sounds last night?" Miku looked up, and saw perfectly applied lipstick, a tight bun, and the accusing glare of her mother's.

"I, I, um, had a bad dream, and, I, um, I, fell off the bed and, um..," she trailed off, looking at the floor.


"Yes, mother?" She wouldn't meet her mother's eyes, those eyes that could see through everything.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you. Don't stutter. A lady has poise, elegance and pride, and you have none of that!" Her voice was chilling, furious.

"Mother, I..," she started.

"I will have none of that! Go back to your room, at once! Come back when you won't destroy the pride of the Hatsune family!"

"...Yes, mother."

Like she was told, she dragged her feet, back to her room.

Then she cried like a baby.

"Save me, Romeo..."

"Luka! Where were you last night?" I looked up, into the frustrated eyes of my mother. "Don't tell me you went playing with your friends again?"

"I, yes, I'm sorry, mum," I said in a small voice.

"Do you know how much Lily taunts me about my 'promiscuous' daughter? It's so humiliating, the way she talks about her perfect children, and how they always listen to her and, 'I feel sorry for you, having a child so rude', my god, if she isn't the most condescending woman..."

I tuned her out. I try to see the best of her, but she just goes on, and on...

"I'm going back to my room."

I replayed the conversation from last night.

Kaito was 'Romeo'. That's hilarious. If she's Cinderella, then who am I?

Juliet, I suppose. It's a bit different, though, isn't it?

As soon as he stepped into the room, she grabbed him by the waist and cried on him. He froze for a little while, before holding her softly. "Everything is going to be alright. Tell me what's wrong, I'll help."

Surprisingly, he meant it.

"Save me. Take me away from here. Please." Her voice was quiet and so helpless.

"...I'll come back tomorrow. Have your things packed by then." His own voice surprised him, but he couldn't turn back now. Besides, he might actually like her.

"...Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

Her words lasted 'til three-thirty, an hour after he left.

The cellphone next to my bed rang.

I thought about not picking it up, but after a few seconds, I changed my mind.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."


"I'm taking her to my apartment tonight, so no unexpected visits, please."

" it. What happened?"

"I don't know, but she sounded so helpless... I have to help her."

"Since when did you get soft?" The words were normal, but I hated the venom in them.


"It's nothing. No visits? Got it." Pressing the end button, I slumped onto the ground.

"Of course you want to protect her, she's so adorable,so helpless, so damned pitiful."

...then I cried, as if I had any reason to.

She decided not to go down at all, for fear that she might say something wrong, that nightfall wouldn't come, that she won't be freed. Her bag was packed and repacked over fifty times, put into a corner of her closet.

"Miku," she heard a voice. She opened the door a bit, looking at a maid. "Your mother is calling you."

"I, tell her I don't feel well, and I, um, am afraid I might sully the Hatsune name and that I'll stay here, just in case."

"She told me to bring you, no matter your excuses."

"...I'll be down in five."

She stared at my room. The clock's hands moved, as she stood, frozen with fear. At the strike of four minutes, she left behind pair of slippers on the bed, and then hurried down.

"Find me, Romeo..."

She wasn't in her room that night.

He didn't fail to notice a pair of slippers on her bed.

...the glass slippers of Cinderella...

"Hurry, Romeo, find me..."

Cinderella was no longer in the ballroom.

He climbed down the balcony in a hurry, and overheard a few words.

"Where is she, that ungrateful piece of garbage?"

He turned away from the house and looked elsewhere.

"The days when we had adventures together, do you remember our promise?"

He found her in front of his apartment.

"How did you find this place?"

"I asked."

"...I see." Then he led her in, and held her close for the rest of the night.

"Luka, you can finally meet her," he said over the phone.

"Really? Will she stay for a while?" Are you serious about her?

"Yeah. I... I think I might actually like her."

Do you still remember our promise?

The phone slipped from my hands.

"...Luka? Did it disconnect again?"

I'm crying.

The oh-so-helpless little girl. Doesn't he see through her lies?

Doesn't he see how horrible she is?

...No. The girl who can't even express her feelings, the girl crazed with envy, is a much more horrible person.

The tears came much more harder.

I visited his house at ten in the morning. He opened the door, and I stepped in.

Inside was Cinderella.

"Look, this is her!" He put his arm around his shoulder, and she blushed, looking away.

"Kaito!" she said with a frown.

I smiled. "Congratulations, you look great together."

I sound so fake, but they buy it.

"Thanks, Luka."

They sound so happy, so, so...

There's no place left for me.

I'm the third wheel.

"She is as adorable as you said! I hope this doesn't mean we won't be friends anymore?"

Cinderella looked at me suspiciously.

"Well, I might not be able to visit as much as before, so, you know."

I could see the fear in Cinderella's eyes.

"You, um, what kind of re-relationship are you in?"

I smiled at her oh-so-adorable stutter. "Just childhood friends, kid. I'm Juliet, and my story ends up in a tragedy, so don't worry."

"I see... then, Luka, was it? Can I talk to you separately?"

A warning?

"Err, sure. Kaito?"

"Yeah, yeah." He left the room.

She took a deep breath, then walked up to me.

"...I'm pregnant."

"Help me, please."

Maybe I got the roles wrong. I've loved Kaito for so much longer than her, so, maybe, she's the Juliet to his Romeo?

I want to go back, to the time when she wasn't here, when it was just us, when, I swore you loved me too.

"You were a great friend, so thanks for helping me, and being there for me, through every step, every part, every arc and every ending."

His voice sounded like nails on a blackboard. It tore into me, despite the fact I accepted defeat long ago.

"Well, you were there for me too, so it's only fair." I hung up, then screamed.


I told Cinderella to stay calm, and not to hide it. They can decide on abortion or to keep it together, and they don't have anyone controlling them. And then, like an idiot, I smiled and said I'll help support both of them in any choice they make.

I will, though. I'll leave Romeo to his tragedy with the real Juliet, and help him like childhood friends do.

But I'll tell him someday.

I'll tell him I'm still in love with him.

(A/N: I love Otouto No Ane's cover so very, very much. So many high notes, denials and misunderstandings.

I picked Luka for the role because I don't think Meiko would be so emotional – it just doesn't fit for me. Luka is more womanly than Miku, but her image feels like she still has the tenderness of a teenage girl, the ability to feel the jealousy of Juliet, the crying, the blaming, the hope and hopelessness, the regret, it fits my image of Luka much more than Meiko.

As for Rin, no way. Childhood friends – they should at least have a similar age, no?

Please tell me if you pick up on any grammar mistakes! Thanks.

EDIT: Please ignore the ・s please! For some reason the linebreaks disappear, but they're pretty crucial to the pacing of this story.)