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Ayanami was silently trudging along the mowed lawn of the vast garden in the Imperial Palace. Hyuuga wasn't with him; it was only him and nature. The soft breeze that gently brushed on his cheeks soothed him. The melodious chirping of the birds calmed him. And the strong scent of wild flowers relaxed him. These are the rare times where he could spend the day alone and think of various things. Usually, he'd be thinking of strategies on how to corner the enemy but this time it's different. No matter how he tried to blend with nature, his mind just couldn't become one with his surroundings. His thoughts were currently filled with only one person. Teito Klein.

It was just a week after Teito Klein had escaped the military and was taken in the Barsburg Church. The past week, Ayanami hadn't been doing anything but look for a way to catch the kid along with the Eye of Mikhail. He wasn't in a hurry, though. In fact, he enjoyed making Teito suffer and he'll make the kid even more distressed by using Mikage, Teito's best friend. He smiled as he thought of various ways to torture Mikage and Teito which only proves that he's a real sadist. Then suddenly, he felt an unknown presence which made him look up just in time when something fell on him.

"Huh? It didn't hurt…" a tiny yet high-pitched voice said. A little girl with snow white hair wearing white fluffy clothes, a golden bell the size of an eye ball on her neck collar and has one pair of white and soft cat ears landed on top of Ayanami who was face down on the grass. The moment the girl saw Ayanami, she immediately stood up and went to his side. "Mister, are you okay?"

Ayanami slowly rose up into a sitting position and his eyes were cold and piercing as he glared down at the little girl in front of him. He wasn't on a very good mood so he wasn't planning to kill the girl as quickly as he could have easily done with his other victims. He'll make sure to squeeze out every tear on the girl and let her experience living in hell. He could've done that. He could grab the little girl by the neck and smash her puny head to the ground the moment their eyes met each other. He could've begun the torture almost as soon as he rose up but in every second that he could grab the opportunity, nothing happened. No blood, no amputation; not even a scream. Ever since Ayanami looked at the girl, he couldn't remove his eyes from her white cat ears that really looked as if it was her own.

"Mister…?" the girl asked, tilting her head to the left, her ears twitching to and fro that kind of disturbed the man. When the girl noticed him shift, she got curious on what he was looking at the top of her head. She made her ears drop that startled the man once again so she realized what caught him. "Do you like my ears? Do you want to touch them?" she asked and she moved in closer to Ayanami to point her head to him with her perky ears.

Ayanami had never concerned himself with many things around him. His primary goal was to find the Pandora's Box and retrieve his scythe, after all. But who could have ever thought that he'd have a very unexpected reaction at the sight of a pair of fluffy cat ears. His mind was telling him to finish off the girl but for some reason, the urge left him. He hesitated for a moment but when he stared at the soft-looking pair of flesh on the girl's head, he wanted to touch them. Slowly, he raised a hand and stopped himself an inch above her ear but an unknown force pushed his hand to finally touch the smooth mound of fur. As soon as his hand made contact, Ayanami was suddenly filled with bliss and felt very light. The girl purred like a cat so he wasn't able to help himself not to stroke her head.

"So cute…" he thought while smiling and slightly blushing. Then there came rustles on a nearby bush. "Ayanami-sama…?" the familiar voice of Kuroyuri called out and five heads popped out from behind the tree. Ayanami froze. The five also froze. A mere few seconds felt like decades as the five stared down at their chief, a little cat-like girl on his lap as he caressed her ears. No one knew what to say. Should they pretend that they were not seeing anything or should they assure their chief that it's all right to have "hobbies"? Either way, they won't be spared for sure so they decided to keep their mouths shut. Ayanami slowly stood up, that all five twitched. The little girl beside him was confused.

"What do you need from me?" Ayanami asked in his most natural voice though unsuccessfully hiding his flustered face. "Well, um… Miroku-sama was looking for you…" Haruse replied after receiving an elbow from Kuroyuri. "I'll be with him in a while…" Ayanami started walking back towards the corridors when he noticed the sounds of a bell behind him. When he turned around, the little girl was following him with curious eyes. "Why are you following me?" he asked. "I can't…?" the girl asked, her ears dropping in sadness. Ayanami resisted the urge to glomp the cat-girl and pet her when he saw the worried faces of his subordinates. But he can't just leave such an adorable bundle of fur like her, can he?

"So cute…" he thought and unconsciously lifted up a hand and patted her head. "No, but I'll be back later…" The girl beamed and purred and ran off.

The next day, Ayanami went aboard the Ribidzile to resume his plots for Teito. Though he didn't want to leave his new pet cat, he didn't have a choice and he can't risk being found out that he have soft spots for little fluffy things since it'd hurt his reputation. When he entered the bridge of the aircraft, he was greeted with five subordinates all wearing cat ears. "Ohayou, Aya-tan!" Hyuuga greeted with a bright smile.

Ayanami's eyebrow quirked and he was suddenly surrounded by red zaiphon that startled the five. Even before they could act fast, they were individually hit by Ayanami's zaiphon, leaving burnt marks on their faces.

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