Master Favors Flowers
- The Joker

"I am just a doll. I do my master's bidding. I am his slave. I am his but he will never be mine. He favors flowers…" – Mashiro Rima. (AU/OC/Rimahiko)


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~ .: Chapter 1 :. ~

"Excuse me, Master?" says a sweet voice. The Master turned around; his deep purple tresses followed him. He was getting changed.

"Ah, Rima. Good morning!" he greeted, smiling brightly. Rima walked towards him and helped put on his shirt, her hands skimming his shoulders.

"You will be late for school Master," she said monotonously yet angelically. The Master sighed.

"It's been two years now. Why don't you just call me Nagi like everyone else? Even Nagihiko will do," he said, buttoning the last two buttons of his shirt and slipping on his tie. Rima stood there with a face of no emotion.

"That would put me on the same level as you. I am your slave and because of that, such a thing as calling you by your name is prohibited," she answered. Nagihiko grabbed his bag and turned to face her.

"Do you want to be my slave?" he asked her with a weird look on his face.

"It is my duty," she replied. He sighed again, bid his goodbyes and left.

Rima walked out of her master's dwellings and to the kitchen. She began to clean the table, clearing it of the dirty dishes beforehand. She then continued with washing the dishes and the benches. She finished sweeping the floor and did the laundry. Her master's clothing was quite stylish for a man, was the thought of the slave every time she washed his clothing. She later became used to it, no longer surprised about her master's slight femininity. She continued the cleaning but left Nagihiko's room til the very last. It was usually very clean so there would be no point. Rima opened the door to his room and quickly scanned it. It was clean, as per usual, and very light unlike the dark goth-loli maid attire she was wearing. She swept her finger across the desk by the window only to lift it up and see no dust to have been accumulated. She took the chair and stood on it to reach the attic above the room. A set of stairs made their way down as she walked up.

Inside was her room. It was lit by a single wax candle on a wooden crate. Her bed lay next to it with the sheets folded sharp and neat. A wardrobe stood tall across from it and she walked towards it. As it opened, so did her heart. She reached for the velvets of her favorite ball gowns, the silk of her favorite nightwear, the nylon of her casual clothing. She decided to slip out of her maid outfit and put on a pale orange nightgown; one that wrapped itself around her small frame then flowed at the skirt. She walked to her bed and interrupted the smoothness of the sheets by lifting blanket and sandwiching herself between it and the mattress. She lay her head on the pillow and drifted off to a sleep…


The school bell rang and everyone rushed to their clubs, eager to talk to their friends after a day of excruciating tests. Nagihiko walked towards the garden for his own club activities, greeting everyone politely as he went. Once he got to his destination he went to his workbench and took out the necessities needed; pots, flowers, secateurs and some decorative supplies. He skilfully cut the stems of different flowers and placed them in eye-catching ways from contrasting to colorful and full of pop to dull and darkly beautiful. With his masterpieces up for show, he attracted a lot of unwanted attention from fan girls. He just smiled politely and took his leave, going to his second afterschool activity of the day: Basketball.

He walked to the courts and chucked his bag to the side. He took his shirt off with his basketball shirt on underneath and placed it by his bag. He picked up a ball and started to take shots from the 3-point line. The sun shone brightly overhead and the breeze was warm and had the scent of summer and excitement. Nagihiko stood there for a few moments of quiet contemplation which were interrupted by a loud friend of his.

"Hello Kukai," Nagihiko said, smirking at the brown/orange haired male.

"Yo Nagi!" Kukai greeted back, "We playing yet?"

"We…" Nagi started to dribble the ball, "have…" he then ran past Kukai and slam-dunked, "already started," he finished, turning to Kukai with a smirk.

"That's not fair dude!" Kukai protested. He placed his own belongs and discarded his shirt before picking up the ball himself and started to dribble, "I'm pumped now! Bring it on Chicky Chicky."

He ran past Nagi and went for a short but was quickly intercepted. Nagi had the ball and started to run up the other end. He dribbled it between his legs then went for the shot. It rebounded off of the ring and Kukai got it back. after running to the other end, he shot and made it. Nagi started with the ball again. Kukai stepped in front of him for defence and tried to swipe the ball as it was coming up from the dribble. He got it and shot from the 3-point line but missed. Nagi was back in possession but Kukai ran in front of him again. This time Nagi held the ball and went for the shot, aiming for the top half of the backboard. He stepped around Kukai and caught it while it was on the rebound, slamming it in.

"Nice shot," Kukai commented, panting.

"Game over?" Nagihiko asked, also panting and holding himself up by holding onto his knees. He held his fist out with a small grin. Kukai grinned back and bumped it with his own.

"Game over."

They stretched and grabbed their things before sitting on a bench by a tree. Nagi got a bottle of ice cold water out and drank it, as did Kukai.

"So, how's you and Rima going?" Kukai asked casually.

"She won't agree to call me by name," Nagi replied, sighing, "She has this idea that slaves shouldn't have such privileges. I don't even think of her as a slave!"

"We're Japanese! She's probably embarrassed by that type of familiar-ness!" Kukai joked but when he saw his friends face, he grew slightly serious. "Have you told her that you don't think of her that way? Like you don't think of her as a maid or slave?"

"What do you mean? Of course I have!" Nagihiko said defiantly.

"Directly though? She's your 'slave'. She has to listen to you. She doesn't pick up those subtle little signs you give!" he said, taking another sip of water. Nagihiko pondered this for a while.

"But I've never given her an order before…And I don't plan to," he said with a sigh. Kukai stood up and slung his bag and shirt over his shoulder.

"Then ask her in a demanding way?" he asked, "Just let her continue with what she's doing. She'll come around…probably."

"Maybe…" was the troubled reply. Nagihiko got up as well and grabbed his own things.

"Laters," Kukai said, fist-bumping Nagihiko before taking his leave.

"Laters," Nagi replied. He stared up at the darkening sky for a while then continued to his own home.


A knock on the apartment door was heard before some keys were slipped into the hole and unlocked it.

"Welcome home, Master," the petite blonde maid greeted with a bow.

The smell of freshly cooked food hit Nagihiko like it did every day for the last two years.

"Hey Rima," he replied with a smile. He took his seat which was behind a meal consisting of the usual rice but also yakitori, tonkatsu and gyoza with miso soup on the side.

"Let's eat!" Nagihiko smiled at Rima who took a seat away from him and ate her own food.

The food tasted delicious as always and Nagihiko didn't hesitate to shower Rima with compliments. She didn't react though. She was used to it; the kindness of her master.

"Thanks for the food Rima," Nagihiko said, sighing in contentment.

"It was my pleasure Master," she replied. She went ahead and packed both of their dishes and cleaning the table again.

"Would you like a drink Master?" she asked, opening the fridge and letting the cool air reach him.

"It's alright. You can have a rest if you want," he offered.

"No, I shall be up in my room. Call me whenever you need me," she said, closing the only source of cool air in the area and going into his room. He could hear the sound of her going up into the attic and sighed.

"I just want you to call me by my name like everyone else does…" he said, contemplating what Kukai said about ordering her. He tried it on his tongue.

"'I order you to call me by my name.', huh?" he wondered aloud. He walked turned off all the lights and walked into his room. He chucked his belongings in his wardrobe and got changed into some baggy shorts and a t-shirt before lying down in his bed.

"Call me by my name, Rima…" he whispered before falling asleep.

From up in her attic room, she could hear his order. She closed her eyes and started to sleep herself.

"Your orders are my duty, Nagihiko."

~ * To Be Continued * ~

And that is Master Favors Flowers.

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