Master Favors Flowers
- The Joker

"I am just a doll. I do my master's bidding. I am his slave. I am his but he will never be mine. He favors flowers…" – Mashiro Rima. (AU/OC/Rimahiko)


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~ .: Chapter 7 :. ~

Rima ran. She ran as fast as she could, dragging her luggage behind her. Bright lights blinded her but she still kept at it. She needed to get out of Seiyo otherwise her duty to serve and protect each of her masters would be for naught. That was the role given to her by the cruel hand of fate…And the day she was to leave this world was the day that a master would arouse her supposed non-existent feelings. That is the curse placed on her and her masters.

She stopped outside the park, feeling as though she was being tailed. There was an abnormal; shadow behind her and she kept her guard up, running forward cautiously.

"Smart girl…Placing a spirit barrier over your soul, allowing your body free movement…Well then-,"

The blonde felt a tremendous force weigh her down and she fell to her knees, gasping for air. Tears welled up in her eyes as pain shot through her. It made her choke and she coughed, not saliva and not blood, but a silvery substance. Her eyes widened at the sight and she glared at the attacker.

"Rima Mashiro, the name given to you at your rebirth thirteen years ago…" the person muttered.

Moonlight shone on the figure, only allowing their silhouette to be seen. Silver blades on a glove were donned, making the person appear as though they had claws. The attire was black and silver; a high-collared trench-coat vest, short shorts and boots. Their hair was spiky and short and arranged messily with long bits draping the person's shoulders. Gold eyes glowered in the dark…

"As a representative of the Death Order, Death God 369, I'm here to take your soul!" they said authoritatively as they pounced after Rima.

"That's…" she muttered darkly as a dark aura took over and her eyes glowed bright silver, "Not going to happen!"

A pulse wave was felt and the battle began.


The shower was turned off and the Master walked out into his room, still dripping wet.

"Rima!" he called. He sighed, turning red in embarrassment. He was still angry with himself and he would understand if she was angry with him too. He was out of line, even if his hormones where in control of him.

He went up to the attic slowly. He didn't want to startle her with a sudden appearance, but he was apprehensive about his visit into her own territory. His hand reached up and rapped on the floor. With no answer, he peeked over the top. His eyes grew and he jumped down from the stairs, grabbed a coat and left out the door.

"Rima, where are you?"


Explosions resounded in a large area surrounded by a spiritual barrier. Normal humans passed by not even knowing of what skirmish was happening within its invisible walls.

"You already know your time is up! Why fight?" the unknown attacker said, clawing their way forward.

"I'd rather lose my essence than be reborn again!" Rima answered, stepping back with each thrust.

Clashes of metal and spiritual energy continued with sharp sounds ringing within each of their ears.

"Why? It is your duty as a Doll!"

This made both stop. Rima understood her position as a Doll. It was part of her contract after being found as a wondering soul. But too long has she continued her way of life. Too long has she been reborn only to lose some of her precious memories. And too recently has she regained new ones of a Master worthy to be remembered after her death.

"I can't…" she said, tears running down her cheeks. The Death God's eyes sharpened.

"You were afraid to pass on, and so your contract with us began…" 369 began. "For your Masters' lengthened lives, you would pay with half of your life for eternity, So that way, you could live as long as them…Is what I was briefed."

"Then you should understand through that information that I want and need to live with this Master," Rima said, looking up and taking a deep breath. Energy surrounded her as she tried to hold onto the last of her half-life.

"Sorry Doll. Orders are orders."

The Death God rushed up to the girl, claw-blades at the ready. They raised their hand to strike…


Said girl raised her head with wide eyes.

"Nagihiko?" she gasped. On her knees she shouted out to him with all the power she could get out of her weakened self.




Nagihiko had called and called for his loyal serf but only then did he get a reply.

"Rima! Where are you?" he yelled. His hair wet with his recent shower and the perspiration of his quest to search for his maiden.

"Nagihiko!" she called again. He did a double take, facing the park.

"Rima!" he shouted, bolting towards the voice's direction. He could care less if his health would deteriorate from exhaustion then and there. All he wanted was to see her again.

He didn't get into the park.

The barrier separating the outside world from the space inside was still up.

"Ri-Rima!" he said, struggling to get in. He reached out, trying to push his arms through.

"Nagihiko? Nagihiko!"

"Rima! I don't know what's going on, but I order you to come back!" he said, looking down towards the ground, tears threatening to fall.


"Do you hear that, Rima? I order you to come back home…with me," he said, a small, sad smile on his lips. "I understand if you don't want t-."

"Your orders are my duty, Nagihiko," she said, having her own small smile.

Nagihiko gave a choked gasp and tried to push through, forcing his fist in first.

"Just hold on Rima. I'll make it to you and apologize in person!" he muttered to himself. With his muscles tensed and his face scrunched up in concentration, he slowly moved on…


Rima turned to her opponent. "You heard my Master. I have to return. It is my duty as a Doll after all."

The Death God scowled, blades still ready to reap.

"Orders are orders, right, Doll?" they said, smirking…sadly? The Doll nodded, still weak but strong enough to attempt to carry out her order.

"Yes…" she answered, staring at her hands. She had no choice but to kill the Death God. Leaving them 'alive' would only be a pain in the future. She didn't want another one showing up to reap her soul.

369 launched forward, swinging the claw-blades they held from side to side, going for Rima's torso. Rima dodged and slapped her assaulter's face with the back of her hand. The Death God was blown back from such a strong force, rolling across the ground several metres away from Rima.

"Dammit!" they cursed, wiping blood from their chin. "You'll pay for that!"

Finally the attacker had the eyes to kill. One hit and an excruciatingly long amount of capture-time was all it took to get this person ticked off. Although Rima couldn't exactly blame them. She had been playing a game of cat and mouse knowing her own duty and the Death God's. It would be normal to get angry after wasting such a ridiculous amount of time on something such as this.

"I'm supposed to bring you in alive…but I guess as long as your soul is intact, it won't matter," they said, chuckling darkly.

"Rima!" Nagihiko cried as he pushed through the barrier and finally breaking in, running towards worriedly towards her.

"Stay out of this area!" she yelled back. The Death God's eyes widened and put their hood up.

"Shit! He's the master! I wasn't told this!" they thought desperately.

"This is none of your business, Master," they spoke, gold eyes glaring from beneath their hood.

"If she is my-," Nagihiko choked, "slave, then it sure as hell is!"

"I'm not authorized to kill living beings with a length of time as long as yours, but I can shorten it. Don't make me do something unnecessary!" the person threatened, claws pointed towards him.

"I think not, Fox!"

Another hooded figure joined the fray, a golden sword at the ready.

"Keep out of this Prince! This isn't in your jurisdiction!"

"This person is a member of my school. I think that is enough to be considered in my jurisdiction, don't you think?" he retorted.

"W-Wait! Wh-Who…?" Nagihiko exclaimed before dropping to his knees and coughing.

"I'm sorry mister, but this is for your own good," a smaller hooded figure said softly from behind him, pinching a nerve and making him fall unconscious. He heard some yelling and fighting. A few flashes of light hit his drooping eye lids as well.

All was blank after that.

No noises.

No hooded ones.

No weapons.

And no Rima.

~ * To Be Continued * ~

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