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So now, without further ado, I present you with the final chapter of Lessons Unlearned.


~Stranger Safety is vital. Memorise these points and spread the word. ~

~ This is to keep you safe! ~

~Abductions happen dozens of times a year. Don't let yourself become another victim ~

21 hours and 36 minutes and around 19 seconds, give or take. That was how long Blaine Anderson had been waiting. He hadn't slept; instead keeping himself awake with a never ending stream of coffee supplied by an old machine across the room.

Nick and Jeff had managed to stay until late morning but a call from Robert Sterling, questioning as to why the Dalton Faculty thought they weren't in class resulted in their departure just before lunch time.

But Blaine stayed.

He couldn't leave. He wouldn't leave. He needed to know Kurt was going to be ok. He needed to know more than he needed air in his lungs or blood in his veins. At this very moment his entire world was revolving around Kurt, and he'd be damned if he let some pompous school dean halt that orbit.

It was family visiting time now. The Hummels had of course, been ushered off down the corridor to see their son. Blaine knowing well enough to stay out of it right now, because this was family time, and no matter what he'd told the hospital staff, he still wasn't any relation to Kurt.

The staff wouldn't say anything. They kept dropping by and giving timings, but never any actual news, which was beginning to get rather frustrating.

No one else had been allowed in to the hospital to see Kurt; all his teenage friends being stuck at school, and forced to stay there by their parents. Blaine, being the only one left in the waiting room now the Hummels were with Kurt, felt incredibly lonely. (He was pretending to be sick so no one would question his absence in class, but even he had been questioned by the nurses as to why he was not in school)

But he couldn't go back...he couldn't bear the thought of something happening to Kurt whilst he wasn't there. He would never forgive himself if something bad happened.

Half an hour later and Burt and Carole were back. Burt had been clearly crying, as had Carole. It was strange seeing two usually strong people crumble before your eyes. At least, that was how Blaine felt as he watched the two of them arrive back in the waiting room.

They sat together again, quietly whispering to each other, completely separated from the outside world.

Blaine sat alone in his corner, watching the pair, nursing a cup of coffee and not really knowing what else to do with himself. He couldn't leave...he couldn't. He needed to see Kurt, he needed to. He needed proof. He wasn't sure what of but he needed to confirm it with his own eyes.

Blaine swallowed tightly, before getting shakily to his feet and walking over to the Hummels.

'Mr Hummel?' He asked, shuffling on his feet as he stopped beside the older couple.

'Blaine?' The man said, turning to eye the boy, trying at the same time, to surreptitiously wipe away his tears. 'What is it?'

'Err...how is he?' Blaine asked hesitantly as Burt clung to Carole.

'He's...' there was no point lying. 'He's not great kid. He's doing ok considering, but he's not great...He's still asleep...they are probably gonna wake him up tomorra' sometime... see how he's doing and then put him under again for more tests...'

'Are they...I mean what they...no...?' Blaine stopped, fumbling for words. 'What tests are they doing?' he finally said.

Now it was Burt who was slightly lost for words. 'Err...well, most of his surgeries are done now...so just...tests to see how bad his other injuries are at the moment.' He said. 'Like X-rays ... Other.' He rolled his hands to demonstrate. '-more personal stuff and things are happening later, but...no offense kid, I don't really feel comfortable discussing that with some teenager I barely know.'

'Oh, right.' Blaine said quickly, flushing deeply. 'Sorry sir I'll-' He turned on his feet, getting ready to walk away

'Hey, hold up.' Burt called. 'Just cos I don't wanna tell you my son's life story, don't mean that you have to go off...come back kiddo.'

Blaine turned back, and Carole nodded encouragingly to him.

'I wasn't tryin' to be mean...I'm not good with emotions right now, so sorry if I come off a little harsh...it's just...a shock..with Kurt and all.'

Blaine nodded. There wasn't really any verbal way he could respond.

Burt cleared his throat 'Now kid.' He said, trying his best to pull on a smile. 'Was there anything else you wanted...because with your friends gone, I guess you can only really ask us.' He gestured to himself and his wife.

'Umm...' Blaine hesitated, glancing between the pair. 'I was wondering...if I could... would I be allowed...to see Kurt, sir.' He glanced at Kurt's father, desperately seeking approval.

At first Burt said nothing, just stared at Blaine as if examining every tiny detail of the young boy. Blaine honestly felt rather creeped out by this for he was suddenly feeling incredibly vulnerable.

'Hmmm.' Burt hummed, sucking in a breath through gritted teeth as he struggled to make sure no more tears fell in front of the teenager.

'I... Hmm... You have stayed a hell of a long time...' he paused. 'Your parents are ok with you being here, right?'

'Ummm...yes?' Blaine lied quickly. They still didn't know he was here. They probably didn't even know Kurt had been found, yet alone that Blaine was with him, or even that Blaine liked the boy. '-of course.'

'Be straight with me kid' Burt said gruffly, seeing straight through Blaine's statement. 'I don't like people lying to me. That's how this whole thing started.'

Blaine flinched.

'Umm...sorry sir...I.' He paused, thinking to himself. 'No they don't...but they probably wouldn't mind if they knew where I was...sorry'

'That's ok...Just tell them later ok...I don't want you getting into any trouble for staying so long.' Burt said, before pausing. 'Why did you stay so long?' He asked. 'I know your friends went and I know you need sleep or at least a shower son. You can go home if you want, don't feel obligated to stay!'

I guess...' Blaine took a deep breath raised his vision to lock eyes with Burt. 'I just feel...sir... I'm sorry...I'm really, really sorry, I really truly am, there are no words I can even think of to express how bad I feel about all this...I have been crying like a baby nonstop and lately I can barely eat, let alone sleep. I'm sure it has been far, far worse for you sir, but we have all suffered...and I know I'm at least partly responsible for what happened because I was stupid and I was a blind, arrogant, ignorant fool, too thick to see what was right in front of me.' He paused for air, blinking rapidly. 'And I know the other two went back to Dalton, but they needed to... I... I just...I just need to see him sir, just see him...I have to...I can't leave...I need to know he's going to be ok...and, and-.'

'Hey hey, hold up kid.' Burt said quickly as Blaine's breathing sped up and he began to babble. 'No one's angry with you, if that's what you think...at least not at the moment ...and I ain't blaming you for anything right now, none of us are in any state to start arguments that will get out of hand. We can talk about those sorts of things and all that at a later point when we are all thinking more rationally'

Blaine nodded, albeit a little breathlessly.

'Now...' he sniffed. 'You can go see Kurt kiddo, I ain't going to stop you...you care about him a lot, I heard some of what you boys did and I'm sure Kurt will be very grateful when he wakes up...just-'

Burt sniffed again, and Carole wrapped herself even more tightly around him.

'I don't know if you've heard what's happened to him...hell, even I don't know everything...he's very, very hurt and well...He doesn't look good kid...I won't lie...he'll get better, but right now...he's a mess...there are wires and machines and of course his injuries...he won't look like the Kurt you remember...just, be careful'

Blaine nodded frantically. 'Oh thank you, thank you, thank you sir.'

Burt chuckled quietly. 'Calm down kid. I'll call one of them nurses in here later and they can take you to him ok...its family only right now though so...'

'Oh.' Blaine said. 'That's...that shouldn't be a problem...we may have told the receptionist that I was related to Kurt...so we could get in...I didn't mean-.' he looked down at his feet

Burt laughed again, the tears pooled in his eyes, gradually receding. 'S'ok kiddo...' he smiled. 'Just...be prepared ok?'

Burt was wrong.

He couldn't be prepared.

Nothing on earth could have prepared him for this.

Kurt's body was battered and bruised and would have been almost unrecognisable were it not for his name scrawled at the foot of his bed.

The teen was deathly still. Not a tremor throughout his body. His skin was so pale he practically matched the clinical white sheets on which he lay. His lips were torn and cracked. His cheeks were hollow and the skin was so taught you could practically see his bones protruding from beneath.

'Oh God.'

One of his legs was suspended from the ceiling, clad in plaster and held aloft by a mechanical sling. The other was beneath a blanket, but even the outline of it was far too thin.

His arms. Oh lord his arms. The one closest to Blaine was littered with cuts and bruises. Some wrapped in plasters and bandages, the others were on show to everyone. Just at the join of his hand to his wrist there was a large needle, protruding from the skin, attached to a drip that was slowly pumping his body with liquids. Another was further up his arm, this one connected to a blood bag, which was nearing half empty by this point. His other arm, well...that one was completely hidden by bandages. It was also held above the bed, again in a sling like contraption. It looked frail and weak and the skin was mottled; a nauseating yellow like tinge sneaking its way up to the boys shoulder, where upon it became hidden by clothing.

'This...oh God...'

Leading on from the shoulders, Blaine spied Kurt's neck. Around which there was a thin band of more yellow, dead skin, and the imprint of a buckle. Several pin prick like dots were present too, clearly from something snagging at the skin if the other cuts and scars there were anything to go by.

His chest had wires protruding from all over. Small sticky sensor pads were glued to his skin and the heart monitor beeping steadily in the background was hardly inconspicuous.

There were blocks holding his head in place and from his nose came a long plastic tube, which Blaine presumed was feeding Kurt pulverised food. Over his mouth sat a clear mask, fogged up as the boy below breathed. He was helpless.

Padding and cushioning were all over him, specifically on his back, keeping him slightly aloft from the bed, a small space of air separating Kurt from the beds surface. Blaine could see yet more bruising leading below his hospital gown and he was sure there was even more obstructed by it.

And despite all this, Kurt just lay there.

As if he were asleep.

As if he were dead.

Blaine crossed the room, the nurse who had taken him there remaining by the door, watching the teen with sorry eyes as his own began to fill with tears.

Kurt...beautiful, beautiful Kurt. How could this be him? Why would anyone even think of doing this to such a wonderful person?

'There's a chair if you want to sit down sweets.' The nurse, who had accompanied him to the room, cooed, watching as Blaine stared down at Kurt, his outstretched hand following the outline of Kurt's body, never touching, just floating.

'I...thank you.' He said, his eyes never leaving Kurt as they roamed up and down, taking in all they could. 'This is...'

He stepped back, reaching blindly for the chair, before snatching a hold of the back and dragging it over to Kurt's beside with a terrible screech and immediately sitting as his entire body trembled.

'Would you maybe like a moment alone?' The nurse asked. 'I can give you a couple of minutes.'

'That would be' A sniff. 'I would appreciate that...thank you.' He replied, still watching Kurt; his hand moving to cup Kurt's bruised cheek.

The woman smiled, and backed out of the door, gently shutting it behind her; leaving Blaine alone with Kurt and his thoughts.

'I know this coma is medically induced, so i don't really know what happens now, or if you can hear me...but even if you can't...I still need to tell you something Kurt, and I'll repeat it all to you again and again, because I can never say it enough...but right now... I'm sorry Kurt.'

'I'm so freaking sorry...this is all my fault and I know it was. Nick and Jeff wouldn't talk to me at first because they blamed me so much... If I wasn't so damn infatuated with that ...that bastard, this may never have happened. But then I was stupid and I wound you up, and didn't respect you and made you go to him...and I'm sorry, so, so sorry...he...I can't believe he did this to you Kurt. You deserve the world...not this...no one deserves this, but especially not you...never you...and I'm so sorry that this ever happened...but...'

A thumb runs back and forth across Kurt's scratch ridden jaw.

'...but you're going to get better Kurt...I know it...and then...then I don't know...you'll probably hate me and never want to see me again...but the others...they are so happy you're safe...Nick and Jeff are telling them right now...they were sent back to school...but I stayed...I needed to see you Kurt...I needed to know you'd be ok...'

As Blaine sat there; moving his fingers to gently run through Kurt's matted hair, he smiled softly to himself.

Kurt was here, and he was safe, and that was all Blaine could ask for.

He listened to Kurt's breath echo in his oxygen mask and watched the condensation inside wax and wane. He smiled to himself as he continued to brush Kurt's bangs back from his face; tracing his index finger across a crease in his brow, smoothing down the skin.

He was beautiful. Even like this, with bruises and cuts coating his body. He was still the beautiful boy Blaine knew and loved. He was still Kurt and he was still wonderful.

Nothing could take that away from him.

Nothing, absolutely nothing could stop Kurt Hummel being the most amazing person to ever grace this world.

Blaine leant down and brushed his lips against Kurt's temple, just grazing the skin there; nuzzling his nose against the same spot, simply rejoicing in Kurt's presence.

He leant back slightly and watched as his breath ghosted on the young boy's skin, making each hair stand up as goose-bumps pimpled down his skin. Blaine could feel his eyes mist up.

... Kurt ...

The boy laid still, the slow rise and fall of his chest and gentle beep in the background being the only signs that he was still in this realm. Blaine stroked his finger down Kurt's cheek again; a deep breath leaving his body, taking with it a knot of apprehension from his stomach.

He would be ok...he was going to be ok.

A small chuckle left Blaine's lips and a single tear splashed down onto the side of Kurt's face. Blaine smiled again, and quickly wiped away the salty liquid and cupped Kurt's cheek in his palm.

'Oh God Kurt.' He said, a nervous chuckle mixed in with his voice. 'You...you're going to be ok Kurt...love, you're going to be ok.' He leant down and pressed another, barely there kiss to the boy's skin.

'Oh Kurt... I love you...' He smiled down at his friend; his eyes clouded with unshed tears as he gazed down at the boy sleeping below 'I love you and nothing will stop me, you're going to be ok Kurt, and I'll be there waiting, because I love you...I'm an idiot, but I really do...'

He let go of Kurt's cheeks, and moved his hands down to clutch at Kurt's; carefully avoiding the wires and tubes as he entwined their fingers on Kurt's uninjured hand.

'And you know something.' He said, holding the other boy tightly as he smiled down at him. 'No matter what Kurt...no matter what people say or do, or what I say or do or... anything...no matter what happens...everything's going to be ok...and I'll make sure of it...I love you...' He squeezed their fingers together, and simply sat there, gazing at Kurt with nothing but affection in his eyes.

'...No matter what Kurt...

...I'll never say goodbye to you.'


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