"So now? Let's gamble…" Mephisto confidently opened his idea.

"Let's see if okumura rin will be the hero of assiah!" he swung his elegant cloak into the air as the supervisors and judges agreed to his idea.

"Bastard…" Arthur whispered roughly. And Mephisto heard it. He just smirked back to Arthur and he got madder because of it. "Then… your majesties…" Mephisto walked back to his office with his best happy face and of course with pride. Arthur looked down disappointed. - He may look happy in the outside but… "Shiro… I won… see…? I saved your son from them…" he whispered w/ a pain on his voice. He sniffed. "That paladin… sniff… sure annoys me. I…. hate him."
He gripped his hands. "I wish you're here to comfort me… hehe." He embraced the stuff toy of Amaimon, gripping on it tightly. Morning… Cross academy's meeting room. "I still can't trust okumura rin. As the new paladin it disappoints me." Authur banged his hands to the table. The other exorcists remained silent. "Especially that Mephisto. I don't trust him." He said w/ anger on his face. While Mephisto was eavesdropping outside. "Then Die, baldy." He whispered then left swinging his umbrella. "But Authur-sama. He served this academy for how many years. Even the highest authorities can manage to trust him." "Well… I'm different. I don't trust that guy at all." The exorcists sighed… "But I'll still find out if that guy is trust worthy enough. And maybe if that happens. I might change my mind about it." Arthur crossed his arms.