He followed the man. After walking they finally entered a room. The man closed the door slowly.

"Instead of showing up to me, why won't you see your sons first?" he asked, looking away.

"Ah? It's because you're more important."

Mephisto gripped his hands.

-I'm just fooling myself.

Even though he clearly knows that this guy in front of him isn't the person he 'loves'. But he can't help it. He looks exactly like the previous paladin.

"Besides, showing up to them might be a bad idea. Since I can't stay for long, I'm just going to make them sad."

Mephisto kept silent but was thinking really hard.

-Huh. So it's fine if I'll be sad. Such an asshole.

"I can't help myself to go see you… I just wanted to see you one last time." The older man smiled gently. "Or… if you want us to be together… that can be arranged."

He turned his back from Mephisto and smirked. Mephisto's eyes widened.

"What do you mean arranged?"

"You will come with me." He answered quickly.

"Don't be stupid. I haven't been in Gehenna because I wanted to stay in this wonderful place. Then, you'll invite me to come with you? Absurd."

"So you're happy without me?" he looked to Mephisto with a sad face.

"And why not?" he snorted.

"Because you love me…" he hit the right spot. His heart throbbed fast after what the older man said.

"Right? Puppy-chan."

"You're dead. Dead!" Mephisto gripped his chest. "Be gone! Don't show your face to me! I hate you!" tears started to form on his eye. But the man just chuckled and went closer to him. "Mephisto." And hugged him.

"I love you so much. Why do you hate me now?"

The principal gasped and quickly pushed him. "Because I never loved you."


Mephisto blushed and the man smiled. "Now, come with me." He held out his hand. An entrance appeared after. A bluish color entrance "Once we enter this. We're not going to be separated anymore."

Mephisto hesitated. He cannot tell whether this man is telling the truth or not. All that he wanted was to be with him. Only that. Why is the fate so unfair to him?

"Come… let's go now." Mephisto stretched his hands and gripped the older man's hand. "I'm happy you chose to be with me." They both walked to the magical entrance and entered it.

"Hah…" Mephisto looked at the man. "Hahahahaha!"

The entrance became a black hole and was sipping him whole.


"Ahahahaha! Love really is blind am I right? Puppy-chan or should I say, the prince of Gehenna and the joker of assiah?"

The paladin blended with the darkness.

"I expected this…" Mephisto smiled painfully.

The darkness was swallowing him whole. He cant get out of it.

He cant move so he cant use his powers. The place was sealing him.

"It's… the over of Pheles huh?" he mocked himself. But…

"Mephisto!" he heard his savior's voice and a hand appeared from the darkness. "Grab my hand! And don't let go!" Arthur shouted.

"A-angel…? Why are you?"

"Just shut up and grab it!" he insisted.

He was about to hold Arthur's hand. But somehow he hesitated.

"Oi! Hurry up!"

"Angel. You hate me right? So why are you saving me now?"

Arthur gritted his teeth.

"Leave. Let me die like this. I deserve it anyway."



Has he gone deaf? Did he…just…heard like? From the person that hates him?

"Grab my hand idiot!" Mephisto reached his hand and Arthur pulled him out. They both fell down to the floor. Arthur used his body to prevent Mephisto to fall to the floor.


Mephisto was so shocked and buried his face to arthur's chest.

"Hah! That was close… hey, are you alright?" he patted the man's head on top of him.

"How can I be?"

"Sorry for the sudden confession. You're so stupid that I need to say it loud for you to understand." Arthur blushed while talking. He saw Mephisto's ears all red.

"You're… a jerk." Mephisto whispered.

"Yeah I am. Especially to the person I like."

He pounded on arthur's chest.

"Oi! That hurts!" he complained but chuckled silently.

He hugged the paladin tightly. "Thanks for saving me…"

Mephisto gripped his hands at the paladin's back.

"No. you're the one who saved me." He smiled and brushed his hands to mephisto's hair.


"Nii-san! Stop running!" yukio demanded.

"Hmph! I don't want to get killed by a four eyed monster!" rin stuck his tongue out.

"Why you!" he continued to chase rin.

Shura sighed watching the scene. "These two really are lively. It's good to be young." She smiled then she looked up. "Nee? Shiro?"


"Looks like I failed killing your son because of that human I possessed." A demon spoke.

"What are you saying? The game has only started." Satan laughed.


So I ended up making it as A Mephisto and Angel love story because i know they're meant to be x3

C'mon let's make Meppy-chan find his happiness ~

Thanks for reading, please look forward to the upcoming chapters of That Long Haired Paladin... (even though Arthur is a gay Paladin now lol)