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This is the sequel to Second Chance at A First Impression.

Draco was standing in the corridor, looking into the room that held his new family and thought back to all the things that had happened before they reached this happy ending. He wondered for a moment what things would have been like if he had never admitted his feelings to Harry, and just got married to some pure-blood witch. It was true his parents had disowned him for choosing Harry, but thinking back, he could hardly think of living without him. He still doubts that he has made the right choices sometimes, but Harry, Harry was the one constant in his life. He has always been. Even before they loved each other, the other male had always been a part of his life, and he couldn't have imagined his life without Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, but also the man who saved him every day of his life.

Harry looked up and met Draco's eyes across the room. Draco could tell he had just laid the twins to bed and Draco saw Harry kiss them each goodnight. Harry smiled lovingly at Draco and Draco walked into the room to kiss his babies on their heads, making sure their blankets were wound tight around them, and double checking the baby monitor to make sure they heard them in the night. Then, wordlessly, Harry took his hand and pulled him from the room, turning the light off as they left. Then without warning, then dark haired man pulled Draco in for a sudden kiss and whispered to him: "Time for bed then hunny?" Draco nodded, and they went to bed.

"I'm not tired." Draco moaned suddenly as they reached their bedroom. Harry laughed at his husband's reply, after all this time their hormones still got the better of them sometimes, and well, Draco was a horny Slytherin male. He would get what he wanted in the end. Harry pulled his lover into the bedroom, and closed the door behind them. Harry said a whispered spell into Draco's neck and they were both naked and pressed together tightly. Harry lay him down on the bed, gently and kissed him and sucked on his neck while he prepared him. They made sweet love and fell asleep in a tangle of arms and legs, and Draco lay awake for a long time, listening to the sound of Harry's breathing, and wishing for a sound to come from the babies room as sleep didn't seem to want to claim him.

Draco's mind begins to whirl and he thinks back to all the things his Harry has gone through in his life, and he wonders if Harry wouldn't have been better off if he had tried harder to stay away from him? They still got mail every day, Howlers by the thousands, making Draco wonder why he ever thought that people would accept them being together. He finally falls into a troubled sleep, one thing was curtain, and he doubted he could stay away from Harry for long…

When Draco wakes up, something is different. He cannot hear the sounds of Harry breathing beside him, and somewhere in the back of his mind it occurs to him that the babies didn't wake him in the night. What was going on?