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So here it is, the last short chapter, concluding this fiction:

Draco was so happy that everything was back to normal again. He had Harry back, and all the exams went exactly as planned. The next 2 years went by so fast it felt like a day, and soon Harry and Draco where living together in an apartment, perfectly happy.

Draco had been feeling off for a while, nothing serious, but his magic was not working properly so he went in to see his healer. This causing anxiety as he waited for his lover to return from work. Draco was pacing, considering the talk he and Harry had, only a few weeks ago. Harry did not want children.

Draco supposed he could understand, neither of them had a good family life, and being who they were, it would cause them both all the hassles in the world. But yet… He has always dreamed of having Harry's child. What was he going to say? Draco thought. How would he react?

When Harry came home, he smiled lovingly at his partner, before kissing him chastely and saying: "How was your day, love?" It was now or never. Draco sucked in a breath, holding it in for as long as he could before letting it out slowly. "Baby, you know I told you my magic has been acting strangely lately?"

"Yes." Harry replied, not understanding. "Oh please tell me it's not serious." Draco shook his head, wishing he could find his voice. When it finally arrived, it was soft and shaky.

"I'm pregnant." He all but whispered. Draco, saw this look on Harry's face, but couldn't place it. Horror? Shock? Anger? He wasn't sure, but he could tell his dreams of playing happy family was not going to happen. What if this magical child was veela? Draco couldn't even imagine getting an abortion. He would have to bring this child up on his own, because Harry was going to leave him.

"I… Draco, we talked about this." Without another word, he turned to the room and started packing. It felt like Draco was under water, he could hardly breathe, and the sound was on mute. He didn't hear the last words of his lover as Harry walked out the door. As the door slammed shut, the moment broke, and so did Draco, falling into the chair, sobbing uncontrollably.

When Draco woke, Harry was leaning over him, looking worried. "Harry?" Draco said, remembering Harry leaving their apartment. Harry looked at Draco with such adoration that Draco didn't realize his lover wasn't wearing the same clothes he had only seconds ago. "How long have I been out?" Draco said softly.

"Only about 30 seconds love. Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well? We have our hands full enough with the kids, without you going and scaring me like that." At this Harry ran out of steam and just looked at him.

"Kids?" Draco thought thinking hard. All the memories came flooding back into his mind at once. He was filled with memories of graduation, buying a house and getting pregnant with the twins, James Severus and Pandora Lily. This child inside him was definitely veela, and the whole thing had been a dream, to help show him he had always made the right choice all those years ago.

They had their perfect happy family and "Harry, I'm pregnant." Harry's eyes lit up in surprise and wonder and within a second Harry had his lover in his arms. "Oh my love, another baby? You are so incredible. I am so lucky to have you in my life." Harry smiled. "Harry, he or she must be veela." Draco said in awe of the powerful child inside him and went to open one of the books they had on veela:

Veela babies are very powerful and when born to part wizards or witches are able to sense unrest in the family and can in extreme cases send the carrying parent back in time to see how things would end up in other situations convincing their parent of how terrible the alternative would be. Therefore, when carrying a veela child it is best to keep the family content and not fight, because this could upset the unborn child and may lead to premature delivery and sickness in both parent and child.

The end.