Chapter One: Only the Beginning

I was eight years old when it happened. Just an eight year old girl, training with some of the other Amazons on Themyscira. My mother and I were going to go horseback riding later. It was the first time she was going to let me handle my own horse. Then there was that loud noise, like a lion roaring in the sky, and they attacked. Now I know that they were fighter jets, and that they were shooting missiles at us. Back then, I thought they were dragons. The missiles wiped out our temples first, killing every one of my sisters in prayer. After that I was pushed aside by my older Amazon sisters, who tried to form an offensive. That was a bad idea. They waited for us to group together, and then fired more missiles.

I still don't know how they found us. I suppose I'll have to figure that out some day. But it really doesn't matter all that much, because regardless of how it happened, they found us. And they slaughtered us. I watched my sisters try to fight back, but arrows do little against tank armor, and battle armor does little against machine guns and flame throwers. By sunset, the bloodshed had almost reached its climax. Only my mother and Artemis were still on their feet. I was told to hide, but I stayed close anyway. I watched bullets tear into my mother's flesh. I watched her engulfed in a napalm fire. I saw her electrocuted several times. And I saw her keep fighting. She stayed on her feet no matter what they threw at her, and she even killed a lot of them.

Then he came. A helicopter brought him. The shape of his armor reminded me of a centaur. A sterling silver centaur. He had a sword. He and my mother clashed, but even she couldn't penetrate that armor. He knocked her on the ground, and he took off his helmet. I still remember that face. Suave, strong and handsome like Adonis. He had fiery hair and eyes like Hades. I remember his name too. His name was Maxwell Lord. The last thing I saw was Lord putting his blade through my mother's chest. I saw blood, and I heard her scream. I saw her hit the brick floor in a lifeless heap, sinking into a pool of her own blood. Then Artemis grabbed me. She was bleeding too, but still determined. She was always determined. Artemis pulled me away from the battlefield and forced me onto a boat. She threw blankets over me, and a few baskets of food. Then she pushed the boat off, and I heard her pray to Poseidon to carry me to safety.

I didn't see what happened to Artemis after that, but I heard gunshots. A lot of gunshots. I drifted on that small boat for almost four days. Most of my time was spent weeping. Then I was picked up by a fisherman with a much larger boat. He fed me and took me to shore. I lived in an orphanage until I was fifteen. After that, I escaped and went out into the world. That was where I learned that Themyscira, the land I had once called home, had been turned into a center for big business. There were fancy hotels, a large office building, and gods know what else. And it's all run by Lord Industries, one of the biggest multinational corporations on the planet, rivaling even Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp. And that's all run by Maxwell Lord. He butchered my people and took my home… and he used it as a starting ground for his meteoric rise to power. I hear he's even up for political office now.

Too bad he'll never get there. I spent the next half of my life training around the world. I learned every fighting style, mastered every weapon, I educated myself on everything a person would ever need to become a flawless killer. My name is Diana Prince. And I – Will – Kill him.

Diana closed her journal and put the pen back in its holder. She threw the journal into her bag, the only one she had brought, and tossed that against the wall. She would need to get it quickly. Diana gazed out the window of the dumpy little apartment she was renting under a false name. She wore rubber gloves and clean shoes at all times while in the apartment. She always at with plastic silverware, and threw it away in the park down the block when she was done. This was all to avoid leaving DNA traces behind. She had to be untraceable.

She saw the private helicopter with the Lord Industries logo, a red shield with a red sword and axe crossing in front of it. The helicopter went to land on top of the WayneTech building across town, where a private party among social elites would be held. There, Carl Holbert, one of the big financial head honchos for Lord Industries, would meet with Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, about a business deal between the two companies.

Diana moved to the safe in the closet of the apartment, dialed in the combination, opened the door, and began to withdraw her weapons. "Time to begin."

WayneTech Building – One Hour Later

"Mr. Holbert. I had assumed I would be meeting with Mr. Lord tonight." Bruce Wayne said casually.

"Unfortunately Mr. Lord was unable to attend. I am the head of finance for Lord Enterprises, though."

"I'm aware of your position." Bruce nodded. "So are you enjoying the little party I've thrown together?"

"A pleasant get together I suppose." Holbert said dryly, taking a sip from his glass of wine. "So shall we discuss this business deal of ours?"

"Let's get started on that."

The two men began to walk away, and soon they were too far for Diana to hear their conversation. That didn't matter. She knew enough. Diana spotted Alfred, Bruce's butler, across the room. She had done enough research to know it was him.

Diana got up from the table she had seated herself in, blending carefully among the dozens of wealthy socialites crowding the room. She acted as if she were headed towards the bathroom, and made sure to 'accidentally' bump into Alfred. And as she did so, she swiftly plucked the cell phone from his pocket.

"My apologies madam." Alfred said as she bumped him.

"It's quite alright." She smiled innocently. Then she walked into the bathroom, entered a stall, and began flipping through Alfred's contacts until she found Bruce Wayne. She hit the call button.

"Alfred?" Bruce's voice came in on the other end. Diana, doing a pitch-perfect imitation of Alfred's voice, spoke.

"Master Bruce, there is an urgent matter outside the building that I feel you should attend to." She had learned the art of voice manipulation from puppeteer in Taiwan.

"What kind of matter?" Bruce asked.

"A man attempting to steal your car." She lied effortlessly.

"Typical. I suppose I'll go deal with it a moment. If you wouldn't mind coming and keeping Mr. Holbert company while I'm out?"

"Oh, he will definitely have my attention sir." Diana pursed her lips.

"Thank you Alfred."

Diana hung up the phone call, and quickly tossed the phone into the toilet. Someone would find it eventually. Better their finger prints were on it then hers.

Then she ripped open an air duct above the stall, and crawled in through effortlessly. She snaked through the duct until she found the vent above the hallway, in which the door leading to the meeting room was. She looked through the grate and saw the office door come open. Bruce Wayne stepped out casually but quickly. "My apologies Mr. Holbert. My butler will be coming to keep you company while I'm gone."

Once Diana knew that Bruce was well out of earshot, she kicked open the grate and dropped down into the hall. She opened up the door to find Carl Holbert looking bored in an office chair. "Who are you?" He asked suspiciously.

"I'm the entertainment." She smiled.

"Bruce said the butler was coming."

"Well, I'm not a butler… but I can keep you company." She said seductively, moving over to him.

"What is this…?"

"Mr. Wayne likes to make sure all of his guests are very, very comfortable." Diana sat on the man's lap; doing everything she could to hide her disgust. "Comfy?" She leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I for one would be a lot more comfy with my clothes off."

"I'm beginning to like this business transaction." Holbert gave a smile, and his beady little eyes bulged. He was sweaty and eager. Diana wanted to punch him then and then there, but she needed to maintain the façade just a little longer. She had to finish the job where there were no cameras watching.

"You know, I have some things in my car that might make us both a lot more… comfortable."

"I like the sound of that." Holbert's face reddened.

"Follow me." She motioned playfully. He obeyed. Diana led him into the parking garage. "So which car is yours?"

"I came in a helicopter." He bragged. "It's on the helipad just above this garage, actually."

"Oh. We might have to check out the cockpit." She gave him a dazzling fake smile. She opened up the hood of the car she had rented under a fake name, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"Handcuffs?" Holbert snickered. "I like where this is headed."

"Close your eyes." Diana said. She kissed him, and that was a horrible, horrible experience. But it would pay off in a moment. There was a loud metallic click, and Diana pulled away. Holbert quickly realized that she had handcuffed him to the car! Diana began to walk away.

"Hey! What is this?"

"Revenge, bastard!" Diana spun around and punched him in the jaw, hearing bone shatter. She pulled back with blood on her knuckles. Then she headed for the door, and from her purse she pulled out a small detonator. She hit the red button, and it triggered the several small explosives she had placed in the ceiling of the parking garage. There was a series of loud explosions, and the ceiling above Carl Holbert crumbled!

His private helicopter came crashing down, and with a scream, Holbert was crushed to death by his own helicopter.

Blood pooled around the floor of the parking garage. Soon people would come running to see what the crash was. They would find Holbert dead. And Diana would already be gone.

She had many targets. All of the big shots in Lord Enterprises were on her list. And this was only the beginning.